Kurt Warner might get to keep his $2 million, after all.
A league source tells us that the Arizona Cardinals are shopping receiver Anquan Boldin to potential trade partners.
Warner recently has suggested that he’d devote a portion of his salary to signing Boldin to a new contract.  (We don’t think Warner really means it.)
Boldin, a six-year veteran, is signed through 2010.  He has wanted for roughly a year a significant increase from his current range of $2.5 million to $3 million.
With teammate Larry Fitzgerald at $10 million per year, Boldin is believed to want at least $9 million annually.
Boldin previously has requested a trade.  At one point after the Super Bowl, Boldin said that he would not sign a new deal with the Cardinals, and that he wanted to be dealt to a new team.  More recently, he had softened in his position, expressing a willingness to consider a new long-term contract to stay with the team.


  1. If Philly doesn’t jump into this with both feet, they’re completely retarded. Knowing them they’ll play pussy as usual and come with some low-ball offer.

  2. Who are they shopping him to? Any team in particular? Philly? Miami? Washington? NYG? Who?

  3. Boldin is a beast, would be a great fit in Miami…..
    Warner is a conman using religion as his con.
    wonder if this post will actually make it for once?

  4. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES, we need to make this move now andy reid and joe banner, it would almost make up for losing Dawkins. Having bolden to do the underneath routes and having jackson to go down field and curtis in the slot. It would form a great offense and make us an elite team and ready for another super bowl run.

  5. warner has got to learn to bob & weave to get away from your jabs. florio, you’ve got a mean hook.

  6. PHilly PHilly, oh wait Joe Banner is still the President. Nevermind we’ll probably see him in Giant Blue, or possibly with that hideous devil’s star on his head.

  7. Come on eagles. get it done!!! First and a third!! and if that doesnt work…. first and sheldon (i would hate it but its what needs to be done). I think its why they have been trying to grab a really good corner. This way… they can send sheldon to Arizona and still be strong. Come on Birds…..

  8. Boldin to the Raiders for Michael Bush, with Al giving him a new contract.
    Certainly Anquan is worth as much as Davisw was going to give useless-ass Javon Walker last year (whose contract, thankfully has been renegotiated.)

  9. so can you say EAGLES, they do have 12 draft picks this year, including two in the first round, i wouldn’t be surprised if they offered a 1 and a 3 or something to the Cardinals for Boldin and kept the other 1 to draft an OT.

  10. Eagles fans, we all know this is NOT going to happen, can we move on to the next subject? He’ll end up in NYG or Washington.

  11. Warner can’t do it this season.
    His talk is just a lie to make him appear to appear to look better after robbing the Cardinals of an overpriced deal. Yet some attempt to claim it as a home town discount. It can’t be discounted when it’s your only offer and it’s more likely robbery.

  12. He will go to the Highest Bidder.. Expect Al Davis to give the #7 pick.. like he did with Moss..
    or a player.. running back.. and a 2nd rd pick..

  13. FLACCO to BOLDIN…..TD Ravens!!!!!
    Just sounds natural…..Please Ozzie, make this happen…..

  14. Its time for the Eagles to shine Lets git it BIRDS! we havent been a loud player in free agency so far and with 40 mil under the cap we should def invest in Boldin. What ever it takes to bring him in idc if its a 1st and 2nd(but need at least 1 1st rounder to get a RB or OT)but we can trade back into the second round useing our 4 5th round picks and possibly player like Reggie brown and what not but lets see how it works out hopefully we can land Boldin!

  15. If it happens for any team in the East, it’s the Eagles.
    No other team has what the Cards want, unless the Giants give up a pro bowl DE (which is a BAD idea).

  16. If the Eagles don’t trade for Boldin and he actually gets traded somewhere else, then Joe Banner should be on the next new FOX special “Who Wants To Kick A Billionaire Square In The Nuts?”

  17. More Cards bashing from Florio, only line in the whole piece of a trade is
    “A league source tells us that the Arizona Cardinals are shopping receiver Anquan Boldin to potential trade partners.”
    The rest bashing Warner as usual. Thanks Florio, keep up the good work, still love the site.

  18. If the Giants and Feables are each maybe a receiver away from getting over the hump in the NFC – AZ has to trade him to the AFC. Jacksonville always needs receivers and can’t seem to draft good ones. Rod: Get it done!

  19. Maybe the skins shouldnt have spent their money so quick and traded away too many picks in the draft…

  20. FireAndyReid21 – You should have your Eagles fan card taken away. When has this regime ever turned down a chance to ACTUALLY make the team better? They’ve pulled the trigger on as many trades as any other team.

  21. I hear GB already (95%) has a deal in place……..
    Their first 2nd round pick, their 3rd round pick and Double D

  22. latest rumor is that the NY Jets are the front runners! they are trying to make a bigger deal; QB-Brett Rattlif, 1st round pick (#17) and a 3nd rounder next year for Boldin & Matt Lienhart!! besides for the picks it helps the cardinals salary cap alot! an NFL insider says chances of this type of trade happening is BETTER than 50%!!
    All Jets fan better get excited. Word is before the Jets plan on pulling the trigger on this type of deal they would check in to see if the Broncos are indeed gonna try to trade Cutler or try to to a 3 way trade that might even include Cutler to Jets, Lienhart to Broncos & both the Broncos & Cardinals getting better draft picks & Jets getting later round picks…. stay tuned!

  23. The only place Q is going if at all is the A.F.C maybe the Browns for B.Edwards and Shawn Rogers.I hope…

  24. I hope the Vikings can sign Boldin but, since we couldn’t land Housh does anyone one think this one could happen? We’ve been “out-bidded” and “out-facilitated” in the last couple signings so we best not hold our breath.

  25. I spoke briefly to Bill Parcells last Sunday in Jupiter florida during the Marlins/Cardinals game, and when I asked him if Miami was interested in Boldin he said “I’m interested in bringing in good players with a desire to get on board with what we’re doing here” he wouldn’t elaborate further but you know he’s the one of those “Parcells” kind of players. I hope they work it out.

  26. For the love of all that’s holy, please do not go to the Eagles.
    /s/ Cowboys Fan
    P.S. If his acquirer pays less than the three draft picks (i.e., 1st, 3rd, and 6th) and 5 year, $45MM contract that Jerry gave RW, I’m going to light myself on fire.

  27. Warner better give that money to his church otherwise Jesus will bench his ass….

  28. I hear GB (95%) has a deal done….
    Their first 2nd round pick
    Their 3rd round pick
    Donald Driver

  29. right….given a choice to play in a MAJOR market, Boldin opts for DENVER!?!…..Minnesota!?
    Stop it, if he is on the market, this is an NFC East battle all the way. Eagles have the most picks and money, he will go to Philly if they want him bad enough.

  30. Of course you couldn’t resist a chance to falsely accuse Warner of being a liar again.

  31. Chiefs. Trade #3 overall to Cardinals for Boldin & pick #31. Chiefs maybe include a 4th or 5th pick as well. Or, Chiefs send Larry Johnson and a pick. Haley – Boldin reunion.

  32. You could bring them to MN but it would still be “the candyass shade of green” Sage throwing the rock to him. Might as well just pack up the team and move them to Poughkipsee.


  34. “ROY11 says:
    March 12th, 2009 at 5:03 pm
    Of course you couldn’t resist a chance to falsely accuse Warner of being a liar again.”
    You still believe Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez, don’t you?

  35. The Cheifs trade is absurd, the Cardinals drafted in the top 10 over the last two decades. They aren’t paying another unproven player.
    The Sheldon deal is played out, Cardinals signed McFadden from Pittsburg already, they are set with corners.
    The need a 3/4 outside linebacker.

  36. seatofmypants says:
    March 12th, 2009 at 4:56 pm
    Wow reading this its obvious that EAGLES fans must not have jobs…….
    As spoken by someone without a job lol

  37. seatofmypants says:
    March 12th, 2009 at 4:56 pm
    Wow reading this its obvious that EAGLES fans must not have jobs…….
    Someone above said to trade Kiwanuka.. I think if we were giving up a DE, we should shop Canty. But we could afford to lose Kiwi, maybe, given that we’ll have Osi and Tuck starting at DE..
    And YMF, who cares what the Jets do? They’re a lot more than an elite receiver and Matt Leinart away from doing anything significant.

  38. I just heard on the radio the Giants have offered a 1st and 3rd round pick this year as well as their 1st rounder for next year.
    The Eagles have offered a 2nd round this year and a 3rd round next year.
    Via 950 ESPN radio

  39. This is a bunch of crap circulated by the eagles front office to try to induce a trade
    a league source….give me a break

  40. I want to see all you poster when Sage is in the top ten of most catagories next season. Philly? maybe you can throw some batteries his way.

  41. Assuming Zygi DOES want to keep the Vikes in MN, AND get funding for a shiny new stadium, AND be able to sell that stadium out, AND try to get to the Super Bowl, how about this: trade for Boldin, offer Chester Taylor if they have to, plus picks, THEN, be patient and wait for either Cutler trade, or, McNabb before the season starts, offering either TJack, or Sage, if they are wanted in return, plus picks. This would leave a couple early round picks for remaining needs, and with the massive upgrade of talent, the rest of team holes can be filled easier with avg free agents, and those cut before the season. Also, I think they need a FB, yeah?! (in hindsight, should have never let Tony Richardson go. Birk? We’ll see.)
    However, assuming Zygi is letting things fall to move the team, make a run at Holt for WR.

  42. Philly needs Boldin – he singlehandedly makes that offense a scary entity –
    12 picks/sheldon, etc – whatever it takes to get it done
    I’d give them one 1st(28) a third, and one of their 3 fifths –
    I think that highly of Boldin, and hope the Eagles don’t try and lowball this and lose out to someone who had the balls to get this done-

  43. mth77 says:
    “If Philly doesn’t jump into this with both feet, they’re completely retarded.”
    I say: Don’t you mean “retarTed”?

  44. Finally this report breaks, it was only a matter of time before the cards began listening to offers. Boldin knows the cards are a one year wonder, teams will centralize on fitzgerald and put major pressure on warner this year. Boldin if you want to win come to the City of Brotherly Love!!! I don’t want to jump the gun but how beautiful would it be to see Boldin wearing that black Eagles jersey carving up D’s?!…get it done birds!!!

  45. Obviously, Phila. Eagle fans would like Boldin and I’m no exception. However, I’m not willing to give up anything and pay him anything. If he really wants 9million a year, that seems steep?! I think Boldin adds value for the Birds because he is physical. Curtis and Desean Jackson are very fast with pretty good hands, but they are slight of build,they can’t muscle for balls. As well, Birds have struggled in Red Zone last few years and Boldin has been a TD-machine. I’m willing to pay or over-pay a little, I’m not willing to give up the entire draft and pay the guy Fitzgerald money when is he isn’t quite in that class. Andre Johnson, Fitz those guys are the top of WRs now, Boldin is up there but not quite that far. The Birds have the most cap room and best picks to offer so its up to them how badly they want him, IF — IFFF he’s really available.

  46. You guys have it all wrong. He’s going to San Fran so that he can torch them twice a year. Boldin + Hill or Smith or anybody else = Super Bowl #6

  47. ten bucks says the eagles make the cards some BS low-ball offer and then the giants come in and blow them away..

  48. I would jump on that Giants deal, I’d rather send him to an AFC team but 3 good players with manageable contracts is better than 1 pro bowler who is hurt all the time. Cards were 5-1 when he was out. With the money they’re saving they can go get Torry Holt to play with Jesus next season.

  49. Ok so now the Eagles can offer a 2nd and a 5th so he can go to the Giants for a 1st and 3rd. If Philly screws this up…uh nevermind on that thought…Im just tired of the organization saying they are confident in the receiving corps to be able to get it done. News to the boss mans over there, they havent got it done in 4 damn championship games…where was our 9 catch 152 yard 3td guy that day?
    Arizona had theres on the field…Upgrade is needed, please realize that mr. banner and lurie and reid…

  50. as much as i hate it, i don’ see why chester taylor for boldin couldn’t work.

  51. 1st time long time- sure. why wouldn’t the eagles or broncos want to trade mcnabb or cutler for a 3rd rounder and sage or tavalerious? c’mon man…

  52. BOLDIN TO THE BUCS…..SOUNDS GOOD TO ME, GOT THE MONEY AND I’D GIVE UP MORE DRAFT PICKS…..dang…just think, Bryant, Boldin, and Winslow…OMG!!!!!!

  53. Philly makes sense…Boldin wants money, but im sure he also wants to Philly he can have both. Dallas fans, uh what are you smoking? The Pokes just gave up the world for that awsome guy Mr williams…lol..Tampa Bay??? Uh who is your QB?? Yeah, hmmm?? Why would he want there?

  54. Quan isn’t going anywhere, and if he does. It will cost an ass load of money to get him out of AZ… SO if they are shopping him.. Someone is going to pay dearly

  55. Its a crime if he lands anywhere but in Philly…If, and thats a big if, the cards are indeed shopping him.. PHILLY HAS THE MONEY AND PICKS TO GET IT DONE…But knowing Philly, they will wait and miss out..Then when Mcnabb is gone, they will sign a real no.1 wideout and have a garbage qb tossin to him. Or at least attempting to toss it to him…ughhh…Why do I love this team??

  56. saturn11 says:
    March 12th, 2009 at 6:05 pm
    mth77 says:
    “If Philly doesn’t jump into this with both feet, they’re completely retarded.”
    I say: Don’t you mean “retarTed”?
    Are you trying to be ironic with that statement? Because I’m having a good laugh at your expense if you’re trying to correct someone’s correct spelling of the word ‘retarded’.

  57. “TheTylerRose-BestEver says:
    March 12th, 2009 at 7:18 pm
    T-Sizzle for Boldin? Send Suggs back to his college home?”
    Sounds like a great deal to me…..we’ve got a couple guys on the Ravens D that could fill in for Sizzle if this were to happen…..

  58. Boldin…
    Honor your contract! You should have never signed the long term deal. What’s the matter did Bernie Madoff steal a couple of million from you?
    If you don’t have a Pro Bowl year will you give the money back?
    Hell no.

  59. As much as I would like to Boldin playing for the Vikings, it would make all the sense in the world for the Bengals to sign him…

  60. The Cardinals and Eagles battled in a close NFC Title game, why would Cardinals want to help the Birds improve? I suspect they would ask for a 1st and a 2nd, something like that, and I suspect the Birds would never offer more than 1st, 4th and 5th.

  61. boldin would be the a great addition and complement to djack. it would be great knowing that when they pass on 3rd down that there is a wr other than avant to throw to… lets stop being predictable marty!

  62. I’m sorry, did I miss something? The Eagles are cheap? Didn’t the eagles sign the top free agent last year and didn’t he make it to the pro bowl? And for all you McNabb haters, he is a top 4 quarterback in the league. You will realize what you are missing once he is not on this team anymore. Boldin would solidify this team and not one person would complain about Dawkins being gone. The dawkins move is still the right move, along with Tra Thomas and that scrub considine. We have been RIGHT with the decreasing abilities of the older players in the past, its just time for guys to move on. They are not what they once were.

  63. boldin is overrated, anybody playing the opposite side
    to fitzgerald will look good, heck even breaston in the
    slot had 1000 yards. Boldin is a short, posssesion receiver
    who has too many concussions and scrambled eggs head, after
    so many head shots.

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