The Green Bay Packers announced today that they have matched the Tennessee Titans’ offer sheet on restricted free agent cornerback Jarrett Bush, a transaction that retains his rights for next season.
The Packers had up to a week to decide if they wanted to match the offer, which was submitted by the Titans late last week.
Bush was assigned the low tender of $1.01 million by Green Bay. As an undrafted free agent, the Packers wouldn’t have been entitled to any draft-pick compensation if they had decided not to match.
Bush played in every game last season and finished second on the team with 17 special-teams tackles.
“Jarrett has been a solid player for us,” Packers General Manager Ted Thompson said. “We are pleased to have him remain a member of our team.”


  1. Noooooo! No no no no no no no. What’s next, we’re going to re-hire Bob Sanders away from Buffalo? So much for addition by subtraction.
    If this is the Packers’ ace-up-the-sleeve in playing hardball with Tramon Williams, Williams and his agent must be on the floor laughing right now at such a poor bluff.

  2. good grief
    ted should have been doing back flips because someone was willing to take him from us
    bush is horrible

  3. My support for Ted is dwindling. I thought this would be the year he’d make some moves. He’s done nothing.

  4. The guy sucks, he is a penalty flag waiting to happen on any given play. As a DB, he sucked so bad they pulled him out of dime packages. Plus, he is dumber than dirt, not even of average intelligence, we are talking Childress-level dumb.
    I don’t know what the Titans offered but the packers should have offered to pay half just to haul his sorry ass away.
    This ranks right up there with cutting the 4th best statiscal punter in the NFL to sign Derrick Frost who was just God awful.
    Its hard to defend the indefendsible, this just might be start of Ted Thompson’s slide out of town.

  5. A wasted week. What are they thinking…I could have made that decision in 7 seconds, not seven days. This makes me feel good…NOT.

  6. Classic, every Pack fan has posted that they are very happy to see Bush go to say the least. Well its time to welcome him back to cheese head stadium. I love it.

  7. Why?
    Why not???
    You sound like a FF geek. We have real coaches on that side of the ball and on ST. Then and only then can you judge his true talent.

  8. I understand that we tend to remember the bad plays more than the good plays, but that guy has made many bad plays that really stung. Aside from special teams, Bush only played sparingly as backup CB – not sure if he’s worth getting paid more than $1 mil/yr.

  9. no guarantee he stays on the team through camp. But if Williams will be an extended holdout then I can see why they signed him. Not happy about it, but it’s not like we’re paying him like a top CB.

  10. After the Favre fiasco, I stood by and supported the GM.
    After he failed to get Randy Moss, I still brought up his great drafting skills.
    After TT finishes offseasons without signing anyone, I tell everyone that its okay because he knows better than any of us.
    After a disappointing season, I dont put the blame on him. We lost several close ones and our defensive coaching was abysmal.
    I’d have to say I was definitely pro-TT.
    But this is the move that officially puts me back in the neutral category, maybe the TT- Hater category. Why do we keep this guy? He is terrible. In a game against the niners in preseason, he singlehandedly gave up 280 yards and 4 TDs. Singlehandedly, meaning whoever the guy was that he was covering racked up the points and yards.
    He must have some photos somewhere of Ted Thompson doing some compromising things.

  11. OMG! You have got to be kidding me. Every time that complete numbskull (TT) does something, my stomach knots up. Bush is the worst player on the Packers team. I finally thought they were able to get rid of him. I don’t think he’d make 90% of the teams in the NFL. Good one TT. Keep on showing us how smart you really are. Choke. Look…even a Titan fan here is thanking the idiot. Wow.
    Please ..please..please..someone for once and all get him (TT)away from my team!!?!?

  12. I just hope he lives in Green Bay during the offseason, does work in the community, speaks to the local media, and stays out of jail.

  13. The Titans will get him cheaper during the roster cuts than now.
    I was wishing the guy well and hoped he could see the field occaisionally with the Titans.
    He will not be on the Packers opening day roster so he will not cost anything.
    This is not so bad Packer fans. It costs nothing now and he can be cut later.

  14. Boooo!!!!!
    Jarret Bush sucks….
    This is why we don’t get FA, cuz our roster is filled with dead weight. What else does Bush have to offer. We’ve seen his ability, and its more of a liablitiy. time to move on. Ted probably just kept him for his bad ass dance moves

    Aaron, couldn’t the headline have been
    Then I could have said,
    “thats what she said”


  17. I made a user name just for this comment. I’m a Packers fan. That being said, I hate Jarret Bush. He’s only a special teams player and has no other significant potential. I understand that special teams is a crucial third of the game, but his defensive play is atrocious. I’d prefer that if the outrageous Ted Thompson sign a cornerback that he can actually play the position… Is that too much to ask?

  18. I wish I could get a million dollars for sucking at my job. Oh well. At least he’s not Ahmad Carroll.

  19. Wish Carolina kept this guy around. Hes a pretty solid 3rd/4th option. I dont know why everyones crying

  20. “Piss, piss, piss. Moan, moan moan.” – typical 2009 Packer fan.
    It saddens me that all you jerks freak out at a signing of $1.01 million for Jarrett Bush. Is this how bad things have gotten to the once great reputation we have as Packer fans? This re-signing clearly shows what the Packers think of him. Now, I am as little a Jarrett Bush fan as anyone, but really people? Freaking out over this?
    You will b*tch and complain about absolutely anything the Packers do. I used to think that as a Packer fan I was with some pretty savvy company, and would make fun of Jets fans, for example, for completely going nuts when the team did anything unexpected.
    Well, congratulations. The majority of Packer fans are now worse than Jets fans. They are the biggest bunch of fair-weather idiots that can root for a team. I am sick of this crap.
    I can’t wait for the draft for more of the same from supposed Packer ‘fans.’

  21. I too am becoming very disenchanted with Thompson.
    I could spot better Bush out hoggin’ with a twelver in me…..and at least all it would cost is the price of a Trojan….

  22. Now I understand why Packer fans are so hard on the Vikings. They need something to do when their not shredding one of their own.
    I watched this guy play last year and he was a solid special teams contributor. No, he’s not going to take you to the promised land but he’s not friggin’ Waswa Serwanga.
    I can hardly believe I’m going to say this, but, I agree with Bob Nelson on this one. Bring him in, throw him in the mix, cut him if you have to. No harm, no foul.
    Sniveling cry baby’s.

  23. I think Ted Thompson is doing a wonderful job. I hope he is employed by the Packers for years to come.
    At the very least, it gives us Vikings fans hope that his ineptness is greater than Childress/Spielman’s.

  24. You idiots are hysterical… Z0MG!!! Bush stinks!! TT has teh SUXX0R!
    Get a grip. Did you ever think – do you ever suspect – that the coaches and staff on this team just MIGHT be in a better position than you to judge a player’s worth? That maybe, just maybe, they’re better at it? And maybe that’s why they’re getting paid good money to do it, while you’re sitting in front of your computer pissing and moaning about every decision that doesn’t make immediate sense to you?
    No amount of watching football on television or reading the latest popularist tripe in the internet could ever count more than spending time on the field, working with a player.
    Just because Ted Thompson doesn’t do everything like you would, that doesn’t make him an idiot.
    Do you want to know why we matched the offer? I’ll tell you, and it’s pretty simple. Bush also plays safety. And right now – today – he better at covering a receiver than any other safety on the Packers’ roster.
    Gosh… maybe they WON’T get killed by every second-rate tight end they see this year. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  25. Ted Thompson has been at the helm of the Packers for 4 seasons; only one of those has been a winning season.
    This decision to keep Jarrett Bush is a prime example of why the Packers will never be a contender until they get rid of Thompson.

  26. Hey, Strick: If Bush is so great at covering WRs, why didn’t he JUST DO IT this past year? Bush is a big reason why the Packers’ D had so many holes in it. The D isn’t going to be better b/c he’s there; he’s BEEN there, and was part of the problem last year.
    In 3 years – 46 games played – he has only 51 tackles total. Last year, in 16 games, he had only 11 tackles total. Also, he has NO interceptions in 46 games. None. Nada.
    Yeah, great contributor, that guy.
    And just to be clear to the person who posted that Bush was getting $1 mill. The contract match is actually a 3-year, $4.5 million deal. So Pack fans are stuck with this bozo for 3 more years.

  27. Death, taxes, and “penalty, #24, kicking team.” I think the kid who gave me a coke with a cracked cap and no napkins last night at the drive thru deserves at least $500,000/yr.

  28. What people may not realize is that Bush is not our nickle back, our nickle back is Tramon Williams, who i believe is making half of what Bush is now making. Bush is a average special team player, a liability in coverage, and prone to stupid critical penalties. We cut Tracy White our best special teams player last year, now we resign Mike Montgomery, how is this team getting any better?

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