Browns coach Eric Mangini continues to line up guys who played for him in New York.
The latest Mangini reunion involves veteran cornerback Hank Poteat.
“Hank is a veteran corner who has played inside and outside,” G.M. George Kokinis said. “His versatility and knowledge of the system will be an asset to our secondary.”
Poteat, who played college football at Pitt, started his NFL career in the same town. After three years with the Steelers, one with the Bucs, and a year out of football, Poteat joined the Patriots, where he became first acquainted with Mangini.
Cut by the Pats in 2006, Mangini signed Poteat in New York, during Mangini’s first season as head coach with the Jets. Poteat also played for the Jets in 2007 and 2008.


  1. YAHHH! WHOA BUDDY STOP THE PRESSES! It news like this that could send the streets of Cleveland in to anarchy. The rioting will be uncontrollable. This is like winning the Super Bowl. I think im gonna call of work tomorrow and just party all day.

  2. florio its now mandated that you have to somehow use the term mankok at least once when speaking about the jets or browns

  3. ManEatKok perhaps? I’m telling you, don’t ManKok this opportunity to add a new word to our great language Florio!

  4. PotKokGini works too.. I can’t believe how enthusiastic I am about the ManKok union. And yes, I am not joking, I am very serious in my desire for more ManKok!

  5. I have to be honest, I just don’t find “mankok” to be funny. Yes, I get that you’re saying “cock”, but as a grown up I can say it without snickering behind some merger of two men’s names.
    It’s not that I find it sophomoric, I just don’t think it is very creative, original, or, well, funny.
    But maybe I’m just being sensitive. After all, my name is Richard. Isn’t that a pisser?

  6. these are role players the browns are signing to teach draft picks their defense………. give this Coach a chance….. every Browns fan polled 83 percent wanted an experienced head coach, and Lerner hired the only 1 available

  7. I’m pretty disappointed there wasn’t a single use of “ManKok” in this entire article. I mean really, what is a Browns transaction without a little ManKok? Give the people ManKok!

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