On the day after the NFL Players Association elected a new Executive Director, the interim Executive Director struck a tentative deal in his joint capacity as acting Executive Director of the AFL Players Association.
The NFLPA announced the development earlier this afternoon via a press release.
Specifically, the AFL and the AFLPA have reached agreement on a term sheet.  The agreement must now be ratified by the AFL’s owners and players.
“AFL players have remained steadfast in their love for their sport and their appreciation of their fans,” acting AFLPA Executive Director Richard Berthelsen said.  “The players are doing everything reasonably possible to ensure that the AFL re-launches in 2010 and grows in the years to come.  Players are making economic concessions now in return for a share of expected increases in the League’s value and revenue, because the players believe in the future of the AFL.”
The new agreement is part of a comprehensive restructuring aimed at allowing the AFL to return to action in 2010.  Earlier this year, the 23-year-old indoor football league opted to suspend operations for the 2009 season.

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  1. You can not say AFL sucks unless you’ve been to a game. I have been and I loved it. You’re right on top of the action (unlike the NFL, where in certain stadiums you’re 30 yards and 15 feet above the stadium floor). The teams make it totally fan friendly and it is fast paced and high scoring. It is a blast.

  2. It almost seems odd to think the afl has been around 23 years. If the people running the UFL have any brains at all they will take a gander at the AFLs model.

  3. I guess I need to rethink how I plan to spend the 10 minutes per year I watch AFL in a desperate attempt to rationalize to myself that I’m watching football.

  4. I agree with Vikes02. Going to an arena game is fantastic. You can be literally in the game with players ending up in your lap.

  5. arena football, while not the nfl, is a great way to watch the game with family, especially kids. With season ticket waiting lists of over 60,000, and ebay, craigs list or other means of obtaining tickets costing a small fortune for the ‘opportunity’ to sit in the nosebleed sections, while the good seats are bought up by folks on cell phones during the entire game schmoozing clients, AFL is a great way to enjoy the game of football. Sure, there are some quirky rules, but didn’t you have some squirky rules when playing in the sandlot or the street or alleyway? Of course you did. Enjoy the quirkiness and the couple of months of football you get until the draft and the new nfl season comes around..
    Go SOUL!!!

  6. It may not be the NFL but is sure is nice to have something to watch during the offseason. I describe it as street football meets hockey.
    Its fast pace and the player are really involved. I was very disappointed that the AFL wasnt having a season this year.

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