Moments ago, the NFL Players Association elected attorney DeMaurice Smith as its new Executive Director following an intense search process that culminated with a final vote conducted by player representatives in Hawaii, Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Daily reports.
Mullen cited player representatives for her report.  An official announcement is forthcoming.
Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, citing three sources with knowledge of the process, also confirmed that Smith is the winner.
Smith succeeds the late Executive Director Gene Upshaw, beating out Troy Vincent, Trace Armstrong, and David Cornwell.
UPDATE: We just received an e-mail two minutes ago from the NFLPA media relations department confirming that Smith has been named the new Executive Director and that a press release will be issued soon.
UPDATE II: Don Banks of writes that Smith, a Washington attorney who’s a partner at Patton Boggs, was elected on the first ballot.
Citing sources, Banks writes that Trace Armstrong and Troy Vincent were told that Smith was the choice to lead the union at roughly 11:15 p.m. EDT.
UPDATE III: Smith is described as an outsider to the NFL by the Associated Press, which reports that David Cornwell and Troy Vincent confirmed that Smith won via text messages to the AP.
A Honolulu accounting firm, KMH LLP, counted and verified the secret ballots.
According to the AP, Smith has ties to President Barack Obama.
UPDATE IV: The AP reports that Smith told the union membership that elected him late Sunday night:  “Guys, let’s get to work.  The men here today made a decision to be unified to take a strong step forward to build upon the leadership of Mr. Upshaw and stand together as a family.”
The NFL issued a statement following Smith’s election:  “We congratulate DeMaurice Smith and look forward to working with him and the NFLPA board to ensure the continued health and growth of our game.”
NFLPA president Kevin Mawae described the vote as a “legacy decision for the organization to move forward.”
Smith, who’s regarded widely as a compromise choice since former NFL players Troy Vincent and Trace Armstrong were expected to split the voting, has his work cut out for him with labor unrest after NFL owners opted out of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.


  1. WTF??!! The one man who I thought really had no shot, wins it all. I bet he won by defacto vote. Too many split votes for the other three candidates.

  2. Well it’s a good thing all the union representatives just had to fly out to Hawaii to go to work. Nice priorities.

  3. This whole election process makes me sick…. not knowing anything of what these guys promised or the platform they ran on I just hate how this whole thing turned out… I hate people that are willing to attack another man and his character to save there self win… and I’m not talking about Smith I know nothing of the guy…. I’m talking about all the NFLPA execs that attacked Vincent its the kind of save my own ass mentality in the NFLPA that’s screwing over the former players…. I hope Smith realizes that these people that helped get him the job will turn on him in a second if they think there job is in jeopardy…. I hope he cleans house and gets rid of them…. cause if not the owners are going to realize that they can manipulate these weak execs and destroy any integrated the union has left… I just don’t want there to be a strike and I’m afraid it will happen if these execs remain in power over the NFLPA

  4. If Smith has ties to president Barry O., the NFLPA will go right down the drain just like the economy has only gotten worse since January 20th. Thanks Barry.

  5. What difference does this make? Why is the NFLPA important? And was Troy Vincent really that qualified?

  6. Best pick of the candidates. The guy will bring an unbias opinion to everything that is brought before him. Hope he knows how to negotiate the CBA? Hopefully no lockout.

  7. Ties to Obama?!! Crap!
    I knew that Commie Liberals hate football but to elect the instrument of destruction of the NFL??
    Why the hell elect some lawyer with no NFL experience!!
    Damn lawyers are to work for their clients not the other way around.
    You never ever want a lawyer running anything unless you want it run into the ground.
    This is extreme bad news!!

  8. He still would had to taken 17 votes to win on the first ballot. A split would have produced no winner on the first ballot. Something is not right here. The one guy with no previous ties to the NFL or players union gets the job????????

  9. Al Gore demands a recount! Al Franken demands a recount!
    And who?
    And why should I care? Other than Florio can stop writing about the NFLPA?

  10. This is bad news in that he’ll take a more hard-line approach to negotiations. I just hope they continue to move in a direction that is for the betterment of the game. I would really hate to see this turn into anything resembling baseball’s players’ union.

  11. Well…I guess if the phone rings at 3:00am, the players SHOULD feel like is qualified for the job!

  12. Hey “JaredAllen69”- How come everytime you comment on something, you’re slamming the Big O?? Hey….NEWS FLASH>>>HE WON!!! Now sit down, shut up and deal with it! For gods skae, you act as if HE SAID “Mission Accomplished”! BESIDES…THIS IS A SPORTS SITE MORON! Go to to that bloated Eastern European Mobster looking Rush’s site for commentary!

  13. Wow- ease back on the Analysis florio, next time dumb down your articles to twitter status.

  14. Florio apparently the jerad allen posts on your site now….
    he must’ve not read your previous posts..

  15. Well, I’m glad to know that the NFLPA did not base their decision on who could run / pass / catch the best.
    Leading a Union and negotiating with NFL management is a wholly different skill set than what’s “taught” to NCAA college football players (insert CFT link here).

  16. i find this vote funny, after the dems said they were going to moniter the vote. the leader of the dems obama, buddy won the vote, who was clearly not the front runner.

  17. OK we have new union leadership in place (like him or not). Now let’s get crackin on a new agreement, so we dont have to sit through a work stopage in the near future. Have they not learned a lesson from MLB?

  18. I haven’t been following this as intensely as some of you….but has anyone considered that maybe it’s a good idea to put the guy in charge who has been hit in the head the least?

  19. Very, very interesting.
    Players may have hired an NFL outsider, but very much a DC insider from the top lobbying firm in the country:
    You have to wonder if the idea is to get Uncle Sugar to prevent a lockout thus taking away the owner’s biggest stick heading into negotiations.
    The NFL just gained an added dimension.

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