Despite some skepticism as to whether any of the UFL’s six-week slate of games involving four franchises would be televised in any format other than local public access, the fledging football league has struck a deal with VERSUS.
The league announced on Monday the arrangement that will place one game per week on the cable network owned by Comcast, which coincidentally could soon be dumping NFL Network from its cable system.
“The UFL’s business model is to align with companies who are willing to grow with us and embrace the UFL’s vision of innovation, accessibility, excitement and entertainment,” Commissioner Michael Huyghue said in a release.  “As a national sports network with more than 75 million viewers, we felt there was no better network to showcase the UFL’s ‘Premiere’ season.  The UFL is very excited about many of the enhancements our television broadcast will have during the season.  Airing our events on VERSUS will allow us the opportunity to provide our at-home audience with a true inside look on game day.”
“We are excited to be the television home of the UFL in its “Premiere” season,” VERSUS executive V.P. of programming, production and business operations Marc Fein said in the release.  “The UFL has put together a great management team and sound plan and we are looking forward to the opportunity to expose these games to a national audience each week.”
For its first season, the UFL will host teams in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, and San Francisco.  Some games will be played in Hartford and Los Angeles.
A championship game will be played on Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas.  (We’d again crack wise at this point that it’s good they picked Thanksgiving weekend because there’s not much other football to watch on television at that time, but the sarcasm was lost on a few readers the last time we made that observation.)


  1. I am all for more Football on TV. Yes, I watched the XFL (probably 1 of the 4 people in the US that did!!). I also watch(ed) Areana Football and the now defunct NFL Erurope. I will watch the UFL games too. You can never have too much football!!

  2. If the UFL was smart they would dump a bunch of money on ESPN and actually, Florio as well to write about how great and exciting it is. This way they will change the consumers mind on the UFL because it will be “cool” because ESPN and Florio says it is. People will buy into it as long as some opinion leader does. There is a lot of CB marketing that could go on here.

  3. Detroit Lions football and Thanksgiving are synonymous. 1934 baby. Get over it.

  4. As long as they play these games during the NFL regular season, the league will never make it. I want football during the spring, not when pro and college football is already taking up my limited attention span.

  5. Why do you so readily pimp a league that has not even played a game, but only ever took shots at a legit league like the Arena Football League that played 22 seasons?

  6. I think it’s foolish to attempt to play in the fall. Not only will the UFL have competition from the NFL but college and high school as well. Spring or summer football to fight against baseball, NHL and NBA would be much smarter. Then have the Championship game on the Fourth of July or Memorial Day weekend when they would have much more of an audience. The XFL might have worked if McMahon hadn’t made it such a joke with the wrasslin’ announcers and all the other BS.

  7. I’ve got a great promotion that would be sure to get a**es in the seats for the Las Vages franchise. Give a free house away to the first 100 attendees to each game. Goodness knows there’s enough of them available in Vegas right now.

  8. thanksgiving is just about the worst time possible for this league to have its championship game ……also VERSUS is that stupid hockey channel that doesn’t get carried by Dish Network and DirecTv (who by the way most major football fans subscribe too because its the only one with the NFL package)

  9. Honestly it would’ve been a better idea to have it on DirectTv’s 101… Like HouTex said, the majority of true NFL fans subscribe to DTV because of Sunday Ticket, and the NCAA package is easily available as well…
    Although I think it could’ve done just as well on the CW, formerly the WB. Which has outlets in many major cities, but lacks the programming to grab ratings. And UFL needs a national audience rather than just a Comcast audience.

  10. How about the Championship team of the UFL gets to a play against the Detroit lions?
    Hopefully, DISH carries it.

  11. I have DirecTV and Versus is on there. Versus has a nice variety of programming. But really, who is going to watch this, the player’s wives and parents?

  12. cable network owned by Comcast, which coincidentally could soon be dumping NFL Network from its cable system.
    F- You Arlen Spector and all PA people who let this guy run with an R next to his name.
    He screwed this nation (Voting for the pork spending bill) and his buddies at Comcast are gonna screw football fans.

  13. If this is why Comcast is getting rid of NFL Network – they’d better not think I’m going to be a victim of their manipulation. Before, there was actually a decent chance that I would watch the UFL games (depending on what days they’re shown) – now, there’s absolutely none. In fact, while these games are on (and even when they’re not), I’m planning on taking “vacations” from being a subject of the Comcast monopoly (my Comcast-sponsored Internet will be turned off, too.). Maybe I’ll use the time to watch movies, take up knitting, or plan my permanent escape from Comcast’s control.
    Sorry UFL – but when you do deals with the Devil…

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