With his chances of joining the Raiders officially at zero, former Jaguars tackle Khalif Barnes has caught the attention of the Buccaneers.
According to Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com and Adam Caplan of Scout.com, Barnes visited with Tampa on Monday.
Barnes has played left tackle and right tackle.  In Tampa, Donald Penn is the starter on the left side — but he is a restricted free agent.

6 responses to “BUCS PURSUING BARNES

  1. hmmm……. i thought penn was the man ? they better be pursuing a d- line too. and prolly a cornerback, wouldnt even be surprised to see pacman and the bucs in the same sentence in a few weeks

  2. the bucs got enough cap room to sign both of these dudes. but are they willing to spend that type of cash.

  3. I stated I wouldn’t post anymore until this latest bug got fixed… but Barnes would not be coming on to play LT where the Bucs have the very capable Donald Penn but to play RT where Jeremy Trueblood has been practicing the matador blocking techniques for the past 3 seasons.
    Trueblood is TERRIBLE and he is equally pathetic against both the speed and bull rush but he offsets those inadequacies with an alarming number of penalties.

  4. If memory serves me right, didnt I see a police video of this fine upstanding citizen? I recall him cursing at the police officer and calling him a “cracker” and the fans of Jacksonville, “crackers”.Please tell me the Bucs arent adding another thug to our team.

  5. these are the routine moves that teams make. The Bucs are gonna be just fine. Go Bucs.

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