Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth has not been charged at this time after being detained by police for questioning regarding his alleged involvement in a car accident that killed a 49-year-old pedestrian today, Miami Beach Police Det. Juan Sanchez told us in a telephone interview a few minutes ago.
Per the detective, who’s a Miami Beach police spokesman, Stallworth may not be charged for several days under Florida law procedure. Stallworth’s bloodwork has been sent to a lab to determine if alcohol or any other substances were in his system.
According to Sanchez, Stallworth “has been cooperative with the investigation.”
Stallworth may eventually be released on his own recognizance, but would be required to turn himself in if he’s formally charged with a crime.
The Miami Beach police department knows the victim’s identity, but isn’t disclosing that information at this time. The man was pronounced dead at Jackson Memorial Hospital.
“We haven’t released the victim’s name,” Sanchez said. “We won’t do that until we have notified his family. He is a 49-year-old white male.” 
The accident occurred at 7:17 a.m. this morning, and caused a major traffic jam for several hours. It’s an already busy time in South Florida because of spring break activities. Sanchez said that the causeways have been cleared as of 1 p.m.


  1. To all of those who will undoubtedly start in with the “he’ll probably get off ’cause he’s an NFL player” and/or assume that Stallworth was high, drunk, whatever –
    Please note:
    The accident occurred at 7:17 AM, NOT right after the bars closed. The blood draw to check for alcohol is routine in all accidents involving a fatality – it does NOT constitute an accusation or even suspicion.
    Stallworth was driving eastbound at the time. IIRC, since I’ve actually been through that intersection and others just like it in the area at this time of year and at that hour, the sun was probably directly in his eyes.
    Also, IIRC, though the speed limit through there is something like 40 mph, the majority of traffic usually travels much faster.
    The accident occurred at a traffic signal and, so far, we don’t know that it wasn’t a case of a pedestrian attempting to cross against the light.
    IOW – we cannot fairly conclude that Stallworth’s NFL-player status will be getting him out of anything because we don’t yet know whether or not he even did anything wrong.

  2. Hmmm, it happened early in the morning. Maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions that he was drunk. Maybe it was truly an accident. I don’t know why people always asume the worst.

  3. What Main said is important, and it certainly has caused me to go from jumping to a conclusion to just waiting. I just hope the police are competent, and whatever they come up with … is accurate. If Stallworth is at fault, then he ought to be in humongous trouble and held accountable.
    If it’s not his fault at all, then this is just all very sad, but people would have to then feel bad for Stallworth, too, for the burden he will feel for the rest of his life.

  4. jeez just sad… i’m hoping it was an legitimate accident or something like that because this tarnishes the leagues image further…

  5. Thank you MaineMan. Once again the Internet Lynch Mob is out again in full force before any facts are known. And Florio the lawyer and Judge of all Mankind is leading the way!!!!

  6. I’m not jumping to conclusions, but I am not ruling them out either…it is just a wait and see and allow due-process to run it course.
    That being said, I lost a friend at 7:00 a.m. due to a drunk driver hitting him (a bicyclist) in the bike lane. The driver was on his way home from a friend’s house after a night of partying. It is not uncommon for people to still be out driving while intoxicated on Sat and Sunday mornings.
    This post is not lynch mob intended…the FACTS will come out in time.

  7. Ihope your not a defense attorney maineman.The clocks rolled last week.The sun is up somewhere at 7:17 am–just not the east coast….

  8. They see Donte rollin’, they thatin’, patrollin’, they try to catch him ridin’ dirty…

  9. Your original source (CBS4) identifies the victim as 59-year-old Mario Reyes.
    Stallworth is a pro football player…we know he has money. The fact that Florio hypes the Bentley angle shows what a small-minded person he really is. I don’t think Reyes’ family cares if the man died after being struck by a Bentley or a Nissan.

  10. to anyone with something negative to say, well at least this gy will admit he sinned,
    kurt warners wife, divorced her first husband which is a sin, because he had seizures from medical problems, she uit on him, and divorced him. The warners are fakes,
    the bible sys no women shall seperate from her husband or vice versa and if htey do they are to remain single or be reconciled.
    Thus meaning, kurt is living a sinful relationship, his children are made of a sinful relationship.
    the bible says that if you divorce for any other reason than cheating, you are to remain faithful or you are committing adultery and so is the person you commmit it with.
    therefore, kurt is a daily adulter, brenda (oh-so-ugly) warner is a huge sinner, who believes nothing in her vows with god,
    all and all I used to like warner, but after finding out this information, I find it down right disgusting, that he tries to claim such a moral value for god, but absolutely no moral value for marriage, is hte bible not about gods marriage to us(earth) what if he just divorced us?
    kurt is a sinful man in a sinful relationship with a sinful woman, who have children made from sin.

  11. “accident occurred at 7:17 a.m. this morning, and caused a major traffic jam for several hours”
    if its spring break, who is awake at 7:17 am?
    you sound like a vick supporter
    hi, you must be new here. recall the nba allstar game in LV? the one that pac crippled a guy? most of the heat went on the nba and the on to pac, no heat, if any, touched the nfl. thats why their logo is a shield.

  12. This article was written by Aaron Wilson.
    Do you read or just throw out your dumbass opinions without anything to back it up?

  13. Lmao the sun was in his eyes. Is that also his excuse for only cathing 17 passes?? The guy gets hurt in PRE GAME wamups, PRE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had one good year thats it, give him is 4.whatever mill and pack his bags, weither it was an accident or he was drunk, who cares, either way cut his lazzy ass.

  14. But… what are the chances that Stallworth was taking a leisurely drive through Miami Beach at 7 a.m. to jump-start his morning, as opposed to driving home half-asleep after a long and festive Friday night? You’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but given his history of substance abuse — or, at least, being enrolled in the NFL’s program — makes it appear this incident is not going to end very favorably for Donte.

  15. If – then – what -when!!! Come on, Florio. I know you depend a lot on rumors, but please stop the madness. Your first post relies on ill-drawn conclusions to make a point or two. It appears that it was a preventable death? preventable by whom? The implication, of course is that it was preventable by Stallworth. Maybe it was, amybe it wasn’t. Let’s get some more facts before we start the taint-the-NFL and other stuff. Thanks MaineMan for – dare I say it – using a little commonsense.

  16. plus Dante is known as a upstanding, responible person right…
    alright then that should settle it, innocent until proven to be a nitwit.

  17. Poor Donte, I’m sure he is torn up about this whole thing. But my experience it is very difficult to see pedestrians when you are rockin a Bentley sitting on 72″ rims. Just ask Marshawn Lynch, but at least his victim survived…

  18. yall think that because it was 7 in the morning he couldnt of been impaired? yall dont kno how we party in flA lol… thats called a long night. watchin the sun come up, o ya by the way to the guy that said he couldve been blinded by the sun, the sun hasnt been coming up till around 735 in tampa so……….

  19. “But… what are the chances that Stallworth was taking a leisurely drive through Miami Beach at 7 a.m. to jump-start his morning, as opposed to driving home half-asleep after a long and festive Friday night? You’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but given his history of substance abuse — or, at least, being enrolled in the NFL’s program — makes it appear this incident is not going to end very favorably for Donte.”
    Nice job of copy/paste almost verbatim from Deadspin there, mad555. I’m sure Daulerio will be tickled to death about it.
    *shakes head sadly*

  20. the real deal……….. what does Kurt Warner have to do with Donte Stallworth? That shouldve never been posted in this story… Cleveland fans will wait for evidence either way then the firestorm will begin

  21. I think I speak for every Browns fan when I say we are not suprised something like this happend to someone on our team. The Browns can never catch a break. Our seasons seem to be over before they begin because of something.
    I hope he wasn’t drunk and no foul play was involed. Terrible thing to happen.

  22. what it has to do with this article, is stallworth will feel guilty and admit he is wrong like a man, while warner pretends to hear god and commit adultery, although he claims he listens to god, the guy is a fraud and people just need to see that,
    Stallworth can never fix this, but the warners can, they need to divorce so brenda can go back to her first husband or admit, she does not care what the bible says and stop pretending to be these followers of god when they can’t even follow the ten commandments of no adultery.!!!!!

  23. I doubt anyone really cares, the stick, if I copy and pasted anything to a comment to an article. your pretty lonely, huh?

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