Last year, Titans quarterback Vince Young was scarce during offseason workouts, in part because he was attending college classes.
And in part because he was attending shirtless all-male tequila parties.
This year, Young was present for the first day of offseason workouts, according to Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper.
It’s unknown whether Young signed the “Workout Agreement” giving the team the exclusive ability to lock him out of offseason workouts.  It’s also unlikely that he would have understood it, given his single-digit Wonderlic score.


  1. lol hahaha man i so wish as a Titans fan we would have drafted Jay cutler instead of young we coulda won a superbowl by now

  2. I don’t think it matters if Vince Young practices or not, he’s gonna be garbage anyway. At best, they might be able to trade him for John Beck of the Dolphins.

  3. Hey Mike, what’s the deal? Why do you get so much pleasure putting down Vince Young? He’s a kid trying to grow up. So he has made a few mistakes in his short football career, does that mean he’s garbage? I have a son whose 22 years old and I know he made some bone head decisions in his life and so did I. I turned out ok and so will he. Mike, are you so perfect that anyone who has had some difficulties in life are just beneath you? Please give this kid a break. Vince was thrown in as a rookie and took the Titans to the playoffs and was named rookie of the year. He also only lost 2 games in his 3 year college career. Steve McNair took 4 years to become an effective QB. Amazing how fast people forget that. I am a Titans fan and I am pulling for Vince Young to reach his potential as an NFL QB and I hope it’s with the Titans!!! GoTitans!!!

  4. Jesus Christ florio these advertisements are obscene. First its anti aging cream, then sponser a child, what is next a sarah mccahlan puppy with one eye commercial for aspca………..

  5. Not a surprise. Fisher said at the end of the season that he expected VY to fully participate in the offseason programs.

  6. Forget the fact that Vince sucks as a QB. What the hell did you think he was going to do? He’s on their roster, he wants to play, he wants the money he’s owed, so just like any other player in that situation, he’s going to show up.
    And why do you have to be so condescending Florio? You use the fact that the Miami Herald posts questionable video footage from the Stallworth situation to get on your moral high horse, but you’re still a giant douche!

  7. The Wonderlic comment was over the line. Stick to news and a little bit of humor–leave the cheap shots to the no-talent hacks who have no other way to get attention.

  8. Ouch…
    I don’t even understand how a functioning human being could score that low. I was disappointed to score a 36. A basic conversion, albeit not entirely accurate, puts his IQ at no more than 78..

  9. Florio, sometimes you just dish out schlock. That last sentence was gratuitous condescension, i.e., a chronologically-adult person behaving like a 12-year-old bully.
    Maybe the players should start their own version of PFT, supplying information, conjecture, schlock of their own – on sports commentators. The union could handle protests.

  10. irish says:
    leave the cheap shots to the no-talent hacks who have no other way to get attention.
    well, it if walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

  11. wow. making fun of a guy because hes not as intelligent as some others. Taking a cheap shot at a poor undereducated black kid. classy. really classy. i know hes not poor anymore, but its where he comes from. You gotta remember where some people come from before you rip on them just because they are on a national stage man, class florio. class. show it. just because he doesnt, doesnt mean you shouldn’t.

  12. It’s apparent that you posted this just so you could get your snark in, and it’s not even clever, guy. Grow up. Young is no saint, but that comment was some real grade-school shit.

  13. People…….you’re surprised by this attempt at humor? You all know Florio is a no talent hack.

  14. Oh, and here’s a post (from a sports blog that actually manages to be snarky without being douchey) that alleges that Young scored a *16* on the test, and cites YOU as the source:
    “Pro Football Talk, which has been all over this story from the get-go, explains thusly.
    ‘The guy who graded the test who was wrong. As we’ve explained, the guy screwed up the scoring of Young’s test, and someone leaked the number to the crowd at the combine before the error was spotted.'”
    So, now your own reporting can’t get in the way of your ego?

  15. @scientific . . . .
    he scored in the teens on his “do-over,” which was conducted after mack brown went bonkos.
    first score was a 6 or a 7.

  16. @ Florio…
    Well, good to know. The point remains. Save the snarky cheap shots, guy, and just report. It’s evident that your readership, by and large, seems not to appreciate it.
    Look, I work in sports, and value your site as a source of information. I just wish I didn’t have to wade through bullshit along the way.

  17. @scientific . . . .
    sorry, the bullshit is part of the deal.
    the bullshit has been part of the deal since day one.
    and with nearly 1 million page views yesterday alone, the bullshit ain’t goin’ anywhere.

  18. Tequila? Sure vince wasn’t drinking Bush Beer? He said he wanted to Head for the “mountain”
    If Texax A&M is the Aggies, then Texas must be the ….
    Actullay I really respect 2 sport atheletes. QB and catcher.
    He must have been dispapointed when he found out the long horn was a cow

  19. @ Florio:
    I’m not saying you have to be a goody-two shoes, guy. But come on…even you have to know this post was sophomoric at best, and the fact that you seemingly do it to drive up angst (and thereby page views) is cynical in the the extreme. Even you have to admit that.

  20. If VY comes back and balls out, y’all are gonna be on his jock again, I guarantee it. He can still find his game people, we just had super high expectations after that first year. There are a number of QB’s that struggle early in their career and then everything finally slows down. Having sad that, I don’t personally know Vince Young so I am not completely positive if he has the determination to become submerged in the position. That’s what all of the former QB’s say… “to be a successful NFL quarterback, you have to become submerged in the position” That means studying your playbook in the offseason, breaking down film, basically doing all of the mental preparation that goes into playing that position….going the extra mile. Playing QB in the league is much different than college, if VY can realize that he has to work his ass off to play at the level he wants, he will be fine. I believe that anyone who isn’t mentally challenged can do anything. Anyone with a brain that functions properly can learn to do just about anything…if there is a will, there is a way.

  21. I dont care if Vince scored a 2 on the wonderlick and spelled his name wrong. The fact is he has more wins than Nashvilles “precious” Jay Cutler,(I dont want to offend him and make him hate Vanderbilt) He has put more fans in the seats of LP field, sold more jerseys than any other player in recent history, puts my titans on the news more than any other football player on our team(we have the most underrated linebacker, Bullock, ever and now i have to say the most underrated free safety in the league in Michael Griffin) and people are too quick to forget all that. Vince single handily put the Titans one game away from the playoffs his rookie year and took us to the playoffs his second year without his feet winning games. He had a higher completion percentage that year than Gayton Manning. Yeah he isnt a polished quarterback or the smartest of people in life(by what you are implying here) but this guy is a winner and people are too quick to forget that.

  22. “If VY comes back and balls out, y’all are gonna be on his jock again, I guarantee it.”

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