ESPN isn’t the only network that has parted ways with a certain member of its NFL contingency for next season.
We’re hearing that FOX is engaged in a relatively significant shuffling of its pro football television production, with changes coming among the ranks of play-by-play announcers, analysts, and producers.
Apparently, the moves arise more from a desire to shake things up than from considerations of the economy.
If FOX really wants to shake things up, they’ll consider hiring a certain former ESPN employee.
It just might be the best way to debacle the competition.

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  1. Maybe Emmitt Smiff can also sign a deal with the UFL to be their official announcer/host guy. A surer recipe for success can not be had.

  2. Ummmm…any idea what these changes might be? Oh, snap! Might we see Emmitt and Bradshaw on the same set????????

  3. I think that five people at the desk of the pregame show is too many.
    They better not get rid of the weather girl. I don’t care how many people hate her, I think she’s HOT.

  4. Can’t wait for them to implement an in-field, sideline camera that Fox will tie a gopher mascot to. Then use it to create and market tons of useless merchandise to market to idiots and children, right in the middle of games. (This might seem familiar to NASCAR fans who watch the races on FOX.)

  5. “If FOX really wants to shake things up, they’ll consider hiring a certain former ESPN employee.”
    Don’t you already have a job?

  6. Fox has the biggest combination of doofuses on their set. CBS puts together a team of analysts that is superior in intelligence & entertainment.

  7. its a huge shakeup…madden is taking time off(remember last year when he missed a game because of the traveling) hes going to the raiders. Millen is going to play a big role…as well as collinsworth. Al and Chris? we are in for a bumpy ride…

  8. Get rid of Joe Buck !!!! Get rid of Joe Buck !!! He just slobbers all over anything Aikman says and he’d rather watch baseball.

  9. They need to terminate the contracts of Barry Switzer, Howie Long, Aikman, Buck, and the Goose. The Goose is worthless as a weatherman or whatever he is supposed to be doing, Gaikman is dane bramaged, Buck hates the Phillies, Howie Long has zero sense of humor, and Switzer has no value in any department.

  10. If they really want to shake things up, they should get rid of all the frou-frou, fire all the cliche-bots and windbags, and hire folks who actually know something about football to cover the damn game.
    Seriously, I’m effing tired of all these doofuses yacking with some celebrity and, meanwhile, in the background, yellow flags have been thrown all over the field, the line of scrimmage is moved 20 yards and we don’t hear a peep about it til after the next commercial break.

  11. I wish NBC would rid themselves of their political activists, so I could watch the highlight show.

  12. I would give up a testicle and kidney to see Joe Buck removed from play by play. Maybe they could give him his own late-night talk show. It cannot be any worse than Chevy Chases’s, right?

  13. What’s NASCAR?…………ps…the New York Mets are the biggest chokers in the history of pro sports.

  14. Maybe the broad that wouldn’t fly coach, but Emmit Smith lacks any attributes that make him suitable for public consumption.

  15. Ihave to say Aikman is freaking great. I think Aikman is only second to Al Michaels. Sign Aikman ofr 30 yrs.

  16. Sean Salisbury sucks ass and ESPN has improved since his departure. Although it sucks ass still.

  17. Blow that damn ROBOT up, thats the first ting that should go! Looks like the robot from “Ice Pirates” , its old school.

  18. Fox does Sports better than ESPN. Monday night football has become almost unwatchable. Most of the time the game is better with the sound off ! For FOX, I would like to see more of Pam Oliver, preferably in something skimpy.

  19. The Robot stays! He/it does the electric slide – come on. He/it actually inspired me to get up off my a$$ and dance with him/it during the Eagles-Giants Divisional playoff game (the Eagles were winning – I was feeling good).

  20. I think this is more about blowing up some of the lower teams.
    Look for changes in the Matt Vasgersian/J.C. Pearson, Dick Stockton/Brian Baldinger, Sam Rosen/Tim Ryan, and the one I hate to see on my game, Ron Pitts/Tony Boselli.
    Leave Buck/Aikman and Albert/Johnson alone.
    Switzer must go too. And yes, someone hotter than Jillian could be found, but don’t care as long as they don’t downgrade.
    Who’s watching Fox’s pregame anymore anyway?

  21. oh no! no more robot hitting baseballs before commericials during football games(gasp)!!!

  22. I am in with the fire Joe Buck gang – send him back to baseball where he can put viewers back to sleep.
    Also its time to dump the MNF crew. I agree with the poster who says its almost un-watchable. Much better with the sound off.
    I was happy to see Joey Sunshine go a couple of years ago, now its time for Kornholer and Tiresomerico to hit the road…..

  23. Others have said it, so this is redundant, but I have to say it anyway cause it feels so damn good:
    God help me, id rather listen to Rosie ODonnell call games than Joe Buck.

  24. Buck always seems to be toe tapping on that line between play by play and commentary. I never sense that with Jim Nance on the other network. Buck and Nance are omnipresent on their networks with other sports and the thing I like about Nance is that he’s the foundation of the broadcast for his color guys to take off in football, golf and hoops. Buck advances and retreats on his role which is irritating at times.

  25. Put Curt Manatee into the play by play booth. Make Howie the “host.” Drop Bradshaw, he’s dead anyway. Hire Florio to do a news and rumors segment. Dump Jillian the Cougar and the robot and replace them both with Tricia Helfer. Hire Kendra to be a sideline reporter, but only if she wears a bikini.

  26. Have the robot and the gopher battle it out in a cage match.. then shoot the winner..
    Get rid of Aikman, Buck and upgrade them with Statler and Waldorf, the two old muppets in the balcony who just complained all the time..

  27. “If FOX really wants to shake things up, they’ll consider hiring a certain former ESPN employee.”
    Think he’s talking bout Rash Limbowel??

  28. Just imagine how much airtime Favre would get if he takes a booth job and then makes weekly decisions about whether or not to retire. They could make that a segment every week.

  29. Moose Johnston has to be my favorite game announcer. The funny thing is I hate everything Dallas except for this guy.

  30. Get rid of Collinsworth and Buck – they make me want to vomit. Replace them with Emmitt and Baldinger 🙂

  31. I like the FOX line-up better than the CBS. The only real problem with FOX is they cover the NFC.

  32. I seriously doubt that the BIG KAHOONA at FOX reads comes to this web site (let alone read the comments). That is unfortunate though, I think he could actually learn a lot.
    It seems to be the opinion of a number of readers here….that Joe Buck is not popular, and needs to go. Additionally, it seem the HIGHLY ANNOYING robot also needs to go the way of the Rambler (I know I am dating myself with that…but what the heck)

  33. Yeah I would like to know the shakeup. Regardless, CBS/FOX/NBC is ALOT better than the crap ESPN puts out on a week to week basis. I cannot stand Kornheiser in the booth…he is AWFUL…rarely contributes to game conversation in a meaningful way…

  34. How bout they just drop the schrade & put Aikman & Moose Johnson on every Cowbays game? Since one of the 2 are always doin their games, just let them do it together every week. More reason to not watch that game.

  35. Fox really needs to get rid of that dancing robot. It is seriously the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.
    I mean, who’s bright idea was that? Does someone have a job that is just animating that robot??

  36. Im with everyone else FIRE JOE BUCK he is a POS! and PLZZZZZZ show other footballs games BESIDES Dallas Cowboy games!!!

  37. Get rid of all the sideline reporters! They’re completely pointless. I don’t need to hear how the losing team’s coach “wants to put more points on the board in the second half”.
    Also, we need more shots of the cheerleaders! The only time we ever see them is for about 5 seconds after the commercial break, and then they are half-covered by a Miller Light or Wrangler logo.

  38. Dan Patrick has you on his show all the time, but apparently doesn’t pay attention to your postings. he thinks you’re refering to him with the former ESPN comment and debacle comments…..

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