The Eagles have lost another member of their starting lineup.
Left tackle Tra Thomas has agreed to terms with the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to a league source.
[UPDATE:  A reader says that our friends at 1010XL radio in Jacksonville are reporting this one as well.]
Thomas, an 11-year veteran with the team, started 16 regular-season games as a rookie in 1998, and he started 16 regular-season games in his last year with the club.
In all, he appeared in 166 games, with 165 starts. 

37 responses to “TRA THOMAS TO THE JAGS

  1. As a younger Eagles fan I wish him the best. He’s the only LT I’ve ever known. (Who was that Mayberry guy?). The Jags are picking up a good character guy who will help stabilize their locker room and groom their future LT.
    From now until the draft when the Eagles take a tackle, can we make “Winston!” a new “Newman!”?

  2. Last player from the Ray Rhodes era. Say what you want about Ray Bob, but when the guy left, Cheeseburger inherited a great core of a team.

  3. Solid sign for the Jags. Nice stop gap player to give us time to groom a young player for the future.

  4. bwnyc – Don’t listen wtfbrowns. Mayberry played some tackle as well. Here’s hoping the next ten years of Eagles football includes only one left tackle also.

  5. I have a feeling once training camp roles around you are going to see Joe Banner playing the role of Kevin Bacon in Animal House, “ALL IS WELL!!!”

  6. Bwnyc: if the only left tackle you can remember in your lifetime is Tra than I doubt you even understand the Seinfeld reference you just made.

  7. I’ve never heard anything about Tra being very religious other than the occasional “Thank God for letting me play football” or something along those lines. But then, someone may know better than I do.

  8. They don’t need him, they just signed safety Sean Jones to a 1yr deal.
    Next stop, Superbowl.

  9. Blackacre – I only hope Banner gets flattened like Bacon did. Have you ever heard or seen this guy? God, it’s like having Steve Erkel as your team spokesman.

  10. @ wtfbrowns,
    Mayberry did play tackle for Eagles (for very few games) and was then moved to guard.

  11. How do the Eagles “lose” players they let walk away? Teams weren’t exactly scrambling to get Tra, and the Eagles didn’t lift a finger to resign him.
    Another aging veteran that wanted more money than he was worth, the Eagles do this every off season.

  12. This signing is not as good as all these Jags fans are making it out to be. Sure it gives them a stop gap player at a very important position but I don’t know if they are looking at how he fits into their system. Tra has played in a west coast offense his whole career and has been a pass blocking LT. Last season however he showed signs of really slowing down and required chips and slide protections to help him in pass protection. Run blocking was a whole different story, where he looks to have really regressed. He has been dealing with nagging back problems and has dropped 20-30 lbs in an attempt to help. I fall into the category of some of the other people posting where Tra is the only LT I have known as an Eagles fan and I wish him all the best. He is a good character guy (which is desperately needed in Jax) and for his sake I hope he proves my comments wrong.

  13. The Eagles line is still better than it was last year, right? Adding both Andrews back to the line is better than every other player on the line….

  14. THANK GOD Thomas is gone. He is a a 1 dimensional tackle who at best can only pass block. They had to help him often on that side. He isn’t that good, just a mediocre serviceable option. Oh and enjoy the numerous backaches and injections just to stand up to grab hold of someone as they pass by. Why do you think Donovan rolls to his RIGHT side 90 percent of the time and screen plays to Westbrook went to the left side behind the rushers 75 percent of the time?
    Tra Thomas = good riddance!

  15. Shawn Andrews wanst to and will be the LT…and one of the best in the league. Plus, he’s left-handed. Quit tryin to spin it like the Eagles don’t know what they’re doing.

  16. I have a feeling Tra will be high-fiving Hugh Douglas as he leaves town. With some ‘that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.’ commentary mixed in as well. Another Eagle vet goes to the Jags to pickup some pre-retirement loot…

  17. @ 44-6-andthenRomofainted,
    There’s a difference. Seinfeld was sold into syndication and you can catch 421 reruns a day (in 2009)…no one is running old Eagles games on TBS.

  18. rhodes couldnt coach worth a damn.
    he still doesnt know what a second half (or in game) adjustment is.

  19. last time I Remember Tra missing a game the eagles gave up 12 sacks agains tthe GMen. Something is up, the eagles are making some space available for a Blockbuster trade, or they are setting McNabb up for failure.

  20. Not sure which Andrews will play which side, but it’s a good bet that the Brothers Drew will play tackle on each side (When Stacy is healthy)…with Herremans and Jean-Gilles at guard. Jackson is probably the weakest link at Center.
    Whatever OL the Eagles take in the first round will likely be relegated to backup duty for the first year which is standard practice in Philly (with D. Jackson being the exception).

  21. I’ll take any LT from the NFC East. That division has the best pass rushers in the league. So what if Tra is a stop gapper. Anything is better than Khalif “Turnstyle” Barnes.

  22. Yeah, you’re gonna tell me that Shawn and Stacy Andrews, Todd Herremans, and Max Jean-Gilles aren’t going to be a very solid, if not exceptional O-Line? No one exactly scrabled to get Runyan or Tra Thomas. Whats that tell you?

  23. Bad signing for jags.. hes a better pass blocker than run stopper and with a guy like MJD you need them running yards..

  24. “No one exactly scrabled (sic) to get Runyan or Tra Thomas. Whats that tell you?” – icase81
    As it pertains to the Andrews, Herremans and Jean-Gilles? Nothing. Why, does it tell you something?

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