The New England Patriots have signed former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Joey Galloway to a one-year contract, according to Steve Duemig of WDAE in Tampa.
In four starts last season, Galloway caught 13 passes for 138 yards. In 2007, he caught 57 passes for 1,014 yards and six touchdowns.
According to, Galloway has registered 682 career receptions for 10,710 yards and 77 touchdowns in 14 NFL seasons.


  1. Is Joey Galloway the 98 version of a poor man’s Cris Carter? If he can stay healthy, Moss, Welker Galloway, and Brady…Maroney, Flat Tire Freddy, ect ect…Super Bowl Homeboy.

  2. Hope he stays healthy for them…he broke down with the Bucs. If he’s healthy, he’ll be good for some long bombs!

  3. I knew he wasn’t going to Pittsburgh. He’s too classy to be a Steeler, plus with NE he can win a ring this year.

  4. wow just when ya think NE is down they make a move like this. As much as i hate the pats, i think its a great move. Joey still has legs and will free up Moss for the Deep ball. They’ll blow alot of people out of the water in ’09 but can they stop them? time will tell i guess…

  5. “JSS84 says:
    March 14th, 2009 at 3:12 pm
    Is Joey Galloway the 98 version of a poor man’s Cris Carter? If he can stay healthy, Moss, Welker Galloway, and Brady…Maroney, Flat Tire Freddy, ect ect…Super Bowl Homeboy.”
    You know what is weird? I know every single word you just used….but when you put them in that particular order, I have absolutely no idea what you are saying.

  6. With a good draft (23,34,48,58) the Pats could be in place to finish the job of going 19-0.

  7. Galloway STILL has the speed to get downfield and burn people! Brady to an OPEN Joey Galloway will equal quite a few touchdowns for the Pats.

  8. Good for him. He was great with the Bucs and I hope he sees some success with the Pats.
    One benefit for him will be playing alongside Randy Moss and Wes Welker. That guarantees single coverage for Galloway. Here is Tampa, Joey had double-coverage almost 99% of the time he was on the field. If he any gas left in the tank, he’ll be good for some long bombs this year.
    (Of course, having said that, when another deep threat–Donte Stallworth–was with the Pats, he barely sniffed the ball. So we’ll see.)

  9. No question the Pats are the best team in the NFL. Doubt they or anyone can do what they did in 07.

  10. Wow! Obviously some Patriot fans have blinders on. Where exactly does he fit into their offense? Belichik has already said that they’re moving away from the spread offense that McDaniels runs towards a more traditional 2 tight end setup. Speaking of which that will certainly put Welker into a different light, now he’ll have to be the number 2 WR playing against the opposition’s #2 corner rather then the slot running his 3 yard slant against the other team’s nickel back.
    19-0?!…I’m thinking 8-8 is a lot more likely.

  11. I think the Patriots are getting older. However if Galloway
    can sing mabe Bellichick can use him when singing with Bon

  12. Just another team trying to preserve a dynasty by trying to buy more championships.

  13. I wondered how many posts it would take for some patriot fan to say this:
    “with NE he can win a ring this year.”
    LMAO…it took exactly four. I think I pee’d a little!
    Hey Junior Seau, How’s your ring fitting?

  14. “The Patriots roster is getting old and more susceptible took injury than in their glory days.”
    WTF, what grade level…forget that: what language are you writing/mauling/embarrassing??

  15. Not to put a damper on things, but you guys DO realize that Galloway (and Springs and Bodden) still have to make the team. They COULD all end up being cut at the end of the pre-season, just like Lynch and Bryant were last year.

  16. I guess he’ll get some Just for Men to get rid of that gray in his beard…. Nice trio of Moss, Welker and Galloway. I hope they draft a youngster to bring down the average age of the WR’s. Belichick and Floyd Reese are making some interesting moves. Very good, but interesting.

  17. Galloway is 37 and caught 13 balls last year. I hope he works out, but I’m not sure this is any reason for fans to celebrate or opponents to despair about.

  18. Wow….if he’s too classy to be a Steeler, then he’s definitely way too classy to be a Patriot!!

  19. garyofferdahl:
    The Patriots were massively injured during their glory days. Check out the number of starters they used in 2003 and 2004.

  20. The Patriots are giving themselves a lot of draft flexibility. The secondary additions of Springs and Bodden, along with this move for Galloway and adding Lewis, allows them to wait on a secondary move. I expect that they’ll move some of their picks for 2010 picks, if possible, as they have a big FA class coming up after the 09-10 season. They do need to add one rush backer (although I think Jason Taylor lands here).

  21. The reason Stone Hand Stallworth didnt last in New England is because he had nagging hamstring injuries all season but he was there for The Patriots in the playoffs . Joey Golloway is a marvelous but old receiver. i believe he has a good 2 years left in the tank. …now all they need is some outside linebackers,a kick/punt return specialist. and Maybe Sprint NFL Mobile ..if New England realy was done with the spread offense dont you think they would have resigned Heath Evans

  22. Galloway had an injury that limited him last year but was pretty good before that. Don’t forget, the Patriots also traded for Greg Lewis, a speedster, from the Eagles. They’ve also upgraded their defense with the two new corners, Bodden and Springs, and the consensus is that Jason Taylor will join the team. They’ve got a 1st-round pick and three 2nd-round picks. You can bet they’ll trade one or more of them but they’ll get some more youth in the linebacker corps.
    The fact is, this is the Patriots and Tom Brady will be Tom Brady when they begin play in September. You know he’s anxious to get back to it with Moss and Welker. And, now with these others and the upgrades elsewhere, I see the Patriots as being back at the top.

  23. “The Patriots were massively injured during their glory days. Check out the number of starters they used in 2003 and 2004.”
    I agree, I just think their roster is not the most talented and deep in the NFL anymore. I think a few teams have passed them.

  24. Um just in case you didn’t notice, Greg Lewis was the 6th receiver on the EAGLES roster? But now that hes a Cheatriot, I guess he’s all the sudden a “speedster upgrade”?!?…LMAO…if your excited about Lewis, have fun next year…and thanks for the draft pick for someone who was going to be released anyway.

  25. Galloway still has some gas left in the tank. Not a lot, but enough to get the Pats back in the playoffs.

  26. Um… Galloway will fill Donte Stallworth’s shoes, which he left somewhere in the locker room.
    But they won’t be his DRIVING shoes.
    Too early?

  27. “Wow! Obviously some Patriot fans have blinders on. Where exactly does he fit into their offense? Belichik has already said that they’re moving away from the spread offense that McDaniels runs towards a more traditional 2 tight end setup.”
    When did Belichick say that? When does Belichick ever say anything about offensive or defensive strategy in public? Belichick is still making his yearly trip down to Florida to trade ideas with Urban Meyer which tells me that the spread offense is here to stay. The Pats’ offense broke tons of records under that offense, it doesn’t see logical for the Pats to abandon it just because McDaniels is gone (and Belichick ran it in the past under Weis at least a modified version).
    Besides, McDaniels ran quite a bit 2 TE sets for the Pats.

  28. Joey Galloway could be an impact player. He can catch and has the speed to break away still (according to reports). Can he get off the line? That’ll be the important part.

  29. “The Patriots were massively injured during their glory days. Check out the number of starters they used in 2003 and 2004.”
    By the end of the regular season they were on their 9th cameraman.

  30. Thanks, Patsies, for signing Galloway instead of Holt, Furrey or D Bennett. Wow! I was worried there for a while but you guys cam through and signed yet another loser.
    I sleep like a baby each night knowing that Tom (formerly) Terrific is just one ill-fated slip/fall or one tissue-shredding hit away from never playing football again. I trust that the beefed-up Jets D will add god-speed to the latter eventuality. The smart money of course is on Bart Scott to do the deed this season.
    A career-ending injury notwithstanding, doesn’t it usually take until the second season back from ripped knees to perform at that pre-injury level? Just sayin’.
    Patsies go 8-8 at best this season, 4-12 if T(f)T’s knee blows up again.
    BTW, try 1-800-CALL-KC to get your badly needed QB2 back.

  31. florio4prez, what was your prediction on how the Patriots would do once you saw Tom go down last year? Defeated, right? Or how about 11-5, missing the playoffs because of a tiebreaker, with a QB who hadn’t started since high school… not to mention COUNTLESS other injuries. It’s one thing to hate a team (hate them with respect). But it’s another to hate a team and be so ignorant about it. It’s frustrating. Obviously, the true football fans and football appreciatives understand what type of football “fan” you are, but the general-mass-followers of the game do not; and there is no way to convince them that you know little to nothing about the game. That is frustrating.

  32. Assuming there isn’t some sizable signing bonus on this one year deal, it seems like a pretty low risk, high reward situation for both sides, especially if the Pats are spread-happy with Brady back.
    But it wouldn’t shock me, since the Pats value versatility so much, if they just ended up cutting him towards the end of camp. A fourth receiver who isn’t a special-teamer or young draft pick is sort of a long shot in NE, barring injury.

  33. This is what the Pats do. They stock up on “value” FAs to build depth and create competition. Even if they end up cutting Galloway, it just means there’s someone better who stuck, and it didn’t cost them a lot of money in the long run.

  34. As quiet as this was, this is a huge move. Galloway still has something left in the tank. If he could produce anywhere near where he was before he got injured last year. Pats are sitting very pretty with Moss,Welker,Galloway, Brady, Maroney, Sammy Morris, Fred Taylor, ect, ect.
    Pats looking at another packed roster…

  35. Hey jaxdolfan, Will your sister be coming up to Patriots’ training camp this year? I hope so.

  36. Hey florio4prez,
    It’s pretty funny to hear a Jet’s fan is talk smack about another team’s QB situation.

  37. and of course the bucs let him go along with hillard in this big youth movement and he along with everyone else let go will be picked up and probably have some quality football left.. im already dreading next seaon for the bucs along with wondering who gets the football when bryant is covered all game long with no other deep threats around

  38. What a joke. I predict one touchdown at best. Galloway will cop an attitude early on but he will not get away with it in New England like he did with the Bucs.

  39. Some people’s memories are so short…….
    It’s not what Galloway (or Lewis) will do. it’s what their speed will require the defense to do that works for the Patriots. Stallworth’s presence (sp?) on the field required deep “attention”. While he was NOT putting up big numbers, Randy Moss was setting the NFL record for most TD’s by a WR in a season.
    And to the poster that said that Bellichick “has alreasy said that the Pats were going away from McDaniel’s spread offense”..WHAT???
    Bellichick won’t even tell you what he JUST DID….let alone tell you what HE’S ABOUT TO DO!!!! In addition, is it likely that the Pats would change away from an offense that re-wrote the record book in 2007? I think the poster further suggested that the change in offensive philosophy will put players like Welker in positions that won’t feature their strengths!!! Yah, that’s what Bellichick usually does……………..

  40. Like others have said, there is no guarantee any of these FA signings make the team, but speed kills. Spread the defense out and watch Taylor rip up the yards on his 10 carries a game. Without Maroney, the Pats were in the upper end of the league in rushing last year. Though, I don’t expect Maroney to do much of anything this year, I have written him off as a bust.

  41. “Atta boy, Joey. Way to not join the classless prick association in Shittsburgh.”
    The Steelers don’t need Stallworth to smack the Ravens’ sorry asses around. How’s it feel knowing that the Ravens will always be inferior to the Steelers in every way imaginable?

  42. @florio4prez:
    A Jets fan should not be making fun of any team’s QB…Do the Jets even have a QB at all?
    And to those saying the Pats will go away from the spread don’t know what the Pats are about…Defenses like the Ravens, Steelers, etc. can only be attacked with a spread offense. These are the teams that the Pats will eventually need to get through if they are to get back at the top.
    BB knows what he is doing.

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