With multiple reports that the Seattle Seahawks were going to cut linebacker Julian Peterson after he refused a pay cut, the Detroit Lions opted not to wait for the inevitable release of Peterson.
Instead, they packed up a starting defensive lineman and a fifth-round pick in order to inherit the back end of the puffed up contract paid three years ago to Peterson, who’ll be 31 in July.
The move has renewed criticism of the Lions in league circles.
“If you went 0-16 would you trade a pick and a good young player for a 31 year old?” one league source asked us.
(Actually, if we went 0-16, we’d cash in whatever remaining chips we could scrape together and find a new line of business to screw up over an extended period of time.)
We’ve largely forgotten about the Lions because there are no games for them to lose in March, but league insiders still point to the franchise as a shining beacon of pro football ineptitude.
The arrival of former Jags V.P. of player personnel James Harris has done little to improve the front office’s image in league circles.
“[G.M. Martin] Mayhew is bad enough in trying to evaluate talent,” one source opined.  “Instead of one guy not knowing what he’s doing now you have two guys doing the same routine.”
In fact, one league insider has been referring to Mayhew and Harris as the “Millen Twins.”
But there’s possibly good news on the horizon.  Some league insiders expect that new coach Jim Schwartz will try to make a power play, if he can win at least five or six games in the wake of last year’s humiliating season.

82 responses to “SAME OLD LIONS?

  1. Your source is a bad evaluator of talent if he thinks that Cory Redding is young and promising. At some point, these young promising guys have got to produce. They basically got the best 4-3 SLB for a bad player with a bad contract and a 5th round pick.

  2. Who cares what the league perception is. The Lions dumped Redding who was a Millen guy who was way overpaid. Peterson is a huge upgrade over him. If the Lions get a couple of solid years out of Peterson this deal is a steal.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but if Peterson is cut, he can go sign anywhere he wants….he’s not going to willingly sign with the Lions. Meanwhile, they rid themselves of an awful contract and underachiever. Now I’m no sweet insider like you, Florio, but as a regular football fan, it seems like a solid play by the Lions.

  4. The reason they didn’t wait for him to be cut was because they knew there was no way he was going to sign with the Lions if he was a FA. See Dockery. And Redding is no spring chicken himself. He plays hard, but is constantly banged up.

  5. I actually do feel bad for the Lions fans. The ineptitude is beyond belief. This comes from a guy who roots for a team coached by Mr. Noodle. And we all know how inept he is.

  6. To add to my point, which would you rather have:
    16 sacks in 5 years (Cory Redding)
    or 14.5 in 2 years (Julian Peterson)?

  7. Count Curry out of the mix. No matter how good a SLB that guy is going to be, he’d be compared to Petterson this season anyways. Its just Peterson’s salary is high for a SLB, anyone can set an edge. Well.. not everyone(Florio)

  8. Here’s the reason.
    In Madden 07 Redding is only a 78 overal. Julian Peterson is a 98 overall.

  9. Redding is a good young player??
    Redding did NOTHING last year. Like someone else posted, if we can get 2-3 years out of Peterson, it is an AMAZING deal. Redding had one good year when Shaun Rogers was tearing it up for half a year..He didn’t do a thing last year.
    Great move Mayhew…..I actually love the move and I am huge critic of them usually.

  10. Man you Lion fan’s are bitter. Peterson is not going to save your lousy defense. They should just blow up the stadium and the entire franchise and start over new.
    And i love how you morons like to slam florio and call him stupid, while you sit on his site waiting like puppies for his new posts.

  11. Florio – What do you think the odds are of a 31-year old multiple Pro Bowler actually WANTING to sign onto the NFL’s first 0-16 team?

  12. Whoever your source is hasn’t been paying attention to Cory Redding since he got 8 sacks in 2006 and the Lions made him the highest-paid DT in football. He’s been completely anonymous since then: totally unable to deal with double-teams, never a factor even when only singled against, and generally fungible. With him, the Lions allowed over 2700 yards rushing @ 5.1 yards per carry en route to going 0-16. Explain to me how they could possibly get any worse without him?
    Besides, trading him allows them to take a big cap hit in a year when they have $35 million in space they won’t spend, and free them from the burden of his awful contract in future years.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  13. You whack job lions fans are missing the point they just acquired a guy who was going to be CUT. he was going to be cut because his value of PLAY didn’t match his value of PAY. The point is he’s getting old which makes him a huge gamble and a team that’s in worse than piss poor shape should not be taking too many gambles. they should be making sound decisions and their not. they’re setting themselves up for embarrasment. Julian Peterson in 2004 was a stud but its 2009 and that’s a big ass contract.

  14. Peterson is still pretty goof.
    Redding is a never was.
    This is the only way the lions can get a guy like peterson. If he had a choice he wouldn’t go to daytwa.
    Of course the lions still overpaid, but if ya notice the lions and raiders, they have to overpay. Everyone.

  15. Most of these other comments are right on!
    I’m not sure where you’re getting your Redding info, but he is horrible and it’s good to see them get something for him. Peterson still has a few good years left in him. Redding had one over-achieving year and has been a slug ever since!

  16. @Pea Tear Griffin
    So that’s how the Lions do their player scouting? Madden values? lol

  17. To call anybody the equal to Matt Millen is a low blow and unwarranted in that the new team has yet to blow 3 Top 5 draft picks. Give them time to assess their incompetency but this trade hardly qualifies them to be anywhere in the neighborhood of Matt Millen, the worse GM in the history of pro football.

  18. Okay, don’t know why it took so long but I realized Florio (finally) doesn’t know shiit. And get new sources for gosh sake. Lions get a guy who was not going to sign in Detroit and Peterson is much better, much better than Redding.
    Holy crap Florio, wake up and smell the better deal. You dumb shiit, last time I read this site.

  19. Florio, you are still the same old douchebag…’ve spent the entire off-season kicking the Lions while they were down…like a junior high school bully picking on the kid that plays clarinet in the band…..tell me, did you hand out the “atomic wedgies” too? You probably give girls used wheelchairs.

  20. As a Vikings fan, facing Peterson twice a year concerns me alot more than facing Redding ever did. His performances against my team were truly forgettable.In fact they pushed him around quite easily.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter: I don’t know what fungible means, but your observations are spot on with this guy. (Redding)

  21. stop with the criticism. WHEN ANYBODY HEARS ABOUT THIS TRADE THEY SAY “lions got JULIAN PETERSON? for who?” great trade, bills will womp u still tho lions

  22. Grenader–
    Review this sentence, please:
    “Besides, trading him allows them to take a big cap hit in a year when they have $35 million in space they won’t spend, and free them from the burden of his awful contract in future years.”
    The Lions gave Redding a cap-busting contract after one excellent year in 2006, and he’s been “just a guy” ever since. Getting out from under his contract (with a 1.1 and 1.20 about to sign) was a crucial part of this deal.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  23. I’m not trying to be one of those people who are always like, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT FLORIO.” I just think that he is genuinely wrong this time.

  24. To the Florio supporter above. It’s because he wondered why Peterson was traded for and didn’t realize the Lions weren’t getting him else wise. That’s why. People know that and he didn’t.

  25. Bet ya Cleveland will have a bigger celebration when ole Art Modells croaks!!!!!!
    All you Lion fans will be invited to the party

  26. Thank you to everyone who has spoken well of this trade. As for you, Florio, you can eat it. Instead of doing what you always do and criticizing the Lions, maybe you should be impartial for once and actually look at some stats and get past the fact that it’s the Lions making a trade. Then you might notice Detroit is getting rid of an underachiever and gaining a steady producer. They had 2 5th round picks…I would have traded away a pick to get rid of that bum too.

  27. Martin Mayhew & James “Shack” Harris, the so-called “Millen Twins”, could also be called the “Tin Shack”.

  28. Yeah, coming from another usual Lions management basher, Florio’s post misses the mark.
    Good shrewd deal that I give the front office rare credit for. No way they land JP after he gets cut, this was the only way.
    And they dump a Millen has been in Redding who owes virtually every dollar he makes under his fat contract to Sean Rogers. Besides, Darby is a young DT who has shown some flashes, while Redding completely disappeared. Florio’s source must have been Redding’s agent.
    Sorry Florio. We Lions fans know when to haul out the “Same Old Lions” gripe. This was not one of them.
    My only beef is losing that 5th round pick. But that’s tolerable, and other than that I’m pretty satisfied with the deal.

  29. I like to deal with facts, something Mr. Florio never does, Redding is a good one gap def. tackle, with no pro bowls, and is 28, Peterson is a very good Sam linbacker, with 4 pro bowls, and is turning 31 in July. I don’t know how this trade will turn out, but the Lions have Two young DT’s that need playing time, and they just signed Grady Jackson, that’s why Redding was traded, at 28 I don’t see him getting any better.

  30. Has anyone ever seen a bigger BLOWHARD than Florio. Nothing but a glorified cut-and-paste internet browser. There is not a sole in the NFL who knows crap that calls Florio with “insider infotmation”. I only (and I can’t stress enough the “only”) reason I read his site is because he goes get the rumor/gossip out early.
    HOw can you possibly say this is a bad move for the Lions. Every Seahawk fan is pissed…and with good reason. Redding is nothing without Rogers and has a huge contract himself. Hey Blowhard, nobody is coming to Detroit off an 0-16 season. Win 8 games next year and free-agency is a different story.
    Every move Detroit makes is somehow a mistake. Florio is a poor-mans Mel Kiper….he is a computer geek with zero football credibility….and fantasy football doesn’t count!

  31. Why trade for a guy that wouldn’t sign with you even if you threw money at him? He’s old and he wants to win, not lose. Lions traded a guy even though he underperformed he was still a starter and a 5th round draft pick for a player that wouldnt play there if he had a say.
    If the lions were good this would be a solid trade, but they arent, they aren’t bad either, they are terrible. Lions essentially traded away two younger guys, no matter what quality for a 31 year old guy who wouldnt have signed there if he had any say.
    If peterson has a clause in his contract allowing him to void trades then the only reason I can see him excepting this trade is he realizes how shitty both teams are and at least hes getting paid more in detroit. Regardless bringing old guys who want to win into really bad teams dont work. Guys play harder when they have a chance to win. With bad teams you get them better through rebuilding because the young guys you draft and bring in all have something to prove. Once guys have proved something they become selective with it and typically display it on winning teams. Its why old washed up guys tend to still get 1-3 years of good play on the patriots while if they played somewhere else they would probably end up retiring.

  32. Why is this even regarded as news?
    Correct me if I’m wrong. These two clubs combined for four
    W’s last year, in arguably the two worst divsions in the League.
    Draft Day can’t come soon enough.

  33. Man you a a clueless blowhard Florio. Hmmm overpay for a underachieving DT or overpay for a multiple pro-bowl LB…. Florio, go back to Dungeons and Dragons or copy and paste more internet journalism

  34. When you watch Peterson 16 games a year, you learn he makes the ProBowl off of reputation.
    He is weak against the run, constantly out of position against the pass, and has a lot of missed arm tackles. He steps up his game when you are winning, but when you are losing he mails it in. As a speed linebacker hitting his 30s, expect a decline. Maybe they got rid of him a year too soon, too early to tell.
    Signing JP was a knee-jerk reaction to the Hutch fiasco. He is overpaid. Two good seasons, thanks, move on.
    The best thing Peterson did was pass rush. Leroy Hill does a better job, but John Marshall kept JP at it. Now we get rid of an older guy that only cares about the money anyways, get a DT that will fit in nicely in our rotation, the first 5th round pick, and some cap room for Hill’s long term deal.

  35. Reading what you Lions fan write makes me realize that you dont know much about football. Peterson played on a bad team with a bad defense and was going to be cut and yet yu think trading for him was smart? Who cares if peterson wasnt going to the Lions in FA, Why do you want him? Lions need to rebuild talent with all the draft picks they can, not trade for an old talent who is over payed.

  36. Florio do you watch football?
    Redding was the biggest signing mistake the Lions made in years. He had 3 good games at the end of the season and got a huge contract. He has done nothing.
    They traded for Peterson because he would not have come to Detroit if he became a free agent. The Lions have seen so many LBs come and go through Detroit this off-season that they had to act.
    The Lions got a Pro-Bowl LB for a mistake and a 5th. Mayhew is doing his good. This is almost as good as the Roy Williams trade.

  37. @mofo7
    “Besides, Darby is a young DT who has shown some flashes”
    What? Darby is 33! You call that young?

  38. After Shaun Rogers was traded to Cleveland, Corey Redding became a total bust. His production the last two years sucked — albeit an injury played a role in that. And I’m not sorry that Shaun Rogers was traded to Cleveland – his lack of conditioning and lack of commitment caused the Lions to lose close games.
    Hopefully this is a chance at a fresh start for Corey Redding. For the Lions, this is a welcome change. I like that they’ve done a ton of house cleaning and that the 2009 team will have so many different faces that it won’t be connected to the 2008 team.
    And besides — we’d be 1-15 if the officials had called Jon Beason for facemasking Culpepper.

  39. Florio I love your stuff most of the time but you’re way off on this one. Your source must have been someone in the front office in Seattle.
    Redding played 2/3 of a good season 2 years ago with Rogers right next to him drawing double teams. Decent guys peterson’s age don’t willingly go to 0-16 teams….they go play for a team who’s a winner. They plugged a major hole with a very good player, even if peterson has lost a step he’s still far better than anything we’ve got at the position.
    There are enough reasons to rip on Dertoit without making up stuff.

  40. Before i can actually comment WHO the F is Cory Redding?!…. iv honestly never heard of him

  41. “…Darby is a young DT…”
    Should have said “…Darby is a young-at-heart DT…”

  42. JP is way way way way way way way way way way way way way yaw ywa way aweyaeyawey better than the LB’s we have now. CR was an overpaid turn with a helmet. glad to see him go.

  43. Im a Hawk fan.
    I’m am not at all upset. In fact I welcome the deal.
    Far fewer swinging arm tackles this next year to go along with the consistant ‘OLE’ attempts at stopping any back bigger than peewee herman..
    We WERE GOING TO CUT HIM! But from the Lions POV I am sure it makes sense. If there is no other way to attract a ‘name’ than you for sure do what you have to do…He has 2 years left tops, is not a leader, and is shi**y on run stop/gap control.
    Pro bowler by rep only IMO.
    That said best of luck JP!

  44. A.P. for a bag of used jock straps great trade redding is going to stink it up in c town ! No cap hit for the straps also a bonus! Mayhew 2 jerry jones and company 0!

  45. If Im not mistaken he was basically the only player of any talent on the Detroit line last year. So ya, he’s not the second coming on Cortez Kennedy, but with other GOOD players surronding him he might just shed his perceved suckatude in Seahawk blue.
    I mean really now. 0-16 and he’s the best player on the team. You think he might have been getting some serious special attention from opponents?
    I do.

  46. I really don’t understand how this is “the same old Lions”? First, IF/When Perterson was released, WHY would he EVER come to the Lions? Second, Cory Redding is a HUGE bust and should have never been franchised or signed to that contract. One good year does not make a player, ask Derek Anderson, Scott Mitchell, etc. that. And how in the world does Seattle make out with cutting money? This actually saves Detroit over 7 million in cap space. Detroit would never have gotten Julian on the open market, and would have been left with a hole still to be filled and another hole being filled by an overpaid never has been player never will be pro bowl player. Now Detroit gets a Pro Bowl playing strong side linebacker who still has some years left in him. Even if we don’t take Curry (I still wouldn’t mind them doing that) that means we have one less hole to fill and can take a J. Smith/Monroe/Raji with the #1 and go after the best defensive player at #20, be it Laurenitis, Matthews, Maulauga, D.J. Moore (CB) and so on. I see this as a great move by Detroit, and my opinion is slowly changing about the new regime. Hopefully they don’t make me go back on this come draft day.

  47. Wait, are you confused about who Shack Harris is? Let me remind you kid,
    A veteran with over 30 years experience in the NFL, Harris played quarterback for 12 seasons before embarking on what is now his 20th year in personnel. His personnel career began in 1987, as a scout for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1987-92). From 1993-96, Harris served as assistant general manager of the New York Jets. Named director of pro personnel for the Baltimore Ravens in 1997, he spent six years with the Ravens where he earned a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens’ victory in Super Bowl XXXV in 2000.
    And you found some “insider” who claims Harris doesn’t know what he’s doing? You know that you’ve lost a lot of the little credibility you might have had? He even interviewed with the Brown’s for their GM job this year. Other than the Lion’s (Millen), most teams only interview qualified candidates. $100 says your insider is a disgruntled Jags employee.
    Can I assume you have been paying attention to this current offseason? If you really have then you know that pro-bowl caliber players are not willing to go to Detroit. Detroit gives up a current bust and a 5th rounder. I don’t know about anyone else but I will take Mark Clayton’s “under achieving” assessment of Redding over some small time internet web-jockey.

  48. no idea about the lions. they stopped mattering when barry sanders left.
    BUT the way to look at is, who the hell is Cory Redding?
    Peterson is a known name, but seriously, who is cory Redding?
    And the Lions would have no chance of signing peterson straight up if he was cut

  49. So when the Broncos signed a past-his-prime Dawkins, it’s infusing veteran leadership. But when the Lions do it, it’s throwing away their future?

  50. This story sounds so completely made up, I mean come on. You had to ONLY post just to either look for a reaction or out of FLAT OUT hate because this article is RIDICULOUS to say the least. Everybody knows that Corey Reddings was only a product of Shaun Rogers being that Rogers was alway double teamed which opened up for Reddings. Everybody knows that Corey Reddings was a also a product of Millen that popped the franchise tag therefore paying him as a top 5 DT but underachieved and underperformed since. He was a DE that was converted to DT but is well undersized at 295lbs and was pushed around quite often. And who says Julien Peterson wouldve signed with the Lions if he was released?????? So come on with the blatant jabs toward the Lions, you have been throwing them all off season. Its sad that you cannot even acknowledge atleast one good move from the Lions.

  51. @ 12thman
    My bad, I thought Darby was much younger. Had no idea he finished his first year in the league as a 26 year old.
    Regardless, last season Redding tallied 37 tackles and 3 sacks as a starter, while Darby had 31 and 1.5 as a back up. And Redding only had 1 sack the year before.
    Given that, Redding just isn’t the same DT without Rogers and was more than expendable. Whereas picking up Peterson, even if the dude is less a step, is light years better than the special team players the Lions had playing his position last year.
    Intricacies and mechanisms of the modern NFL contract aside, this trade is a net improvement in talent.
    Can’t ask for much more than that as a fan of an 0-16 squad, and I still say it was a good move.

  52. Don’t be surprised. ANYTHING the Lions do right now is going to be criticized by Florio.
    They dump Redding and get Peterson BAD MOVE!
    They trade for Cutler BAD MOVE
    They don’t trade for Cutler BAD MOVE, they missed out
    Remember how it was “Same old Lions” who botched the paper work on the Dockery trade….oh yeah, it was the BILLS who did that right?
    Apparently it’s hip to rip the Lions right now. Wow, look at Florio, isn’t he a hipster?

  53. I come at this in a completely different angle then Florio and most of the posters. I actually think both teams got good trade value, first Corey Redding played his best ball as a DE next to a big defensive tackle, and I believe that is what is going to happen again, the Seahawks will move him back to DE next to Mebane, they also get a fifth round pick that could be big value if they find a diamond in the ruff, they were going to release Peterson anyway and take a cap hit, this way they get some value out of the deal. The Lions get a pro-bowler, with a mean streak that is incredible in passing situations, that can lead a young group of LB’s that can make a great tandem, and he’s going to get butt’s in seats. It is a win-win, in the long run if Redding go’s back to his 2006 self, and the 5th rounder becomes even a decent player, then the Seahawks got the better end of the deal, but in the short run to get fans back and ready to believe the Lions might have gotten the better deal. Either way it could very well turn out to be one of those very rare trades where everyone wins.

  54. I don’t see why this isn’t a pretty good deal for both teams. Sounds like Redding didn’t fit into Detroit’s plans. Nonetheless, he is still relatively young and has at least shown flashes of being good. He should fit into a DT rotation in Seattle that will be solid and have some depth. It also appears as though he has good character, which is extremely important to Ruskell.
    As for JP, I like the guy and believe that he was a very good player for us over the past two years. I do think he is beginning to show signs of slowing down a bit, but he remains a very solid OLB. He also is a guy who will give everything he has on every play and will be great in the locker room. Adding guys like JP to a team coming off an 0-16 season cannot hurt. I hope he does well. As a fan, he is definitely an easy guy to root for.
    As far as the attacks on Florio go, I’m not sure that is fair. The fact is the Lions have done nothing for the past decade for anyone to give them the benefit of the doubt. Conversely, with the exception of last season’s abomination, the Seahawks have been a perennial playoff team. Even the most loyal Lions fan should not be surprised that the general reaction of ANY Lions deal is that they screwed it up.

  55. I’m far more concerned w/the fact that they seemingly rob Peter to pay Paul here. Redding is highly overrated, but could be solid as the number 2 guy. (roll tape of him and Rogers) Peterson probably has some gas in the tank still and will be an upgrade at LB, which is good because with no defensive tackles we are going to need talent in that second row of guys.
    Also, Im worried this means Curry is out of the mix at #1, when really, he shouldn’t be. In fact, he should be the pick. The kid is talented and much safer than Stafford. I could see Curry in the middle, but I don’t know that the Morons upstairs will make the right decision

  56. Holy crap, Lions fans do exist. Florio probably overdid it here, but is it really in the Lions’ best interest to get older and pay that much? If JP was cut and didn’t want to go to the Lions, he would have been tempted if they offered the same contract terms he’s getting now, since no other team would have offered that amount — that way they would have saved the traded assets. Shouldn’t a team in need of depth keep as many draft picks and young assets as they can? And don’t you think that Redding’s poor performance was impacted by the lousy defensive personnel that surrounded him? I wouldn’t be out there dancing in the street over this one. Now if you trade for Cutler. . . .

  57. LIONS bad move? yea right! Lions starting line backers next season Sims weak side Peterson strong side THEN with the 20th pick you can have Maualuga or laurinaitis or even use the 1st pick and make CURRY your middle linebacker anyone who said this is a bad move is crazy go look up the stats what was the lions biggest problem last year…Stopping the run…not anymore!

  58. wow bad move for the lions? u must be crazy this is a great move for the lions
    next years starting linebackers
    SIMS at weak side to use his speed
    MAUALUGA,LARIANITIS,or CURRY at middle linebacker!
    Peterson at strong side!
    enough said!

  59. How can you not give Mayhew any credit right now for some of the moves he has pulled off since taking over for the bum that used to GM this team. He got a 1st and a 3rd for Roy, he got a starting CB or Safety in Anthony Henry for an aging QB that we where going to drop anyways, and now he gets rid of an over payed DT in Redding for A stud SSLB in Peterson. Can we say BJ RAJI #1??. I’m not trying to bite into the sweet tasting cornbread just yet, but so far so good Mayhew keep it up!!

  60. In all fairness to Florio, he did get the point of the trade earlier in the day. The Lions, who had terrible attendance last season, are trying to conserve money. The trade allows them to chew up salary cap space without actually spending the money. That was obviously intentional–as suggested at 11:10 a.m.:
    Posted by Mike Florio on March 14, 2009, 11:10 a.m.
    We’ve gotten a look-see at the contract of Lions defensive tackle Cory Redding. If the Lions trade him to Seattle, the empty spot on the roster that he otherwise would have occupied will still consume a whopping $7.332 million in 2009 cap space.
    It’s nearly $2 million more than the $5.383 million cap number that will apply to Redding if he plays for the Lions in 2009.
    And the move brings into sharp focus a tool that some teams might use to reduce actual cash expenditures this year. With the salary cap at $127 million and the salary floor at $111 million, one easy way to spend money against the cap without actually spending real dollars is to trade or release players with bonus allocations applicable in future years.
    In Redding’s case, a trade would allow the Lions to shift nearly $5.5 million from years that might not have a salary cap at all into the last season under the current labor agreement.
    Thus, teams can use money that they already have spent in past seasons to help satisfy the minimum expenditures they’re required to make this year.
    Of course, they have to give up the player in order to do it. But if a fair trade can be swung, it’s much easier to justify cutting the cord, since the team will also chew up cap dollars without writing any new checks.
    Meanwhile, Redding’s contract reveals that the total remaining payout to the defensive tackle over five years will exceed $30 million, if the full five years are honored. In addition to $25.6 million in base salaries, Redding is due to receive a total of $1.45 million in workout bonuses and $3.675 million in roster bonuses.

  61. “If Im not mistaken he was basically the only player of any talent on the Detroit line last year.”
    You’re mistaken. The only defensive linemen worth a damn on the Lions last year were Dwayne White and Cliff Avril. Unfortunately White suffered a calf injury and Marinelli refused to use Avril extensively until late in the season, so their appear somewhat unremarkable.
    Redding has been practically invisible after getting his new contract. His level production the last few years can replaced by a young player with a higher ceiling via the Draft. Regardless of whether JP has only a few good years left or not, he’s got more playmaking ability than Redding and he is going to a team sorely in need of ANY playmakers on defense.

  62. A) The deal seems to make sense for both Seattle and for Detroit. Both teams seems to have gotten something. It isn’t war where one side wins and one side loses.
    In capitalism everyone wins. That’s why deals get done.
    B) There have been some good since Millen left. Lions fans are smart to not get too enthused. Anyone would look good at the job following Millen.
    C) Reputations are built one deal at a time. So far the Lions personnel guys have made some good moves. They are slowly building some trust with Lions fans.
    D) Bringing the Lions back as a team is a long term project. Millen was there too long. It will take awhile to get to mediocrity. Stage I is getting to 4 wins. Stage II is getting to 8 wins.
    E) They had the Vikings beat last year and got cheated out of the win. This year they may just sweep the Vikings.

  63. The facts (from Tom Kowalski at are these:
    “Redding’s six-year career in Detroit is highlighted by remarkably good timing. Redding was an average defensive end for his first three years, but was then moved to defensive tackle for 11 games in 2006.
    Redding had a tremendous run, recording eight sacks and was a disruptive force in the running game. The Lions franchised Redding and awarded him with a seven-year, $49 million contract that included $16 million in guaranteed money.
    In his 28 starts since signing that contract, Redding had just four sacks. Other than that 11-game hot streak (in which he had eight sacks), Redding only had eight sacks in his other 65 starts for the Lions.”
    In addition, Redding is only two years younger than Peterson. I think you had it right, Mike, when you said that this was done in large part for salary cap reasons. In addition, this is a guy who can rush the passer. You think maybe Gunther Cunningham likes to rush the passer? The Lions upgraded their talent level, even if onlly for a couple of years.
    Besides, if you are right in your assessment of the Lions as a stumbling, bumbling franchise with two idiots running the front office, what on earth makes you think that they will get a legitimate player with a fifth round draft choice? Not for nothin’, but they haven’t been able to get legitimate players with the 2nd, 3rd, and 10th overall picks in the first round. (Thanks, Matty, and I hope you are choking on your millions of unearned dollars.)
    Overall, Mike, I have to disagree with your take on this one…

  64. While I don’t disagree that Peterson is probably overpaid and over the hill, I disagree with your analysis here.
    Cory Redding has never done a thing in a Lions uniform. We may have taken on a larger-than-justified contract, but the value we’ll get from Peterson will far exceed Redding’s arrangement.
    And I find it hard to believe you’d call anyone who started on Detroit’s defense last year a “good young player.” Did you watch any of our games? You couldn’t use the word “good” to describe anyone on our defense.
    I don’t think this is the turning point in rebuilding our defense but I applaud the move. Get rid of every single Millen failure – there are plenty more to go – and bring in all the ex-pro bowlers you want.
    Yeah, the Lions may have struck gold with their 5th round pick. But really, when was the last time we did that?

  65. Why wouldnt the Lions be able to get Peterson? No team in the NFL would give Peterson the contract he currently has. So all the Lions had to do was offer him his current money.
    The Lions are not winning in 2009. By the time Peterson is any good he will be cut cuz he makes too much money.
    I will bet anything Peterson is not a Lion in 2010 because he makes more than he is worth.
    Redding will stay a Seahawk.

  66. I welcome any and ALL probowl talent to Detroit, no matter what the player’s age(31 is not old). It’s gonna add confidence, chemistry, and intensity to the rest of the team.
    Best move in this off-season so far.

  67. good point
    how many 5th rounders actually make an impact?
    2008 1 out of 32 Tim Hightower
    2007 3 out of 32
    2006 1 out of 32 Duwan Landry
    2005 1 out of 32 Michael Bolley
    2004 4 out of 32
    …..backups at best for the most part

  68. I live in detroit, but not a Looney fan. Looneys never would have gotten Peterson if not for a trade. Salaries were the same so they traded one VERY ineffective player for someone who COULD be effective, or at least has been effective in the past. How could Peterson not be better than what they had? Paris Lenon? Ernie Sims? Are you kidding me? Ernie Sims is the most overrated player in the league. He’s a pile jumper who can’t fend off blockers and can’t tackle unless he runs across the field and tackles from the side. Having said all that, I’ll defend Florio in that while he made one comment that implied (incorrectly) that the Looneys could have gotten Peterson as a free agent, the rest of the story was just quotes attributed to league people. And let’s face it, the Lions deserve ALL the criticism they get. They ARE a joke. Laughingstock of the league. What good things could possibly be said about an 0-16 team????

  69. It is a deal to sell tickets, same thing Tigers did a few years back when they signed Pudge. They need to sell tickets

  70. Florio in case you don’t know, last year the starting strongside linebacker for the Lions was Tampa Castoff Ryan Nece. Maybe just maybe Peterson is an upgrade

  71. Has anyone heard JP’s take on all of this? What if he decides ‘Oh Hell No!’ and retires?

  72. “Every Seahawk fan is pissed…and with good reason.”
    Actually.. I am quite pleased with the deal. Peterson is a good player, but not for $9M of cap space. Redding may not be an all pro, but he fits our defense perfectly and we made a Super Bowl with a bunch of lesser named guys anyway.
    I think the trade worked out for both sides.

  73. As a longtime Lion’s season tix holder (did not renew this year) I can safely say you must not have seen Redding play in the last 2 years. He sucks. Peterson for him is a steal. If the Lions had waited for Peterson to get cut,they would of had no chance in signing him.

  74. I am a huge Lions (albeit unfortunate) and I have to believe that this was a good deal for both teams. The lions got rid of an overpaid underachiever that they didn’t need and recieved an overpaid underachiever ( as you Seahawks fans say) and both teams got a player in the biggest positions of need for their respective defenses. The LB corp. for the lions was BY FAR the worst part of the defense and I don’t care what any of you say about JP if you watched the LB’s of last year on this team it is a MASSIVE improvement. And as for you who say the lions need to rebuild through the draft this trade doesn’t mean they aren’t. Look at the FA moves they made they went out and got depth and the players they signed for depth are really decent players. They will get the starters and the great athletes in the draft.

  75. Give me a break Florio. Your bias of the Lions is very plainly seen. It’s pretty easy to kick a dead dog isn’t it? Get off it – Millen is gone, nuff said.
    This is an outstanding trade. No way JP comes here by choice. Redding was only wanted here because of his off the field integrity. He had just 4 sacks in his first 28 starts after signing his big contract. It’s good enough just to be rid of that. Highest paid DT in the league when he signed it, he doesn’t even warrant a double team. But Grady Jackson does, and Ernie Sims will be much better with some guys around him.
    By your logic Florio, you should give us quite a bit of credit for getting a starting corner (Anthony Henry) for a guy that was certain to be cut (Jon Kitna).
    Three trades (including the Roy Williams deal) have brought us much closer to respectability. We’ve still got 5 picks on the first day. Now we’re working on getting Jay Cutler, after Matt Cassel was just traded for a 2nd. Stay tuned.

  76. anybody who is a lions fan knows that Redding rode Shaun Rogers coattails to a fat contract and hasn’t showed up since. i had never seen so much crap come out of Redding’s mouth but nothing to back it up. it seems Florio has had a vendetta against Lions ever since they hired Lewand and Mayhew, get over it, if it was up to him Millen would still be GM of the Lions.

  77. Peterson was going to be cut because of all the money spent at linebacker man i wish people would know what they were talking about. As for the trade i was happy because i dont know what they like in redding and he was over paid on a pretty big contract. No brainer to me plus redding like many of the detroit players of past has been affected by a lazy detroit lion quitter mentality. I wouldve like to cut the whole locker room except calvin johnson. Get that waste of a 2nd round draft pick drew stanton out of there too.

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