Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was indicted by a grand jury in Tennessee for his role in a December traffic accident.
Haynesworth was released after surrendering to the police on Wednesday, and had no comment to the Associated Press.
Haynesworth faces charges of reckless driving and having expired registration, according to District Attorney Kim Helper.  Both charges are misdemeanors, and if convicted Haynesworth could face jail time.  The maximum sentence on the reckless driving charge is six months in jail and a $500 fine.
Police claim that Haynesworth caused the December 13th accident when he tried to pass another driver who wound up crashing into a concrete median.  Four days before the accident, Haynesworth was placed on probation after being clocked driving over 100 miles per hour in March 2008.
Haynesworth was arrested in 2006 on charges stemming from another traffic accident in Tennessee.  Warrants were issued in two seperate counties, but one dismissed the charges and a judge in the other county tossed the charges because he ruled they were out of jurisdiction.


  1. Awesome!!! That means he can work out while he is in jail and be ready to earn that fat paycheck of his. Jesus Christ!

  2. Should have stayed in Tennessee Al. You could’ve walked on this too. Hope that $41 mil in g-money earns some interest while you’re in the box.

  3. This the accident that shattered the other driver’s hip? He’s got to like that shiny new contract Albert has.

  4. So is the League (Goodell) going to come down on this AssClown? Or will Synder plead his case: “I just Spent a Gazillion dollars on this jerk, please don’t suspend him…Pretty Please. IMHO he should go away for at least 4-games.

  5. Hey Florio, I e-mailed you about this on Monday. Where is my credit for breaking the story? You’re worse than ESPN.

  6. The good news for the Redskins is that DC traffic is so bad that mass transit is available.

  7. problems are coming!!!!! watch out 100 thou man. Sorry redskin fan. it ain’t worth it!!!!!!!!!

  8. So does this mean the Redskins get Turd points? Does the Commish suspend him and fine the Redskins?

  9. Wow, you guys calling for his head have issues. These are traffic violations for christ’s sake. You must be typical Cowgirl fans or hatemongers.

  10. I thikn we need to see some kind of sanction against the Deadskins for signing this turd.

  11. I wonder if this would have happened had he resigned with the Titans. The local authorities aren’t hurting their team by indicting him now that he left. Anybody that is sceptical about my “conspiracy theory” please refer to Poindexter, Gerald in the case against Michael Vick in Virginia. Florio’s said it a thousand times, that crap bag wouldn’t have been punished if the feds didn’t get involved.

  12. i didnt even have to read the author to know this wasnt florios report.. he wasnt calling for haynesworth’s public execution and grossly exaggerating every single detail.

  13. This guy is a road rage stupid shunt. It’s great to think of really strong guys recklessly driving big trucks (read somewhere that’s what he drives). I hope he gets jailed. The Bitchskins suck for signing him. I hope he blows out a knee. All this and I just remembered him stomping that dude’s face.

  14. What a bunch of douches you haters are……
    A thug for traffic violations?????
    It seems obvious that none of you have had a ticket.

  15. He’s not just a thug, he’s a mental case too. Who else has stood on a players helmet less head. Just traffic violations, good call there foreskins, You should be the guy who’ll never walk right again. Your the jock sniffin loser. Albert should be above the law, he plays football ! This guy doesn’t learn. I guess they should just wait until he kills somebody, after all , he’s good at stopping the run.

  16. A traffic violation is a rolling stop or a failure to use a signal. Driving well in excess of the speed limit and weaving in and out of traffic constitute reckless endangerment and had this kid been killed vehicle homicide. Anybody that is defending this asswipe sure as hell wouldn’t be if he did this to them or someone they know.
    Using your logic, slitting somebody’s throat is a paper cut. Please don’t reproduce, this country has enough problems.

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