We know that we’ve posted more than a few items of late regarding Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.  We know that it has caused some of you to think that we have a personal issue with him.
We don’t.  He’s done great things.  He has authored an unprecedented rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches story, with a few chapters remaining.
But we have wondered for years how much of the image, if any, is merely a facade, and he’s one of the only NFL players about whom we’ve had these doubts on such a nagging basis.  So, since it’s typically our approach to ignore the flashpots and the disembodied head and look for the man behind the curtain, we think it’s healthy and appropriate to scrutinize apparent or actual inconsistencies.
The latest from Warner came during an appearance on Friday’s Jim Rome Show. 
During the discussion, Warner attempted to explain his flirtation with the 49ers as something other than an effort to leverage the Cardinals (remember, he’s on a higher moral plan plane than that) by claiming that, after meeting with San Fran, he didn’t ask for more money from the Cardinals.
Um.  Really?
The timeline is simple.  At some point before Monday, March 2, the Cardinals had offered two years, $20 million to Warner.  On Monday, March 2, Warner visited San Francisco.  On Tuesday, March 3, after Warner returned home from California, Warner’s agent sent a new proposal to the Cardinals on a two-year, $23 million deal.
And that’s all we need to say.
But let’s add one more thing.  It’s a bit of free advice for Kurt, coming from the fact that I’ve been doing radio interviews for nearly eight years.  When doing so, I find a quiet room in the house, away from the wife and the kid and the television and the wife’s cell phone and whatever in the heck else might be going on that might create a distraction or a disruption for the host or the audience.
Kurt doesn’t. 
In fact, we’ve never heard a radio interview of Warner in which there wasn’t all sorts of noise in the background.  And with an army of kids rivaling the Travis Henry-sired roster in the forthcoming United Football League, it can get a little loud.
To their credit, guys like Jim Rome and Dan Patrick roll with it, joke about it.  Some of Jim’s listeners are applauding Warner for the multi-tasking.
Maybe it’s just me (and there’s a good chance that it is), but I think it shows a certain amount of disrespect to the host, and to the audience.
Unless, of course, Warner’s subtle goal is to reinforce the notion that he’s the ultimate family man — and thus the ultimate great guy.
Regardless of what might actually be going on behind the curtain.


  1. Florio. Warner asked for $23m from AZ before he visited with the Niners. He made that very clear. Sure the Cardinals hadn’t offered it yet, but thats not relevant. Stop making this into something that it’s not.

  2. Warner Asked for 14 million per season. Then later Asked for 12million per season. He did not change. The cardinals offer did. Get it straight as you come down from your holier than thou mountain.

  3. Who cares?? Why do I need the morality police? More important is why are you so perturbed by all this nonsense anyway, Florio?

  4. Good to have you back and more bitter than ever mikey! I think it’s kind of cool to have family around during interviews. If it bothered guys so much, they wouldn’t have Kurt on. I was once a warner skeptic, calling him all sorts of names, but when he didn’t bitch when leinart got named starter, and he played through a busted right body, he earned my respect big time.
    You’re entitled to your views, but you should really talk to people who love in Az and St louis and see how many people in those places think Kurt’s a fraud.

  5. “Unless, of course, Warner’s subtle goal is to reinforce the notion that he’s the ultimate family man — and thus the ultimate great guy.”
    Having been a TV camera op for over 20 years, this is a fairly common occurrence. Celebs know they are providing a boost to your ratings. The bigger the celeb, the bigger the boost. So, if you want them exclusively, with no distractions, then you need to fly them in, put them up in the best hotels, provide a limo, etc., etc. Unless, of course, they are selling something, then you have their undivided attention. Warner’s behavior is pretty much standard now days. If he writes a book and goes on the Rome Show to pitch it, you can bet the kids will gone.

  6. I agree Florio, Warner is a douche bag and a complete phony. I also know I felt a little less like a man after watching his bit with Kenny Mayne about his hands. It was scary how much he enjoyed waving them around in front of his face like a fruit cake. It actually made me feel uncomfortable.

  7. Mike, you’re obnoxious. This is getting pathetic. More and more Im beginning to think this is some sort ruse to get more traffic to your site. If so I applaud you because it works perfectly. If not I would suggest a therapist. One way or another you’re passing for an angry middle age jealous cry baby. Grow up.

  8. I agree with the interview distractions, it is disrespectful, and he’s not alone. Although I do believe that the biggest culprits are the big sports network reporter guys who drop in on each others’ shows. And baseball players, they’re idiots.
    I guess I just don’t see an obvious contradiction here between business being business, and Warner being a man of faith. There’s nothing wrong with people of faith being successful in matters of currency. But that’s a whole ‘nother can o’ worms, right there….

  9. Hey, I’ve got more reason than most to hate Warner – namely that he’s knocked the Eagles out of two potential Super Bowl appearances. Sometimes a guy appears to be a good guy and he actually is. As much as people overrate his abilities (HOF my ass) I can’t recall any obvious phoniness on his part. By all means Florio, keep trying to reveal the truth behind the hype of pro atheletes – but it really seems like you’re splitting hairs on this one.

  10. This is just sad. Your obsession is unbelievable. I would love to see what percentage of income Florio donates to charity as opposed to Kurt, and how much time each invests. Then maybe you can intelligently opine on the “facade.”

  11. Mike, just to clarify my earlier comment. This is probably one of your only threads that I find overly idiotic. The rest of the crap you post on here I actually enjoy.
    Not that you need the approval of your readers

  12. I don’t think the fact that there is background noise is a reason to believe that there is disrepsect being shown. Did the interviewer arrange this with Warner prior to conducting the interview? If not, then the interviewer could be the one judged to be rude, since he is interrupting the daily life of a family man.
    That said, if it were me being interviewed, I would be making every effort to find that quiet part of the house, not to engender myself to the host, but so that I could properly focus on the task at hand.
    Oh, and I think there is something a bit phony about Warner, but that’s just my suspicious nature.

  13. Thanks Florio for pointing out to all that Kurt Warner REALLY isn’t any different from any other athlete involved in contract negotiations. Their main goal is to find suitable pay for their services, that’s OK, we get it! What’s irritating is guys like Warner, Lord Farve, etc…. all think that we don’t know. But we do!
    Hey football jocks, do us all a favor: play football well & for as long as you can, get as much money as you can for your talent because you probably deserve some of it, but leave the “Holier than Thou” routine at the door!

  14. Kurt tried to find the quietest and most distant location from the brood but they’re just so loud. His panic room is undergoing renovation.

  15. Florio, I respect your interpretations and opinions on a lot of issues, but this is where I personally have to draw the line. With all the true boneheads that reside in the NFL, why do you relentlessly go after a man that is one of the better representations of what an NFL athlete should be and how they should act? Warner is a great guy on and off the field and a guy that kids and other athletes alike should look up to and model themselves after. You’re obviously one of the boneheads that get great pleasure out of trying to discredit the man and destroy an image that serves the NFL and it fans well. Try going after the other knuckleheads in the NFL that deserve this type of scrutiny and back off a man that we all admire and respect!

  16. I agree with GZ. You can find a sinister purpose in everything Warner (or anyone else for that matter) does if you look hard enough. I get that you don’t like hypocrites. We don’t either and we appreciate it when you point it out. But give Warner a rest. All reports are that he’s a genuinely good guy who does serious charity work for the right reasons. Move on Florio, nothing to see here.

  17. ray finkle florio- who the heck are “we” when you say “we have a personal issue with him”? I could be wrong, but you have been the primary author of these rants. unless, of course, you speak of your alter ego “ray finkle” and mikey florio.
    GZ has already laid it out for you – no extra money was asked for. Warner, via his agent, was clear on what type of money he was asking for before visiting SF.
    get off his slootzak already and post some REAL sports news. this story is getting old.

  18. What a bunch of crap, we don’t have it in for Kurt. Florio definitly does. It has been reported widely by at least 3 differnet sources as to the Cardinals original offer, but apparently that sharp sports reporter Florio has missed all of that. The Cardinals offered $23 million – structured $20 million plus $3 million in bonuses for returning to the Superbowl. However, if met made the contract worth $23 million. So Kurt is telling the truth, when he said he didn’t leverage for more money, just a different structuring of the contract.
    And to quote Florio… “And that’s all we need to say.”

  19. if i remember correct, wasn’t it warner’s agent who said he was on a “higher moral plane” than others? i don’t think warner ever said that himself. that is a compliment to warner from someone else who is with him everyday & still feels that way. granted, he’s an agent & most agents have an ulteiror motive for everything he says, but i don’t know him to say that is really the case.

  20. You’re one of my favorite writers but your biases are starting to show through. I guess those two weeks of pre-superbowl hype really made you hate the Cards. Warner leveraging an extra 3 million from the Cards would rank 8,764th on the list of terrible things NFL players have done recently.
    My advice, go read some of your stuff from 5 years ago. Fame has changed you my friend.

  21. I hate the Crudnals, but posts like these make me regret my decision to waste my life reading this blog. I’m with GZ.

  22. At least we were spared the will he/won’t he soap opera Brett “Everyman” Favre pulled throughout the entire off season.

  23. can you imagine having as many kids in the house as he has? i doubt there’s such thing as a “quiet room”. if you think its logical to assume he has the kids in the background to enhance his image, then your next logical step is to say that he fathered the kids to enhance his image. and i don’t care what your opinion of the man is, that’s a ridiculous accusation to make.

  24. Ahhhh, just let the hate roll over you in a nice warm wave. Florio- you really have it in for this guy. It does not matter if his charitable work will far exceed anything you will ever do, even when you look at it as a percentage of personal income and time. It must really pain you he is a better person.
    I know him being a out going christian bothers you, but get over it.
    I know you are angry he is giving interviews to the other “real” media. Call him or his agent and set something instead of letting someone else do your legwork..again. Or maybe you can find another unnamed source…

  25. Hey Mike, here’s a real simple solution… Why don’t you ask the writers and media members you are in constant contact with who have covered Warner day-in, day-out, and ask whether they think he’s a phoney or not? They’ll give you the answer about if he’s legit really quick. He can’t fool them all can he?
    Well, maybe everyone but you, right?

  26. Did Warner have sex with your wife or something? It’s pathetic that you would post an article like this. This is supposed to be a site about breaking NFL news, not some childish grudge you have against a player.

  27. Florio’s page views must be down – time to buzz the Warner tower again – it works or else he would not keep doing it…
    What do you expect from a guy who went to the same school as those two fine role models – PacMan Jones and Chris Henry…
    Still waiting for Florio’s story on how the Steelers would have won a second Superbowl by now in the Big Ben era – if Ben had not been so greedy and left enough dollars for the Steeler’s to keep that washed up guard Faneca – oh wait they DID win a second Super Bowl and Faneca had a so-so year with the Jets.
    We come here for rumors – news – things that we can’t find on ESPN – not your lame opinions….

  28. warner sucks. good call out. here’s more proof http://www.cracked.com/article_16989_p2.html
    Just like Gates, Warner was incredibly gifted from a young age. He was his college conference’s offensive player of the year as a senior. He and Brenda met when he was a promising college quarterback, and when he couldn’t land a job in the NFL, he went to the Arena league and was a star there. He went to play in Europe, starred there, then got picked up on an NFL roster.
    So he was never “Kurtis the Stockboy.” He was always Kurt Warner, that guy waiting for a roster spot to open up in the NFL. Finally, he got his chance with the Rams thanks to the inspirational drive and determination of safety Rodney Harrison, who destroyed the knee of the guy starting ahead of Warner (Trent Green) in an exhibition game. The rest is history.

  29. Man, Florio, you are such a prick!
    What is so wrong in your life (and I know there is something) that you CAN’T accept someone who comes off as a great person?
    Move on. Warner is better than you. He just is. You are a zilch. Accept that and move on with your life. You complaining about it, and trying to knock him down a few levels will not even the stakes.
    These posts are pathetic.
    Why can’t you just post NFL news and break a rumor every now and then? Why with all of this BS?
    I used to really like your writings, but now you come off as such a prick.

  30. Florio, if Warner would let you interview him (never happen) then you wouldn’t be so jealous. And your problem isn’t really with Warner as much, as it is with the sucess the cardinals had with him last year. You kept knocking them, and they kept making you eat your words. And that just really sticks in you doesn’t it? The fact that you mention in your article that you have ruffled some feathers (cards pun intended) tells us your true hate for the cardinals. Get over it dude. If you want to chip away at Warner’s character, try writing about his charitable donations and actions. Then see the responses. you get.

  31. He’s on a higher moral PLANE than we earthlings are.
    A moral plan is, well I dunno, but it ain’t a plan, it’s a plane.
    like, Da plane, Da Plane kind of a deal.

  32. “it shows a certain amount of disrespect to the host, and to the audience.”
    Kinda like that background noise you threw on the site here when you threw that post about Jon Stewart on a football website? Or how about that crying noise that comes out of your computer every time you put something on here about how Kurt said he had coffee for breakfast but in reality he had a latte therefore he is a liar and a fraud.
    Take a piece of your own advice and quit disrespecting your audience that’s here to read about what’s going on in the NFL world. Go to a quiet room and write about THAT…PLEASE!!!

  33. You make my point for me.
    Warner is obviously not a leverage guy because he doesn’t know or maybe even want to learn how to play that game. So it should come to no suprise that he doesn’t execute proper decorum when dealing with the media. It’s clear he has no interest in learning / playing that game either.
    Cut him some slack.
    Your self imposed seclusion to benefit the host of whatever media outlet is interviewing you is admirable (as a former radio/tv host I applaud you), but you’re not an NFL QB, so frankly you get much less wiggle room than Warner would.
    If you have any noise in the background, you may never get back on that show. Warner will be on whenever he wants, noise or not.

  34. Florio = Satan
    There can be no other reason for all the Warner hate.. Florio’s next article – “Why puppies are evil” and “Why eating babies is a health practice”

  35. This is the same Jim Rome who interviewed then Rams QB Jim Everett and kept calling him Chris Everett?
    You’re worried that Warner offended him?

  36. All this is just Florio’s opening act towards setting up a celebrity boxing match with Kurt once he retires.
    is the next step bringing into the PFT TV studio for an interview and calling him by his wife’s name Brenda so you can drop the gloves?

  37. St Florio, if the Cardinals had OFFERED what Warner was ASKING, he wouldn’t have gone to San Fransisco would he?????
    Warner was speaking the exact truth, he did not increase his ASKING price one penny from before the trip to the Niners to after the trip.
    St Florio, on the other hand, CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

  38. To all the Warner defenders, since you continuously bring up Warner’s charitable contributions and work, do ANY of you have hard numbers as to the percentage of income Warner donates to charity? A couple of free meals at the Cheesecake Factory and a couple of free trips to Disney World, while being very nice gestures, doesn’t work out to more than a fraction of a percent of Warner’s total yearly compensation. If any of you have proof that the man does, in fact, give a SIGNIFICANT percentage of his yearly income to charity, please provide it. It would make your arguments far more compelling. I, in all honestly, have not been able to find any reliable numbers, so I can’t say whether he is genuinely generous or not.

  39. The reason for St Florio’s libelous attacks on Warner is obvious – it creates page hits. Just like the National Enquirer’s obsession with aliens and Sport Illustrated annual soft porn issue, increase their sales.
    So look forward to the day when our beloved Saint starts to publish naked alien orgy pictures.

  40. I do think this stuff is a ploy to run up the clicks on the site moreso than genuine Warner hate actually. That said, I will admit you’re on to something with the whole kids in the background thing. It’s the kind of subliminal image-planting people think they can get away with because no one will apply critical thought to it, and concerning most of the audience, they’re right. Kurt’s smart enough to get that too.

  41. Hey East – bet Warner gives as much or more to charity as those WVU role models I mentioned earlier spend on cocaine – so that is A LOT!!!!
    Wonder how much Roger GODell gave to charity – then again he could have kept those 20 NFL employees he laid off on the payroll with a fraction of his unearned, inflated, insulting salary…

  42. I’m sure not a big fan of Warners, but I’m not busting anyone that “tries” to be a good person. He isn’t beating his wife or kids, he isn’t killing or hurting anyone while he’s drunk, he hasn’t been a cancer in the locker room….but he is human and not perfect.
    It’s easy to knock people down because they try to inject faith into their life, but it sure isn’t your place as a coalminers daughter from west virgina to judge people when they make those kinds of decisions.
    Just report your tips you get from your sources, I sure don’t care about your scrawning arse opinions.

  43. What does Warner’s moral plan(e) or his noisy background during interviews have to do with Pat White?

  44. east96st, nice trick question there dude. Good guys like Kurt do NOT like to publicize their contributions all the time. If they did, you would have to question their motive for charity. Nice try though.

  45. bdhumbert says:
    “Hey East – bet Warner gives as much or more to charity as those WVU role models I mentioned earlier spend on cocaine – so that is A LOT!!!!”
    So, in other words, you have absolutely NO facts supporting your bias. Can’t say I’m surprised.

  46. east96st, you must have the worst research skills ever. It took a simple google search to find Kurt Warner and the charities he has contributed to. He even has his own charity, First Things First Foundation.
    As for Florio, this is getting really pathetic. As a father of two, I can tell you that NO room in the house is a quiet place away from the kids. They don’t even have to be in the same room to make enough noise to disrupt what your doing. And if it came to letting my kids have fun or talking to Jim Rome on the phone, the kids will win every time.
    Your a sad man who is trying to bury someone that doesn’t deserve it. I’m not sure what your issue is with Warner but it is sad that you have more derogatory posts about Warner than you do about Travis Henry or TO.
    I used to really enjoy this site.

  47. You know what? I’m sure that you’ve done more interviews than the Super Bowl winning, Super Bowl MVP winning, two time league MVP QB has, so it’s very big of you to give him pointers on how to be interviewed.
    Get real. You’ve got as much business giving advice to Warner on how to be a good guest as you have in giving Rome advice on how to be a good host.

  48. “Maybe it’s just me (and there’s a good chance that it is), but I think it shows a certain amount of disrespect to the host, and to the audience.”
    No its not just you. Just another sign of his holier than the rest of us douche-bag act. I see little difference between him and the TV preachers that have been caught spending some of their millions in donations on hookers, blow and other things they rant and rave against.

  49. westclaims says:
    “east96st, nice trick question there dude. Good guys like Kurt do NOT like to publicize their contributions all the time. If they did, you would have to question their motive for charity. Nice try though”
    It’s not a trick question. Guys like Warner publicize their contributions constantly. How else would we all know about the free dinners at the Cheesecake Factory and the trips to Disney World? He’s given INTERVIEWS ON TELEVISION WHERE HE TALKS ABOUT IT!!!! If Warner did NOT want us to know about his contributions, all his donations would have been done anonymously. That and it is certainly going to be part of ANY person’s income tax returns, so the info is available. Nice try, though.

  50. The NFL presents him with the Walter Payton award as the man of the year for his off-the-field contributions, he leads two previously struggling franchises to the Superbowl, and he had the unmitigated gall to test the free agent market, when he was a free agent, to see what he may have been worth to another team. Your investigation into who the real Kurt Warner is fascinating, any further word on Terry Bradshaw’s unfortunate luck with automobiles?
    You’re worse than a room full women with curlers in their hair and dryers on their heads.

  51. “if i remember correct, wasn’t it warner’s agent who said he was on a “higher moral plane” than others?”
    Nope. He never said that. What he said was:
    “People assume things are being done to create leverage and that’s not true. Anyone who knows Kurt Warner knows that’s not the moral plane he operates under. He would never do something to create leverage.”
    At which point Florio twisted it and blew it out of proportion, proving that while Kurt Warner may not be on a higher moral plane than everybody, he certainly is on a higher moral plane than Florio.

  52. East – it is not a bias – it is AN OPINION – I am a huge Steeler fan and have a ton of respect for Warner – he almost beat my team [Florio thinks he DID beat my team – but he also thinks the Seahawks beat the Steelers in 40]. Who says anyone has to document their good deeds – that is silly – he does not have to prove anything to you – me – or anyone. If you don’t like him that is fine – but holding him to some DIFFERENT standard because he is a man of faith is just wrong.
    He is one of 8-10 quarterbacks capable of winning a Superbowl – if the Cards want to get back to the game they need him – Matt Leinhart won’t get them there. For comparision look at the Chiefs, they are locked into spending $30 Million for two years on a QB who has not even won a Division – so his asking price was more than fair.
    A different Florio would have spun this whole story to what are the Bidwell’s thinking – they are idiots [which is true!] – they have a chance to get back with Warner – none without him – instead they low ball a SuperBowl QB and FORCE him to go to San Francisco to get what is fair.

  53. Hell….I’m not a fan of Warner or any pro athlete with a religious diatribe. I don’t need to here how they have to thank God during every interview, how it was God’s plan etc. Personally i think it’s all BS anyway. But the fact remains, at least Warner is a Father to his children. Who cares if they are in the background, making noise during an interview?….Talk about splitting hairs, we have Warner, who is a Man and is raising his kids… And then Travis Henry, who has so many kids he would need Google Earth to locate them, probably dosen’t know their names, and sells poison to placate his lifestyle…..Dammed if ya do…..dammed if ya don’t…….

  54. atlantisbane says:
    “east96st, you must have the worst research skills ever. It took a simple google search to find Kurt Warner and the charities he has contributed to. He even has his own charity, First Things First Foundation”
    Really. So what is the percentage of income he gives? I didn’t see that anywhere, but you’re obviously much better at it than me, so let us all know what you found.

  55. You really are an idiot.
    “At some point before Monday, March 2, the Cardinals had offered two years, $20 million to Warner. On Monday, March 2, Warner visited San Francisco. On Tuesday, March 3, after Warner returned home from California, Warner’s agent sent a new proposal to the Cardinals on a two-year, $23 million deal.
    And that’s all we need to say.”
    Huh? Prior to visiting the 49ers, ESPN reported that Warner was “hoping for a two-year deal worth between $28 million and $32 million with a possible third option year being added.” After visiting the 49ers, Warner “sent a new proposal to the Cardinals on a two-year, $23 million deal.” I was not a math major but as far as I know 23 million is not more than 28 million, nor is it more than 32 million. He never said he didn’t ask for more than the Cardinals offered; he said he did not leverage the situation by asking for more money after visiting the 49ers than he asked for prior to visiting teh 49ers, which is demonstrably true and readily apparent to anyone not obsessed with trying to make him look bad.

  56. I’ve been doing NFL interviews for 10 years and there have been very few where the player absconded to a quiet location for our discussion. Unless you’re ESPN (or at their level of popularity) and you’ve arranged for a one-on-one “studio” interview with a player, you take what you can get and it’s usually on their cell phone wherever they happen to be. I’ve heard family dogs barking, kids screaming, car horns, mall noise, cafeteria noise, weight room noise, locker room noise, etc. I think it’s funny. I usually ask the player where he’s at just for a laugh. So to expect Kurt to find a quiet place for every interview he does is insane.

  57. “So, in other words, you have absolutely NO facts supporting your bias. Can’t say I’m surprised. ”
    What are you looking for? Tax returns? Here’s a reference that says that he’s contributed over a million five to “fund trips for Make-A-Wish families, home builds for underprivileged families, and Punt, Pass and Kick clinics with Special Olympians.”

  58. Mike, you sound like like a guy was on the receiving end of one too many “wedgies” from the cool kids in school. Because of this, you now hate for no apparent reason. I’m mean, one has to go to great lengths to hate a guy like K. Warner. Go to therepy for the wedgies, and you will see that in time, all of this misguided hate and obsession with Warner will disappear.

  59. I was going to blog what an A hole Florio, “Facts” and “East” were and then I read ALL the prior blogs and realized I didn’t have to

  60. You are flushing all the respect you earned from the Vick/Poindexter story with this misguided smear campaign. Why, Michael?

  61. bdhumbert says:
    “but holding him to some DIFFERENT standard because he is a man of faith is just wrong.”
    Actually, it’s you who is holding him to a different standard. You are automatically assuming he’s wonderful because he claims to be a man of faith. And that, most certainly, is bias. All I asked was there any FACTS to support that? My gut feeling is that he talks more than he gives, but I have no facts to support that, so I asked if anyone did have facts. The only responses that have been given have been attacks on others, including your own accusations of rampant cocaine use at WVU – which we both know was a sad attempt to take a shot at Florio. We all know Kurt has given away some free dinners and some free trips because he has told us so and it has been documented. Good for him! I applaud all acts of charity no matter how small. But, if you are going to make a public display of your charity, then people have a right to ask whether you are giving anything significant or not, or whether it merely self promotion.

  62. alwaysamazed says:
    “I was going to blog what an A hole Florio, “Facts” and “East” were and then I read ALL the prior blogs and realized I didn’t have to”
    Sad, but predictable, how people with no facts supporting their side always resort to name calling.

  63. Do you have any facts supporting your “side”, east96st? It’s pretty obvious that you’re not going to accept anything other than original receipts and tax returns in your quest for “facts supporting their side”. What IS your “side” anyway?

  64. Why are you guys referencing that cracked.com article? It says that Warner was never a grocery stocker, but says that he stocked groceries for a few weeks. If going undrafted and unsigned and needing money so bad that you take a $5.50/hr job stocking groceries for any length of time, coming up the hard way through the bush leagues, then some years down the road you end up with a Super Bowl MVP trophy and millions of dollars is not a “rags to riches” story, then “rags to riches” stories don’t exist.

  65. This is pretty sad.
    Is there really that little going on today that you have to CREATE more issues that you have with Kurt Warner. We get it. You don’t like him. You think that because he professes his love for his family and his religion that there must be some alternative self-serving purpose lying underneath.
    Hey….here’s an odd thought: The kids in the background….what if…and follow me on this one: What if he actually ENJOYS spending time with his family on the off-season and THAT’S why we hear them in the background???? It’s a reach, I know…What if the interviews are actually disrupting HIS off-season time and the time he allocates for his family, but he gracaiously does them anyway?
    Nah…that would be one less ridiculously lengthy article of worthless bashing that Florio would have to write.

  66. Vox Veritas says:
    “Do you have any facts supporting your “side”, east96st? It’s pretty obvious that you’re not going to accept anything other than original receipts and tax returns in your quest for “facts supporting their side”. What IS your “side” anyway?”
    As I said before, I suspect that he talks more than gives. All I asked was if there was any proof that the opposite was true. That said, I have also applauded the fact that gives at all. Far too many affluent people don’t. I NEVER said all I would accept was “original receipts and tax returns”. That’s YOUR bias making up ridiculous statements. I asked if ANYONE could come up with some verifiable facts. As of yet, no one has. Anyone can verify what Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and dozens of other famous people have given. They, like Kurt, have promoted their charitable work. So why is so difficult to come with some hard numbers for Warner?

  67. dude get over it…u sports reporters love to bash the thugs& dui’s in the league..but then u turn around and slam a decent guy like Kurt Warner..on second though u r right..warner adopted all those kids as a marketing ploy..warner talks about God all the time ..big deal..u seem to constantly take issue with this..this is yr blog\site so do wat u want..but it comes off as if u have a vendetta against a decent guy

  68. Yes, Florio does have it in for Kurt. Florio is trying desperately to be the Jim Rome of the internet, but is falling way short. The extra $3M in the 2nd offer also contained room to back up Warner’s claim that he would give up some of this salary to keep Boldin. Also, if Warner’s family is consistently in the background for every interview, it could be that the producer of those segments likes the touch. Or the NFL office. Why does everything have to be a conspiracy with Warner?

  69. what on earth is wrong with this site?
    2 hours later, and my post proving Warner is a fraud is not posted??
    listen Brenda is a divorced, which is a sin against God, she quit on her ex-husband cuz he was having seizures!
    the bible quotes, that is a women leave her husband she shall remain single and faithful or be reconciled, and if she remarries she is committing adultery.
    so thus said, If God speaks to warner, why would he tel him to sin, this means his children are of sin, his marriage is of sin, he is an adulterer, and so is brenda,
    it is so low that they try to act all godly, yet sin everyday in their sinful relationship.
    double standards, and hypocritical….
    it honestly disgusts me, that people try to act like this, yet kive in a sinful relationship of a woman who meant nothing with her covenant with god and her origianl husband who is still alive.

  70. He’s got 8 kids for crissakes, and some of them are special needs kids.
    I generally support a healthy amount of skepticsm, but I think as far as questioning the background noise, it doesn’t truly serve a productive purpose.

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