Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith’s campus workout today in front of NFL scouts was a “disaster,” according to Tony Pauline of
Quoting an unnamed scout, Pauline writes that Smith’s lack of preparation was obvious as he was overweight. One scout called the performance, “one of the worst workouts I’ve ever seen.”
Another AFC East scout told Pauline: “He lost millions today.” 
As a league source told us earlier today, Smith ran with his shirt off.
According to Pauline, comments were made about “the flab and the rolls on his body” during Smith’s 40-yard dashes as he posted times between 5.21 and 5.29 seconds.
Per the article, several scouts weren’t happy to travel a long way only to witness a bad workout. And Smith’s trainers were not pleased, either.
UPDATE: has reported additional details on the workout, noting that Smith was 6-4 1/4, 325 pounds with 40-yard dash times of 5.28 and 5.33 seconds.
He turned in a 25-inch vertical leap, a 7-10 broad jump, a 7.88 time in the three-cone drill and bench pressed 225 pounds for 19 repetitions.


  1. And as we look into the future….”The Detroit Lions select Andre Smith with 1st overall pick….”

  2. Wow this dude was slated to go #1 in some early mock drafts. What kind of an a$$hole could really screw up TWO of the biggest days of his life so far?? At least his true colors show now before someone spends a whole lotta cash on him. Some team will still be dumb enough to pick him in the first round, however. Nobody learns.

  3. Maybe he should go back to college for another year, get his act together and redo it again. He’d probably be better off financially.

  4. Sounds like Johnathan Sullivan “The Next Generation”, only this time maybe someone will heed the warning signs.
    From the PFT Archives:
    Our spies in Atlanta tell us that disappointing Saints defensive tackle Jonathan Sullivan was active on Sunday.
    He wasn’t “active” in the sense of “activated.” No, the sixth overall pick in the 2003 draft was on the “do not dress” list for yet another week.
    But Sully was indeed active on Sunday at the buffet line in the pre-game media room. Observers watched in amazement as Sullivan wolfed down two plates of food and two helpings of dessert as his teammates got ready to play football.
    The decision to burn two first-round picks for the chance to trade up and snag Sullivan is one of the biggest draft-day blunders in team (if not league) history. And with Sullivan spending more time eating and less and less time earning that $11.4 million in bonus money, heads definitely will roll in the front office for this one.
    Hell, heads are gonna roll anyway, given the team’s performance. The piss-poor decision (we can say “piss” with impunity now, given that ESPN’s All-American girl, Suzy Kolber, said it last night on live television) to select Sullivan will only make it easier for owner Tom Benson to make dramatic changes after the season (assuming he doesn’t merely throw up his hands and sell the team).

  5. he is a college kid, he has been to busy drinking beer and bangin groupies to work out…he will be a steal for somebody late in the 1st rnd or early in the second

  6. C’mon Florio…, Senfeld, Season 6, Episode, 18. The Doorman episode where Kramer and Frank Costanza discuss ‘the bro’. Let’s have it…, you’re not going to get a better opportunity for it.

  7. Where does he fall to is the question. What team takes a run at him in the 2nd?

  8. i know the dude’s out of shape, but doesn’t every offensive lineman have rolls of fat on him? i mean you have to be morbidly obese to even qualify for the job.

  9. I can just imagine him running and the scouts shouting “HERCULES HERCULES HERCULES”

  10. wow can’t believe that he was a top prospect not even 8 weeks ago, a can’t miss, sad that this guy has blown an opportunity of a lifetime. first red flag should’ve been when he was suspended for the sugar bowl, surprised slick nick sabin didn’t get on him. what a shame..

  11. Yes every offensive and defensive lineman has fat on them and some have fat rolls. Considering that… exactly how fat was this guy to attract attention? 🙂 I mean if he is fat compared to OL and DL’s that are playing in the league then that is a pretty serious statement.

  12. Someone will take him late in the first or early in the second and crow to the media they got a “steal” and “value”. Then Smith will hold out for mo’ money ’cause he was projected to be higher than he was picked, show up weeks late for camp completely out of shape and 60+ lbs over-weight.
    4 years from now the GM who took him will be working for a different organization (or NBC where if you stink as an NFL GM you have credibility) and Phat ‘Dre will be on his 3rd comeback for the league minimum with a “new attitude” and “to prove all the haters that didn’t believe were wrong”.

  13. he’s probably still a better pick than Stafford. For lions sake i hope they dont view Stafford at the #1

  14. I hope he falls to 15 and Houston takes him! Sure, he’s been lazy for the last few months but once he gets into camp this summer I’m sure he’ll take things seriously again. Even if he can’t drop the weight he’d probably make a heckuva Guard…

  15. Seriously, if I had millions on the line and all I had to do was work out, you bet your ass my fat ass would be in a friggin gym.
    Sounds like another guy who thinks he’s entitled and won’t have to work for it. Hopefully he’ll pull his head out of his ass and start putting the time in.

  16. Haha awesome! Theres nothing quite like a good train wreck.
    See you in the UFL, Bub.

  17. atlantisbane says: “I’m sure Florio believes this is somehow Kurt Warner’s fault. ”

  18. Conversely: “Despite the bad press he’s getting already on a workout that ended just a short while ago, one source said he did well in positional drills and that he would be surprised if Smith fell out of the top 10. He said Smith wasn’t winded in his workouts and that was another key.”

  19. I would love to see a picture of this lardy dude with his shirt off. I thought the link entitled “Smith ran with his shift off” would take me to a picture. Didn’t one of your sources send you a pic?

  20. Being as more teams are taking character into question when drafting players, I can almost guarantee you he won’t be taken before the 4th Round. Remember Georgia DE Quentin Moses? He was considered a top-15 pick, until people started having questions about his work ethic. He went in the 3rd round. I see Smith falling even further.

  21. Keep in mind that these NFL scouting events are very stressful for the young men. Talent is not a guarantee that they will handle the stresses properly at first exposure to this level of scrutiny and competition.
    A lot of the young men handle it well. Some don’t. But his stock is dropping like a rock. Sad…

  22. The weight issue can be taken care of if he’s willing to work with his the team who drafts him, now not having talent and hoping a team can teach you technique is totally different thing, He does have talent but obviously he lazy or just not the brightest light bulb~

  23. is he doing drugs also? I mean, c’mon, you’d have to be to blow two huge opportunities, first the combine and now his pro day??

  24. When this is all said and done, risking even a second round draft choice on a problem player is not the best use of a team’s resources. If he continues this lack of caring about pro conditioning, I can see where he could even fall out of the first draft day.

  25. “He said Smith wasn’t winded in his workouts and that was another key.””
    Getting winded requires actually moving your fat ass.

  26. I remember many mock drafts had Winston Justice going in the top 15. We all know how that worked out.

  27. Bench presses 225 Ibs only 19 times is really bad for an OL or DL. Ian Johnson benched 225 Ibs 25 times (= to 39 Chrissy’s) and Ian weighs about 210 Ibs.

  28. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! war damn eagle!!! – not that we have any reasonable candidates – but ANY bad day for ‘bama is a good day for me!!!

  29. I wouldn’t even take him at 33 if I were the Lions, but if he’s there at 65 I’d do it.

  30. Gonna have to put some clauses in the contract so they can recover bonus money if he comes overweight. Then he can take Starcaps.
    Whoever takes him better protect theirselfs.

  31. The thing that struck me was how weak this dude was. 225 only 19 times when you weigh 325?!? Anyone who lifts weights understands that that is absolutely pathetic for a man that big. I weigh 205 and I can put 225 up 16 times. Believe me, that doesn’t show how strong I am, it simply shows how weak he is.

  32. Anybody see Smith on TV today?
    NFL Network had his workout filmed.
    Dude took off his shirt and had those
    big flabby Man-Breasts going on.
    Haha. No muscle tone at all!
    Terrible Awful Very Bad Day for Smith!

  33. The combine proved he’s not smart. His Pro Day proved he’s lazy. If One key workout number I haven’t seen reported anywhere is 36D.

  34. If he is 325 that means he’s LOST weight, right?
    He obviously went without the shirt to show that he had lost weight.
    The original report even said that he smiled when he weighed in because he was happy.
    This is from the Chicago Times:
    “one source said he did well in positional drills and that he would be surprised if Smith fell out of the top 10. He said Smith wasn’t winded in his workouts and that was another key. You’re going to get different opinions depending where you look.”

  35. This is what Smith said:
    “I thought I did an outstanding job,” Andre told reporters after weighing in at 325 pounds. “I was a little nervous at the beginning. It’s the lightest I’ve been in a long time, since about three years ago. Not many people have the opportunity to get drafted by the NFL. This is the chance of a lifetime. You’ve got grab life by the horns.”

  36. Not clear on this: A.Smith wins the Outland Trophy and is All American everything, outweighs J.Smith by 20 pounds yet runs the same time in the 40, and somehow A.Smith is UNdesirable?
    This site is getting more and more biased. It is hardly worth reading any more even though it used to be solid.

  37. I think this is kinda sad. Should the guy have worked out and prepared? Yeah. Still, the image of him bungling through workouts out of shape and with his shirt off while trying to impress potential employers is pathetic and sad. I bet he was thoroughly humiliated.

  38. Reality check: scouts and GMs are supposed to walk out of a closed work-out and rave about the player? Not if they really want a guy, especially one who won EVERY award last season.
    The kid is beyond reproach on the field, so smart teams pretend to care about his bench.

  39. What the hell was his agent doing while he was eating his money away? The agent lost millions as well, that can’t be good for future client recruitment.

  40. “Oh, if only Mike Williams did this during HIS pro day…”
    I’m thinking Mike Williams did that the DAY AFTER his Pro Day. LMAO

  41. just saw him run the fourty on tv,the boy’s got a serious case of man boobs…get him kramer’s phone number.

  42. Sounds like they had him on a “Cardio and light weight/high rep” workout. He lost weight and wasn’t winded in drills, but was pathetic strength wise. Just a guess. Still, you think that the combine would be a two way street as far as workouts go. If teams jump on guys like mike mamula, chad jackson, or the bust of the 2008 draft, Vernon Gholston, based mostly on workouts, then shouldn’t they take Andre Smith based on his on field prowess? Not saying I agree with this line of thought, but its funny how this whole “kick the tires then pick the hot rod” thing works.

  43. ATTENTION ALL agents and future combine attendee’s….. This is EXACTLY why you work out at the combine. (too get a second chance if you need to). No MATTER who you are.

  44. what groupies? he has to leave his shirt on or the chickies laugh…
    this kid is destined for… DETROIT!

  45. not a weight lifter anymore except for heavy furniture but… this guy wont just have lil guys run around him. they will go right over him.
    kiper and co have screwed the pooch on this guy. he never had any biz being touted as a draftee. unless it is for the army.

    Yea right. Welcome to Washington!

  47. i wouldn’t mind the eagles taking him at 21
    does he have a fatter, less talented brother we could then draft at 28 to motivate him & keep him happy & on the field?

  48. “Quoting an unnamed scout, Pauline writes that Smith’s lack of preparation was obvious as he was overweight”
    He weighed in at 325. That’s the least he’s weighed in three years and only now is the word “overweight” being used? Clearly, this is a case of padding the facts (weak bench press and vertical leap) with some lies to make a beefier argument against a player.
    In other words, just another day in pre-draft reporting.

  49. Andre Smith should have just told the scouts “They’re real, and they’re spectacular!”

  50. Andre Smith is a bust, no more stories on this fat mess.
    1. he blew an undefeated season and more hype by screwing
    around in the SEC championship game.
    2. blew the sugar bowl off.
    3.hung around with agents.
    4.skipped the combine to go workout, wtf was he doing
    to prepare for the combine.
    5.shows up at his combine looking like carl winslow from
    family matters.

  51. He is talented and while he may seem like a lazy lardass at this point, some team will see potential and take him high. He was suspended for the bowl game, but wasn’t that for contact with an agent? I have never heard of him having off field issues, except for not being able to walk away from a buffet. Just please don’t him go #6 overall.

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