He’s back.
According to Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange, the fourth head coach who’ll be introduced at a Wednesday press conference in San Francisco is former Vikings and Cardinals coach Dennis Green.
Green joins Ted Cottrell, Jim Fassel, and Jim Haslett as the men who’ll run the four UFL franchises.  Green will run the San Francisco team, Cottrell will coach the New York squad, Fassel has the Las Vegas team, and Haslett will coach in Orlando.
Green has been doing radio work since being fired by the Cardinals after the 2006 season, which featured this infamous (but incredibly entertaining) event.



  1. Rumor has it the USFL has also hired Matt Walsh as head Video Replay Official.

  2. i guarantee these stadiums are only 1/4 of the way full for their “first annual season”

  3. Ha take that, NFL!!! We got all of these diamonds before you could snatch em up.

  4. Hey, you didn’t credit me for breaking the story!!!
    Can one count a “guess” as a source?

  5. I remember that game and as a die hard Bears fan that game was one of the best games to watch. Our defense played their asses off, Urlacher single handedly took the game over while Rex was trying to give it away. This game was the nail in the coffin for Dennis.

  6. Wait a minute, there’s only 4 teams? Seriously? Just 4 teams? Yeah, this is going to work… lol

  7. This guy is the only reason the Minnesota Vikings won Super Bowl XXXIII. He’s gonna do wonders in SF.

  8. I can wait till this opens up and I say they get a team in grand Rapids michigan because they need some hope of a new team up there lol

  9. He was right though. Chicago was a one trick pony. The best of a horrible NFC class that year..
    2nd worst in the league went to second best in the conference that year. It was that bad. Chicago was that bad.

  10. Cotrell and Green would be better off doing one of those ultimate eating contests rather than play a football game.

  11. Wouldn’t say they were that bad. I mean didn’t they go 13-3 I think in the regular season? Beat some good teams in the playoffs and were only a TD back in the 4th quarter of the super bowl until Grossman threw an interception. The defense was great that year but the offense was descent. No legit receivers on the team didn’t help but I remember Grossman winning NFL Offensive Player of the month early in the season (if I remember right). So what do they do? The can the Defensive Coordinator of the best defense in the NFL that year. They give away their #1 RB to the Jets…and the spiral just kept on going….

  12. Grossman won offensive player of the month in September that years and led the team so to speak to the superbowl. Tony Romo on the other hand gets voted to the pro bowl that year never winning a playoff game. Not saying Rex should have been voted but this didn’t make sense.Go Bears!

  13. “Las Vegas was who we thought they were … AND WE LEFT THEM OFF THE HOOK!!!!!”

  14. r5156c: Actually, Matt Leinart, in only his second NFL start was torching the Bear’s defense for the entire first half.
    Devin Hester (as usual) sparked the Bears with punt return TD. After that, the Bears defense came out of hibernation and helped win the game with two late TD’s.

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