Broncos owner Pat Bowlen publicly addressed on Sunday the ongoing feud between the team and quarterback Jay Cutler.
And Bowlen recognized that which anyone not in denial about the situation already realized — a divorce could be coming.
I’m very disappointed,” Bowlen said.  “I’m disappointed in the whole picture, not just disappointed that we might lose our star quarterback.”
Cutler is under contract for three more seasons.  So if the Broncos choose to take a hard line, Cutler has no real options.
Meanwhile, Taco Bill suggests a new approach for dealing with Cutler.


  1. How many times are you going to milk the same article?
    The same article you based an entire post earlier as containing, “exchanged words,” when it didn’t.

  2. Ha! Bowlen should have thought about that before he shopped him. Big mistake even if Cutler asked to be traded he should have ignored it and moved on. Now you’re just screwed. It all goes back to the people in charge. If a child does something stupid then the parent is at fault. If an employee does something stupid the employer needs to act swiftly to find the resolution. You can’t just flounder around like a dumb sh-t.
    Congratulations Mr. Bowlen on your acceptance to the club. You’ll be seated between Mr. Randall Lerner and Mr. Al Davis.

  3. Dear Zygi Wilf;
    Give up your first round pick for this guy. He’s BETTER THAN ANYONE CHILLY CAN FIND. If you can get rid of T-jack or Gus in the process all the better.
    Thank you,
    A Minny fan who may just jump ship if he sees another year of jump passes.

  4. And why doesn’t Bowlen step in and fix the problem? Cutler should be sent to his room for a timeout and no TV for a week, that will set him straight. LMFAO
    P.S. loved Taco Bill’s pic of the day

  5. Come on Bucs pull the trigger on the deal and send a the 19th pick in the draft to the Broncos for Cutler. JUST DO IT.

  6. Worse–they might lose their fan base. And that is saying something in Denver.
    This level of mis-management reveals how good Shanny was as coach and GM. In his 13 years nothing like this ever transpired. Yes he hired some turds and lost some games he should have won, but in spite of all that the city generally felt that he was the best coach available and made genuine efforts to get better. Not that many of them worked out…but he always put the organization first.
    Mcdaniels has not shown the city or organization that he has ANY idea how to win.
    The only way to get this fixed is have a monster draft and based on McDouche’s judgment that doesn’t seem likely.

  7. Here’s a solution: Being a lifelong Eagles fan i realize there is probably a zero percent chance of this even being considered, HOWEVER… if the Eagles are serious about dumping Mcnabb this yr or next, what about offering Mcnabb, the 21st and the 28th pick in this year’s draft to Denver for Cutler and the Broncos’ first round pick??
    I’d really hate to see Mcnabb leave but it seems like a win win.
    Reid gets a QB w/a huge arm that can throw it 50 times a game and a higher 1st rd draft pick in this year’s draft.
    McDaniels gets a vet QB w/a LOT left in the tank that can help implement his system in Denver and ultimately groom the Broncos’ QB of the future whenever they get one (be it this year or next).

  8. “We might lose our star quarterback” hold on hes gonna run away!!!!! haha
    Thats funny you put him here when you wanted to trade him!!! stupid

  9. OMG girls, quit your bitchin’. You’re gonna miss the beginning of Desparate Housewives!
    Keep it coming, Mike. Is it Sept. yet?

  10. Anyone else notice that that article mentions both Cutler and Simms’ salaries this year, but doesn’t talk about the, “Oh by the way, Cutler’s backup will make three times what he makes this year” angle?
    What are the chances that the Broncos could just placate him by paying him what he’s worth?

  11. Mcdaniels is going to get canned at the end of the year. Lions just acquired Peterson. I don’t see on why don’t they just give up their number one overall pick to the Broncos. They will have a get good QB. Kevin Smith and Megatron and emerging stars.

  12. Lions still have the most to give Denver. As a Viking fan, I don’t think our first round pick- #22 -will be enough to get Cutler.

  13. You know, it just dawned on me… Not to discredit Peter King, but to date, he’s the only person that I know of to report that Jay Cutler asked for a trade weeks in advance. If that’s really true, then why has no one else confirmed his report? Adam Shefter used to write in Denver, so surely he still has contacts. And Jay Glazer knows everyone in the business, so why have neither of them confirmed King’s report about Cutler asking for a trade? It makes me suspicious as to whether or not that was simply a rumor or if it actually happened. Since no one else has bothered to confirm it, I’m inclined to believe the former.
    After going through all kinds of drama as a Packer fan last season, I feel for Bronco’s fans. It sucks when you have no idea who the main guy on your team is going to be next season.
    p.s. Why can’t shit like this happen to the Vikings?

  14. Dude, no, don’t dump Cutler. I mean, it doesn’t matter, ’cause whoever is Denver’s QB will sit on the sidelines and watch his D lose to San Diego, but watching Cutler watch his guys get carved up is so entertaining. Really, the more entertaining thing on TV is the post-game interviews, where he says his guys all suck and it’s not his fault and his opponents suck too, only just slightly less than his sucky guys. He makes sure to rag on his defense first, ’cause a QB has to be nice to his OL, but his lame attitude will keep the Chargers in command of the division almost no matter how badly Norv screws things up.

  15. Even though Cutler is acting like a child, is it just me or is he worth more than a single first rounder? Based on his talent he is worth at least what Jared Allen went for. Give him an actual defense and he will thrive. McDaniels doesn’t want McNabb. He needs a QB that doesn’t throw at his receivers feet when the game is on the line.

  16. “Star Quarterback?” I thought Elway retired 10 years ago? Cutler is a whiny little bitch who really isn’t that good.

  17. Keep the articles coming, Mike. As long as the next one is something like… Cutler looking for home in the Tampa Bay area…

  18. For anyone who wondered: “Why would the Patriots let McDaniels go when he ran that record-breaking offense?” … now you know.

  19. SpartaChris,
    I actually think Cutler did initiate the trade conversation. It just fits the facts. That doesn’t change anything though. As Florio mentioned last week it’s the first 3 years of a contract that matter. After that, if you’re overperforming it, you swing a new one. This can’t be a surprise to anyone. The situation is clear. He’s not getting paid according to his level and if he doesn’t lock up a longer term deal he’s risking his future earning potential. What better time to force the issue when your trade value is highest, when it’s the beginning of a new regime and when there are lots of teams looking to lock up a young franchise qb. He might not be able to apply this leverage next year if the season goes rough, nor would the team get as much for him. And I’m pretty sure Bowlen and co want to start their new era off on this sort of footing. This play had been set in motion months ago I imagine. Everyone knew. This is all kabuki theatre, imo. McD’s actions just clarify that push come to shove, Cutler will get moved.

  20. None of this would even be happening if the Broncos didn’t choke away the division in the month of December last year. I dont blame Cutler for what he’s doing, the team sucks.

  21. Southernboi…part of the reason the Broncos choked away the month of December is because of Cutler (bowl cut) throwing numerous INTs, many in the red zone, during that 3 game slide…

  22. Hey Bowlen – YOU hired the dumbasses that shopped Cutler and all of you got played big time by the Patriots. It is up to YOU to clean and clear this up.
    If you do not you will set the Broncos back to Pre-Elway talent. Of course you are a billionaire so most likely you could not give shit what the fans think.
    FIRE McD yesterday already. It was a mistake and to continue the circus is beyond Jerry Jones Stupid.

  23. Cutler shouldn’t push McDaniels. He’s under contract. If he pisses off the Broncos management, he’ll be sitting for 3 years and not hit his contract incentives. His value 3 years from now w/o playing any football and acting the way he has, will lose him a lot value and money going into the future.

  24. to ralph, ie his idol ralph nader
    which by the way shows the intelligence level, you point is no matter what a person is not responsible for their actions, it is the person or people that is their immediate higher up that is at fault. Geez and you people get on for me for making fun of dumbasses

  25. If the Bucs send the 19th pick to Denver for Cutler, then Denver could either use the 12th on a QB and 19th on a guy like Peria Jerry, or trade the 19th and 12th for a top 10 pick and get either Sanchez or Stafford. I think the Bucs would be better off trading for one of Cleveland’s QB’s for our 3rd round pick. I would not be able to argue with trading for Cutler though no matter what the cost.

  26. Why is Jay Cutler such a baby? Who does he think he is? John Elway? Why did Jay Cutler get SO upset? What is his problem? Is he stupid? Is he naive? Is he a tiiny bit too sensitive? Aren’t NFL players going to give him a hard time about this — most of whom are treated far worse than Cutler?
    What Cutler doesn’t realize is that Denver is actually ripe for passing statistics … with Brandon Marshall, the favorable altitude (or maybe that’s just better for hitters in baseball), with Eddie Royal, with a great offensive line … he’s gotta get his head out of where the sun don’t shine and realize he is in an excellent situation and that he is making a fool out of himself.

  27. Rasputin, you can’t not let a coach interview for a HC job, or else other prospective coaches won’t work for you…….
    NE didn’t really have a choice in letting mcdaniels go

  28. LOL!! Josh McDaniels is a deadman walking already!!
    Anyone who thinks Cutler isn’t a good QB is a fool and doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  29. Denvers OL pass protected better than any in the league last year. That tends to make almost any QB play well. Put him behind a so-so line with his wing-it style of play and “I don’t need coaching” attitude and I think you have a career meltdown waiting to happen.

  30. “We might lose our star quarterback”. Put the dude in a playpen and ship his ass to Tampa Bay!!

  31. He’s going to TB…and should. I agree, he’s at his highest earnings potential and, since he’s trying to unload two properties at the crappiest time to sell real estate, clearly he’ll need it!!
    Tell your folks to lease long term with the Florida property, wouldja??

  32. If worse gets to worse Cutler can just sue them under the Americans with Disability Act.

  33. I just heard on the news tonight here in Colorado Springs that CBS4 in Denver is reporting that Cutler has now asked to be traded.

  34. As a Chargers fan I am concerned he will get traded. I love watching the bolts beat that whinny little bitch over and over again. I can see why people think he could be great, but I personally think the dude is so overrated. I had him in fantasy last year and he only did good against bad defenses and wasn’t that great after the midpoint. Every defense in the AFC sucked last year, so that’s half his games. You saw what happened when he played good opponents. And he didn’t step up at the end of the year when all they needed was him to win 1 game to get in the playoffs. If I’m a Broncos fan, I’d want to trade him at this point. He obviously isn’t going to have the right attitude to be good for them and they can’t get rid of McDaniels. I’m sure it’s annoying to have a new coach come in and things happen like this, but I’m sorry, Cutler is the one who is more to blame for this mess.

  35. Having read the latest (highly divergent) accounts from both McDaniels and Cutler of their meetings, it is clear that the relationship between them is broken beyond repair. Right now I am not sure that McDaniels and Cutler could even agree on how many legs a human being normally possesses…
    The Broncos need to trade Cutler ASAP and get what they can for him. They could force him to stay for the remainder of his contract, but that will merely result in an unhappy, pissed-off player having to be tolerated or managed until his contract expires. That is a waste of everybody’s energy.
    As for how the Broncos got into this mess…well, i do recall that 2 seasons ago they managed to piss off their previous quarterback so much that he walked away from the game. One might have thought that they learned something from that event, but the past few weeks shows that they have not. If you’re going to trade the guy you claim is the franchise QB, you had better make the trade work, or you will then have to walk back from the implication that you don’t think he is that important. Bowlen and McDaniels have screwed up the walk-back big-time, seemingly relying heavily on business-type statements like “anybody can be traded”, which are guaranteed to further infuriate an already-offended player. Just because that is the reality, it does not mean that you have to further piss off a player by saying it out loud.
    This debacle should be required reading for any human management class in future.

  36. Stop blaming Cutler. Both McDaniels and Cutler are responsible for this fallout. McDaniels appears to be a product of the Bill Belichick School of Social Graces, and is as adept at communication as Belichick. Cutler feels betrayed but is not demonstrating resilience. Sometimes you just have to suck it up for the benefit of all involved.

  37. Jay Cutler! This D-BAG is nothing more than Jeff George Jr., just as goofy looking with a piss poor attitude to boot. I love It!!!!

  38. The owner brought in a 32 year old as Head Coach. That’s problem #1.
    Problem #2 is Cutler is a baby.
    His plan was to get traded all along.
    Chris Simms, this is your coming out party.
    Trade Cutler to Cleveland for Shaun Rogers and Denver is suddenly a good team again.
    Under Jay Cutler, Broncos are 9-7, 7-9, 8-8.
    He and Brett Favre made the Pro Bowl last year ahead of Philip Rivers and Big Ben? What a joke.

  39. I’m disappointed in the whole picture, not just disappointed that we might lose our star quarterback.”
    That comment was a shot across McDaniels bow. Bowlen doesn’t sound too happy.

  40. Bowlen may not be happy, but he owns the problem…he hired a young co-ordinator from a very authoritarian franchise to be his head coach, then went along with a failed attempt to trade his #1 quarterback…what did he expect?
    Right now Bowlen has backed himself into a corner…he has to support his head coach, since he hired him and gave him the big contract. If he does not support him, his only course of action is to fire him, which will cost him another $10m or so on top of the $20m that he is already paying Mike Shanahan to sit at home for the next couple of years. Plus, who does he find to replace McDaniels? Head coaches are thinner on the ground than quarterbacks.

  41. bowden could fire McDaniels to solve Cutlers problem, but knowing you coach stepped off a plane and his first move was to trade you, why would Cutler ever trust Josh McDaniels…..any worker knows that if their boss is trying to get rid of them, they eventually succeed. Cutler is making the demand to save his career and I don’t blame him, he will be moved very shortly trust me, and it will be in the best interest of both Cutler and the Broncos…. other players already no the coach has no confidence in Jay Cutler, so what do you think they’re gonna do when controversy strikes………… theyre gonna blame Jay and then u have a divided team…… as a Browns fan…. Im smiling that the Broncos fumbled this move badly….. you no how many times we have to see the drive and fumble….. losing your qb who threw for over 4000 yards last season, seems like overdue karma to me…. Jay, if you are reading this….. dig your cleats in and hold to your demand…… anyone can see Josh McDaniels can’t wait to trade you like a bad internet hook up………………..

  42. cutler is 17-20 as a starter, and was 2-3 in 2006.
    if they had left plummer in there, they would have won 1-2 more games and at least made the playoffs.
    cutler is talented but keeps exercising poor judgment.

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