17.  New York Jets:  Matthew Stafford, quarterback, Georgia.
The Jets likely would commence efforts to trade up once Stafford falls past No. 10; with few options in free agency, this might be the only way to address one of the biggest weaknesses on the roster.
18.  Chicago Bears:   Darrius Heyward-Bey, receiver, Maryland.
We don’t rule out an attempt to trade up in front of the Jets for Stafford.  Absent such a move, Heyward-Bey makes the most sense.  Which of course means that the Bears probably won’t take him.
19.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Vontae Davis, cornerback, Illinois.
The Bucs bring aboard the eventual replacement for Ronde Barber.
20.  Detroit Lions:  Peria Jerry, defensive tackle, Mississippi.
With Corey Redding gone, the Lions need to beef up the interior defensive line.  If any of the three top quarterbacks are still on the board, one of them might make sense.
21.  Philadelphia Eagles:  Brandon Pettigrew, tight end, Oklahoma State.
The Eagles get a new weapon for Donovan McNabb.  They’ll get a running back later in the draft — and maybe later in the round.
22.  Minnesota Vikings:  Hakeem Nicks, receiver, North Carolina.
With Bernard Berrian providing a deep threat, Nicks gives them the kind of big, strong, sure-handed wideout they haven’t had since Cris Carter left.
23.  New England Patriots:  Rey Maualuga, linebacker, USC.
Maualuga gets to spend a year or so learning the ropes from Tedy Bruschi before taking over for him.
24.  Atlanta Falcons:  Evander Hood, defensive tackle, Missouri.
With one of the better offenses in the conference, the Falcons begin to bolster an underachieving defense by adding a defensive tackle for their 4-3 front.
25.  Miami Dolphins:  Clay Matthews, linebacker, USC.
Bill Parcells loves guys with football in the family, and Matthews could become the heir to Joey Porter.
26.  Baltimore Ravens:  Percy Harvin, receiver, Florida.
With a solid quarterback finally on the roster, the Ravens finally get a high-end receiver.  Finally.
27.  Indianapolis Colts:  Eben Britton, tackle, Arizona.
Despite all other needs, taking care of Peyton Manning is the top priority.
28.  Philadelphia Eagles:  Donald Brown, running back, Connecticut.
Brian Westbrook is about to fall apart; it’s time to get his replacement.
29.  New York Giants:  Kenny Britt, receiver, Rutgers.
They need another Plaxico Burress.  Badly.  They’ll settle for the best guy left on the board.  We don’t rule out a trade up.  To pick off Nicks or Harvin.
30.  Tennessee Titans:  Alex Mack, center, California.
The Titans pick up the successor to Kevin Mawae, and hope that they can patch something together to replace Albert Haynesworth.
31.  Arizona Cardinals:  Chris Wells, running back, Ohio State.
The Cardinals address one of their biggest needs, and bid farewell to Edgerrin James in the process.
32.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  Tyson Jackson, defensive end, LSU.
With their starting defensive ends on the wrong side of 30, the Steelers get a 3-4 defensive end to succeed Aaron Smith or Brett Keisel.

85 responses to “2009 MOCK DRAFT 2.0, PART TWO

  1. “i highly doubt donald brown goes before beanie wells and leron mccoy”
    well considering you don’t know lesean mccoy’s name…you might not be the best person to listen to regarding the subject.

  2. Holy shit. Vontae Davis at 19? Hood in the first round? Stafford at 17 (well, that should actually happen), Tyson Jackson dropping to 32, Beanie Wells at 31? Shame on you Florio, you just want the page views, for when people say “Look at this pure shit draft.” kind of like “Look at these pictures of this car accident”, where people have to look, even though they don’t want to, and all it does is hurt them.

  3. Thanks for describing why you made each pick… it makes for a much better mock draft. I was wondering why Heyward-Bey makes the most sense at WR for the Bears. I’ve seen him in that slot in multiple mock drafts, and have heard him described as fast and raw, which sounds a lot like Devin Hester to me. You then describe Hakeem Nicks as big, strong, and sure-handed … wouldn’t he be a better compliment to Hester?

  4. No way the Ravens take Harvin, the already have Mark Clayton. I look for the to take a guy with a bigger frame that can do some damage across the middle as well as deep. Percy would also be hurt all the damn time.

  5. This would be great for the Eagles if they got Pettigrew and Donald (who is rising up many draft boards). I dunno how realistic those picks are, given how the Eagles tend to trade down and hoard future draft picks as well as draft linemen.

  6. Vontae Davis? … eventual replacement for Ronde Barber?… your a year behind and that replacements name is Aquib Talib. Bucs will take the best outside linebacker or the best defensive tackle available at pick 19… that is, if they don’t send it to Denver for Cutler.

  7. The thing i like about this is you dont have the Steelers drafting an O lineman. I dont know when these sites who make mock drafts are going to learn they draft the best athlete available in the first round. I am thinking a corner or a WR but only if one of the top guys are still there.

  8. We have already stated that Leroy Harris is the successor to Kevin Mawae. Other than a couple of botched snaps since it was an unexpected start, he did a great job in the playoff game when Mawae was out.

  9. Not bad Flo-Rida!!!
    And you made fun of us mock drafters.
    Look at you…closet mock drafter with some skills.
    Nice on Ziggy Hood. Mad upside shown in the Senior Bowl practices.

  10. So with holes at D-Line, and Linebacker the Bucs go CB? They just drafted Talib last year. Who do you think they are? The Detroit Lions of Cornerbacks?

  11. I dont know if the Vikings would go with Hicks..they used to be/are still? very high on Rice after his rookie year and he seemed to have a bit of a sophmore slump and had a knee injury during the year as well. I would think they snag the best tackle prospect left

  12. I dont see the Buccaneers passing on a DT like Peria Jerry for a future replacement player. They went after Haynesworth and didn’t get him and I highly doubt they will wait until the third round to go after a D-lineman.

  13. 23. New England Patriots: Rey Maulaluga, linebacker, USC
    Yeah. He last that long.
    Way to go Todd McShay.

  14. You’re saying that Andy Reid picks a TE AND and RB in the first round. Riiiiiiiight.
    Don’t bo-gart that joint, mah frien’… paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass it ovaaaaaaaaah to meeeeeeeeeeeee….
    In your next go round, try, an OT, and then another OT. Or the fatman trades up to get (who he thinks is) a better OT.
    No TE before the 2nd round, and no RB before the 3rd. No guarantees even then. You can never have enough OLs and DLs around to suit Andy.

  15. Vontae Davis, eh? Let’s disect the Bucs attempts in free agency… They were second up on the Haynesworth bidding. They also had Phillip Buchanon on the negotiating table but didn’t push on it just as hard. But you have them picking up a CB and passing up on the second best DT on the draft? I must have a redirect malware on my PC and I’m actually reading Mel Kiper’s Mock Draft….

  16. If the Pats could get USC linebacker Rey Maualuga…combined with the Julius Peppers deal…combined with the existing D-line…combined with the upgrades already at DB…….OMG that defense would be sick.
    I think they’ll get Peppers but I also think Mauagula will be gone by the 23rd pick.

  17. Safe pick for the bucs. Could possibly have the DB’s set for a couple of seasons. Draft a guy to replace S Phillips and they’ll good on DB’s for a while.

  18. The eagles won’t take a tight end with their first pick. there’s no way that they come out of round 1 without an offensive lineman. they’d take wells before any other back. horrible job picking for the eagles, sorry. i love pft but this is just bad

  19. Titans already have Mawae’s replacement on the roster…Leroy Harris will still be under contract and is considered to be his heir apparent. They most likely go CB (to be the successor to Nick Harper) or go the “best player available” route since they don’t have any major pressing needs and picking where they are can afford it.

  20. Mikey Mike…I’ve never heard Buc fans get so fiesty with you.
    I must say Vonte aint happening. But I do love that you dropped Stafford all the way down to 17.
    I’d much rather see Cutler go to the Bucs than Vonte Davis at 19. We’ll see soon enough. Come back to the South Jay!

  21. Recievers are too risky….. less go in first round than you show…Titans will take the best player available with a lean twards corner…D.J. Moore or Alfonso Smith

  22. You have any idea how long its been since the Titans drafted OL in the 1st round? Brad Hopkins back in 199*coughsanumber* and he was a LT. The closest since was Roos in the 2nd. Their OL coach, Munchak, is a wize at finding drafting mid to late round talent and getting them up to par quickly. I wouldn’t mind it since Mawae got dominated a lot last year but I can’t see it happening in the 1st. I think Harris (who played well for Mawae in the playoffs baring a few bad and early snaps) would step in for Mawae.
    That means the real question is what they think about Amano at Guard. if they like him, they’ll extend him and then Harris is the heir to Mawae, which means they draft depth in the mid-late rounds, probably look at tackles in college that don’t the feet for the pro game and make them move inside. That gives them a back up that’s versatile. If they don’t then Harris steps in for Amano and in that case they might look at getting another center.

  23. this mock draft will prove to be no better or no worse than any of the others
    since they all are worthless

  24. Tyson Jackson will be a mid-rounder, the Eagles won’t take to skill players, I like Maulauga falling cuz of the hammy, Some hits and misses, but overall not too bad. MN will not take a WR. I see us taking Britton or Beatty, and possibly Butler.

  25. 23. New England Patriots: Rey Maulaluga, linebacker, USC.???
    there is no way he falls past the Bucs at 19.
    Or out of the top 14 for that matter…
    but all in all, nice job.
    Not your typical cookie cutter mock draft, like most sites do.
    I know you make some projections, just to cause a ruckus!
    But hey thats why we keep coming back for more…
    best pick
    31. Arizona Cardinals: Chris Wells, running back, Ohio State.

  26. Percy Harvin the lowest of low end WR’s. In fact he’s not even good enough to be a full-time WR in the NFL. Horrible Ravens pick!!!

  27. I’m feelin the love Florio with the 25th pick! If we can’t get Cushing I’ll take Matthews!

  28. 23. New England Patriots: Rey Maulaluga, linebacker, USC.
    Maualuga gets to spend a year or so learning the ropes from Tedy Bruschi before taking over for him.
    Is it Rey Maulaluga or Rey Maualuga?

  29. I love the scenerio of Tyson Jackson falling to the Steelers… But it’s not going to happen. Too many teams are switching to the 3-4 defense. He’ll be gone in the first 15-17 picks.

  30. I like where this second half of the mock draft is going…… I like what u did with the 21st pick I think if hes still available he would be a great pick up for philly….. I just don’t know about this donald brown kid he came out of know where no one was talking about him a month ago and all the sudden he is a favorite on every analysts drafts….. I think Moreno will still be available when the Eagles pick and rather them go with Wells or Moreno over brown…. but if they did want brown Id rather them trade the 28th for a early 2nd round pick and another pick and get him then…. I don’t think anyone will take him in the 1st other then the eagles so they might as well get something extra and wait then pick him up…. then they could package that new pick(not the new second the other one) and 1 of there 4 5th rounders and move up to earlier rounds

  31. I hope your wrong on the Ravens. Harvin always hurt. plus, we need a WR over 6-2 that can catch. No way he is even 5-11..

  32. Harvin really is overrated, I’ve said for awhile hes 2nd round talent and probably 4th round skill. He is not a deshaun jackson and he will be a guy that will take YEARs to develop.
    That said I know the skins need OT but personally I love Hakeem Nicks, the man to me is the stud of the draft in terms of WRs Hes big, great hands and body control, really good moves for a bigger man, and fairly fast.
    Crabtree’s lack of speed will prevent him from hitting the home runs in the nfl. He for some reason reminds me of peter warrick, maybe flashier. He also has a violent run style that you can see on tape, just the jerkiness in his running. Thats part of what causes stress fractures. I’m also willing to bet that he ends up having a shorter career and injury plagued.
    I would take Nicks at #13 if I ran the skins but I guess thats why I don’t, I just think he has the skills to be an all around great receiver.

  33. Seriously, just because you report the news on football doesn’t mean you know anything about it.
    You realize that, among other things, the Bucs drafted a CB last year in the 1st round… AND… their biggest weakness last season was their pass rush, meaning that the most likely scenarios are that they pick a defensive lineman. The new DC Jim Bates says he likes bigger DTs, Peria Jerry is very small (290) and 25 so he won’t be getting much bigger so he wouldn’t make much sense there, Evander Hood is nearly as athletic, has an even better motor and is a little bigger, far stronger and a few years younger. If the Bucs go DT and Raji is off the board as expected, Hood is the man.
    I think, however, that they go DE. Michael Johnson of Georgia Tech is the kind of raw athlete (Jason Tayloresque) that Jim Bates would likely want on the other side of Gaines Adams to put heat on opposing QBs.
    The Giants proved two years ago that if you can get a good pass rush then you can win with subpar CBs (Sam Madison, Corey Webster). There’s no way the Bucs go for a position of luxury when what they need is a pass rush. They like nickelback Elbert Mack and feel he can step in if necessary.

  34. I’m just trying hard to find some sense in your mock, but i just can’t, do you really know what the draft is all about?

  35. Steelers hmm two offensive guards maybe they will draft one in the first round a thought

  36. The Bears are super cheap; they won’t be trading up to get a QB even if we all agree that’s what they should do.
    I like this mock otherwise.

  37. I DVR’d the Senior Bowl just to watch Pettigrew. He didn’t look like he could block me! The second coming of L.J. Smith, if you ask me.

  38. I don’t think I’ve ever seen, what is it, 5 receivers in the first round…..
    They usually fall besides the cream.
    This is Retarded.

  39. Donald Brown to the Eagles, I’ve been saying that for the last several months, I like the kid, think he’s better then Wells and Moreno, he’s a prefect fit for the Eagles Offense

  40. Actually not a bad mock draft. I defiantly like the analysis too. And your right about the Steelers; they always go best available instead of reaching to fill a need (works so far)
    But a few bones to pick. Eagles aren’t taking TWO skill positions in round 1. I have doubts that they’ll get 1!
    You have too many receivers going in round 1. None of them are show stoppers. I only see Crabtree, Maclin, and Heyword-Bey as first round locks and potentially Britt sliding in (prolly to NYG). The rest, IMO, aren’t show-stoppers. They could be good, but not enough of an upside to get in the 1st round. However, like last year, there could be a ‘run’ on them in the 2nd.

  41. Hey Florio..
    I actually like the draft, all these guys on here bashing you about Stafford dont’ see that he’s ridiculously inconsistent and Sanchez along with his intangibles is a better fit in the Seattle offense…
    Also, Donald Brown might not have the name of a Knoshown or wells, but he is a better overall back and a better fit in the Eagles offense.. much in the same mold of Westbrook…
    as far as the Titans, if they do select a center even though i think they like Leroy Harris, I think they’d move Mack to another position possibly guard or right tackle since he can play multiple positions along the line.. either that or Harris… either way, they focus on offense in my opinion…. the d-line played well with Haynesworth out..
    I hope to goodness the vikes pickup Nicks… he would be an ideal choice opposite BB and you could then stick Rice or AA in the slot… b.wade is a bumb!!!

  42. the giants and britt is a lock !!! it would be the perfect marriage.
    if the giants want him its at 29….cause he aint getting past the rams and dolphins in rnd 2.

  43. Another Horrible Mock Draft (with TRADES!!!)
    DEN*-Matt Stafford
    STL-Jason Smith
    KC-Aaron Curry
    SEA-Eugene Monroe
    CLE-Brian Orapko
    CIN-Michael Crabtree
    OAK-Andre Smith
    JAX-Jeremy Maclin
    GB-BJ Raji
    SF-Aaron Maybin
    BUF-Brandon Pettigrew
    DET*-Rey Maualuga
    WAS-Michael Oher
    NO-Brian Cushing
    TB**-Mark Sanchez
    SD-Malcolm Jenkins
    NYJ-Josh Freeman
    CHI-Everette Brown
    HOU**-Knoshown Moreno
    DET-Peria Jerry
    PHI-Darrius Heyward-Bey
    MIN-Alex Mack
    CAR***-Robert Ayers
    ATL-Evander Hood
    MIA-Vontae Davis
    BAL-Percy Harvin
    IND-Clay Matthews
    PHI-Eben Britton
    NYG-Hakeem Nicks
    TEN-Louis Delmas
    ARI-Donald Brown
    PIT-Tyson Jackson
    *DEN Trades Jay Cutler and the 12th overall pick to Detroit for the first overall pick and Detroit’s second third round pick (#82 overall).
    **HOU trades the 15th overall pick to TB in exchange for the 19th overall pick, and TB’s third round pick (#81 overall).
    ***NE trades the 23rd overall pick and a conditional 2010 3rd Round Pick to CAR in exchange for Julius Peppers.

  44. Westbrook is not about to fall apart. He just needs a bigger complementary back to take about 10-15 carries a game. This will prolong his career, i.e. Warrick Dunn.

  45. I would strongly disaggree with you on Vonte Davis. I would also have to say that 4theloveofthegame said exactly what I thought when I saw the Bucs’ pick. Talib is Barber’s replacement and Elbert Mack could eventually start in place of Buchannon. The Bucs need a guy like Clay Matthews to replace either Brooks or June and let Hayes start on the opposite side. Peria Jerry would be good but he will be an old rookie and therefore we wouldn’t be able to get as many years out of him.

  46. Here are a few very good reasons why the Ravens will not draft Harvin with our 1st round pick.
    1. He is 5’10” and 195lbs. Currently, we have 2 guys on our team who are just like that (Mason and Clayton).
    2. Harvin has some serious durability issues. Considering the Ravens were one of the top teams with guys on IR last season, durability is a big deal.
    3. Harvin played in an offense that was designed to get him the ball in open spaces and let him use his speed to make plays. That won’t happen in the NFL and Cam’s offense calls for timing-based routes.
    The Raven’s red-zone offense last season was pretty pathetic unless we were within 10 yards and could just give it to McClain. We need a big, tough WR who can run good routes and hang onto the ball. If we decide to go WR at 26 it will be for Nicks, Britt, or DHB. I don’t think we will go WR in round 1 though, I think it will be a CB, DE, or OL’man.
    Alphonso Smith, Perria Jerry, Eben Brittain, or even Alex Mack are all much more likely selections for Baltimore at 26.
    Harvin will fall into the 2nd round.

  47. Man you guys take this far to seriously. Its ok to disagree w/ the mans guess/predictions but you guys seem to be taking it personally. And to the guy who did his own mock draft, how in the heck did you come to those conclusions, esp the part about the trades, freaking hillarious, you have no clue as to what you are talking about. How in the heck do you know or even have an a clue as to who’s going to trade what. You should save those predictions and take a gander the day after the draft, then you’ll see your no better then Florio or anyone else doing mock drafts for that matter.

  48. The choice for the Colts if it is offensive will according to Bill Polian be the best player of any position available, that being said, a WR or RB would be the best choice if it is an offensive type pick. Otherwise, the real no brainer need for the Colts is defense.

  49. Not bad guys. I’m not saying I agree with everything, but you make very good points. It’s much more fun reading what some of these idiots, I mean,
    what some of these fans write in fear of your clairvoyant skills. Stop crying crybabies, it’s
    only a mock draft… one of the better ones around!

  50. Florio,
    As a downtrodden Lions fan I can only hope and pray they draft this way. Plus you left Laurinitus on the board for the second round. I would drink till the poisioning set in if we had those three guys at weekends end.
    Your first mock sickened me with Stafford and a RB, this gives me that glimmer of hope that I am sure the geniuses in Lions management will snuff out in violent fashion.

  51. I got a feeling the Steelers are going to be in a trade mood this year . They will more and likely move up in the first round . Call me crazy but they did it after they won SB XL . I like to see them move up if 2 players are close and they can get them .Kenny Britt and Eben Britton . …… Or they might move down to mid 2nd or so and get a few more picks if they feel its a deep draft . I dont think they will draft Jackson . They get those guys in the later rounds . Keisel was a 7th rounder and Smith i think was a 4th .

  52. ActionJackson says:
    March 17th, 2009 at 6:49 am
    “I just don’t know about this Donald Brown kid he came out of know where no one was talking about him a month ago and all the sudden he is a favorite on every analysts drafts”
    Well here is some info for ya…
    I was turned on to this guy during the combine cause he finished in the top 3 in every category other than the bench press, in which finished 11th with 23 reps (10th was 24 reps), and the 3 cone drill (7th). He also lead the nation with 2,083 rushing yards, scoring 18 touchdowns as a junior. and in case you missed the PFT report on him (as I assume most of you questioning who he is have)
    Now, I would have no problem with the Eagles taking another player with that other first round pick (maybe trading up for OL as Reid so loves to do) and then trading up in the second to grab Brown. But I think he is the kind guy we need to take some pressure off of Westbrook and pound it up the middle.

  53. The Raiders will find a way to trade up to get Alex Mack, they love him. Duke Preston, if the sign him, is not the answer at center, even though he fits the Raider mold at 6’5″.
    The Raiders will have a much better OL next year and then the gun-slinger that Russell is will be unleashed…..

  54. Im sorry raider fan….. you have no hope until Al Davis kicks that final punt into the northern sky….. Until then please pray for Peyton Manning to tuck in every night the obvious choice for MVP next year No. 11 Gonzalez.

  55. Does anyone see Aaron Curry going to Detroit? My impression is that Detroit will go defense the first two rounds. They certainly need to improve that area of their team among others.

  56. I really do not see the Bucs bringing in a cornerback in the first round. Hopefully they can bulk up their D-line (or a qb) and then a reciever and then the rest defense.

  57. “Bill Parcells loves guys with football in the family, and Matthews could become the heir to Joey Porter.”
    More like the heir to Bobby Carpenter.

  58. dude cmon percy harvin? theres no way in hell the ravens pick him after the travis taylor debacle

  59. Go easy on Florio, everybody’s got an opinion. But seriously, Leron McCoy? You are on a computer, right? do some fact checking before you leave your hot mess of misinformation all over us.

  60. Why are people constantly giving the Pats a inside linebacker?!?
    Do you notice the glaring hole at OLB opposite Adalius Thomas? If they trade for Peppers or sign Jason Taylor then maybe they’ll take a MLB. But, its not worth a 1st round pick just to groom when you need a starter badly at OLB.
    @ axemen5
    They moved Jermaine Phillips to OLB and signed Angelo Crowell for the other OLB position.
    The Bears have said they’re not taking a WR they have bigger needs with the interior of that OL and pass rushers.

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