The wife of Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, who was lost at sea in Florida along with NFL defensive end Corey Smith and two former University of South Florida players, has filed for a presumptive death certificate, according to the Associated Press.
By filing for the certificate now that the rescue effort has been halted, his wife and other beneficiaries can seek life insurance benefits.
The lone apparent survivor is former South Florida football player Nick Schuyler.  He was found by Coast Guard officials two days after the four men began a boating trip off Florida’s Gulf Coast.
The 21-foot boat capsized under rough conditions for its size.


  1. The hardest thing is to move on. you can’t forget but you have to try to move on.

  2. I’m sorry, I don’t find this news. This is a sad and difficult time for a grieving family. Filing for my Dad’s death certificate was certainly an experience that I would not have wanted to be plastered on the news…it’s just not news.

  3. Florio, your cardinals hating drives me nuts, but that’s all in good fun. Don’t post thing like this there dude. That should be left alone TOTALLY. I fell really bad for those guys and their families. They should be left alone.

  4. She’s the one that didn’t even look sad on TV in my opinion and now she’s going for the cash. It makes a person wonder.

  5. Knowing Al Davis he’ll fight the family every nickel and dime so that he doesn’t have to pay a cent of his salary this year. And you all thought Jerry Jones was an assh*le wait til you see Al Davis react to this……

  6. Seems like the logical thing to do.
    I’m in Canada so the law might be a bit different than Florida but in addition to benefits, when my father died we needed confirmation for more than just his modest life insurance policy. We also needed it for having his name removed from stuff like the phone bill, his joint credit cards and bank accounts where he had signing authority along with my mother, etc…
    It’s a tough situation when you lose a loved one and almost immediately you need to do a bunch of legal work, set up funeral arrangements, etc… all when you are grieving.
    I wish the family all the best on this terrible time in their lives.

  7. It would be nice to comment that unlike other team owners, Al Davis is know by caring for those who have proudly served the team and their families… usualy without publicity.

  8. There are a number of media outlets reporting this — I don’t see it so strange that PFT would do the same.
    However, if we’re going to discuss an inappropriate news article, we don’t have to go much further than, sporting an article titled, “Who will saved boater Nick Schuyler pick as his first TV interviewer?” The guy was just released from hospital following the death of three friends and this is what people writing columns about? Disgusting.

  9. I like how everybody is so quick to judge her. She’s got to move on with her life.
    Also, I wonder why this news is posted here in the first place.

  10. Agreed, that this story should not have been reported here. Just for the fact that certain IDIOTS, will post their idiotic comments.
    Al Davis will more than likely pay Cooper’s salary due for 09, and I’d bet he will also set up a trust fund for his child. He has done similar things like that before. Look it up.
    RIP, Marquis.

  11. I agree with others. This isn’t news…and even if it shows up on an AP wire it doesn’t mean this blog site improves it’s content by posting about it. Florio should be more selective…it may be a slow NFL news day, but this is absurd.

  12. Dwaredominates – You obviously don’t know Al Davis. He actually cares for players and treats them as family. Your comment is more than inappropriate. Get a life.

  13. Please, c’mon – really?!? It’s suspicious? She’s a gold digger? You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I don’t come to a pro football talk site and expect it to be a misogony-free zone, but this is just insane. She didn’t look sad – wow, what a crime. She maybe cried for days and then went out and tried to look composed in public – let’s string her up. File a report on this story when they find out she took out a $10 million dollar life insurance policy on her husband the day before and then was seen loitering around the boat. Otherwise have the basic human decency to shut up.

  14. i would like to know what happened to the other guys. i want to hear what schuyler has to say – i don’t doubt his account, i just know that the stories conflicted. i’m just interested in hearing what happened, that’s all.
    florio – you can’t say you won’t report on this anymore out of respect to their families, but then post a blurb like this. we need more info on what happened to the other players!

  15. What is she supposed to do?
    Anyone who thinks that a wife filling a death certificate on her husband (who is obviously dead) is doing it just for the money is a clueless jag off.
    Grow up and get a clue on how the real world works and the hard shit that has to be done in situations like this.

  16. Dude, not necessary for a post. The private financial matters of a recently and tragically deceased NFL player’s family really don’t warrant your NFL gossip blog. Stick to NFL transactions, not insurance claims. Lawyers, always chasing the ambulance.

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