Minnesota Vikings tackle Bryant McKinnie’s request to enter a pretrial diversion program was granted by the state of Florida and a judge on Wednesday.  As a result, he will avoid a trial on charges stemming from a fight with a bouncer outside a Miami nightclub in February 2008.
He must complete 25 hours of community service and anger management sessions, and he must avoid being arrested to fulfill the program’s conditions.  His lawyer, Larry Kerr, said all four of the charges, including one felony, will be dismissed if he successfully navigates the program.
“Everyone involved is very happy that we were able to reach this amicable resolution, and everyone is ready to put this behind us and move on,” Kerr said.  “I know that Bryant is very grateful to his family and friends, and his fans and the Minnesota Vikings for their support, throughout this ordeal.”
McKinnie served a four-game suspension during the 2008 season as a result of the nightclub incident.  McKinnie, who turns 30 in September, is entering his eighth season with the Vikings.


  1. Looks like the NFL owes the Vikings 4 games. Lets just forget the Williams’ pending case and call it time served.

  2. What happened to the bouncer? Takes two to tango, man. Some of these guys are bigger obnoxious control freaks than stewardesses.

  3. now he can get right into camp, and be fully ready to go into this season and perform as usual. letting people blow by him, and sack talevarious.

  4. Let me get this straight…
    Bryant McKinnie gets into a fight with a bouncer in the offseason(stupid yes, but not necessarily illegal) without being charged with anything. Yet somehow he ends up getting roughly the same punishment as a guy (Haynesworth) who intentionally shredded the scalp of a fellow player (without provocation) who was in a helpless position, in front of millions of fans on national television?
    Not to mention the complete lack of fines levied on the two unbelivabely late cheap shots on Gus Ferrotte in two games season, compared to the maybe, kinda sorta a tiny tad late tackles that Jared Allen was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for this season.
    Seriously. The NFL needs to take a hard look at how fair they really are when making judgments on small market teams and large market teams. The lack of fairness is staggering IMO.

  5. ZNorseman
    “gets into a fight with a bouncer in the offseason(stupid yes, but not necessarily illegal) without being charged with anything”
    Get your facts straight, he was charged at the time. Despite your rose colored glasses, arrests tend to be the order of the day when you whack someone in the head with a metal pipe. Just in case you didn’t know, that is illegal in all 50 states including Florida where the incident happened.
    “Seriously. The NFL needs to take a hard look at how fair they really are”
    My question is, Are you serious? McKinnie is hardly a model citizen and the fact that he was involved in the Love Boat incident prior to this arrest probably had as much to do with his 4 game suspension as the facts of this case (hitting a guy in the head with a metal pole)
    Goodell announced that he was targeting repeat offenders and McKinnie’s role in flying in out of state hookers is Offense #1 and then this crime is #2.
    Might I suggest you pull a double shift at McDonalds so you can show your support by actually buying a ticket to the game. That would make you a real fan as opposed to the rest of them that have to be begged on TV commercials to buy tickets for a playoff game. No wonder the franchise is moving to LA.

  6. JimmySmith, get off your high horse, McKinnie got screwed,
    big time, its not his fault some overjoyed, steroid induced
    bouncer wanted to look tough in front of an nfl player, I
    go to nightclubs all the time and the bouncers try way too
    hard to act like they run shit, most of these guys are
    washed high school linemen that are angry at the rest of
    the world. The love boat thing was no big deal, its
    not illegal to fly in women for a party, plus the women
    never complained about McKinnie’s actions that night, they
    enjoyed it and partied with everybody.

  7. I love it when JimmySmith trolls anything Vikings. His pseudo-intelligence is adorable.
    I’m still calling for Mount McKinney to be traded.

  8. Jimmy Smith hits the nail on the head again…Mckinnie is a worthless piece of s.h.i.t…..yeah the sexual actions on the love boat in front of the families that were going by with little children is cool…also against the law….the fella is as classless as they come….all those who keep posting their homer side of things show a severe lack of intelligence….boy , he plays for the Vikings and i cheer for them so he can break every law in the book…he’s my hero

  9. they hating on my boy mount mckinnie too much, it aint
    like he was staging dog fights on the boats, he was just
    enjoying the company of a few female guests and sampling
    some out of state

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