It’s becoming increasingly clear that the only thing preventing the Tennessee Titans from making a claim of tampering against the Redskins is whether the Titans have the stomach to wag a metronome finger at the franchise and claim, “They’re very, very, very bad.”
There’s more than enough evidence, in our view, to permit the Titans to make the allegation. It then would fall to the league office to conduct an investigation.
The latest piece of evidence is the closest thing yet to a smoking gun.
From Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean comes a link to an archived interview with Redskins running back Rock Cartwright (Cartwright!) from the first morning of free agency.
Ironically, the interview was conducted by ESPN 980 in D.C., a separate property of Redskins owners Dan Snyder.
“I kind of had an idea they were going to sign [Haynesworth] anyways,” Cartwright said.  “One of my teammates said they had the same agent and . . . he said they had been talking.”
The teammate in questions is receiver Malcolm Kelly.
Haynesworth recently claimed that the meeting between agent Chad Speck and Snyder at the Scouting Combine focused exclusively on Kelly.  Apparently, the agent and the team think that Kelly can be the next Andre Johnson.  (It’s unknown whether they mean the Andre Johnson who plays football for the Houston Texans, or the one who pumps gas in South Carolina.)
Again, the real question is whether the Titans are willing to accuse a partner of cheating at a time when the 32 owners have been operating in unison and harmony, given the coming labor turmoil with the union.
Our guess is that the team prefers to huff and puff, but if/when push comes to shove the Titans won’t be blowing anyone’s house in.


  1. The Redskins were found guilty of tampering with Lance Briggs a couple years ago and it cost them a draft pick. You’d think they would have learned their lesson.

  2. If thkins did have an agreement with him, it would have been done at 1am, not 5am. TB offered more, so hmmmm.

  3. The concept of teams whining about “tampering” reminds me of the “Tuck Rule”; it simply should have never happened. Let it go, Titans.

  4. You’re thinking about the 49ers who lost a pick for “tampering” with Briggs.

  5. Hey mike why do YOU call the NFL and make the claim since your so anxious for the Redskins to get burned. dweeb

  6. So, if the Titans claim foul and the league yanks a draft pick from the Redskins, does Tennessee get the pick, or does it just mean that someone doesn’t get drafted?

  7. 49ers got caught…, anyway, we didn’t tamper. Get over it, they were discussing on how Malcolm Kelly will get injured in training camp and will be out for season.

  8. Everybody tampers…..and everybody knows it.
    The only way to get caught is to be stupid/sloppy enough to make it obvious…..or to do something that legitimately undermines another team’s efforts to re-sign their own player.
    It appears that in this case, the Redskins did both.

  9. First off we won’t suck, we had the 4th ranked Defense last year, add Haynesworth and it just got a lttle bit better, Second if Rock had a feeling so, f@*#ing what, that’s not tampering, I have a feeling to, I feel like all of you need to stop riding the D*?K…….HAIL !!

  10. Fact of the matter is if Haynesworth hadn’t known for a fact that he would be getting what he wanted in FA then he’d wouldn’t have passed on the Titans best offer quite as easily.
    And to the person that said it would’ve been done at midnight if it actually happened… that’s laughable. Just b/c you’re willing to tamper doesn’t mean you’ll be that blatant about it.
    Personally I don’t care about AH. I want the Titans to get the Skins’ 1st rounder and then I want the Titans to trade the #30 and whatever else it takes to get Jay Cutler.

  11. Malcolm Kelly is sort of like Desean Jackson. Only Kelly is terrible at football and Jackson is real good at it.

  12. Who cares if the Redskins lose a draft pick? If the league doesn’t take one they’ll just trade it.

  13. Yeah the redskin’s tampered, so what? Wah Wah the redskins tampered with Haynesworth; live with it.

  14. Funny how people b!tch about the Redskins tampering, yet no one made a fuss when the Dolphins hired a free agent a few minutes past midnight last year during the first day of free agency. This site needs to get over itself and move on (such as make sure your server doesn’t crash again). This is the only site that’s making a fuss about this.

  15. Wait a minute, what in those words is even close to a “smoking gun”? All Rock is repeating is the same thing we already know: that one of his teammates (Malcolm Kelly) has the same agent as Haynesworth and Snyder was seen talking with him (at the combine).
    He didn’t say “they were talking about Haynesworth” or anything close to it (how would he even know? Do you think the agent would actually risk anything by telling Malcolm Kelly if they had been tampering?).
    Florio, you really need to put a little more thought into your posts.

  16. So what if the agent was emailing/talking to teams around the league? Skins never had to say a word….the agent simply outlines what his player is looking for (framework if you will) and the Skins decided after the start of free agency they wanted to play. Big deal…good luck proving anymore than that. Hail!

  17. yeah yeah the Redskins didn’t tamper…suuure…so the 49ers got ‘caught’ tampering for calling Briggs agent, aka the same agent as Frank Gore but the leage felt that was warranted..with no real conclusive proof…Redskins arn’t any different. Not to mention he was the #1 free agent out there and signs that quickly out of free agency, obviously the contracted had been agreed to before.
    By the way, I agree with the comment above…the 49ers Justin Smiley signed at like 5 min after free agency started last year , why the niners didnt file charges is beyond me.

  18. Last year the 49ers Justin Smiley signed with the Dolphins like 5min after free agency started and no ‘issue’ there…yes the niners lost a draft pick for calling Briggs agent aka, the same agent as Frank Gore and the league punished them with no proof the calls were about Briggs…
    Point is the Redskins need to be punished, anyone has too, your going to punish the niners with weak evidence they you need to punish a blatant tampering that happened.

  19. haha the 49ers got ‘caught’ tampering and the Redskins obviously didnt?? Sure pal keep telling yourself that, and keep shelling out millions and not make the playoffs

  20. Can you blame the Titans after watching the Vikings and Brett Favre last year? The NFL front office proved that they weren’t going to do a thing so why should the Titans even bother?

  21. LOL…the Redskins don’t have any money left to even pay their draft picks… does it really even matter if they lose a pick?? Unless Haynesworth can put alot of points on the board as a defensive player…he isn’t gonna help the Skins move up the NFC East standings…….so to repeat other’s sentiment……who really cares ? Give their pick to the Titans and be done with it

  22. Hey “r5156c” way to look like a JACKASS! I bet you thought that little zinger had some extra zip on it, huh tard? Niners/Redskins…same team clearly.
    As for the Titans, I wish they would try to pursue this petty, idiotic claim. We all know everybody tampers to a degree which I’m sure includes the holier-than-thou Tennessee Titans. Other owners won’t look at them favorably if they do take that step and they’ll definitely have to watch their ass in the future.

  23. FYI to morons out there harping on the Skins about tampering. You do know that Haynesworth wasn’t signed until FIVE HOURS after free agency started. So please take all this “blatant tampering” talk and shove it up your ingorant backsides.

  24. the redskins never tampered with lance briggs dunce that was san fran. and to think that other teams dont tamper is ridiculous. so everyone thumb their nose at the redskins because its the popular thing to do.

  25. Wow. This is the biggest collection of moronic posters in PFT history. Every jaggo wearing their Mark Rypien jersey is out tonight. Only thing is that they are hailing a last place team.

  26. “DeeDubb says:
    March 11th, 2009 at 10:50 pm
    FYI to morons out there harping on the Skins about tampering. You do know that Haynesworth wasn’t signed until FIVE HOURS after free agency started. So please take all this “blatant tampering” talk and shove it up your ingorant backsides.
    HTTR!!! ”
    Hmmmmm, so in five hours….1)Haynesworth was able to sift through the many teams calls he supposedly fielded as soon as free agency began and land a conversation with the Foreskins. 2)Listen to all other offers on the table, 3)Have the Foreskins draw up a contract and have it reviewed by their side and Haynesworth’s agent. 4) and finally reach an agreement to sign the contract……………
    WOW, you just made yourself look like an idiot! To think it only takes 5 hours to do all that, you MUST be an idiotic ‘Skins fan who dresses up like a rotten pig for their games.

  27. Hey ron I don’t think you understand how long 5 hours is, just because the contract has more money doesnt mean its extremely complicated. There are guys who sign alot faster then 5 hours and get multiple offers from teams.
    Think about taking a phone call, actually I’m sure they have a team working on FA knowing danny, but im sure the skins just kept outbidding, it doesnt take 2 hours to say an amount. These are discussions and I;m sure they just kept outbidding in terms of minutes not days. Also DC is a nice place to live and the weather is alot better then say tampa. As for the actual contract you realize the skins are cap wizards and probably already have guys working on contracts before they even speak to them to test and see how the money issue will effect the cap.
    The contract was probably pretty straight forward since albert isnt exactly an intellectual, front loaded, with a big guarentee.
    Also people he agreed to terms with them, he didnt actually sign it immediately, its not like teams dont do anything the weeks leading up to the start of FA, they have been working and strategizing, watching tape and scouting to see who they want to go after.

  28. So, let’s see here. Locker room gossip constitutes evidence of tampering? I would hope that there would have to be something more substantial than that.

  29. “The Foreskins” was my flag football team name at Towson U and we wore Eagles colors to taunt all of the Wash fans at school. You are obviously from Baltimore. I bet you tell all of your friends you thought of that when you call them the Foreskins don’t you? You thief!

  30. All the Redskins fans need to shut up! You say we’re whinning about losing him…Look at all the posts is all of you shedding tears about the whole deal. Just give us your first round pick, shut up, then finish in last place in your division. Just like clock work.

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