Two weeks into free agency and with few quality options available at the quarterback position, the New York Jets are in a bind.
Who will play quarterback for the team in 2009?
PFTV ponders the situation. 



  1. DA to the Jets makes a lot of sense. Most fans of the league will tell you he is garbage, but most fans are morons. I would much rather have DA than Kellen Clemens going into the season.

  2. Since when do Leinhart have more experience and is a better player than Clemens. I want to punch this dude in the face.

  3. The Skins should trade Jason Campbell to them for a draft pick and start Colt Brennan. Brennan can’t possibly be any worse than Campbell.

  4. Who cares?
    The Jets haven’t been relevant in the NFL since Super Bowl 3. Give us news about real teams, not the red-headed stepchildren of the NFL who can’t even afford their own stadium.

  5. “Sign Leftwich. Big arm. Starting Experience.”
    Yeah the Pillsbury Dough Boy will help a lot. The guy is slow as molasses and while he might be an ok backup he just doesn’t cut it as a full time starter.

  6. If Rex Ryan has his say he’d have Ray Lewis starting at quarterback. Practically all the Jets have done this offseason is try to wrangle in ex-Ravens. Hey, great idea Kyle Boller is available… or better yet Steve McNair.

  7. They could have Peyton Manning but it wouldnt make much difference until they upgrade the receiver corp. Cotchery and Stuckey as the number 1&2 aint gonna cut it. I know they want Heyward-Bey in the draft but no gurantees he will be there at 19. Plenty of stop gap qb’s available…garcia, leftwich, ramsey, or even grossman. None of those guys are talented enough to move the ball with these receivers. Get Boldin!

  8. I love Redskin fans that think Colt Brennan has something to offer them other than the date rape drug.

  9. Well, that’s one Point of view. And coming from Florio it was predictable….
    Another is that Chad or no Chad, the Jets were always in the market for the “Qb of the future” and they knew Chad, at best, if somehow healthy for a full year, would be exposed by a top defense like he was. Guy will only take you so far and I think the Fins know that… They had a fun, “special” year but, now it’s time to play with thebig boys.
    If Chad had stayed with the Jets and the Jets were coached like they were last year, I’m not sure they still don’t get beat by Miami and better coaching and Florio sits here today talking about getting a QB and Tanny on the hot seat.
    That said, yeah the Jets made some moves but, in year 1 of Rex, you can’t change it all – If they develop and build a top Defense and continue to stress the OL and running game, they have a chance – You see what you have in Clemens / Ratliff and then make a move next year if need be – You can’t always run out and plug every hole and the Jets “Must win now” mantra is a bit overstated. The Jets won 4 games the year before. Who are they really going to lose? Faneca? They can’t get another guard by next year? People so overstate these “windows” of opportunity.
    As for Favre – All along that was a very probable 1 year roll of the dice for a 4 win team… As I said here all last year – Very little was lost and very little was risked by giving Favre a shot.. It was an entertaining year and…. The Jets still need a QB, again, Chad or no Chad…
    Clemens got to learn behind 2 pretty good QB’s and actually out played Chad 2 years ago and Rex knows how good he looked Vs his defense and should have beaten him if not for a bad drop or 3.
    Having a top Defense, a top running game and giving Leon Washington, Keller Cotchery and Clowney more plays while taking the shackles off the OC Schottenheimer, isn’t the 1st thing in year 1 of Rex’s tenure.
    Remember Clemens and Schottenheimer have worked together for what now 3 years??? Schottenheimer knows more than anyone what this kid has and that’s why it was important to retain Schott – If Schott didn’t have confidence in Clemens the Jets would be making the desperate move some think they should….
    I find it funny though that so many people know what Clemens brings and thing drafting a Mark Sanchez or getting Byron Leftwhich solves the percieved problem

  10. It’s a good thing they don’t have one yet…or the Browns (Mangina) would have picked him up. Better hide the rest of the back-up players you have left.

  11. Why not bring in Garcia? He can either start, or be a solid veteran mentor/backup to Clemens. I am still blown away that the Vikings didn’t jump on Garcia when they had the chance.

  12. Why not bring in Garcia? He can either start, or be a solid veteran mentor/backup to Clemens. I am still blown away that the Vikings didn’t jump on Garcia when they had the chance.
    Bwteen Chad and Favre – Clemens has had two of the best “mentors” he could have…
    It’s time to sink or swim…Guy was a 2nd round pick. Not sure why people are so quick to write him off…. Garcia is another stop gap who may or may not work out and then next year Florio might as well repeat this same video…
    I still say Schottenheimer know more than any of us what Clemens brings.

  13. They could just hope a team just cuts a starting caliber QB just before preseason like the Jets did last year…oh yeah…no one else would have done that.
    Otherwise ummm Ray Lucas? Vinny Testaverde?

  14. How about Elvis Gerbach??? he’s a former raven!! Who cares, the jets are run worse than bengals, raiders and lions…ok maybe not the lions. I say sign the Staypuft marshmallow man known as leftwich and be done with it. oh and Florio WHO CARES ABOUT THE JETS they are such an after thought behind the Giants, Yankees, Mets, and possibly the Red Bulls.

  15. Well since the Browns paid DA his $5 million signing bonus today dont be surprised if they already have a trade worked out w/The Jets this question might be answered come monday -them or Tampa Bay

  16. With a strong running game and a solid defense, the Jets need a game manager at quarterback. They had one in Chad, but he couldn’t throw when the winds picked up in the Meadowlands. I’d rather let one of the young QBs take over as opposed to bringing in a stop gap at quarterback like some people seem to be thinking. I’m interested to see what Clemens can give the Jets now that he’s had another year to mature. I’d also like to see what Ratliff can do. Hopefully though, Ratliff gets a chance to play against 1st string defenses in the preseason. How can you judge a guy who’s playing against 3rd string defenses? Most of those guys won’t even be around during the season

  17. The reason the Jets got rid of Chad is because the Pats and everyone else figured him out. Load the middle of the field and make him do his little floaters to the outside. The reason the Dolphins got so far last year was the wildcat. I believe the Jets will give Clemons or Ratliff a chance. When Clemons started he had a joke of an O-line and the team was just bad. Ratliff had a great preseason last year and definitely has a chance to be a starter. Starting a rookie QB will be the same thing or worse as having Ratliff or Clemons playing.

  18. Luv all these Bellicheat New England suck jobs spoutin off here. Team didnt’ win crap themselves for 41 years until the refs gave them the divisional game against the Raiders. “Tuck” rule my ass. Lookin forward to the New York beat downs of Brady this coming year.

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