So much for the notion that Pacman has grown up.
In response to our item regarding whether the oft-troubled cornerback has changed his life, a league source tells us that, in many respects, he’s still the same guy.
Jones recently attended former teammate Marcus Spears’ birthday party, which was held at Buddha 9 in Dallas.  (To illustrate just how far the mighty have fallen, Jones didn’t even make the publicized list of confirmed guests.)
According to the source, “Jones made it rain with dollar bills.”
Said the source:  “All the other players there thought he was a complete idiot for doing it.  It was a upscale bar/restaurant and he acted like it was a cheap Atlanta strip club.  So, no, he hasn’t grown up.”


  1. Now that his career is probably over, will he have to make it rain with pennies in the future.

  2. Star Jones has a better chance of having sex again, than Pacman does of getting a job this year…

  3. Not to defend Pac, he was trying to be funny for his friend’s party.
    It’s good to be able to poke fun at yourself, it’s bad to remind people how stupid you have been when you are looking for a job.

  4. He needs his own “Rainman” reality show. They can follow Pacman as he pops up and “Makes it Rain” $1 bills at inappropriate events.
    For the pilot, he could crash a Funeral, visit a half-way house and finally “bring the rain” to Arby’s.
    Florio, have his people call “my people”!

  5. My #1 pick in next year’s fantasy draft. Fantasy death pool draft, that is.
    Only way he doesnt take the dirt nap in the next three years is if he lands a long prison stretch. Both equally likely IMO.

  6. Who Cares what Pacman does, he is out of the NFL, the NFL has ZERO rights to be crital of his behavior, and this is not news worthy of a
    site dedicated to NFL News..
    Just sayin.. leave dead horses lay..

  7. I wonder how long before he runs out of money? If I remember correctly didn’t they auction off his house in Nashville?

  8. That’s almost as lame as the new HBO series I just wasted 1/2 hour watching. Taco Bill should do a side-by-side pic of Kenny on Eastbound and Down with Pacman. Both are irrelevant and the only problem is that Kenny may look good next to Pacman and he has a full-time job. For more details on the series go here:

  9. But, but our pal Jay Glazer of said PacMan, the douche bag had grown up.
    This can’t be!

  10. yes all upscale bar/resteraunts have Wet T-Shirt Contests like they do at that place.

  11. Look at the bright side, at least he didn’t arrange for anyone to get killed, shot or paralyzed.

  12. The guy keeps claiming to have changed…like when he became “Adam” instead of Pacman.
    The truth is, it takes time for a person to change. It’s been a few months since his latest encounter, you don’t change over that. This guy needs a good long time to sit and think about how his actions have affected him personally, his teammates and the image of the National Football League.
    Maybe a year or two working a real job like the rest of us have to do (making less money a year than he used to make in a quarter of football – with scheduled breaks that are the same 15 minute length) will finally scare some sense into him. Until that moment I’m not ever going to be convinced this guy has been scared into real change.

  13. Yes but did he beat up the waitresses when they tried to pick up their “tip” ?

  14. I love anonymous sources, you can’t argue with them because they don’t exist. Basically, this is classic hearsay and rumor mongering . Of course, people are apt to believe it since Pacman has acted in this manner in the past.
    Let me try to play this game: League sources say that NFL officials favored the Steelers in the Regular Season and throughout the Playoffs. The league source also says that much of the Steelers success was a result of a deal between the NFL and Dan Rooney and Arlen Specter. The Rooney’s were to convince Specter that the NFL’s anti-trust status should be left alone amidst calls from Specter that the Senate should revisit the issue. If you will recall, Specter questioned the integrity of the New England Patriots Super Bowl victories due to the video taping of opponents defensive signals since 2001. Thus, the NFL according to sources permitted the Steelers with favorable officiating throughout the season as a payoff to quell any inquiry into the NFL’s anti-trust status. Does anyone recall the Holmes catch in Baltimore or the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl?

  15. Ghetto thug…. pure and simple. I see crack dealer in his future and all his millions blown in less than two years. Count on it. Homie.

  16. Now that his career is probably over, will he have to make it rain with pennies in the future.
    Actually, food stamps.

  17. What’s funnier: people who thought Pacman could be a model citizen or people who think there’s something in Dallas that could be considered “upscale”?

  18. Upscale bar/restaurant? The place promises “three seductive levels of entertainment” and asks you to “come and enjoy a view of our Go Go Dancers 3 nights a week”. I’m sure that they’re all upscale Go Go Dancers at this upscale bar/restaurant though. A ho is a ho whether she charges $20 or $2,000.

  19. “What’s funnier: people who thought Pacman could be a model citizen or people who think there’s something in Dallas that could be considered “upscale”?”
    Pretty funny coming from a guy from Philly. Do you enjoy wiping the smut off of everything you touch everywhere you go in Philly? Or are you like the rest of Philly and revel in it?

  20. Hey Vox,
    Before you go popping off about anything to do with Philly, repeat after me, 44-6, 44-4, 44-6
    Then count the days since the Cowgirls last won a playoff game. (that number is greater than 44 X 6) That should keep you busy for a while.

  21. Hey Jimmy, before you go popping off to me about anything to do with any team that beat the Cowboys, remember that you’re a Packer fan and those same Cowboys beat the living shit out of your loser 6-10 record in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL team in Lambeau Field by double digits on national TV. Nobody bandwagons like Packer fans, apparently. Calculate 4th and 26 while you’re sucking Eagirl dick, bitch.

  22. how many days since the Cowgirls last won a playoff game? You forgot to address the question in your hurry to call me names.
    Look, I realize that you are probably depressed because TO left town and you still have nearly all the KY jelly in your economy size jar but don’t worry, you will find another Cowboy hero to have their way with you.

  23. I’m not here to answer your questions, boy. How many years since the Packers beat the Cowboys? How many more seasons can the Packers last before they have to fold again? Why the hell would anybody live in fricking Green Bay, Wisconsin? What did it feel like to get cornholed by a chicken-fried redneck from Kiln, Mississippi? Come on Jimmy, answer the freaking questions!

  24. Hey Jimmy, go ahead and have the last word on this. Next time you need a verbal beatdown, you know who to call. Where did you learn to talk smack, anyway? You always bring the same tired “you’re gay” crap.

  25. ya, here’s the last word, its been over 10 years since the Cowgirls won a playoff game. That’s pretty sad since Jerry Jones is the best owner in all of football, geez, I wonder where I heard that before?
    Now you can go back to the blow up doll in the corner of your mom’s basement.

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