On December 9, 2008, former Titans and current Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was placed on probation after pleading guilty to driving 103 miles per hour in a 65-mph zone.
Four days later, he allegedly caused an accident while speeding, again.
The victim, 25-year-old Corey Edmondson, required a hip replacement.  According to Bonnie Burch of the Tennessean, Edmondson can’t walk, work, or pay his medical or household bills.
And so a fund has been created to assist him.
Though we encourage PFT Planet to throw some money to Mr. Edmondson at his time of need, another fund recently has been created to assist him.
It’s called the “Albert Haynesworth $100 Million Contract Foundation.”
Our  legal system is intended to compensate the victims of negligent and/or intentional misconduct of others, and to likewise deter such actions by holding perpetrators accountable.  Though plenty of people who have been sued or who might be sued love to complain about a system that, ideally, can neither be purchased nor controlled, the fact remains that Edmondson should have already filed a lawsuit against Haynesworth for every penny that Edmondson can get under the laws of the state of Tennessee.
Put simply, Haynesworth’s apparent desire to zoom around in expensive cars has created severe consequences for a young man who’ll now be required to undergo a series of operations and suffer significant pain.
The fact that the incident occurred only four days after Haynesworth landed on probation for doing the same damn thing convinced us that he still doesn’t get it.  So, if the criminal justice system isn’t willing or able to send the appropriate message to Haynesworth, hopefully the civil justice system will do the trick.


  1. Wow, is this a news/rumor website or an advocacy website???? Why don’t you use your lawyer skills to represent the crash victim and sue Haynesworth???? I shudder to think of what your right-wing wacko readers would think about your propensity to sue when they are in favor of tort reform so victims pain and suffering would be capped to certain $$$$$Dollar$$$$$ limit….

  2. There is no “civil justice” system. Come on, did you go to Cooley for law school? The civil system is predicated on negligence, not on punishing Haynesworth for causing harm. The purpose, if negligence is found to be present, is to compensate the victim, not enforce some sort of street justice.

  3. how about that fat a$$hole give up some of his new found cash to support this guy, once a thug always a thug, and hey redskin fans, be ready for this guy to tank next year

  4. He should also pay for emotional distress caused when he stomped on another dude’s face with knife-like cleats.

  5. @tort reform . . .
    i said “ideally.”
    remember, i practice law in the state where a coal baron bought a supreme court seat.

  6. Suggesting that “Though plenty of people who have been sued or who might be sued love to complain about a system that, ideally, can neither be purchased nor controlled” is naieve. Perhaps you have not followed the rigging of juries and judges in Madison county Il.
    Your site is usually excellent. Furthering the agenda of the American Society of Justice (aka the ATLA) hardly seems the domain of a ‘sports’ website. Thanks for this, you have improved my opinion of attorneys. Great job.

  7. Florio, you are a lawyer, you should know how slow a civil lawsuit would be (umm, hitting someone while speeding is negligence LionelHuntz, you idiot). It will be years before he sees a dime from Haynesworth, even if filed suit the day after the accident. In the meantime, he has bills to pay now. Better to set up a fund to help him now then deal with the legal case to get future medical and compensate him for future lost earnings.

  8. “I shudder to think of what your right-wing wacko readers would think about your propensity to sue when they are in favor of tort reform”
    The world really is that black and white to you, isn’t it?
    Bottom line is this is at least twice that Haynesworth should have had his ass sued off for causing serious injury to another person.

  9. If I was that accident victim, I would pitch a tent in Fat Albert’s front yard and live in it. Not only that, but I would have the local news crews, 20/20, MSNBC Investigates, and others filming the entire event! I would like to see him interviewd as to why someone is trying to set up camp in his yard.

  10. Was the info that Haynesworth had maimed someone as he was building “runway speed” with his car suppressed until now, or did I somehow miss it the first time?
    This is the tool that the Redskins decided to pay all of that money to, huh? I wonder how many of those MUCH lower-salaried employees that this organization laid off ever caused such damage to another human being?
    A millisecond here, a half-inch there – and Haynesworth could have easily taken this man’s life. What a disgrace.

  11. I feel bad for the guy, but come on!!!! Are you kidding me, who in their right mind, in this economy, would/could give a dime to this guy….we already pay a bunch of money (i.e Taxes) to the “man,” named the government….why should I pick up Big “fat” Albert H.’s tab as well?

  12. Addicted2PFT…seriously?
    Go enjoy your $5 coffee at some point this month.
    1. “In this economy…” weak excuse. Unless you were laid off or stretched yourself too thin on a ridiculous home loan, you should be fine “in this economy”.
    2. $5 isn’t going to make you or break you in this economy, but 100 people pitching $5 pays the guy’s non-medical bills for the month.
    3. Call it God, karma, or simply not being an a-hole, but your $5 will be returned in time with plenty of interest.

  13. So, why hasn’t the victim sued? If this is such a slam-dunk case, I would think that ambulance-chasers would be lined up from Nashville to Memphis to take it.
    Haynesworth was not cited by officers at the scene of the accident and he has not been since. Being “involved” in an accident does not mean that you’re “at fault”.

  14. To my understanding, stories like this (and there are several) were a big factor in the Titans’ decision not to pay Haynesworth’s ridiculous asking price.
    This article mentions only his two most recent incidents; they’re not the first, and they probably won’t be the last.
    During his time in Tennessee, Haynesworth developed a reputation around town as something of a speed junkie. It doesn’t matter if it’s cars, boats, motorcycles, whatever; the guy loves the rush of extreme speed……..even when it means putting other people at risk.

  15. I am all for Haynesworth paying if a jury finds him guilty not because one man (read Florio) has an agenda. Let the legal process play out instead of stirring up demagogery.

  16. Maybe i’m alone in this, but if I got injured as a direct result of Haynesworth, I would sue him for millions…and I would not be begging everybody to help me during this process. Setting up a fund, give me a break, that’s weak.

  17. Although Haynesworth did cause this crash and will ultimately lose a a civil suit (there is one in the works the guy already has an attorney), speed was not a factor in the accident! Trying to link this to his prior speeding citation is reckless reporting. Haynesworth was cited with careless driving (not reckless or speeding) and expired registration.

  18. SkinsFan- go to the & look up the actual story on the accident. Speed was a factor. & he has an extensive record of speeding inn his past. Enjoy Fat Al this yr. Cuz by next, he will be back on cruise control. As soon as Wash is eliminated from playoff contention(wk10) he will slack off. Just watch.

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