Former Rams receiver Torry Holt finally got what he wanted — a release.
But what next for the possible Hall of Famer, who’s a whopping 3.5 years younger than Terrell Owens?
The fact that the Rams squatted on Holt’s rights until March 13 kept him from getting a crack at the open market when the money was flowing.  On one hand, his agent could have/should have insisted on a February 27 trigger for the $1.25 million roster bonus due March 18, which would have forced the team to move him out sooner.
On the other hand, those glowing comments from ownership about Holt would have been a lot more meaningful to us if the Rams had cut Holt before free agency launched — like the Bucs did with multiple veterans.
As a result, teams like the Seahawks and the Bengals and the Bills don’t have a need for Holt.
And, suddenly, a team like the Cardinals might have a viable short-term replacement for Anquan Boldin if they choose to trade him.
Who else could be interested?  (And we emphasize in this regard the word “could.”)  The Vikings chased receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, so maybe they’d be interested in a guy who spent his career playing in a dome.  The Niners need wideouts, and it would be interesting to see him reunited with Isaac Bruce a decade after the won a Super Bowl in St. Louis.
The Jets should be interested — but then again they need a quarterback first.
The Jaguars have been longing for a receiver who can actually receive, and the Ravens would surely like to upgrade, now that they have a quarterback of the present, and future.
Health will be a key threshold issue for Holt.  Though he hasn’t missed any playing time, he has had periodic knee issues.  And, in 2009, Holt had less than 1,000 receiving yards for only the second time in his career, and he generated the lowest yards-per-catch in ten NFL seasons.
Still, if Terrell Owens is worth $6.5 million for a year, we tend to think that Holt is worth at least that much.  And he should get another job as quickly as he wants one.

48 responses to “WHAT NEXT FOR HOLT?

  1. Oh, how I wish my Colts had the cap-room. A receiving corps of Wayne & Holt, with Gonzo in the slot would be fun!

  2. Mike, surely he makes most sense for The Giants don’t you think? They cut Toomer who was a vet WR and if you look at the depth excluding Plaxico (who won’t be around) it’s absolutely ridiculous to have a 100mil QB with no decent help. There is no way JR will give up what the Cards want for Boldin or what the Browns would want for Braylon, so I see no other viable option. A first round rookie isn’t the answer unless his name is Crabtree, and again, they won’t give up what it would take to move up.

  3. Umm…the Bears need a WR…or 3 or 4 if not more. Our QB’s get not credit and the offensive plays wouldn’t be listed as creative but it helps if you have WR’s who can run a route and catch a ball. The Bears passing (heart) attack consists of throwing it to our TE’s and Forte and then hoping Devin (to bad I suck now on KR and PR) Hester can get a pass interference call.

  4. Eagles? This is exactly what the Eagles are looking for – a red zone threat.
    The Eagles could possibly go after both Holt and Boldin. They could trade Kevin Curtis and a first to AZ for Boldin.

  5. This story had nothing to do with TO but Florio couldnt help it…LOL…Maybe i can send you a TO fathead of him dropping a pass..how would u like that?

  6. Holt may be 3.5 years younger, but TO is better conditioned and less banged up. Holt dropped below 14 yards/catch back in 2005, and has been below 13 yards/catch since 2006. He is no longer an offensive difference maker. Meanwhile TO hasn’t gone below 13 yards/catch since 1999. Put it this way. Torry Holt’s season was very similar to Owen Daniels’. Except Holt isn’t a tight end.

  7. angelo- Hello Mr.McJokeskey
    Mr.McJokeskey- Yes jerrald now what?
    angelo- do you think we can sign Torry Holt…a WR.
    Mr.McJokeskey- How much do you think he wants?
    angelo- $$$$$$$ a year?
    Mr.McJokeskey- What about Billy(white shoes)Johnson…I hear he’s good!

  8. Well, the Bears SHOULD be interested!
    But, I’m sure Jerry Angelo is happy with who he drafted and won’t feel the need to spend money on a Wide Receiver.

  9. I think he’d be perfect for the Raiders.
    He has a great attitude and work ethic, he could really help out Higgins and Schilens.

  10. Florio…
    No disrespect, but are you crazy? I hate TO as much as anyone, but Holt is not close to being in the same league as him. Torry’s YPC has been on the decline for 5 years. He has 20 TDs in the last 3 years. Owens has 38 in that same span. I understand that Holt played with lesser guys, but he also doesn’t get defenses specially designed to slow him down.
    Torry is still a capable starter, but he’s nowhere near as good as Owens. On the other hand, he’s not a back-stabbing, 9-year old egomaniac prone to mood swings that would make a pregnant woman seem stable.

  11. You should probably add the Titans to that list, seeing as there were numerous rumors that they tried to trade for Holt prior to the 2008 deadline.

  12. Eagles get Holt and Boldin… Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. We’d welcome Holt in NY, but I have a strong preference towards Boldin, or even moving up to get Crabtree or Nicks.

  13. Write it down. The Ravens are cutting Samari Rolle on Monday and signing Holt later the same day. Sorry Pissburgh, you’re time at the top is over.

  14. What about the Panthers, who he said he wanted to play for when his contract expired a year ago? Granted that was when Terrence Holt was still on the roster, but it’s still a possibility even given our WR depth. Moose and Smitty aren’t getting any younger.

  15. You point out that Holt had low stats last year but did anybody actually have above average stats with the Rams last year? I think Holt could still be a real force if he has talent around him once again.

  16. Smush Rodrigez says:
    March 13th, 2009 at 5:28 pm
    Eagles? This is exactly what the Eagles are looking for – a red zone threat.
    The Eagles could possibly go after both Holt and Boldin. They could trade Kevin Curtis and a first to AZ for Boldin.
    but the eagles havent gone after any receivers after the T.O massacre

  17. Come to Detroit!! opposite CJ??? Draft Curry and Cushing. Trade the 33rd for Cutler.. Playoffs??? You talking playoffs? why am i behind a desk instead of in front office?

  18. Holt won’t get $6.5 million a year, IMO. Because of the knee issues he’s considered old. TO has been healthy (physically at least).
    I’d like to see Holt to the Eagles. Even better would be Holt to the Cards and Anquan Boldin to the Eagles.

  19. It’s funny how some of you fans are all so sure that Holt will be signed by your favorite teams…
    “he’ll go to the steelers as a 3rd string, and we’ll be even more unstoppable”
    steel_twin you are a moron. If you think he will sign with a team to be a number 3 after being the main guy for years you are dreaming or just lack common sense.
    My money is that he signs with the Philadelphia Eagles. They have the need, a good QB, and were a playoff team last year. I was hoping my Bucs would make a trade for him but now that he is a free agent we have no shot. BUCS ARE BROKE!
    I’ll just continue to hope the somehow, some way we trade for Cutler.

  20. “They could trade Kevin Curtis and a first to AZ for Boldin.”
    As a Cards fan… I would LOVE this trade! 🙂

  21. If Tennessee acquires Torry Holt he would most likely be #1 on the depth chart, which could be intriguing to him. However, The Titans like to RUN the ball so…he may not want to block so much…

  22. I hope he does go to the Eagles, so McNabb can underthrow and overthrow a star wide receiver and people would have to stop making excuses for him.

  23. You can add Oakland to the list of teams that need a veteran receiver. They have some young players at the position, but they can’t feel comfortable going into the season with Walker and Higgens as their starting set. I sure as hell don’t.

  24. drhanniballector says:
    March 13th, 2009 at 6:46 pm
    I hope he does go to the Eagles, so McNabb can underthrow and overthrow a star wide receiver and people would have to stop making excuses for him.
    Yea like he overthrew and under threw T.O. while he was here. Do you not think?

  25. Falcons anyone? Roddy White to be complemented by Holt…Dome team…ascending playoff team…not a Falcon fan…just Devil’s Advocate.

  26. steel_twin says:
    March 13th, 2009 at 6:12 pm
    Smush Rodrigez says:
    March 13th, 2009 at 5:28 pm
    Eagles? This is exactly what the Eagles are looking for – a red zone threat.
    The Eagles could possibly go after both Holt and Boldin. They could trade Kevin Curtis and a first to AZ for Boldin.
    but the eagles havent gone after any receivers after the T.O massacre
    Really? Don;t forget they went hard after Randy Moss.

  27. It’s amazing how Bearsist you are Florio. On none of these stories have you mentioned the Bears in any hunt for any free agents (granted I don’t think they’ve hosted anyone outside of the organization yet, but still…). You’re not helping the situation.

  28. Nothing wrong with thinking the Steelers win sign Holt at the right price . Why not join a champion that has a good shot of getting back there ?
    And lets make one thing CLEAR .If the Steelers sign Holt he will be the #2 reciever . Ut oh lol thats right . Ward moves to the 3rd reciever spot with Holmes and Holt starting . I love Hines but he is getting older and moving to 3 could extend his career a few years.
    Hines last year under contract is this year . Typically the Steelers wont sign him to another big contract . Hopefully he will decide to retire to avoid any trouble . Then you have Holt to take over another 2 years while Sweed gets better and ready to take over or Roebiski .

  29. A darkhorse for Holt could be my Broncs. Seeing as how they may be losing our #1 WR for 4-8 weeks to start the season, it is worth mentioning. Torry would be solid in the new system, if they even have a QB…

  30. Toory,what could be better than catching passes from tom Brady?you would have Randy and yourself on the outside With Welker in the slot..Come to foxboro!

  31. Giants make sence. The Giants need an experienced receiver who can draw double coverage. Without Plax, their most experienced receiver is Sinorice Moss in years (4) but probably Steve Smith in plays/receptions. WITH Plax, Holt provides a reliable #2 option while the younger players can develop. Last season we learned that Smith and Hixon are not ready to carry the full load.
    Holt’s numbers were down last few years because his QB is terrible and their O-line didn’t provide enough protection. He would do well on any team with a solid running game: Giants, Titans, Ravens, Dolphins, etc. He will not need to be the primary weapon.

  32. Let’s be realistic, at this stage of his career, Holt is a secondary option. He doesn’t stretch the field as well as he’s lost a step, he’s not a jump ball target. Basically, he’s the “smart veteran” that should be able to recognize holes in team’s defenses and work the middle of the field as a possession type. Houshmandzadeh will have better lasting power than Holt, as TJ’s game is moving the chains, while Torry’s strength in his prime was stretching the field and attacking the defense.
    Let’s run through the teams and my take –
    Giants – On the surface, it doesn’t make much sense to me. They need a downfield presence. At this stage of his career, I’m not sure Torry Holt is a good enough downfield presence. Let’s be real honest – was the Torry Holt out there better than Steve Smith last year? At the right price, yes, I think they’d look, but I doubt Holt will take a huge discount.
    Eagles – I’m not sure Holt makes that much sense here. I think they’d inquire, though. At the right price, sure they’d listen, as they can’t be certain of landing Boldin or landing an impact WR in the draft.
    Cowboys – I wouldn’t rule this one out, but can you really see Torry Holt taking a backseat to Roy Williams and not making a fuss? I can’t.
    Redskins – They put there money with two kids last year and they have to see it through. Furthermore, it’s not like Holt is that much better than Randle El.
    Bears – This one makes a lot of sense. Here’s a team that could use more options. Lovie, if I’m not mistaken, should know Torry a bit. Torry could be the lead target here, with Hester in a more appropriate number 2 role (not saying Holt is a 1, but that he might feel like the 1) and Bennett in the 3 role, with Olsen/Clark as a dangerous tag team of receiving TE’s.
    Lions – Seems unlikely for them to expend much on WR after adding Bryant Johnson.
    Packers – No. Enough options.
    Vikings – Wouldn’t rule this one out either. Holt’s ego may be okay with competing for catches with Berrian, and he might feel that the strong run game in Minnesota could give him a shot at a playoff run.
    Falcons – Nope, can’t see this. Don’t need him and doesn’t seem like a locker room fit for Dimitroff.
    Buccaneers – Can’t see this either. They want to go young, right?
    Panthers – Can definitely see this, since Torry’s indicated a willingness. If he’s willing to take a backseat to Steve, it makes a lot of sense for both parties.
    Saints – Can’t see this. Payton’s a good schemer and they can save their money for a big back or defense.
    49ers – I actually can’t see this either. Is Holt better than Brandon Jones, who they just signed? Add in two young guys they want to develop in Hill and Morgan, I don’t buy it.
    Seahawks – I can see this. Adding Holt would be overkill, but it would be aimed at addressing their WR problems from last year, and allow them to go OT or QB in the first more freely.
    Cardinals – I can’t see this from the Cardinals end. They might as well force Boldin to stick around for a year. Breaston is a decent young guy, and they drafted Early Doucet. I imagine they’ll add another WR if Boldin is moved.
    Patriots – I can see this, if Holt is willing to check his ego. An excellent chance to win. Patriots could use another target for their spread.
    Bills – Nope. Reed/Parrish/Hardy is fine for 3-5.
    Dolphins – I wouldn’t rule this out. They do need more targets, and Parcells has worked with guys like Terry Glenn before. That said, I’d put this on a backburner.
    Jets – I could see this. He’d be 1A or 1b to Jerricho Cotchery, and Holt might like the bright lights of New York. Would also give the Jets more draft flexibility, perhaps to gamble up for a QB.
    Bengals – Nope, added Coles, gotta let Simpson/Caldwell develop.
    Browns – Can’t see Mankok going down this road for some reason.
    Ravens – Ozzie might want a veteran WR to help make one more push. I can definitely see this.
    Steelers – Can’t see this. They need a downfield threat, not Holt.
    Titans – Can see this. They had interest, and could use the veteran target.
    Texans – I can see this, if he’s willing to put his ego in the backseat to Andre. Andre would generate opportunities for him. The Texans aren’t pressed to add a WR, but adding one would really make their offense significantly better … if Schaub stays healthy.
    Colts – Do they have the money to add him? Not sure.
    Jaguars – A veteran WR makes sense, but do they get Holt interested, with Holt near the end of his career.
    Broncos – Not sure. If issues exist with Marshall, then yes. If not, then I doubt it.
    Raiders – Unless they give him the bank … otherwise can’t see Holt going here.
    Chiefs – Not sure Pioli makes this move when he has a lead dog in Bowe and some decent pieces for depth.
    Chargers – I doubt it, but wouldn’t rule it completely out.
    Favorites? My guesses would be Carolina, Chicago, Tennessee, Baltimore, New York Jets, but a lot more teams could get into it. That said, four of those stops (Chicago/Tennessee/Baltimore/New York Jets), Holt might arguably be the top target, which might get his attention.

  33. Angelo is fine with his draft picks. He was so impressed with his 3rd rounder last year and the Bears WR crop was so deep in talent that he caught a grand total of ZERO passes. On the plus side, we don’t have to deduct a year of wear and tear on his body and he should be fresh to start 2009. Makes to much sense to bring in a guy like this and mentor someone like Hester and whoever else the Bears can find off the scrap heap or in the 7th round.

  34. blues91 says:
    March 13th, 2009 at 6:04 pm
    Eagles get Holt and Boldin… Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. We’d welcome Holt in NY, but I have a strong preference towards Boldin, or even moving up to get Crabtree or Nicks
    I am not drinking anyone’s Kool Aid. I made it up. And Kool Aide is scary:

    I personally get hopped up on the Q

  35. After getting burned by Jerry Porter there is N0 WAY the jaguars will ever bring in another high price vetern wideout. That is a shame because unlike Porter Holt actually has a work ethic and is not a cancer in the locker room

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