We realize that the newspaper business is struggling.  But we didn’t realize that one of the plans for salvaging the industry involved reprising the 80s-era Faces of Death series.
The Miami Herald has posted at its web site video of the aftermath of Saturday’s collision involving Donte’ Stallworth’s Bentley and 59-year-old Mario Reyes.
The video — which appears with a disclaimer that the images are graphic — includes shots of emergency workers attempting to revive Mr. Reyes, who would later die.
The video also shows Stallworth, standing on the sidewalk as police shine a light into his eyes as part of a field sobriety test.
The video doesn’t really show much of anything worth much of anything.  So why in the hell did they post it?
If this is how the old media plans to compete with the new media, the old media will be gone sooner than anyone ever realized.
And no one will really miss it.
The only new information of note in the latest article is that a witness claims that the incident occurred after Stallworth tried to beat a red light by going around a vehicle that already had stopped at the light.  If that’s the case, Stallworth might be in big trouble even if his blood alcohol content was below the legal limit.


  1. Get off your high horse. Society is full of scumbags and just like every media outlet….whatever sells…its nothing new

  2. The newspaper in my hometown showed a picture of a frothing, bloody-mouthed dog that had attacked and killed a child of its household. The Herald stooped down to a similarly low level in this case.

  3. From the headline, I thought it was the Boston Herald up to its usual shenanigans…………………

  4. I agree with Popeye. Obviously the video offends you Florio. I am sorry for the Reyes family but maybe this is the kind of video people need to see. It shows the potential consequences that can result from driving under the influence. Stallworth should have learned about driving under the influence from Leonard Little’s experience.
    Another reason not get behind the wheel after drinking

  5. The video did show that at least Stallworth was able to stand steady and wasn’t swaying like a palm tree in a hurricane. People like to “see for themselves” and that’s what the video did. I have no problem here.

  6. You criticize the Herald (justifiably) yet you post a link to the very same video you protest???

  7. Florio,
    Considering you have already assumed that this was a DUI incident. How is what the Herald did any different?

  8. Hate to say it, Mike, but I sorta have to agree with the yahoos here. Kind of hypocritical to criticize the Herlad for what they did (which, you are right, is pretty disgusting) yet provide a link so others can go visit the clip that you so roundly (and rightly) condemned.
    If it turns out that Stallworth did indeed go around a stopped car to beat a red light, it’s all over for him. He’ll deserve everything they can nail him with. Hit a pedestrian at a red light??? Where are all the “innocent ’till proven guilty” and “dude was jaywalking and deserved to get hit” yahoos now?
    Anyone want to stan up for this POS now?

  9. Florio speculates on a drunk driving conspiracy in Tennessee, links the Oakland Raiders to Stallworth via the Barnes signing, and stands upon his apple crate to look down on the Herald. Sharks, lawyers, blood on the water, somehow linked.

  10. How can you link to the Herald? Was the video over the top? Yes, we can all agree on that. But how in the world can you link it to them? That automatically gives them a larger audience. C’mon Florio…

  11. They definitely crossed the line…I couldn’t believe it when I saw that vid on their website.

  12. As people have already said, you completely ruined it by linking the video. This post could have just as easily have been done without it. Yet by posting the link, and therefore adding thousands to the number of people that will watch it, you’re just as bad as the Herald.

  13. You bozos can’t see the difference between initially supplying the video to the public vs. reporting that it’s available somewhere?
    Florio is a Hillbilly, but not a scumbag.

  14. I can’t help but think that if Florio hadn’t linked the video, this comment page would have been filled with “link plz?” comments by all the people who are berating him in the first place.
    I don’t care they released the video. Media is media. If you want to watch it, it’s available. I did, and it bored the crap out of me. 50 seconds of my life I’ll never see again. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

  15. Mike Florio – I found it interesting how you described the gore and red journalism posted by the Hearld in the Stallworth death of a bystander. You describe it as both distatseful and destructive to their survival.
    In fact, your blog does the same thing far too often. If you would clean up your act in this regard and make the reading more light hearted and self depricating, I think you will be viewed as more credible and less self serving.
    Under those conditions your readership would grow. Thanks

  16. “And no one will really miss it”? Give us a break, Florio. If anyone would miss the “old media,” it would be you and PFT. Want proof?
    At this moment, 43 of the approximately 70 links/posts on the first Rumor Mill page are from newspapers and TV news departments, including most of the one-liners. They include the Denver Post; Miami Herald; Denver CBS 4; MLive.com (a co-op of Michigan newspapers);
    Buffalo News; Boston Herald; NJ.com (a co-op of New Jersey newspapers); Carroll County Times; Cincinatti Inquirer; Cleveland Plain Dealer; Houston Chronicle; Jacksonville News 4; Nashville City Paper; San Francisco Chronicle; Pittsburgh Post Gazette; Fort Worth Star Telegram; Times West Virginian; Washington Post; Chicago Tribune; Detroit Free Press; Green Bay Press Gazette; St. Paul Pioneer Press; and Minneapolis Star Tribune.
    If it weren’t for the “old media,” PFT wouldn’t be much of a site, but you would still probably be a free-loading hypocrite, Florio.

  17. Sooo, has anyone noticed, while you go about your blame game. Mr. Stallworth shows no emotion in this video. Had I just fatally harmed someone I would be a little worried about the person injured by myself. This dude is either under some serious influence in an illegal way or he should be in a cage. He just doesn’t seem to care???

  18. Florio is like the minister with the porno mag – “Look at this filth! And look at this page. And this one. It’s disgusting!”
    You really screwed the pooch in this one, Florio. It’s time for morality-boy to start sticking to football.

  19. Mr. Florio, can you possibly justify the following, “Herald crosses the lines by publishing Stallworth video” How is it that the Herald crossed the line and you did not? Specifically, how did the publication cross the line by posting the video? If you were to have come across the video first, would you have posted it? Of course you would. As usual, your hypocrisy blooms ever brilliant!

  20. I’m going to guess you had a specific reason for posting a link to the very video you condemned. In the year or so I have been a fan of this site I don’t recall ever seeing you do something so commercially obvious. If it was to inspire debate, I congratulate you. I agree that it brings nothing to the story. On a side note I don’t really find it very graphic or disturbing. Having spent over a year of my life in the Middle East, I’m not easily phased though. I love this site, keep up the great work!

  21. @sacovabol1 . . . .
    i would agree with you if i actually had “announced that terry bradshaw was dead.”

  22. Florio, I’ll assume you’re not an ambulance chasing lawyer. The cop isn’t shining the light in his eyes, rather he is asking Stallworth to follow the light with his eyes while not moving his head. A simple task unless you are intoxicated. I wish the video lasted a little longer because it looked like Stallworth’s head may have moved toward his left when the cop held the light to Stallworth’s right for a few seconds and then brought it to Stallworth’s left.
    anyway, thought we needed a break from the repetitive bashing posts

  23. Uh, aren’t you doing the exact same thing? I mean, not only are you drawing more attention to it, but you posted the damned video link…

  24. The video doesn’t really show much of anything worth much of anything.
    The reason you don’t like it is it taints a future jury huh Mike “Johnny” Cochran Florio. If it does not show much, then why make so much of a stink?

  25. Didn’t you “cross the line also” by posting a link to the video on your site? Shame on you for doing the same thing, but laying all the criticism at the Herald’s doorstep.

  26. They posted that for the same reason you posted the insurance claim story, Florio. Lawyers and journalists both flock to tragedy and disaster.

  27. this is what you get from a west virgina wannabe. If he could do anything with his law degree, which he mentions almost as much as john kerry tells us he served in vietnam, he would be doing it. instead we are left to a hypocrite that we all seem to keep going back to. so who wins here?

  28. thanks for wasting 50 seconds of my life with that video. i think i can get away with sueing you guys for pain and suffering! LOL

  29. If the newspaper crossed a line that is so offensive to you, why would you post the link to this offensive material? You’re sensationalizing things just as much as they are, so if that’s the reason old media will die then it’s also the reason why we should be very afraid of when that day happens.

  30. I think people who hit the link and then actually watched the video need to be asking themselves – “WTF is wrong with me that I was compelled to watch it?” I read the Herald story but could not even begin to click “Play” on the video. As a shrink, I would happily tell those who watched it that they are more than a bit outside of the bell curve of normalcy, decency and morality. Take a good hard look in the mirror, ladies and gentlemen.

  31. ? I watched the video…I find nothing graphic and don’t think it’s anything bad. Hell, youtube is full of far worse.

  32. Florio, once again you have proven yourself to be a despicable person. I keep coming back here because you do have some great tidbits (even if all of them come attached with some smartass remark), but your hypocrisy and overall douchebaggery is really starting to get pathetic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more hated sports “journalist.”
    You criticize this website for showing the remnants of a car accident with little graphic vulgarity (while bringing 10x more attention to it by linking to it), but have no qualms with condemning people with a crime you have no evidence for (as you did in your first post about this situation).

  33. The decline of the old media has nothing to do with what Florio pointed out. Newspaper ethics and standards are much higher than most Internet outlets and Internet blogs.
    The Herald made a huge mistake and ought to be ashamed of itself.
    But that’s not WHY the old media are sinking. Not at all. Society evolves. And I do believe newspapers will survive. Radio was called “dead”; it’s clearly not now. We’ll see.
    The good thing is that regardless of the medium, writing and reporting and ethics will never go away.

  34. Are you serious Florio? You will respond to the stupid Terry Bradshaw comment but not the more indicting comments from rasalas @ March 15th, 2009 at 9:44 pm and everyone else calling you out for condeming the Herald and then supply a link to the article/video. Just stick to free-loading off the “old media” and not with your worthless unfunny comments, you WV, kissing cousin, HICK.

  35. Let me get this straight. The Wizard of Oz condemns a newspapers website for showing a video of a gruesome traffic incident, and then posts his own link to the website so his viewers can watch it? Cue the faux-outrage. The funniest thing is that the “old media” did this using… SURPRISE… New Media.

  36. I agree it was dumb for Florio to post the link but why does everybody bitch and complain about him? If you want to bitch and moan just don’t visit PFT. It’s plain and simple if you don’t like how somebody does something just don’t participate in it you dumbasses.

  37. Florio,
    You are beginning to take yourself a little to seriously. Even the self-deprication has become back handed.

  38. Florio, isn’t that technically new media considering that it’s on the interweb. You can’t watch a video on a newspaper.

  39. @ 1giantloss
    In the offseason I like to speculate on all the what-if’s. I know Florio’s pass-fail rate is dubious at best, but I still like to think about it. Besides, he’s (almost) the perfect whipping post for my passive-aggression.
    I have to ask was that the real “Mike Florio” in the comments or has some schmuck jacked his handle. It’s hard to believe he would still engage people in the TB argument. Take your lumps and move on MF. (ha, your initials are MF.)

  40. your all wankers for getting on Florio for this. The video is wrong and there is no explanation needed to say why it is wrong. he provided the link because he is not a retard and knows that people will find it in two seconds through google or yahoo. He saved you all three clicks of a button. And if you think that the herald is right for posting this you should all burn in hell. this family is going through alot and to know that there is a video of their family member on the internet posted by a newspaper is ridiculous. If it was some asshole posting it on youtube it would be a different story. This newspaper is in the trenches and they will all be looking for jobs soon along with Luisa Yanez the author if this crap.. Liberal shit paper’s building should blow up monday morning

  41. People want to see it with their own eyes and make up their own minds and not be told what to think.
    They report and we decide.
    You think we want to believe the piles and piles of dung each sides lawyers will spew about this?!! Of course not.
    The harsh truth will be known and the guilty if any will be punished.

  42. So you must think the USA shouldnt be allowed to publish pictures of caskets from Iraq and Afghaniston coming home too? It’s too graphic for the American people or something?
    They show videos of school shootings on tv/youtube, but they cant show cpr and a sobriety test on a website?

  43. MmmHmmm – “As a shrink, I would happily tell those who watched it that they are more than a bit outside of the bell curve of normalcy, decency and morality. Take a good hard look in the mirror, ladies and gentlemen. ”
    Did you watch TV on 9/11? Watch the news showing a video of us bombing some house in Iraq? Watch re-enactment of a murder on Dateline?

  44. that video doesn’t really show anything. get off you high horse willingly because the fall can be very far. and don’t be so quick to talk smack about the “old” media because they are the source of most of your info.

  45. “The video doesn’t really show much of anything worth much of anything. So why in the hell did they post it?”
    Same exact reason you post a lot of stuff that isn’t worth much of anything, mr. hypocrite. For the clicks.

  46. cause thedirty or TMZ.com or whoever wouldn’t have run with this if they were on the scene …
    as a member of the “new media” myself, it’s sad that “new media” types get the benefit of not doing actual reporting, and then get to sit in judgement of the actual reporting that others do. sometimes it’s justified, other times though it comes off as just parasitic …
    … and that’s what this post was …

  47. Florio you are an assclown…..bitch about something and turn around and do the very same thing.

  48. @ rasalas
    “If it weren’t for the “old media,” PFT wouldn’t be much of a site, but you would still probably be a free-loading hypocrite, Florio”.
    Your logged into and reading news that is provided to you for free by a person you obviously loathe and dont agree with and you are calling someone else a hypocrite and free loader? HA HA HA
    I find all these comments amusing and how upset so many people get when you have a choice to either read it or move on. So many people choose to read this site (myself included) but yet want to blast the guy that provides it to them free of charge.
    I can remember when this site first got going there was not a blog and there was a fraction of the traffic it now has. For someone to suggest it should change to attract more readers it idiotic due to the fact that it has increased traffic by hundreds of thousands if not more in a brief period of time.
    The poor folks that login here everyday and blast florio or criticize his work are sad people with no life. This is why, you know exactly what you are getting with Florio when you log in but yet you choose to login everyday and read it and then blast him for it. You do this because there is no other site that even comes close to the football news compiled all in one place wheter it be via links or other stories from other outlets.
    It really is pathetic to think that someone would be so bored with such a sad life that they proclaim to hate what Florio does and what he stand for as a lawyer person,etc.. but yet cannot wait to login here everyday read the stories and then cry about and you pathetic bloggers that do this know exactly who you are. Whether it be this site or any other news site, why not just choose to either read it and appreciate or say I dont like this so I choose not to read it. That would be too easy because then you would have nothing negative to say, therefore nothing else to do with your time. I have obviously too much time on my hands at this moment to be writing this book LOL but yeesh just move on and appreciate what the real media, old media, or whatever does or just move on. For those of you bloggers always complaining, would you like it if Florio or anyone for that matter came to your job and complained constantly (especially if you were providing a free service) about what you do? Eventually, maybe your thought process would be to have them go somewhere else for there free service?
    Just a thought but if I was providing this free service ( and i do realize florio has advertisers now but he did not a while back still chose to leave this a free service and take contributions and sell those PFT planet shirts and yes Florio I have been reading the site that long…) I would just prefer a simple thank you.

  49. and now stallworth’s defenders (i read all that bs a few days ago0 are florio’s attackers! dont jump to conclusions! he has rights!
    he brighted the guy! the drunk should have got out of the way!
    well, about having those rights… Not For Long.
    donte was high/drunk and killed a guy. but, oh, lets pile on the guy who posted a link to a video. that no one made anyone watch.

  50. All of you guys defending ‘mountain-eye’ Florio – dust off the knee-pads and get back to making up those Fun Meals.

  51. @ Hail to the foreskins…
    Did you actually read your bumbling post? because your anology’s made no sense. Florio is craping on the “old media” where more than half of his posts comes from!!! you don’t see anything wrong here??? Don’t bite the hand that feeds, you sort of saying…
    Then he condems the Herald for posting a link to the video of the crash scene and then he post a link to the video of the crash scene… You don’t see anything wrong here??? The pot calling the kettle black, sort of saying. Can you actually defend what he has done here instead of licking his taint.

  52. You provide a link to the exact video you call out the newspaper for providing? Respect for you drops every time you do something like this.
    Earn Respect….Lose Respect. One Post at a time.

  53. you know, it’s pretty funny that the old media would stoop to this level, but then again, ……it’s not front page news either that the old media is struggling, which explains why i no longer deliver newspapers anymore. i live for the NFL, having said that, i’ll leave you with this………..”The only thing Newspapers are good for, are bird droppings.

  54. People talk of this site as some of the biggest trash around so you and them have something in common

  55. really! well there’s words for everybody to Believe in, it’s interesting though, i always thought that people can believe what they want to, and how they interpret what they read as well, it’s called the muscle between your ears, maybe you should use it more often.
    besides, “people” (if you really care what others think, maybe you should believe what they’re saying)…but back to the point, if you don’t like, then why do you log in your comment, or i’ll quote you instead “biggest trash around”

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