1.  Detroit Lions:  Eugene Monroe, tackle, Virginia.
The smart move for the Lions is to avoid making the financial investment in a coin-flip proposition at quarterback.  Major questions exist regarding Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez, so the safest pick for a franchise in need of reversing a decade of horrible performances is a tackle who could nail down the left side of the line for the next ten years, or more.
2.  St. Louis Rams:  Jason Smith, tackle, Baylor.
The offensive line has been the biggest liability in St. Louis over the past couple of years.  The Rams swung and missed with Alex Barron four years ago, and with Orlando Pace now gone they need to get the best offensive lineman still on the board.
3.  Kansas City Chiefs:  Aaron Curry, linebacker, Wake Forest.
With the quarterback situation under control via the trade for Matt Cassel, the Chiefs can focus on a guy who could end up conjuring memories of Derrick Thomas in the 3-4 defense the Chiefs are incorporating.
4.  Seattle Seahawks:  Mark Sanchez, quarterback, USC.
Matt Hasselbeck will be 34 in September, and he has been showing signs of wear and tear.  With a new coaching regime and Hasselbeck having maybe two solid years left, now is the time to begin grooming his successor.  (And with receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh acquired via free agency, there’s simply no reason to take a chance on Michael Crabtree.)
5.  Cleveland Browns:  Brian Orakpo, linebacker/defensive end, Texas.
With Curry gone, new Browns coach Eric Mangini needs a pass rusher for the 3-4 front.  As an added benefit, Mangini’s selection and development of Orakpo could stick it to the Jets and G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, who picked overhyped workout warrior Vernon Gholston a year ago.
6.  Cincinnati Bengals:  Andre Smith, tackle, Alabama.
If any team isn’t troubled by the shirtless Jello buffet that emerged last week in Alabama, that team will be the Bengals.  Smith fits a clear need given the departure of Stacey Andrews.  In Cincinnati, Andre “the Giant . . . Boobs” could play the right side until Levi Jones leaves or calls it quits.
7.  Oakland Raiders:  Michael Crabtree, receiver, Texas Tech.
The Raiders supposedly showed mild interest in T.O. because they think that Crabtree will be on the board at No. 7.  Under this scenario, he is.  And thus the Red Raider becomes a silver and black one.
8.  Jacksonville Jaguars:  Jeremy Maclin, receiver, Missouri.
With Tra Thomas signed for three years, there’s no longer a pressing need for a left tackle.  So the Jags can instead focus on the position that has been a chronic weakness in Jacksonville for years.
We also don’t rule out a trade up to No. 6 — the Jags could steal Crabtree from the Raiders and the Bengals could still get Smith, at a lower price and with an extra pick or two arising from the transaction.
Or it could be that the Raiders are putting out smoke signals that the want Crabtree so that the Jags won’t jump to No. 6 in order to get Maclin before Oakland can squat on his rights.
9.  Green Bay Packers:  Malcolm Jenkins, defensive back, Ohio State.
Cornerbacks Al Harris and Rod Charles Woodson are climbing the 30s ladder, and the decision to tender Atari Bigby, a restricted free agent, at the second-round level suggests that the Packers don’t view him as a cornerstone of the defense.  Jenkins can become a long-term contributor at one position or the other.
10.  San Francisco 49ers:  Josh Freeman, quarterback, Kansas State.
Freeman’s stock is rising, and the Niners get their version of Oakland’s JaMarcus Russell.
11.  Buffalo Bills:  Michael Oher, tackle, Mississippi.
With a trade of Jason Peters coming sooner or later, the Bills need a guy like Oher to help keep defenders away from Trent Edwards.  So that he can throw passes to Terrell Owens.  So that he can drop them.
12.  Denver Broncos:  B.J. Raji, defensive tackle, Boston College.
In the first season post-Shanahan, the Broncos address a defensive line that the long-time coach was never able to significantly improve.
13.  Washington Redskins:   Aaron Maybin, defensive end, Penn State.
The arrival of Albert Haynesworth and the departure of Jason Taylor puts the team in the market for a high-end defensive end.  Maybin is the best one on the board.
14.  New Orleans Saints:  Knowshon Moreno, running back, Georgia.
If the Saints were interested in LaDainian Tomlinson, then they’re looking for a guy who can beef up the running game.  Though they need help on defense, the offense-biased Sean Payton won’t be able to resist a man like Moreno.
15.  Houston Texans: Brian Cushing, linebacker, USC.
Rey Maualuga’s available, but the Texans have DeMeco Ryans.  A trade down is a possibility here, too.  Especially with Matthew Stafford on the board and the Jets desperate for a quarterback at No. 17.
16.  San Diego Chargers:  Everette Brown, linebacker/defensive end, Florida State.
With Igor Olshansky gone and Shawne Merriman possibly not far behind, a guy like Brown could try both line and linebacker at the NFL level before finding his best fit.

129 responses to “2009 MOCK DRAFT 2.0, PART ONE

  1. not bad…..really cannot disagree with any of it besides maybeee the bengals pick. they have enough f’ed up people on the team, they dont need andre smith.

  2. Tackle is certainly an option for the Lions. I really expect them to take a tackle high and hope Sanchez falls far enough that they can move back up in the 1st round to get him with their #20 pick.

  3. Much better then the last one so far. I dont think BJ Raji falls out of the top 10 though, and dont see Maybin going ahead of Brown.

  4. 9. Green Bay Packers: Malcolm Jenkins, defensive back, Ohio State.
    Cornerbacks Al Harris and Rod Woodson are climbing the 30s ladder, and the decision to tender Atari Bigby, a restricted free agent, at the second-round level suggests that the Packers don’t view him as a cornerstone of the defense. Jenkins can become a long-term contributor at one position or the other.
    Charles Woodson maybe?

  5. Did you change your last name to Mayock for this draft? No Stafford at all.

  6. The Bengals really wanted the USC DT last year (Sedric Ellis?)When he was gone they took Rivers. If Raji is there I think they take him.
    Between Collins, Jones and Whitworth, I think they won’t feel compelled to take an OT with the #6 pick. Center has to be addressed though in Round 2.

  7. AL DAVIS HAS NOT DRAFTED A WR IN THE 1st ROUND SINCE 1988 WHEN HE TOOK TIM BROWN ! Mike Lombardi said Friday night on “Path To the Draft” the Raiders are taking ‘Bama LT Andre Smith with the 7th pick. IF they take Andre Smith then look for them to go after C Alex Mack in the 2nd round to build a line around Russell so he doesn’t get killed out there during the game.

  8. you didn’t hear? Rod Woodson unretired and signed with Green Bay…
    Him and Al Harris were lockdown this season…
    I think this Charles Woodson guy is still in college… 😉

  9. This is definitely one of the more interesting mock drafts I’ve seen. I like it. I’m starting to think that Denver is going to take Stafford or Sanchez, though….

  10. Having Matthew Safford out of the top 16 is insane and to me ruins the credibility of the overall attempt at a mock draft, even if many other slots were well thought out. And something tells me Michael Crabtree must go higher. And isn’t Safford better than Sanchez? I don’t think Sanchez goes before Safford.

  11. The Bengals could sign Andre Smith easily if they threw-in some gift certificates to Montgomery Inn (for ribs), Graeter’s Ice Cream, and Skyline and Gold Star Chili. Heck they could even throw in a few coupons for Fat Burgers as Willie Anderson is opening a new franchise in Cincy.

  12. Malcolm Jenkins is an overrated and slow corner from a WAY overrated Ohio State team. Vontae Davis has the size and speed to play corner effectively in the NFC north.

  13. I actually agree that Eugene Monroe could emerge as the No. 1 overall pick. While he did less reps than Smith at 225 lbs, Monroe was actually good enough to cause Chiefs 2008 No. 1 pick Branden Albert to move to OG in college. Having played in a pro style offense, rather than the spread, Monroe is accustomed to being in a three point stance.
    Sound choice Florio.

  14. you should explain whether this mock draft is your predictions of what will actually happen or what you think each team should do. you give no explanation for taking Sanchez and Freeman ahead of Stafford and we’ve heard no explanations why that would happen. it is confusing.

  15. I dont think stafford will go beyond top 16. I ‘ll remind one of florio’s quote. “All Stafford needs is that one of the top 16 draft team to say yes for him to be a top 16”. I’m sure there will be one. He has too good an arm to pass and he loves football so i’m sure he is a top 10. If he is in 8 Jags will snatch him.

  16. 4. Seattle Seahawks: Mark Sanchez, quarterback, USC. WTF? This is WAY off! With Mora now coaching the Hawks, he WILL use Seneca Wallace in a way he is familiar with…..think about it, Wallace DID NOT fit Holmgren’s syle of offense. They will draft a potential replacement for Walter Jones…Bank on it!

  17. Wow, where to start.
    1.I guess where I would start is Green Bay they’re switching to a 3-4 they need 3-4 lineman first and foremost. Think B.J.
    2. Then you have one of the worst reaches ever, Freeman, seriously for the niners? More like Everette Brown 3-4 OLB
    3. Maybin 1 year wonder and way to small also a reach.
    4. Then you mention Everette brown being able to play DE in a 3-4 defense wow do you look at sizes at all when you do these? 6-1 250 is NOT a 3-4 DE.

  18. Levi Jones won’t be playing left tackle for the Bengals this year. Anthony Collins stepped in and did a great job, which included keeping James Harrison to half a tackle in his first career start.
    Whichever tackle Cincinnati drafts will be on the field, along with Collins. Levi Jones’ injuries basically did him in. I don’t expect him to start on a consistent basis again in Cincinnati.

  19. i should have known. when i started reading, i had low hopes. then it started to get pretty good. good logic, your picks (morethan usual) made sense. then i get to # 9, with raji on the board, AND YOU HAVE THE PACKERS PICKING JENKINS?!?!?! WTF florio? jesus, i should have known better.

  20. I have alot of problems with it..
    Seattle will not take a QB there, they need OL help. Jones not getting younger and they lost Womack.
    Cincy doesn’t need another knucklehead, tehy could take Oher or Raji.
    Green Bay would take Ragi if he is still there over Jenkins who is falling.
    S.F.- will not take Freeman over Stafford and they need can’t blow another pick on a QB.
    N.O. will not take Moreno that high or on a RB they need a LB or CB.
    Denver will not see Raji that far down and they need DL or could take Maleuga.
    Washington would take Brown over Maybin.
    Houston would take DT-Peria Jerry at this spot if available not a LB.

  21. Wow ridiculous:
    1. Green Bay switching to 3-4 defense they need lineman first not secondary: think B.J. Raji
    2. Niners, why does everyone think they need a QB, plus talk about a reach in the draft: think Everette Brown
    3. When you do mention Brown it’s as a potential 3-4 DE??????? at 6-1 250 would love to see that.

  22. I would think the Packers HAVE to draft a guy for the front 7. They don’t even have enough bodies in the front 7, let alone talent. Their only OLB in the new 3-4 is Aaron Kampman, who has been playing end his whole NFL career.

  23. this is a terrible mock draft just because MARK SANCHEZ is the number 4 pick … ?? are you insane hes lucky if they jets pick him at 16 which i am praying doesnt happen

  24. If Raji is there at 9, he’ll go to the Packers. You can take that to the bank. And I won’t even mention Stafford not being in this half-mock.

  25. I would agree with #1 pick if it was any team but Detroit. They will find a way to screw it up. Seahawks will go after B.J. Raji, Eugene Monroe will fall to the Bengals, Pack will pick Aaron maybin, 49ers pick Andre Smith, Saints gets Jenkins and Skins get Oher. I do agree with most of it. Stafford to Lions, Sanchez to Jets, and Freeman to Bucs.

  26. Packers will take Raji at #9 in a heartbeat. They have a developing Tramon Williams and Pat Lee.

  27. i agree with most people on here are saying: how can you not have Stafford in the top 10, nonetheless top half? did Mayock die and are you his reincarnation? i’m not saying i love Stafford, but he does have the tools to be a great QB and the only guy i can think of who DOESN’T think he’ll be picked top 10 is you. i’m not too sure about the Freeman and Sanchez picks. i think Seattle gets Crabtree b/c if they do only see a couple years left in Hasselback, then they’ll probably try and get weapons this year and focus on QB’s next year when McCoy and most likely Bradford will be entering. i could see Sanchez going to SF, but not Freeman. like another post said, why would anyone want another Jamarcus Russell? i see Jeremy Maclin going to the raiders, Vontae Davis to JAX, Everette Brown to GB, and Rey Maualuga to SD.

  28. I’m already sick of Mike Brown and his stupid management decisions. If he drafts Andre Smith, I’m done. I have dropped my season tickets and I will drop this team altogether if we draft another jackass. With all of the recent “troubles” in Bengaland, I don’t think the Bengals will touch Andre Smith with a 10 foot pole. However, I never thought Chris Henry would wear a Bengals uniform again either.
    I agree that the two best tackles(Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe) will unfortunately be off the board by the time the Bengals pick. I’m hoping that someone will be tempted to trade up to get Crabtree or Maclin. If not, I think the Bengals go with B.J. Raji. Marvin Lewis has man crushes on huge defensive tackles. And he coached him in the Senior Bowl.

  29. I don’t think there will be a single one of these picks that are correct. Niners don’t go QB, but Freeman over Stafford at 10??? They must be using something besides flouride in that West Virgnia water…

  30. Why would anyone want to draft a QB high this year. The “experts” seem to mostly agree that neither Stafford nor Sanchez would be first-round picks in most years. What’s the point?
    Look at Jamarcus Russel. Number one pick, been paid about $20 million so far, and he hasn’t done a THING yet. Even if he starts playing well this year (HUGE if) the Raiders will be paying him $15 mil/year for four years for good QB play. If he becomes a great player in a few years (another HUGE if) he’ll already be free agent and the Raiders would have to pay another $60 million to keep him. Its just not worth the risk.

  31. Impossible for stafford to not be included in the top 16, just a ploy to get the amount of comments and views up…weak

  32. Not too bad and I appreciate the work you put into this so far. I would have to kindly disaggree with you on the notion that Shawn Merriman could be following Igor Olshansky out the door though. Igor was good, not great, while Merriman is great and really impacts wheater or not the Chargers’ defense succeeds or fails. Now I’ll be looking for the other half to see who you think the Bucs will take.

  33. It’s still so early in the process. The draft is still over a month away. All the reasons given were well thought out and that is all anyone can hope for at this stage. With Stafford (or another QB) not going number 1, it can start a whole slew of trade options for those looking for a QB. I could see the first three staying with their picks and the trading could begin at number 4. I like this a lot and not just because I think that Detroit not only should do exactly what you are saying, but actually will. They might even hope that one of the QB’s is available at the top of the second round. I think they would probably be one of those teams looking to make a package (their 2nd first rounder and their second rounder) to move up to get one of the three (if they like all three). I think as it gets closer to the draft you will see Raji moving up the boards. He might be someone that teams target to move ahead of a competitor to snag. This was well done.

  34. The 49ers are not going for a QB when they have so many holes to fill i.e RT,Safety,Pass Rusher…Singletary is a back to basics type guy that means OL or DL especially with some of the names left starting at pick #11 in your draft.

  35. the hawks have seneca wallace as a solid back up behind hasselbeck, n even though they’re both old a 1st round qb seems far stretched
    n i cant imagine anyone taking freeman over stafford. ron “jaws” jaworksi said today that freeman throws with his arms and not his body so NFL d-ends will tear him apart

  36. ???
    If BJ Raji is still there at 9, the Packers will take him. There is almost no way that the Packers would ever take Malcolm Jenkins with the 9th pick.

  37. you think you’re tricky Florio, I’m sure you made that up (no Stafford) so people could talk about it

  38. Sanchez? No way. I think they would trust Wallace more than him. They may take a QB but not until the later rounds.
    If Smith, Monroe and Curry are gone, I think the Hawks will take Orakpo or Crabtree if they can’t trade down.
    Agree with posters that Raji will go to GB if he is there.

  39. Detroit should take Monroe or Smith at 1, then use their 20 and 33 to trade into the top 10 to get the QB they want.

  40. I love how everybody slams Florio’s mock drafts. NOT! When the hell did any of you become draft experts? Half of you probably thought Brady Quinn would be in the top 10. Wrong. Not even top 20. If the man thinks Stafford won’t be in the top 16, let it be. I mean the Lions are the only team so far with a pressing need for a QB. Rams haven’t given up on Bulger (yet), Chiefs have Cassel/Thigpen, Seahawks have a couple more years left with Hasselbeck, Browns are still riding the Derek Anderson bandwagon, Bengals have a good guy in Palmer, Raiders are still blowing money on Russell, Jacksonville just paid Garrard, Packers have Rodgers and 49ers have 3 guys they deem capable of getting the job done. There’s your top 10 and 10 reasons for Stafford not to be picked in the top 10. It still could happen but there’s a possibility it won’t. I hope he’s right so you guys all feel like assholes

  41. Love the fact Stafford isn’t on the list, he is so over-rated it is unbelievable, Joey Harrington 2.0. Think the Lions might trade down a few places, get a tackle and go for Tebow next season? If they play like they did this season that’s quite realistic.

  42. i only read the first pick and already got a problem… a mock draft is about who you think they will pick not who they should pick… and I agree with you that they shouldn’t pick stafford and go for a tackle but you have said many times that they dont know what there doing… so be true to what you say if you believe they don’t know what there doing obviously then there not going to do the smart thing

  43. I love Malcolm Jenkins (as a Safety) he will not be with the pack he is a safety at the next level not a corner. I love Sanchez going before Stafford and almost bet he is the better pro, but not with the Seahawks, and Raji will not fall that far. Otherwise I think this was a good mock draft, really at the end of the day mock drafts are a crap shot and there is no telling what trades will still happen before the draft, who stock will drop, and who will trade picks with who.

  44. I don’t see Green Bay drafting Jenkins at #9 – there would be much better VALUE and one thing we know about Ted Thompson is that he DOES NOT draft for need.
    So, I would believe if Raji is still on the board at #9, he represents more value than Jenkins and would be the selection.

  45. Thank u. You partially made up for that first travesty you called
    a mock draft (partially means we’ll see what happens with the
    second half). You guys took time to make educated guesses. Bravo…
    (please don’t mess it up by saying the Dolphins are going to draft
    Percy Harvin because I will find you and roundhouse kick you)
    Well done guys!!!!

  46. I think it’s plausible to transpose the picks of B.J. Raji and Brian Orakpo. Orakpo has questions regarding focus and playing 100% every down. I haven’t heard anything like that about B.J. Raji.
    I think the Niners would take Stafford over Freeman.
    The one thing that no one ever does in the mock drafts is try to anticipate any of the trades, leap-frogging, and other jockeying teams do on draft day. It’s starting to look like Cutler will go to Detroit on draft day.
    Looking at this mock draft — if John Laurinaitis falls out of the top 15, I think Detroit would make a move to get him and would not wait to see if he’s still there at #20.

  47. Wheres Pat White, the way you talk him up, he should be in the top 5 by now.

  48. Oher doesn’t get past the 49ers. They haven’t given up on Smith and they’re lacking a right tackle.

  49. Could Stafford’s draft be like Brady Quinn’s a few years back? The Lions opt for a tackle at number one and still manage to pick up Stafford later in the draft?

  50. Well, I guess everyone’s told you — Florio — the Pack won’t pick Jenkins !! (he’s stiff and slow — not a good corner; plus, he’s from Ohio State — we tried that a couple of years ago…)
    I’ve already heard talk about Jenkins having potential at safety: the Packers need no more transitional therapy, where a tackle is asked to play guard, a corner to safety, a long snapper to QB. Enough of that crap !
    They lose Cole in FA; Jolly might serve time; Harrell is a hangnail away from DL; Jenkins blew out a boob; Pickett is fat — yes, I think some kind of help is needed in the front 7 area

  51. Are you guys idiots and first timers on PFT? The whole Rod/Charles Woodson thing was a joke. Haven’t you realized by now that Florio is a smart ass? You guys seem to be a little worked up over Florio’s sarcasm. Get a clue! You must all be idiot Packer fans that don’t know anything about football to begin with.

  52. Stafford = Stiff. Maybe not Ryan Leaf probably in Chrissie Evert territory.
    The Packers are never ever taking a safety at nine. All bets welcome. Odds given.

  53. If Aaron Maybin is still available at 9, he’s in Green Bay. Bet on it. If not, Thompson trades down.

  54. You are wrong about the Packer’s pick at #9. Ted Thompson is scouring hospitals and rehab centers right now looking for his draft pick so Harrell isn’t alone on the IR list.

  55. Knowshon Moreno to the saints??? cmon just because they showed interest in L.T.? show the saints a some respect and put a little more thought into that pick. If there going RB its going to be Beanie Wells a big back to replace Duece not a back that is similar in build to Reggie Bush who they already have. Besides that with Gregg Williams as there new Defensive coordinator they are picking D, if they did pick Offense I could see peyton shocking everybody and taking Brandon Pettigrew, to be like Antonio Gates for Drew Brees, since Shockey hasnt been able to stay healthy, but I doubt he would take him at 14, If the saints cant find anybody of value at 14 it would be smart that they trade down and pick up a 2nd or 3rd round pick which they dont have

  56. LostinTexas is in idiot… Buckeyes damn near beat Texas but they are so overrated… Texas must be pretty damn overrated as well. Also, this mock is a crock… no Stafford is crazy and Smith to the Bengals is down right stupid, he will fall to late first if not all the way out of the first round

  57. Nice mock up Mr. Florio, You had it all… A sound number one… a surprise in the top ten… and crabtree going to oakland… I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the ladder half.

  58. Well known fact, the Raiders and Titans (and the Broncos did under Shanahan) really go for the measurables… with that being said they WILL take Maclin over Crabtree because Al loves speed and Crabtree isn’t nearly as fast as Maclin.
    Stafford will go in the top 16, even if he started to fall some team (Bucs, Bears, Lions, 49ers, Rams, Broncos (if Cutler is traded), Panthers, Vikings, Titans, or some other QB needy team) will move up and snatch him up.

  59. It’s not a bad attempt at a mock-draft.
    There are a few things I would change. First, as one reader pointed out earlier and I agree, I see the Bengals drafting BJ Raji.
    The Niners probably won’t pass up Stafford, but I mean them taking a quarterback is the right idea, so maybe.
    Aside from that, I really only see one disturbing pick, and that’s the Saints at 14.
    There is absolutely NO WAY the Saints take an offensive player. The Saints and Pats are the only two teams that have had top 5 offenses the last two years. The Saints were #1 last year and retain all 22 starters. Additionally, Reggie Bush, Jeremey Shockey, Colston are now healthy. Pierre Thomas played very well down the stretch without Reggie Bush’s help last year. Despite having the #1 offense, where did it lead the Saints… to an 8-8 record. LAST in the NFC South. The bottom line is that they need a defense, and with new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, they are doing everything they can to give him players to run his aggresive system.
    And your statement about the Saints being interested in LT is flatout wrong. Drew Brees was interested in him, not the Saints. The whole LT to New Orleans situation was a Drew Brees interview blown up completely by ESPN. THe Saints never (and still don’t) have the money to bring in a guy like LT. As of two days ago, the Saints had about $2.5 million to spend.
    Being a season ticket holder, I can guarantee the Saints go defense with their pick. The Sean Payton era has produced two quality drafts. The Saints are where they need to be on offense and special teams. Contrary to popular belief, the Saints will not select a cornerback. The weakness of the defense is at outside linebacker and both safeties.
    Since it’s too high to pick a safety (although I woulnd’t be surprised if Payton reached), the most logical picks for the Saints would be either of the two outside USC linebackers.
    the end.

  60. Looks pretty good to me Florio, but all that really counts is that you used “Andre the Giant Boobs”.

  61. I’m digging this mock draft. Finally someone else realizes how over-hyped Stafford is. I think Raji will go at 6 to the Bengals and Oakland will not take a WR in round 1.(it’s only happened once)I have Crabtree going to JAC and Maclin going SF at 10. Why does everyone think JAC will take a QB?

  62. I don’t see JAC or SF taking a QB. Maclin goes 10 in my mock, Raji goes to CIN, and OAK takes Andre Smith and his massive boobs.

  63. Everette Brown going to the Chargers Florio?!?! Are you serious…ever hear of the names Shawne Merriman or Shaun Phillips? And hes not suited to play DE in a 4-3 scheme much less a 3-4 scheme.

  64. My guess is that the Eagles trade up with the Redskins (they need picks and we have about all of the 5th round) to get one of the big tackles. Your scenario rules that out – BOOOOO!

  65. Jaguar have drafted a WR or receiving TE in the first round 3 of the last 5 drafts. In that time, a 4th round WR (Ernest Wilford) and 2nd round RB (MJD) have outperformed them. They might take a WR there but I would guess they won’t (too risky). I also don’t see them taking a QB at #8 after giving Garrard a $60M contract, not to mention all the problems last year with paying the #8 pick. A QB would be too expensive there (plus, 50/50 chance he’s a bust). And since they traded away half their draft last year to take 2 DE’s, I would guess it won’t be a DE at #8.

  66. Anyone who thinks Everett Brown can play D-line in a 3-4 defense obviously knows nothing about football and thus shouldn’t even waste our times by doing a mock.

  67. Anyone who thinks Matt Stafford will be the 3rd QB of the board obviously knows nothing about the draft and thus shouldn’t even waste our times by doing a mock.

  68. You flat out forgot to include Stafford. I can see Sanchez before Stafford but not Freeman. Hahaha

  69. I was never high on Stafford, anyway. I wondered from the start why people talked about him like he was the second coming of Jesus. He didn’t perform well at Georgia with a pretty decent ammount of talent, what makes you think that he can perform at the NFL level where you can’t stockpile 4 & 5 star talent. Stafford may not be as bad as I think, and he will lose tens of millions of dollars by not being the #1. However, he may benefit from the “Roethelisberger Theory”. Roethelisberger (I did w/o spellchecking AND I am a Browns fan) by not going higher lost money, but he didn’t have to suffer on a team with zero talent. He fell to a good team that had a bad year. His second contract was over $100 million. Good for him…go Browns…even though they will suck for years to come.

  70. Florio,
    An improvement from your last mock draft…
    Any chance you see Jacksonville moving into the Top 5 if Aaron Curry doesn’t go in the top 3 picks…The move from 8 to 4 can’t be all that costly, and Curry replacing Mike Peterson in the middle is what Jack Del Rio has been stroking it to since Combine…

  71. By the way, Stafford as the #1 pick and all of that pressure with so little talent think Alex Smith. And Andre the Giant…Boobs was classic. It just might stick.

  72. I have to agree, Stafford (and Sanchez for that matter) would be the 3rd or 4th QB in most years…That said, I think the jests will jump up into the fray to land Stafford. That is, if they don’t make a serious run at Cutler…

  73. There is just no way Cincy takes Smith after his “display” at his pro day. The will go for Crabtree or reach for Raji at #6 before taking a chance on Smith.

  74. If Andre Smith is around at 13 figure the Skins to reach for him there. The Skins need some youth on the O-Line and with an Alabama Alum in Chris Samuels on the roster to be a “father figure” the Skins probably won’t be able to help themselves.
    I would rather the Skins take a D-Lineman, but watch out of Andre Smith.

  75. I gonna crap my pants if this thing is even close! Detroit is to stupid to make a “sensable” move! That fat ass Andre Davis would’nt surprise me if he feel to the late 1st rd. You could pay him In donuts and fried ckicken skin! Im kinda hungry!

  76. No way do the Hawks pick Sanchez. He’s got a couple big character red flags (rape accusation, etc), and GM Tim Ruskell is big on character.

  77. There’s no freakin’ way the Jags will draft a WR at 8. If Stafford is still on the board, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes there. Otherwise, we need bodies on both lines – BJ Raji, Michael Oher, or even trading down with the Jets to pick up draft picks.

  78. The Seahawks are not taking a QB in the first round. There are no QB’s worth taking at that high spot this year. I personally am getting tired of seeing mock drafts with a QB going to Seattle. Good Grief!

  79. I just don’t see the Raiders drafting a WR. Based on their history it would be a DB or lineman. There are too many questions about the WRs in this draft with solid lineman at the top of it.
    I think it will either be a DT or OT…..

  80. Ok…I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that CLEVELAND picks MICHAEL CRABTREE at number 5. The reasons for my madness are this: 1. They lost/traded/dumped two of their best receivers (Winslow & Jurevicius). 2. Braylon can’t catch a cold in Antarctica. 3. Lead-foot Stallworth will be behind lead bars sometime during the season if not before. 4. Josh Cribbs is going to defense.
    Who does that leave to catch the ball? Answer: Nobody. Mankok really did it to us good. We’ll be lucky to beat the Lions this year…especially with that new purdy outfit.

  81. Actually, this is a pretty good mock draft. I don’t see BJ Raji lasting to 12, and I’ve always assumed the Bengals would grab him. Perhaps not, though.
    And why would you need an explanation for why to take Freeman and Sanchez ahead of Stafford? Did you ever actually watch Matthew Stafford play in college? He had an amazing stable of talent surrounding him, and looked mediocre most of the time.
    I’d say he’s the next David Carr, but at least David Carr looked good in college.
    P.S. Carr’s name is now Mittens. Google it

  82. Thanks for the unique prospective … but there is no way Andre Smith will be in the top ten. Everette Brown will not be drafted by the Chargers. You mentioned Igor Olshansky, will a 3/4 team deploy a 240-250 DE? No, and with Phillips, Merriman and Giles they will not select another OLB for their scheme. And then there is Matthew Stafford.

  83. VegasGreek says:
    March 15th, 2009 at 5:16 pm
    AL DAVIS HAS NOT DRAFTED A WR IN THE 1st ROUND SINCE 1988 WHEN HE TOOK TIM BROWN ! Mike Lombardi said Friday night on “Path To the Draft” the Raiders are taking ‘Bama LT Andre Smith with the 7th pick.
    Ummm… they also hadn’t taken a QB in the first since Todd Marinovich in 91… and a RB in the first since Napoleon Kaufman in 95…
    and Maybe Mike Lombardi was part of the problem in Oakland when he was there

  84. I think the first 8 picks are about as sensible a mock as I’ve seen in a while. However, #9 with Green Bay’s slot can never be a “need” pick because that’s not how Ted Thompson operates. He’s a value guy, so I’m not sure how a 4.55 corner represents value – and that was on a fast Ohio State track. Remember, AJ Hawk ran a 4.4 on that track and he’s a linebacker!

  85. RE Detroit.
    if it was so simple how did they whiff on 3 in a row ??
    i agree this is what they should do but remember, mayhew and his other cohort in the frontoffice were with Mattie Millen and signed off on some of their free agent busts, at least according to Mayhew anyway.
    they probably will go stupiT and sign a QB like Stafford who is a 2nd rounder, at best, in a crappy quarterback draft.

  86. ur the only person w/ enough common sense to have the jags pick a receiver w/ #8 good job Florio

  87. No way the pack passes on B.J. Raji if he’s still available. Also they have awful luck drafting corners, the only way they take Malcom Jenkins is if they somehow see him as the Troy Polamalu type SS fixture to their new 3-4 D. I think your top three picks are on the spot depending on how contract negotiations go between the Lions and Smith and Monroe.

  88. I think the Saints would rather have a more “pounding” RB if they draft one in the first round (Beanie Wells). It would be a better one/two punch with Reggie Bush.

  89. 1)Aaron Curry OLB DET
    2)Jason Smith OT STL
    3)Eugene Monroe OT KC
    4)Mark Sanchez QB SEA
    5)Brian Orakpo DE CLE
    6)B.J. Raji DT CIN
    7)Andre Smith OT OAK
    8)Micheal Crabtree WR JAX
    9)Aaron Maybin OLB GB
    10)Matthew Stafford QB SF
    11)Brandon Pettigrew TE BUF
    12)Rey Maualuga LB DEN
    13)Micheal Oher OT WAS
    14)Malcolm Jenkins S NO
    15)Everette Brown OLB HOU
    16)Tyson Jackson DE SD
    17)Josh Freeman QB NYJ
    18)Jeremy Maclin WR CHI
    19)Percy Harvin WR TB
    20)Vontae Davis CB DET
    21)Hakeem Nicks WR PHI
    22)Darrius Heyward-Bey WR MIN
    23)Brian Cushing OLB NE
    24)James Laurintis LB ATL
    25)Larry English OLB MIA
    26)Alphonso Smith CB Bal
    27)Peria Jerry DT IND
    28)William Beatty OT PHI
    29)Clay Matthews LB NYG
    30)Alex Mack C TEN
    31)Knowshon Moreno RB ARI
    32)Ebon Britton OT PIT
    33)Chris Wells RB DET
    There is your first round (and 1 second rounder) Write it down take it to the bank, only way it doesn’t go this way is if/when there are trades.

  90. brian_21 says:
    March 15th, 2009 at 5:17 pm
    “Having Matthew Safford out of the top 16 is insane and to me ruins the credibility of the overall attempt at a mock draft, even if many other slots were well thought out. And something tells me Michael Crabtree must go higher. And isn’t Safford better than Sanchez? I don’t think Sanchez goes before Safford.”
    You know what else ruins credibility? Not knowing a person’s name. It’s Matthew STAFFORD. And don’t give me this bullshit about misspelling or anything, b/c you’re probably one of the people who bitched that Florio wrote Rod Woodson instead of Charles Woodson tounge-in-cheek.
    To everyone else…lighten up. It’s called a mock draft for a reason…it’s not real. Just one guy’s opinion on how it might pan out. If Florio hits on 40% of his picks, he’ll fluff himself with posts for a year, then we’ll go through this again next March. At least he is making somewhat sensible picks, unlike the idiots here, who think the Lions will spend BOTH of their first round picks on offense…when they had the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL last year. Welcome to the bandwagon fellas…there are names other than those you occassionally hear on ESPN.

  91. 14. New Orleans Saints: Knowshon Moreno, running back, Georgia.???
    So the Saints get a Reggie Bush starter kit in Moreno, so they can pair him with Reggie Bush???
    nice draft though, other than that.

  92. This is easily one of the worst mock drafts ive seen. Wow, im very disappointed.
    Sanchez at 4?! LoL the dude is going to be Matt Leinart 2.0. Freeman shouldnt even be in the top 64 picks, much less top 10. Thats just insane, his workout wasnt impressive at all and he is going to be a nice bust for whoever takes him. Stafford is EASILY the best QB of this draft, and he’s not in the top 16, ok.

  93. Sorry Mr. Florio,but I just don’t see Stafford falling out of the top10 and Freeman going before him.

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