With none of the top quarterbacks in the draft pool picking him to be their agent, Bus Cook had to find a way to get his name into the NFL conversation in the weeks leading up to the 2009 version of the rookie selection process.
What better way to do it than to demonstrate his power and influence to the quarterback class of 2010 by forcing a trade of Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler?
Dan Patrick said on the Monday edition of his show that Cook recently responded to a report from Peter King that Cutler had asked for a trade before the possibility of trading Cutler ever arose with the time-honored non-denial denial:  “Not that I know of.”
We’re now convinced that Cook is the primary instigator of Cutler’s discontent — and also the primary impediment to a meaningful coach-player meeting that could resolve the situation and keep Cutler around.
King told Patrick on Monday that coach Josh McDaniels still wants to have a one-on-one meeting with Cutler. 
In other words, McDaniels wants to be able to talk to Cutler without Cook sticking his nose into the discussion, saying and doing things that will prevent Cutler’s currently stubborn resolve from weakening.
Indeed, a league source tells us that Cook’s idea for solving the current impasse was — what else? — a fat new contract for Cutler.  If the Broncos aren’t willing to give Cutler a new deal, then Cook and Cutler want to be traded.
Cook is a West Virginia native, so we’d ordinarily be inclined to give him the Pat White treatment.  In this case, we can’t.  Cook has been at the center of too many unnecessary controversies, and he has failed to use his tremendous influence over his clients to persuade them to find a way to make things work.  Instead, Cook has thrived of late on destroying existing relationships, for no apparent strategic reason other than to get his name in the paper.
That said, it’s not too late for the Broncos to take control of the situation.  As pointed out in our latest item, the Bengals did it last year with Chad Johnson, and the Cardinals did it last year (and might do it again this year) with Anquan Boldin.  When a player is under contract for three more seasons, the team (not the player) has the power to determine whether the player will be traded or released before those three years expire.


  1. and as during the favre imbroglio, there are a lot of posters pulling the same kinds of stunts at pft.
    it is entirely very possible that all mcdaniels did was receive offers for cutler.

  2. Why don’t the Chiefs just finish off what could have been the 3-way trade? Cutler for Cassel straight up. That’d be a steal for the Chiefs and it looks like the McDaniels might take it.

  3. The Broncos can keep Cutler, sure. Then he can go out for the next three years and quietly tank their seasons to prove a stubborn point. That would be worth it, right Broncos fans? …right?
    Put Bus on the bus and send Jay with him. I’m sure Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers will gladly pitch in for the Greyhound ticket.

  4. in some ways this is why I respect Drew Rosenhaus as an agent… he’s out front and center taking the flak for trying to muscle his player out of town for greener pastures. Bus Cook is the complete opposite – he’d rather have his QB’s out front and center taking the flak (Cutler this year, and Brett Favre last summer) so he can remain in the background doing nothing… waiting for his payday.

  5. Titans have plenty of cap room. Cutler would love nothing more than to come back to Nashville & play. I think I speak for most Titans fan’s when I say “Bud pay the man !!!” & get rid of that bi-polar back up we have.

  6. thats just denial empty13.
    To think that o nthe day Matt Cassel is being traded that both Detroit and Tampa Bay came to the conclusion that Pro Bowl QB Jay Cutler might be available for trade if they could acquire Cassel with out Denver putting Cutler’s name out there is complete and total denial.

    Wednesday, August 6th 2003, 7:59AM
    ALBANY – When Jeremy Shockey arrived at training camp last summer, he spent his first night in a car at a gas station because nobody from the Giants was awake to greet him. They weren’t about to let the same thing happen to William Joseph this year – not after what they went through to get him in.
    Joseph, as his agent promised in yesterday’s Daily News, finally arrived at camp yesterday morning, ending his 12-day holdout and signing a five-year, $6.95 million contract. It was the team’s longest holdout in eight seasons and clearly one of the strangest. And GM Ernie Accorsi made it clear that he wasn’t happy with the way Joseph’s agent, James (Bus) Cook, went about striking the deal.
    “I will say that it made me appreciate the pure professionalism of (agents) like Tom Condon, Marvin Demoff and David Dunn,” Accorsi said. “And just so you don’t have to come back to me and ask me about (Cook’s) reaction to our tactics, tell me when we’ve had an experience like this. We’ve had holdouts, but not like this. And that’s really all I have to say.”
    Joseph’s holdout was apparently marred by an odd lack of communication between the Giants and Cook, who would sometimes go days without returning assistant GM Kevin Abrams’ calls. Cook told the Daily News Monday night that there was no disagreement over the signing bonus ($3.725 million) or the length of the contract (which is technically seven years, though the last two are “voidable”). The problem was with the “structure” – meaning the incentives package, according to a source.
    Cook could not be reached for comment yesterday, but Joseph seemed to have no problems with the way his negotiations were handled.
    “I just told him to do his job,” Joseph said. “He was right.”
    The Giants obviously don’t agree, but they’re willing to overlook that because they’re counting on the 6-foot-5 Joseph – who said he reported at 312 pounds, “right about where it should be,” Fassel said – to be a key part of their defensive-line rotation. That’s why Fassel has ordered him to follow defensive-line coach Denny Marcin “like a puppy dog” to try to quickly make up for the 17 practices he missed.
    “He’s got pretty good retention – I was surprised, really,” Marcin said. “About 90% of the questions I asked him he had the answers for. Where it’ll be tougher on him is the conditioning part, the hitting. The other guys are feeling better, but he’s going to be sore.”
    Joseph was also a little tired after his first full practice yesterday afternoon. He arrived from Ft. Lauderdale – he had been training at the University of Miami – around midnight and after some final-hour consulting with Cook, he signed his deal at 2:30 a.m. Seven hours later, he was on the field briefly during what was essentially a special teams workout. Then after some weightlifting with his teammates, he joined Marcin for lunch.
    But after lunch, Joseph took a page out of Shockey’s rookie playbook by sneaking out the back door of the dining hall to avoid the media. Two representatives of the Giants’ PR staff had to go find him and convince him to return, which he reluctantly did.
    Once he agreed to speak, Joseph seemed in good spirits. He said little except that he was “anxious to get up here” and that “I thought I would sign earlier than this.”
    The Giants thought so too, and they were still a little bitter that he didn’t.

  8. It’s unfortunate that things have ended up this way, but if your a Vikings fan, you hope we can get in on the Cutler sweepstakes. But knowing our hometown team….eh. BUT, wouldn’t it be cool to go get Cutler AND Holt????? Yeah, it’s nice to dream about….

  9. Bus Cook is an idiot. He completely mishandled the Favre situation last summer by agreeing to Favre giving that FOXnews interview that made Favre look like a complete fool and cry for his release.
    Now he’s having Jay Cutler demand a trade now just because McDaniels entertained offers to trade him?? I think Cutler would have worked everything out if he had just met with McDaniels himself and not had Bus Cook in the meeting advise Cutler to go to the media and rip the Broncos organization.
    Bus Cook is becoming the new Drew Rosenhaus.

  10. Whether it is Cook or not, Cutler has been mistreated. There is a proper way of handling the trade for a player – or exploring adding a new quarterback – but Josh McDaniels lacked professionalism. That’s why Cutler is pissed. The reason is legit – Cook is just fueling the fire a bit.

  11. I think in the other cases you cited (Boldin, Ochocinco), the team has the upper hand. But not with a franchise QB. They make too much money and are in a position to infect the whole team and season.
    As the franchise QB, I believe Cutler has the upper hand over the Broncos, and I think the Broncos know it, too. Thats why Bowlen mentioned the possibility of losing Cutler.

  12. @Straverse
    The straight up trade, Cutler for Cassel, is a difficult trigger to pull due to the fact that these teams play each other at least twice a year. That’s a lot of risk being exposed early and often. Shipping Cutler off to an NFC team reduces that exposure ala GB and Favre. Fans don’t like losing to division rivals, especially when their former first round pick is playing QB for the other team.

  13. Doncha need to outperform a contract, prior to getting a new one ?
    huh ? huh ??
    PS — Maybe somebody should throw Bus under the bus ?

  14. denial? hell cutler was asking for a trade himself.
    now he acts like that never happened.

  15. What other QB’s does Bus handle? I want to see where the trainwreck will be for next year. Didn’t Bus have Steve McNair also?
    My guess is Bus is angling to open up QB spot for his other QB, #4. We all know in June word will leak out that Brett wants to go one more year anyway.

  16. I don’t understand why anyone would think that Cutler going to Cleveland would be a good fit. The guy running the show in Cleveland, Mangini, also used to work under Bellichick. Does anyone honestly think that Cutler would be able to work with Mangini?
    What would the Broncos get in return? Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson? Are either of those two any better than Simms at this point?
    I hope Cutler ends up with the Jets. Greenberg from Mike and Mike wants him there. Frankly, it makes no sense. I can’t imagine Cutler being able to handle the NY media.
    Cutler is supposed to be an adult. If he is being led around by the nose by his agent, then I have no sympathy for him.

  17. Bus Cook is the nut jobbehind a lot of Brett Favre alleged leaks etc.
    Why do you ignore Bus Cook, Brett Favre’s agent, and not say that he had a large part in what happened at the end of Brett’s career.
    That whole hoax of Randy Moss when Bus was negotiating on moss’ behalf.
    It is about time you call out these immoral agents.

  18. Four line – your obvious discontent for authority shines through with you thoughtless condemnation of Josh. How is it possible that you can ascertain from the number of he-said she-said articles that McDaniel’s lacked professionalism?
    Most of the communication in this public display of affection has come from the Cutler camp. Cutler hasn’t won a darn thing, yet he comes across as though because of his stature as a QB he should not have to prove himself and should have say over everything within an organization. I suppose based on previous experiences that star QB’s have been coddled from high school onward and they usually are privy to information the rest of the team may not have. Sniff the coffee there Jay, you have to earn that in the NFL.

  19. Thank you, Mike. Someone with some credibility needed to bring this up.
    Bus Cook is the devil.

  20. ???
    All the surmising from the backbench ‘leak for future access’ types…but the bottomline:
    Bus Cook did not lie to (or ‘mislead’) Jay Cutler.
    Josh McDaniels did.
    Itsawrap. ;/

  21. Cutler should get a new contract when he does something new, like quitting his whining and goes out and wins some football games.

  22. final four line says:
    March 16th, 2009 at 11:56 am
    “Whether it is Cook or not, Cutler has been mistreated. There is a proper way of handling the trade for a player – or exploring adding a new quarterback – but Josh McDaniels lacked professionalism. That’s why Cutler is pissed. The reason is legit – Cook is just fueling the fire a bit.”

  23. While you point out that Johnson and Boldin were silenced by their front offices, they are wide outs. While a cancer is a cancer, but when it’s your starting QB, then it’s a different manner. The logicAL fit since Cassel is gone, is Brady Quinn, since he played the Weis system at Notre Dame.

  24. Just one problem, Cutler’s performance on the field doesn’t justify a “fat new contract”. Cutler needs to grow up and realize the fundamental truth about the NFL. And that truth is that it’s a cut throat BUSINESS. If his feelings are hurt at finding out he was on the trading block……..tough. Cowboy up and deal with it like a man. Another prime reason he doesn’t deserve a new contract is because of that horrible haircut he has. He looks like a casting reject from One Tree Hill or something.
    As for West Virginia…….did you know the toothbrush was invented there? If it had been invented anywhere else it would’ve been called a teethbrush.

  25. Here is a simple solution.
    On the count of three. Bowlen fires McD and Cutler fires Cook.
    Then Bowlen finds a replacement head coach with experience and Cutler finds a new agent not named Cook or Rosehaus.
    Bowlen must wondering how his billion dollar team ended up in the outhouse in less than 90 days.

  26. Is it a coincidence that Cook is also Favre’s agent and was in the middle of that mess last year? I think not.

  27. Or the Broncos should sit Cutler for three years and we’ll all see what value he has then.

  28. As a Chiefs fan I’m just glad we got our guy and I’m enjoying all this drama unfolding out in Denver while we’re quietly becoming the favorites to win the AFC West this year.

  29. So does this mean that Cutler requested a trade, previously, or not? That is what it all boils down to. If he didnt, fine, but if he did, he is an even bigger dick head than previously thought

  30. Cook seems intent on displacing Rosenhaus as slimiest agent for NFL players.
    McDaniels won’t put up with this crap. He is a brilliant coach who believes firmly in the team first way. If Cutler wants to hold out and keep acting like a whiny 5 year old girl he will fast see McDaniels plug someone else into his offense and win games without Cutler.

  31. “That said, it’s not too late for the Broncos to take control of the situation. As pointed out in our latest item, the Bengals did it last year with Chad Johnson, and the Cardinals did it last year (and might do it again this year) with Anquan Boldin. When a player is under contract for three more seasons, the team (not the player) has the power to determine whether the player will be traded or released before those three years expire.”
    What happened to the part where you say McDaniels should kiss Cutlers sorry Butt?
    Cheers, BostonTim

  32. I think Deanna Farve is behind all of this…. Bus Cook is trying to get Jay Cutler on the Jets so Brett Farve can come out of retirement and go play for the Vikings.

  33. Good. Donks have the Power. Does that mean Josh DOESN’T have to kiss Cutler’s Butt???

  34. chiefs are still the favorite to finish last.
    chargers are still better than the other 3 westies put together.

  35. The Broncos must take a hard line stance here and use the leverage of having Cutler signed for 3 more seasons. Trading Cutler now would be a horrible decision for the franchise. Bowlen needs to tell Bus Cook to get his ass back to the swamps of Mississippi and sit Cutler down in a room with McDaniels and tell both men that a) Cutler is the QB of this team, and b) if Cutler shows some maturity to go with his talent, he will be rewarded with a new contract in advance of the rookie deal expiring. Effective QBs are hard to come by in the NFL… drafting one and then trading him would set a franchise back at least 5 years.

  36. Bus Cook is lying right now.
    Cutler “heard” he was still on the trading block even though the Broncos said he wasn’t. He heard it from Bus Cook. Even though the Broncos were entertaining the calls in the end they opted not to… yet Cook flat out lied to Cutler saying that he was still on the block.
    Cook also continues to lie about Cutler asking for a trade earlier (after Bates was let go). Cook’s words were “I don’t think he did” and “Not that I know of.”. Shouldn’t his answer be, “NO, Jay did not ask for a trade”? Surely, the agent should know one way or the other, right?
    He knows, but can’t/won’t be truthful because it’s not in his blood and it might hurt their position if the truth were actually divulged (for once).
    Bus Cook = Grima Wormtongue

  37. Nothing makes the “trust” issues between a coach and his quarterback disappear faster than a pile of money, eh Bus?

  38. To all of yall who think that contracts must be honored by players, get real please. This line of argument is nonsensical and at odds with reality. When a team can void a contract at any time and a player can’t, don’t kid yourself into thinking they don’t look at other options for getting what they want. Cutler is a top tier qb. Everybody knows it. So he should be paid like one. That’s what it’s about. If you start to outperform your contract you deserve a new one. Now some teams like to play scrooge here, and for the most part they can get away with it. But it ain’t exactly this situation with Cutler. He’s in demand. He does have recourse and he can make it ugly. Which he is doing and most likely will continue to do. And as unpopular as this might be, it’s his best option. Consider what type of long term financial hit he’d take if he had a bad year next year. He can’t risk that when he has the means to avoid it. He’s looking out for himself. The horses are looking out for themselves. And everybody is pretending what they’re saying publicly is relevant to the core issues while feigning doe-like ignorance of what’s actually going down.

  39. Let’s just fix all this qb stuff in the NFL right now.
    1. Broncos trade Cutler to Chicago for Grossman and a wet fart.
    2. Jags sign Jeff George.
    3. Tennessee signs Jeff Garcia.
    4. Tennessee trades Vince Young to the Jags for draft choices
    and Jeff George, in order to qualify their QBs for senior citizen benefits.
    5. Jags sign Terry Bradshaw as the QB coach, since one head case
    ought to know how to handle another head case.
    6. Vikings trade T-Jack to Tampa Bay for Carnell Williams, and
    announce their new offense, the Wild-Viking will feature AP as the
    all-time QB.
    7. Packer trade all veterans for Alex Smith and 15 draft choices, 10
    of which are 7th round picks for this year. Ted Thompson ejaculates quietly.
    8. The Jets sign Kyle Boller, although no one knows why.
    9. Oakland trades Russell to Houston for Steve Slaten. They announce that the new offense is the Wild-Raider, and Darren McFadden will be the new all time QB.
    10. Detroit signs JP Losman and JT O’Sullivan, and announce that Dante
    Culpepper has changed his name to JD Culpepper so all their QBs have
    initials in their names, and start with a J.
    11. The Rams tell Trent Green he has been traded, but he doesn’t
    remember it.
    12. The Bengals trade 5 first round picks to Atlanta for Michael Vick.
    They also announce that their new nickname is the Dawgs.

  40. Someone has to draw the line on these players. They sign deals then dont honor any part of em.
    Denver should let Cutler rot on the bench for 2 years if he doesnt want to play. Cutler wouldnt earn any incentives and most importantly – Bus Cook doesnt get any monies from a new contract.
    Cutler is only owed about 1 million this year. He will eat all that money up in fines and then some. Welcome to the real world Ashley Lelie errr Jay Cutler.

  41. Steve McNair
    Brett Favre
    Jay Cutler
    What’s the connection here??
    Don’t they have a say’n in Mississippi about lay’n w/ a dog w/ fleas, or was that something (somebody) else?
    When does Jay talk to Greta or show up on The View. Cook is redneck parasite.

  42. I like how Florio is trying to spin this into “it’s the agents fault!”
    The bottom line is that it is McDaniels ineptitude that started and continues this whole saga.
    In the end, Jay Cutler will be one of the best QB’s in the league for years to come and McDaniels will be in the unemployment line.
    Bowlens recent comments about not being happy with the entire situation and losing his “STAR” QB, does not bode well for McDaniels. If that isn’t a sign saying I think my new coach just screwed up big time, I don’t know what is.

  43. Bus Cook is a complete piece of crap. And as far as I’m concerned why wouldn’t Cutler want to play for a team thats rebuilding nicely with new management. Cook is an ass for even asking for a new contract, he’s already on 1st round qb money, and to be honest Cutler’s played well enough (just) to earn it thus far. If it is infact him sticking his nose in he’s an even bigger piece of shit than I ever thought. There’s one thing looking out for a client and getting a little credit out of it for doing that, it’s another thing trying to bully a rebuilding team into devoting more guaranteed money to a qb who is still developing and didn’t even make the playoffs last year, just to get yourself more publicity. Hate him now!

  44. Cutler/McNabb trade makes most sense — eagles want to get younger and mcnabb can go play with buckhalter and dawk…

  45. The Bronco’s should call Bus Cook and just tell him, Game On. If you want to fight this out in the media like he did the year before with Favre, the Broncos hold all the cards and Culter doesn’t stand a chance.
    Call his bluff and when he attempts to fight back, stick it so far up his ass that he screams UNCLE. Culter comes off looking like sissy bitch and all NFL players should be forewarned about signing on with Bus Cook, the biggest sleazeball in pro football if it weren’t for Drew Rosenpuss.

  46. “Cutler is a top tier qb. Everybody knows it. So he should be paid like one. That’s what it’s about. If you start to outperform your contract you deserve a new one.”
    1) No, he’s not a top tier QB. He’s middle of the pack at best.
    2) He has not come anywhere near “outperforming his contract”. In fact, i’d say he’s over-paid.

  47. Sit him on the bench for three years – he would take up a spot on the 53, but on game day you could inactivate him from the 45 roster. Better than trading him in my opinion. He’ll be 6 years into the league still with a losing record, 3 years removed from playing, and 3 years closer to his diabetes shortened career.

  48. so i still am holding on to the hope that cutler will leave bus cook out of the equation for a little bit and start communicating with McD 1on1
    it still seems like the most viable plan to get this team back where it should be… i like the fa’s brought in so far but McD defiantly dropped the ball early on about the trade discussion… i dont blame him for being intrigued, it is an interesting proposal but he should have handled that and leach better
    just goes to show how shan had that under wraps… alot of things in the air at once for josh, i think alot of ppl are looking too far into this situation… i watched cutler play and he looks to me like the qb i want for the next decade, i see how McD is young and comes from a well-groomed organization (just like shan was from SF) and i am excited to get this under control and start owning the AFC WEST FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS!

  49. 17-20 as a starter. Yeah, they’re lining up for the biggest whiner in the NFL. Not.

  50. Hey if Cutler isn’t one of the most promising young qbs who’s on the verge of superstardom, then what’s the problem? Trade him already. Problem solved.

  51. Easier said than done. You’d have the find a trade partner that thinks he’s franchise Qb material. The body of work on his resume doesn’t exactly jump off the page.

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