The St. Louis Rams have announced that tackle Orlando Pace, the No. 1 overall pick in the 1997 draft, has been released.
We recently were told that the Rams had been “trying like hell” to trade Pace.  Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange pointed out earlier today that the move will save the Rams $5.975 million against the 2009 salary cap.
“I can’t begin to thank Orlando for all he has meant to the Rams organization, since we selected him with the first overall pick in the 1997 draft,” said Rams Owner/Chairman Chip Rosenbloom in a team-issued release. “It is never easy to end a relationship that has had as much success as ours, but in the best interest of Orlando and the Rams, we feel now is the right time. As a Super Bowl Champion and seven-time Pro Bowler, he has been a true professional and will always go down as one of the finest Rams of all time. We wish him, Carla and their children the very best as they move onto the next chapter of their football journey.”
It remains to be seen where that next chapter unfolds.  Injured for much of 2006 and 2007, he played most of last season.
Though he’s no longer among the best left tackles in the game, he’s better than most left tackles on most other NFL teams.
Our guess is that the Raiders, who cut Kwame Harris and who opted not to sign Khalif Barnes, could be interested.  The Bengals might eyeball Pace, who went to Ohio State, as a possible replacement for Stacey Andrews. 
The Ravens also are looking for tackles.  The Vikings might be interested in Pace as an option on the right side, given that they were believed in some circles to be interested in making a run at Carolina’s Jordan Gross.
In Kansas City, Pace would provide instant leadership in the locker room, and give 2008 rookie Brendan Albert more time to develop.
Bottom line?  If T.O. got another job in two days, Pace should be able to find a new home just as quickly. 

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  1. Sign him to be our right tackle Mangini. Joe Thomas could learn a lot from a guy like that.

  2. As a rams fan, I thought for sure Holt would be gone before Orlando. I didn’t think they needed both players to be cut for cap space. Maybe this changes holts future with us

  3. Branden Albert doesn’t need more time to develop. He had an extremely solid season at LT despite missing the entire preseason due to injury.
    If anything, Kansas City could be interested if he could make the switch to RT, unless they jettison Brian Waters and move Albert back to LG. They could also possibly be interested in Eugene Monroe in the draft…could they line up Pace at LT, Albert at LG, Waters at C, and Monroe at RT? Certainly would be an improvement, but I find any of these scenarios highly unlikely.

  4. you’ll see his fat ass in cleveland. he gets to finish the career with the hometown. I might not want it but that’s how this stupid ass team operates.

  5. I’d like to see him in Minnesota. If he replaces Ryan Cook, then things would be so much better and a lot less false start penalties would be called.

  6. yeah, i see the raiders pickin him up as an option for RT.
    Henderson is young and has shown flashes of great LT play. so we’ll use big ol pace as the RT an immediate upgrade over cornell green.
    I think al knew this was gonna happen. Barnes, despite his legal trouble and bad stats for 08, wanted a big time deal. good thing they sent him packing.
    well let’s see what Al does now

  7. If he can be had for cheap, the Browns should sign him. As a temporary upgrade on the right side, or as quality depth on the left.

  8. “Our guess is that the Raiders, who cut Kwame Harris and who opted not to sign Khalif Barnes, could be interested.”
    Without a doubt, he’ll be a Raider very soon.

  9. Pace and Holt would both look good in purple. (Not playing for the Vikings, I just mean in purple clothes) Seriously, the offseason is pretty boring when all you have to show for it is trading for a guy who’s old team would rather have Dan Orlovsky. It seems crazy to not do something to rile up the fans in Minnesota who barely sold out their first home playoff game. Why not go sign an old man soon to be hall of famer for cheap?

  10. Wrathchild, you can’t be serious.. Just got rid of Tra Thomas to bring in Orlando Pace?? Pace has been finished for two years.

  11. Can you play right tackle Orlando? Would you if you could? If so the Skins might be interested.

  12. While he might not be what we’d want, I woulnd’t mind seeing him in kelly green…let’s face it, if he were on the Eagles we’d be better than we are today.

  13. “Though he’s no longer among the best left tackles in the game, he’s better than most left tackles on most other NFL teams.”
    If he’s better than most, wouldn’t that mean he’s among the best?

  14. How would Orlando Pace make ANY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE any better? Do you people realize how many games has he played in the last 3 years? 11 games. Total. In three full seasons. 11 out of a possible 48. Any team who signs Pace should be laughed at. I don’t know what he’s rated in Madden, but if any of you schmucks think Orlando Pace would be an upgrade over Mother Theresa at LT, you need to start watching baseball.

  15. It will take Pace longer than 2 days to find a home because there will be more teams interested.

  16. @fidster
    I believe Florio was referring to the entire pool of left tackles (including backups), not just starting left tackles. He may not be better than most starting left tackles, but I am pretty sure he is better than most back up left tackles. Ya dig?

  17. Lets face it , I believe the guy is done…Hope the Chiefs stay away from this guy. The Rams offensive line isn’t that good and for them to just cut this guy , it just doesn’t add up.

  18. Jon Jansen will not be cut…the cap hit is too high. He might redo his deal and retire a Redskin (I’m hoping). Hail!

  19. @cat
    Its quite simple. When you realize you are in “rebuilding” mode as a franchise, you don’t keep someone who is going to count $5.975 million against the 2009 salary cap. By the time the Rams are a playoff contender again, it is almost a guarantee that pace will be out of the league. So the logic goes, if player X is not going to be here when we are a contender, why not find his replacement now and get some cap space.

  20. Mr. Kennard McGuire,
    My name is Howard. I am here to help you. Please call Andy Reid and Joe Banner and explain to them that you want to make them a package deal for Torry Holt and Orlando Pace. I promise Philadelphia will give you most money and both players will play above there level with the new entusiam they will share becoming an Eagle and getting a chnance to win a super bowl. I do not want any commission for this good will.

  21. I’m still waiting for Crazy Al to overpay for someone this winter, and he hasn’t come through. Pace could be my guy.

  22. been telling yall he is toast. i knew he hadnt played much lately. missed 37 of 48.

  23. WHere are people getting this 37 of 48 number from? The guy started 15 games alone in 2008

  24. he started 14 games last year alone.. 1 game vs carolina in 07, and 9 games in 06..

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