Just as the “Days without an Arrest Meters” was hours away from getting back to double digits, Jaguars receiver Matt Jones has been arrested, again.
A reader has forwarded to us this link to the Washington County, Arkansas Sheriff’s office, which shows that a man named Matt Jones, a 25-year-old white male with brown hair and blue who stands six feet and five inches from the ground and weighs 205 pounds and having an address in Jacksonville, Florida, was arrested at 6:21 p.m. CDT for possession of a controlled substance.
Jones is listed on the Jags’ official web site as 6-6 and 216 pounds.  He’s also 25.
We suppose there’s a chance that it’s not the same Matt Jones as the one from Arkansas who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, especially since a mug shot as of this posting has not yet been posted with the arrest information.
If it is Jones, he could be in big trouble with the NFL, and the law.  Last year, he was arrested for felony cocaine possession, but agreed to enter a diversion program, which among other things requires him to stay out of trouble.
He also was suspended three games by the NFL.
So if the Matt Jones from Arkansas who plays for the Jags is the same Matt Jones of identical age and similar dimensions and Jacksonville address who was arrested within the past half hours in Arkansas, he’s got a big problem.
UPDATE:  The mugshot is now posted.  Yep, it’s him.
SECOND UPDATE:  Jones also apparently is charged with violating the terms of his probation.


  1. “You cain’t get addicted to no cocaine! Shiat, I’ve know people who’ve done it for twenty years – they could quit any time they wanted to.” ~ Richard Pryor

  2. WOW! Talk about flushing a potentially great career down the toilet. He’s probably going to get a full year off from Roger.

  3. this clown dosent deserve to be in the NFL.One time maybe itwas all a mistake.i doubt it but maybe..He obviously dosent do well with free time..See ya Cooter

  4. A Dumbass for sure. But that is majorly f-ed up that this dude is arrested less than two hours ago and already his mugshot, charge, and name and address are online for all to see. Remind me not to get arrested in Washington County Arkansas.
    I hope he has someone watching his house in Florida. And since its Florida, they’d better be heavily armed.

  5. After this guy finishes his suspension, I can’t see another team taking a chance. He isn’t a big enough talent. Maybe Matt can try his luck in mixed martial arts.

  6. Man, just who are your readers, Florio? A player gets arrested at 6:21 CDT, and you have it posted on your site 22 minutes later. You probably scooped both the Jaguars and Matt’s own parents.

  7. Thanks Florio this post reminded me there is an episode of “Eastbound and Down” recorded on my tivo waiting to be watched.
    Nice work Kenny Powe…errrr….Matt Jones.

  8. Well hopefully he was just cutting it up for his for friends on the side of the road and not snorting it like last time. I mean that happens all the time right?
    Anyways we’ll be fine we have Reggie Wil..err I mean… Jerry Por…wait who the hell do we have as receivers now? Oh yea Dennis “can’t catch worth a damn” Northcutt and Mike “F’n Bum Knees” Walker. Way to go Matt Jones you retarded slack jawed coke head. I hope you get corn holed in the pokey.

  9. There are two kinds of people, those who “get it” and those who don’t. Matt Jones is apparently of the second variety.
    Way to blow a career, dude.

  10. Jesus, what a tard. 8 game minimum.
    On the bright side, maybe this will shut the blacktivists up who seem to think you do nothing but bring to light the misdeeds of black athletes.

  11. $150,000 bond – looks like this may be a serious charge. A bit more than for personal use I would think.

  12. Look for Matt Jones to join a UFL team very soon. Vick to Jones sounds like a good tandem.

  13. I imagine there are much safer places to do cocaine than Arkansas…he should move to Los Angeles or something…and not leave his house while doing all of his dirty drugs.

  14. Sorry folks, it was for admitting to drinking beer while golfing.
    Consider yourself SCOOPED, Florio.
    Matt Jones Ordered To Jail After Appearance In Drug Court
    Staff Writer
    Former Arkansas Razorback and current Jacksonville Jaguar wide receiver Matt Jones was back in Washington County Drug Court Monday afternoon…with some bad news for the judge. Jones told the Judge Mary Ann Gunn he had been drinking and playing golf on Thursday. Jones’s is not supposed to drink while participating in the Drug Court Program. Jones told the Judge Gunn it was a bad decision. Judge Gunn told Jones she thought he was a good person and because of that he had to choose between a week in jail or entering a six weeks residential drug program ….She said he will also be set back in the program. After a short recess, Judge Gunn decided Jones will go to Washington County Jail until 8am Sunday morning. Gunn cut the jail sentence short so Jones could make Jaguar football practice.…0,6032099.story

  15. If only he used that speed he displayed at the NFL draft combine for something other than chasing the white rabbit.

  16. apparently, he was was golfing and drinking beers before he had a court briefing and the judge sentenced him to a week in jail for violating his parole. in other words he is a dumbass… our receiving corp is now mike walker and dennis northcutt…can you say michael crabtree in a jaguar uniform?

  17. In an unrelated story, all unsigned free agent receivers are being invited to Jacksonville for a visit.

  18. Not trying to defend him, but it says he was in “possession of a controlled substance.” That could be Vicodin for all we know. It probably won’t be, but just saying…

  19. What an idiot. He got off easy on the first arrest, now this? I think I can hear the CFL calling

  20. >>>>>
    A reader has forwarded to us this link to the Washington County, Arkansas Sheriff’s office, which shows that a man named Matt Jones, a 25-year-old white male with brown hair and blue who stands six feet and five inches from the ground and weighs 205 pounds and having an address in Jacksonville, Florida, was arrested at 6:21 p.m. CDT for possession of a controlled substance.
    Yeah but does the NFL one have hair that’s brown and blue like the dude that got arrested?

  21. Maybe Michael Vick won’t be able to overthrow Matt Jones as he will now be the tallest WR in the UFL.

  22. Before the 2005 draft, Chris Mortenson said, “Some have warned of “workout” warriors, citing Mike Mamula of Boston College as one who fooled everyone about his NFL potential with gaudy workout numbers. Mamula is a bad example to bring up when talking about Jones, though. For one, I would hardly classify Jones as a workout warrior. He could get out of bed and run 4.4.”
    Yes, Mort…he can get out of bed, snort a line, and then run a 4.4. Mort you were correct…Jones is a “freak.”

  23. J Peezy says: I may talk about dudes a lot.. but i won’t be lookin’ over my shoulder in a prison shower.

  24. If what happened last year holds true he should be up for a monster season this year. And they’ll probably only suspend him 5 games this time.

  25. yah this is too bad. a lot of people are posting some harsh comments. but the majority of reports say this is a good guy and a good teammate. these are the hardest stories to hear. its incredibly easy to call people with drug problems thugs and dirtbags but its obvious matt jones has a problem he can’t control and not enough people were helping him. chances are he was surrounded by hangers on and enablers. surprise surprise! it happened in arkansas again.
    very sad. he seems like a decent guy with a dangerous problem.

  26. As long as Leonard Little and Adam Jones are allowed in the NFL, Matt “Coke Zero” Jones should be allowed to stay in the NFL.
    Matt Jones may be a drug user, but as far as I know he hasn’t beaten up a woman (or anyone for that matter) or killed another human being. He should definitely have a choice between rehab and a minor suspension or no rehab and a major one. I certainly don’t approve of him being in vehicles when he gets high either. But like I said, he hasn’t killed anyone or beaten anyone up as far as I know. Nothing violent. He isn’t as big a scum bag as a lot of guys in the league.

  27. I scheduled a visitation.
    On a side note, if these wide receivers and cornerbacks are so fast, how the hell do they get caught by the cops. I’ve outrun cops (allegedly) drunk and with a cigarette still in my mouth.

  28. You’re the lawyer: doesn’t a probation violation of this kind equate to a guilty verdict of the preceeding charge, felony possession of a class 1 narcotic? Does Roger get to dick around with whiteboy’s troubles and claim this is his “first offense”?
    I guess it’s semantics: some jail time, some suspension time, and no chance in hell any team is going to carry him on a roster.

  29. Pacman, Marshawn, Brandon Marshall, Matt Jones. Geesh, they should start a book called ‘100 ways to ruin getting paid millions of dollars and have women adore you.’

  30. How in the world could a guy have weighed 241 rock solid at the 2005 NFL combine and then 4 years later weigh 214? Oh right, the coke diet.

  31. So wait, the people saying he’s a good guy in trouble: he had the chance to go to jail or rehab, and he picked jail (or at least stalled on a decision until the judge decided to send him to jail)?
    Yeah, a troubled guy looking to right his way… who refuses treatment and whose dad makes excuses for him.

  32. So basically everyone is calling this guy a loser because he went golfing, fell off the wagon and had a few beers? Wow, thank god I am not a public figure. How many times have you all told your wives and girlfriends you won’t have any beers with your friends today only to get peer pressured into having a few beers? Well Matt Jones girlfriend is the law and he messed up. Doesn’t make him a total freakin loser.

  33. By the look of his mugshot, he got f’ed up again before going to jail. (His only offense I don’t begrudge him for — I’d do the same.)

  34. Well after reading the report its he isn’t going to jail for drugs, hes going to jail for having alcohol in his system after he was having some drinks while playing golf. His probation or drug program he is in rules out everything including even alcohol.
    Why this is not as bad as coke he is still a dumbass for violating the rules of his probation. When your given second chances to redeem yourself you don’t risk effing them up no matter what reason you have.
    I doubt he will get a long suspension based on it not being a banned substance as well as what he used was not the same thing that got him in trouble. That said he did violate his rehab programs rules which will probably cost him time but I dont think it violates 8 game suspension. He didnt have a run in with the law and hasnt had much of a history with the law besides the coke incident. The report states that even though hes in jail it was because he failed a test and the judge gave him a weeks worth of jail time and will be pushing back his progress in the program. This doesn’t spell thug yet but next time, anything at all will most likely put him in that category.

  35. radio420, he didn’t fib to his wife. He got off a felony possession charge (despite doing blow in front of a cop) by being a “star” and agreeing to not do drugs or drink alcohol.

  36. Seeing how Goodell does not suspend white players, Matt Jones will get off with a slap on the wrist.

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