The Cleveland Browns cut starting right offensive tackle Kevin Shaffer today rather than pay him a pending $1.5 million roster bonus, according to Adam  Caplan of
Per a source, Caplan reports that the Browns created $1.45 million in salary-cap room for 2009. Yet, the team will still be forced to hold $4.56 million in dead money due to the proration of the guaranteed money remaining over the final four years of his contract.
Agent Alan Herman, who represents Shaffer, said that the Browns are still interested in possibly re-signing Shaffer.
Ryan Tucker is expected to replace Shaffer in the starting lineup.
According to, Shaffer started 15 games for the Browns last season. In seven NFL seasons, Shaffer has started 86 games.
UPDATE: Now, the Browns have officially announced in a press release that Shaffer has been cut.

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  1. OK, Al Davis, do your thing. Shaffer may not be great, but he has experience. And he can’t be any worse than Cornell (False Start) Green.

  2. shaffer is a very good player he may catch on with the reskins or maybe the seahawks. Jim mora Jr. is the coach there who coached him in Atlanta.

  3. The few games that Tucker participated in 2008, saw much better production in the offensive line. Unfortunately, his health is still a huge question mark for 2009 and beyond football wise. The Brown’s need help at right tackle either via free agency or the draft. Shaffer never was the answer.

  4. Pick ’em up Vikings! Unless you think you shouldn’t, I mean, you would know better.

  5. You Viking fans should be more concerned about finding a QB.
    Tarvaris Jackson is a loser!!

  6. He is solid but Tucker is better and the line played better with him in the line up….altho in teh end u cant have to many healthy and good lineman so this was kinda dumb

  7. “Agent Alan Herman, who represents Shaffer, said that the Browns are still interested in possibly re-signing Shaffer.”
    Kevin wanted out of Cleveland last spring, he’ll only be back if he can’t find a shot at a starting job somewhere else. I’m sure they could use him in St. Louis, so I expect him to be gone.

  8. I used to attend church with Shaffer in high school so, I’m sorry to see him cut but glad he made it this far in his career.

  9. Shaffer played for Mora jr. in Atl? Hmmmmm, this also means Cable was his O-line coach there also… The plot thickens..

  10. It might just be me but shouldnt the Browns hold on tightly to any postitive asset to their team? In todays day and age of the NFL 1.5 mil is a small price to pay to win but its just the Browns being the Browns…

  11. Cleveland Browns,what a tradition of football. What in the hell is going on up there? They have the best damn fans in any sport and it seems to be always ran by knuckle heads. I`ve been a fan for 40 years,been a season ticket holder for quite sometime. Tailgate at all the games & have a hoot, but season after season nothing ever shocks me about what they do.Every year they get rid of talented players who all the fans like & relate too & bring in some other bums that couldn`t make it anyplace else,if they couldn`t get anything done for the Jets what in the hell makes you think they will in Cleveland ? Ryan Tucker in for Shafer what a joke !!!! Looks like another sad season in the makings for all us die hard Browns fans.

  12. Not sure why all you vikes and raiders fans are so hot on Shaffer? This is one cut I was actually expecting and hoping for. Tucker at Guard really helped hide Shaffer’s inadequacies.

  13. PTF Sheep alive and well with stupidty shining…Shaffer sucks..he’s the one that got pushed back on his ass by a linebacker into the knee of DA…for a guy who is 6-5 300+..he gets pushed around like a big sissy…any teams that signs this POS is a fool…or hasn’t watched film

  14. Everyone acts like Thomas is a god but seriously, he came in the league starting the position he has been playing his whole life. On the other hand Shaffer had to learn a totally new position and no one ever gives him credit for that. He was all-star worthy in ATL. at LT hmmmmm….Plus there is still a deal on the table for him in Cleveland, but Eric Mangini seems like he wants to bring everyone from the Jets to Cleveland. Maybe Shaffer will go to Philly, they need some tackles.

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