Last year, UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue was candid regarding his league’s desire to offer an opportunity to Falcons quarterback Mike Vick, who might very well be suspended for a year (or more) after being released from federal custody in July.
Last month, Huyghue backed off considerably, suggesting that the UFL would bow to the will of the fans.
Are there any?
Apparently, there are — and Huyghue apparently has consulted with them.
And they apparently want Vick.
According to Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange, the UFL is believed to be plotting a run at Vick.
The only potential impediment would come from a decision by the Falcons, if they don’t release him, to invoke the language in his contract preventing him from playing in any other league while on suspension.
But assuming the Falcons don’t cut Vick, perhaps they’d be able to conjure a trade market for 2010 by letting Vick run circles around the slappies that will be populating the UFL.
Then again, Michael Vick playing in the UFL would give the league even more credibility than the initial slate of head coaches (Ted Cottrell, Jim Fassel, Dennis Green, Jim Haslett), whom Balzer points out will be paid $500,000 each per year.

38 responses to “REPORT: UFL TO CHASE VICK

  1. “thay”
    I could remember you throwing a low bow at PFT commentors on their spelling earlier Florio…..tsk tsk thats karma

  2. $500,000 per year? That’s Mike Tice type money right there! How many free tickets to the championship game do they get a piece?

  3. “Then again, Michael Vick playing in the UFL would give the league even more credibility than the initial slate of head coaches ”
    This is by far the craziest statement you’ve ever posted here.

  4. I think they should try to sign big time college players that didn’t translate well to the NFL game. Chris Leak, Jason White, Rex Grossman(ha)…..etc. especially like Florida, Fl St and Miami guys in Orlando etc.

  5. I hope the UFL gets Vick. This will allow Vick the chance to show the world what a terrible QB he actually is, thereby making him even less relevant to the NFL.

  6. In related Falcons news, Atlanta has signed ex-Jags LB Mike Petersen to a three year contract per Adam Schefter. Petersen comes aboard the same defensive system he ran for 4 years under Head Coach Mike Smith in Jacksonville under Del Rio.

  7. Ill watch and so will everyone else. that’s why the nfl won’t ban him for a year hell get an 8 gamer because the nfl wants ratings. even though they proved they don’t need him they definitely don’t need another league to have him.
    one way or another he’s playing football in 09 whether or not peta or anyone else likes it.

  8. Now it’s a real possibility I may accidentally watch one of these games, like I accidentally watched an NFL Europa and Arena football game each once.

  9. Florio,
    You should write an article that says “Vick might not be suspended” because he already served an indefinite suspension prior to the outcome of the legal proceedings. Moreover, the criminal punishment adequately protected the league from the perceived harm of allowing a non-law-abiding citizen to play in the NFL.
    I vote to allow Vick to play. I will watch in the NFL or the UFL or the CFL.
    There is absolutely no way that the NFL can suspend him; not pay him; and prevent him from earning a living playing in the UFL. Heck, the BK Trustee may defend any action the NFL or the Falcons may bring to enjoin his participation in the UFL.

  10. I agree with QotSA. People will watch for the Vick factor alone. Which highlights would ESPN be more likely to show… Mike Vick, Kyle Boller, or Charlie Frye?

  11. Haha, awesome. Expect a definite return to the NFL by Vick 8 weeks into the season after he is freed from custody. If the NFL denies him a job for a whole year, I guarantee you the US Justice system will tell the NFL to go screw themselves so Vick can get a paycheck from someone for the bankruptcy courts to garnish.

  12. And you almost have to think MV7 will be in the biggest market; the city so nice they named it twice, NY, NY!

  13. I love football. NFL, AFL, UFL, whatever…
    Football beats anything else on TV. Vick is a HUGE turd, but I will watch him play ball. Not because of him, but because he’s playing football.
    Bring back the AFL. We deserve year round football.

  14. Arthur Blank may be willing to pay Vick to stay away from applying for reinstatement. According to Pat Yasinkas of ESPN blog, Atl does not have to add $15 million to their 2009 cap as long as he is suspended. I wonder if he did pay a team $1 million under the table for Vick to play for them, would it count on ATL’s cap.

  15. I’d watch the UFL Vick or no Vick. Anything but baseball. God, how I hate baseball. 10 months of sheer boredom. Two of the three Sports Stations in South florida play every single Marlins game. What do they play including Spring training? Something like 1251 games? All of them like 8 hours long. all so some other team can decide who they should take from them next. Yup – the UFL sounds like damned good entertainment to me. It’ll be fun. I enjoyed the USFL. I’ might be the only one on the planet who did but, God help me, I had a good time. Of course, it was the 80s.

  16. Did anyone else shed a little man-tear(see, it’s not all ManKok, all the time) when Phil Buchannon died?

  17. I will watch any football league that Michael Woof-woof-bzzzt-arf Vick is *not* a part of. I stake my Sunday Ticket by it. That’s the only “Vick factor” still in play.

  18. If that piece of crap plays for the UFL, the NFL should ban him for life. He sucks as a human being and an NFL QB. He can run, but can;t pass. Why do so many follow him blindly? There are other QB’s in the league way better, is it the thug persona?

  19. This leagues potential is getting really juciy. Vick, Travis Henry post prison, basically any and all draft picks that flop or non drafted dudes. Plus the guys that want to play a year or 2 more b4 retiring can find a place in the league. If they played like 3 seasons and were able to grab those segments I would be comfortable in saying the best team in that league can compete with the worst NFL teams.

  20. Man…I’ll never understand the appeal of Vick. Personally if I never saw him play again I’d be fine. He’s the football equivalent of ‘ the amazing golf ball whacker guy’. When he got sent away, I was relieved as an animal lover AND a football lover. ESPN MAKES more news than they report it seems, and I had really grown tired of them telling me I should be interested in this guy, and that he was so ‘electrifying’. Players like Vick have resulted in ESPN being almost unwatchable for lots of fans I know, and that’s a bummer. I hope this guy fails definitively and crawls under a rock someplace.

  21. BILL BUCHANON died not Phil Buchanon. and yes my eyes started to ‘sweat’ It was unbelievable. But I didn’t cry. Men don’t cry their eyes sweat.

  22. So Mike and Mike have been talking all morning about how they’ve never even heard of the UFL. Greenberg: “I can honestly say that a month ago I’d never even heard of the UFL.” Golic: “Agreed. Get me a doughnut!” I’m glad Florio is here to keep us informed since ESPN seems content to downplay anything that might affect their relationships with the big sports leagues.

  23. UFL sure death if they start out as a thug group
    Anyone who gives that dirt bag a job should go broke
    My Pit would like mike to come visit

  24. it probly wont be on when i could watch. doesnt matter, not interested in watching that jackass.

  25. If he plays for the UFL and opponents are worried about fan reaction at road games, I hope they’ll allow him to wear a Ron Mexico jersey. Even I’d think about buying that one… as a gift of course.

  26. hmm. i’d watch the ufl IF they weren’t going to put it on during the same time of year as the nfl. that’s just st00pid

  27. Honestly, does anyone believe that he’d still be any good?
    He’s what, 30 now? Don’t running backs lose a step after 30? And he never was a real passing threat, I think 2 years away from a practice field, coaches, and game-film (etc…) will only further deteriorate his ‘skills.’

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