G.M. Mike Reinfeldt hinted at the possibility earlier this week, and Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that it isn’t going away.
The Titans remain interested in pursuing the possibility of charging the Redskins with tampering.
The preliminary evidence that the Redskins encroached on Tennessee’s exclusive negotiation territory before the free-agency period opened?  Agent Chad Speck reportedly had dinner with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder at the Scouting Combine.
Haynesworth shrugs the possibility that Speck and Snyder talked about the team’s interest in Albert:  “I don’t think so,” Haynesworth said.  “Yeah, Chad told me he met with the Redskins at the Combine, but they were talking about Malcolm [Kelly] and how he could become the next Andre Johnson and stuff like that.”
Malcolm Kelly?  The next Andre Johnson?
(OK, I laughed so hard I think I need to go change my pants.  Be right back.)
So, if we are to believe Haynesworth, his $100 million deal (actually, $48 million over four with $41 million guaranteed) was negotiated from scratch in roughly the time it takes to bake a turkey, at a time when the agent’s phone was reportedly “exploding” with calls from other teams.
Though Wyatt’s article suggests that the Titans are in the process of compiling evidence to support their claim, the reality is that they’ve already got enough to proceed.  Apart from the admission from Haynesworth that Speck had communications with the Redskins at the Combine, Peter King of SI.com strongly implied (if not flat-out stated) that the Redskins tampered with Cowboys defensive end Chris Canty, who apparently was the leverage the Redskins used to avoid paying Haynesworth $60 million guaranteed.
The real question is whether Titans owner Bud Adams has the stomach to poke a finger in the eye of a business partner.  The fact that the NFL will do nothing about tampering unless and until the aggrieved team objects means that, in many cases, the transgression is overlooked because these teams ultimately prefer to get along — especially at a time when great pains are being taken to demonstrate a united front against the NFLPA.
If/when the Titans file tampering charges, then the league office will track down phone records and e-mails and other evidence aimed at proving — just as the league ultimately did a year or so ago when the Niners were busted for tampering with Bears linebacker Lance Briggs — that the effort to recruit Haynesworth began at some point before 12:01 a.m. EST on February 27.
In our view, there’s plenty of smoke.  The Titans simply need to ask themselves whether they’re prepared to ask the league office to go looking for the fire.


  1. it is fishy how everybody knew where fat albert was going a week before free agency started

  2. The Titans need to have the stomach to pick a fight.
    The NFL needs to fix the problem rather than implicitly encourage those who aren’t cheating to take steroids. Oh wait, we’re talking about tampering.

  3. We all know the Redskins were tampering. But I’m not sure the Titans can prove it. Too bad…

  4. Bunch of cry baby Titans, every team in the NFL including the Titans tamper with other teams players. They got in a bidding war for one of the best defensive players in the league and lost, get over it.

  5. “So, if we are to believe Haynesworth, his $100 million deal (actually, $48 million over four with $41 million guaranteed) was negotiated from scratch in roughly the time it takes to bake a turkey, at a time when the agent’s phone was reportedly “exploding” with calls from other teams.”
    Bake a turkey? Technically you turn the oven to bake when you roast a turkey. Bake a turkey conjures up a vision of a turkey smoking a few joints.

  6. Whats the point? They had two years to pound out a deal with Haynesworth, and they obviously werent interested in spending that much money. I dont see the advantage for the Titans here in pursuing these charges…

  7. So what would come of it, the Titans end up with their 2010 5th round pick? At least it should be a high one.

  8. There will be huffing and puffing, but in the end nothing will happen. Washington doesn’t have any draft picks to lose anyway. The only justice is that money can’t buy a trophy (except a replica). If it could, the Washington football team would have a bunch of them. Whose teams played in the last Super Bowl? One cheap owner’s and one frugal owner’s.

  9. I think the better evidence is the smokescreen they tried to create after the signing. One such example was Haynesworth tried to say the Giants were in it an offered 85 mil. Haynesworth supposedly said he would sign with New York if they made it 90 mil and Jerry Reese supposedly said no to increasing a contract over 7 years less then 800k per year which probably never would have been paid anyway. Sure he did (Reese has officially denied Al’s numbers). Just like the Bucs who have said offered 38 mil up front really didn’t but offered the same as Washington (again Al contradicting official statements). As no team has any reason to lie about earnestly pursuing him it seems highly odd for these contradictions to take place.
    I also don’t believe as many teams were calling big Al as he said on NFLTV which I believe was the entire league supposedly.

  10. Malcolm Kelly has a lot of potential. Nothing to shit your pants like a two year old about, Florio. Act mature like you do in your PFTV videos.

  11. Florio, I’m a dedicated viewer at your site. I’m also a long-time hardcore Redskins fan. Look I understand that anything here in the comments can be completley biased and hard-headed and moronic, but I expected more out of you Florio. I do love your site, I really do. I appreciate the coverage that you bring to the table, but you seem to bash the Redskins everytime you can.
    I don’t know if you are not a fan of any team or just hate the Redskins in general, their managment, their fans, or just their style, but cool it. Every season brings new opportunities and just because this team spends money, aquires players, does some risky moves, and they ALL don’t workout doesn’t mean this is just one repeated cycle of crap.
    I don’t really like the Cowboys as you could imagine, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see clearly that because they cut T.O., lost Tank Johnson, and cut PacMan Jones, that they’re actually trying to get on the right path. Don’t you think the Redskins are as well?
    As far as Malcolm Kelly being the next Andre Johnson, it’s a long-shot. Doesn’t mean that Kelly won’t be a starter or an elite WR, it’ll just be different. The WCO that the Redskins play can’t really have an Andre Johnson. Malcolm Kelly has also impressed, well, a lot of people. The coaches love him, fans love him, he was just injury prone.
    The nicest thing I’ve heard you say about the Redskins recently was that you noted that they could be trying to “get the final piece in place”. But before that it was the Haynesworth deal, the history of FA signings (BTW 2 of the 3 FA’s that the Redskins have signed actually played good in Washington prior to this,) you trying to get the team in trouble for tampering. The nicest thing I think you ever wrote about the Redskins was when they drafted Colt Brennan. Kind of sucks.
    Since the days of Taco Bills images being posted at the top of the screen, AnthonyPep

  12. Every team does this. the titans need to stop crying. they lost out on resigning the best defensive player in the league. don’t be mad b/c our owner doesn’t mind opening up his wallet to help out his team. the redskins will have the #1 defense next year.

  13. I’d like the recipe for how to bake a turkey that quickly. Maybe an eenie weenie turkey. And if the Titans push this, will it embolden other teams to do so? As Florio relentlessly points out, tampering is here there all the time.
    On another note, just as pervasive as tampering is Florio’s increased use of the ridiculous slash “/” as a grammatical form. Florio, you are a lawyer, but do you realize using the slash instead of regular English makes you sound like an obnoxious lawyer? Shakespeare did not requre the slash, and to me, the slash means “I don’t want to take the time to express my thoughts clearly in regular English, maybe because my thoughts are not clear/obvious/thoughtful/interesting.”

  14. Proof?? Proof?? You want proof? All Woodall had on the 49ers was that the Bears said so. Nothing was offered as “proof” that would stand 5 seconds in a real court. No witnesses, no affidavits, no emails, no voice recordings, nothing. Threatened everyone from saying anything so that the charade would stay a state secret.

  15. The WCO that the Redskins play can’t really have an Andre Johnson.—-AnthonyPep
    Are you retarded? What kind of offense do you think the Texans run? The WCO is tailor-made for big fast wideouts like Andre. Malcom nor Devin arent even in the same solar system as Andre Johnson.

  16. Proposed: let’s just have a one week “negotiation period” where full discussions are allowed but no contracts can be signed, right before the start of regular free agency. Enforce the tampering prior to the negotiation period.

  17. the titans lost out on signing the biggest contract freeloader for the next 2 years. oh well…

  18. AnthonyPep, stop being so sensitive and whining about how Florio always denigrates the Redskins.
    I’ve been a Redskins fan since the days of Norm Snead, before Jurgensen & Kilmer, perhaps before you were even born. Since Snyder purchased the team they are usually deserving of all the criticism they get and sometimes more.
    Until Danny Boy begins to learn from his mistakes, not likely to happen soon, and stops making the same stupid mistakes with free agens signings I don’t hold out much hope for them.
    Florio seems to dislike many teams equally and the Redskins just happen to be one of them, or maybe he’s just expressing his honest opinion and humor.

  19. The Titans are the dirtiest team in the league – by far.
    Sure …. fine the Redskins for tampering. But, hammer the cheap shot Titans for all the crap they pull during the season.

  20. YEEEAH Sure. Go after Snyder, LOL. Adams knows who butters his bread just like all the other smaller market owners know that without the revenue from Snyder, Kraft, and Jones they probably couldn’t even field a competitive team. 😉
    And another thing! 😉 People get so bent out of shape when discussing the money Dan Snyder shells out for his players they sound like a bunch of sissies. As if Dan Snyder was raiding their daughter’s college fund to play his players or something. These same chuckleheads won’t spend a minute discussing how Albert might help last year’s 4th ranked defense, instead they sound like a bunch of chicks gossiping about the money they wish they had.

  21. A healthy Malcolm Kelly = An Elite WR.
    Remember he was supposed to be the #1 Receiver in the draft but was injury prone so his stock dropped. If he come back next year healthy, you’ll see what he’s capable of. But that is an IF and not a When.

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