Unhappy Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, who’s feuding with team officials, doesn’t plan to report for a voluntary workout scheduled for Monday, according to Vic Lombardi of CBS4 in Denver.
So, the standoff continues.
Per the report, tight end Tony Scheffler also plans to skip the workout session.
Both Cutler and Scheffler are represented by agent James “Bus” Cook, according to NFL Players Association records.
As for Cutler putting his house up for sale, Lombardi reports that the timing of the sale is coincidental and not tied to the quarterback’s displeasure at being involved in trade discussions.
Apparently, Cutler’s plan to sell the house had been in motion for several months.


  1. how many cutler updates are we going to get todaY? ALL OF THEM have no different conclusion from the first… please different news , update the stallworth case or something

  2. I used to respect Jay Cutler…thought he was tough….thought he was a guy that could be a real winner. Sadly he has turned out to be a whiner

    The fact that McDonald was telling the baby how to improve is fine–it is called COACHING and any player who hasn’t won a goddamn thing should try and get better (if they want to win).
    And Cutler is clearly a baby. A BIG FUGLY BABY.
    But McDOUCHE has set this in motion. Anybody who denies that is not being honest.
    We are now worse than the Raiders (in management, player quality and reputation).
    Thanks, McDaniels. You are are GREAT [eye roll] hire.

  4. He had all off-season to sell his house, it seems interesting that he’d choose the time right after the feud began and right before he has to go back to work to begin the process.

  5. do all the writers here read the others stuff? the “plans” to sell the house have been referred to in a past post with a much different tone.

  6. I’ve been known to cheer for the Broncos in the past, I’ll admit it. But lets not get carried away here, ‘franchise’ qb still turns the ball over more than once a game. As long as the horses dont trade him for V. Young I’m fine with it. Cutler wanted out of town reportedly before the three way pass around was scheduled to happen. Where does he think he’s going to go? Detroit? Minnie? Not unless the broncos get major compensation and that isn’t going to happen in the form of a starting QB or draft pick eligible of landing another ‘franchise’ qb.

  7. i wonder if both scheffler n cutler will be part of a package deal? the lions are in need of a TE and QB they could give away there 20th pick for the 2 players

  8. My god Cutler you are such a freakin’ whiny baby. Can we all please agree to take away serious man-points from this she-rah clown. Gimme a break dude, Joe Montana got traded….it’s part of the business. you’ve yet to put together a winning season and yet you expect to get Tom Brady treatment? Play the friggin game and put your best on the field….

  9. the best thing denver can do now to save face is to just trade this D bag to another team.

  10. Are we supposed to believe from this post that Scheffler isn’t showing up because Bus Cook said so? Sounds like quite a leap. Why would this slightly above avg. TE risk his standing with the Broncos to help Jay Cutler make a point? It doesn’t make any sense.

  11. If they trade him now, there is not a reliable replacement out there. Jeff Garcia and then maybe draft a QB in the first round? That will set your team back 3-4 years. IMO do what you need to do to make him happy and move on.

  12. Cutler is acting like my first girlfriend. Like a goddamn slut! I married her though because the sex is FANTASTIC.

  13. Denver would be wise to ship his ass to the highest bidder. The guy is talented, but his teams never win … he’s a LOSER !!!

  14. Last years story was Brett Favre vs McCarthy/Ted Thompson. This years offseason story is Jay Cutler vs Josh McDaniels.

  15. Is Cutler that big of a baby?
    Quit your whining you bitch. Grow up and play ball, otherwise you’re going to be stuck in Detroit.

  16. No way, he is selling his parents house, his large house, and he didn’t show up at the roast, he wants out of Denver. If the Denver Post is correct that Pat Bowlen was “apoplectic” over Cutler not returning his phone calls he has burned his bridges. The question is which NFL team wants an arrogant little punk who could be a coach-killer.

  17. Lions GM Martin Mayhew needs to get this trade done. Give them this years Round 1 #20 pick and next years 3rd or 4th rounder to make this happen.

  18. As a Bronco fan all I have to say is good luck in Detroit!
    We miss you Jake. All the San Diego fans on here acting superior should remember Eli has a ring.

  19. Wasn’t there a report that the Broncos were shopping Scheffler as well as Cutler? Maybe Scheffler is pissed too.

  20. First, once again Denver does not sniff the playoffs whoever is QB. But I trade his baby ass right now so I can sniff the playoffs in the future. This prima donna actually believed what the fired ex coach told him. He will never win in this league, but it will be ok because mommy and daddy will be close by to cuddle him.

  21. Cutler is acting like my first girlfriend. Like a goddamn slut! I married her though because the sex is FANTASTIC.
    Ever heard of the term bait and switch? The fantastic sex will slowly slip away… sucker
    Anyways, Cutler is a little bitch. He just needs to shut up and play.

  22. I can see it now, a draft day trade with Cutler coming to Minnesota and the Bronco’s getting Chester Taylor and the Vikes 1st rd pick.. I hope that happens as that will put the Vikings far and above the rest of the teams in the NFC North..

  23. scheffler needs to go to a new team cus he knows they are shopping him and Scheffler’s skills aren’t a great fit for Josh McDaniels’ offense that uses three wide receivers and a blocking tight end (Daniel Graham).

  24. I was kinda hoping the Broncos would keep Cutler cuz I love watching him squirm in press conferences after every loss. He’s an arrogant douche when he wins and a big whining cry baby when he doesn’t get his way.
    Send him to a team that sucks. Don’t do him any favors. Let him wallow in Detroit while they rebuild for the next 3 years.

  25. While it keeps being said that Cutler planned to sell the house for months, I think a big point has been missed. Pretty much every real estate market is in the crapper. I doubt Denver is any different so why would Cutler put the house on the market now except as a big middle finger to the Donkeys’ management?

  26. Trade ya VY & LenWhale White & Alge Crumpler for both. Cutler could come in right now & start, since he ran Hermidinger’s offense in Denver before ‘Dinger came back home. Wont happen, but I can dream.

  27. WOW!!! Big boy Cutler is going to cut class!!!!
    Florio cries less then you and thats hard to beat…..
    Grow up and play the greatest game of all time while you can or go home to mom and dad!!!

  28. You are right, the sex is fantastic with your first girlfriend.
    Joking, but why would anyone want Cutler. I say ship him off to the UFL. He is worse than TO. Screw it, he should go to Buffalo. Insert popcorn joke here.

  29. So who is at fault here? The 32 year old rookie head coach who tried to trade his pro bowl franchise qb – which he has a right to try to do – and then lied about it, instead of being a man and fessing up to Cutler? Cutler has a right to be pissed, and those people that call him a ‘whiner’ for getting screwed around by his job? I would sure love to have you saps as employees. Unpaid overtime for everyone! Some people on here act like a football player stole their girlfriend, the way they complain when a player does anything but kiss the ass of management.
    Also, comparing Cutler to Joe Montana? Stupid. Montana was basically at the end of the career, and trading people when they’re too old to pay makes sense. McDaniels has inherited the Belichick arrogance gene, that’s for sure. Let’s see if he got the ‘good coach’ gene as well – or this will go down as a huge blunder if it doesn’t work.

  30. Well, the logical trade – if you want to call it that – is Cutler to Cleveland for Brady Quinn and a draft pick.
    McDaniels coached under Charlie Weiss and Charlie believes Quinn will be an elite NFL QB. Josh can be talked into the deal.
    That said – he’ll probably end up in Detroit.

  31. go ahead Denver… send Cutler down to Tampa so Buc fans can laugh at you next season when you’re riding the wild arm of Chris Simms.

  32. everyone keeps talking about jay being a whiner. if your boss was trying to get rid of you wouldnt you be pissed.

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