As pre-draft visits continue, some agents are realizing that the best way to get the word out to the various teams about their guys is to share it with us.
And, of course, I’ve just guaranteed receiving at least an extra 100 e-mails per day through late April.
For today, we’ve been advised by the folks at Goal Line Football Management that Wake Forest safety Chip Vaughn will be meeting with the Bills on Wednesday and Thursday at the team’s facility.
Each NFL franchise is permitted to host up to 30 players before the draft, excluding players who went to college or grew up in the immediate vicinity of the team.
In trying to find out more information about Vaughn, we found this highlight video.  It would be wise for more agents to put these on YouTube, frankly.



  1. anybody else want to dress up as a gladiator and fight lions right about now? great music.
    oh and the kid can flat out hit! reminds me of Adrian Wilson when he was younger. Probably won’t be able to walk after 40, but that’s his choice. I’m definately gonna keep an eye on this guy next year!

  2. I think if you did a study, you would find 90% of all YouTube videos use the same background music.

  3. oh… I don’t watch a lot of you tube. certainly not 90% of it. but I can see why they’d use it. that stuff’d make watching grass grow exciting

  4. Agreed on the music, it’s classic for making raking leaves look epic.
    At the 1:44ish mark, I swear he hits the receiver before the ball is there. Maybe it’s just me, but as a former defensive back, I don’t believe in pass interference, and that still looked pretty sketchy. The ref was looking right at it, but I still think that could have gone either way. Maybe something the Agent should leave out.

  5. Looks like he can tackle pretty well. I was also impressed with sideline to sideline speed. Just hope he’s not the next Roy Williams, I didn’t see him cover anyone.

  6. Coverage is more than just running stride for stride with someone. I was impressed at how he stayed home on play action away from him, and he was in position to limit the pass to the tight end coming across to his side.

  7. Do you have a clip of all the times he got beat? Add Looney Tunes music and then you’d have something.

  8. I think the best move he showed was early on when he closed the gap on the Miami running back after going with the fake.

  9. Quick. Seems pretty smart. At the next level a lot of those hits bounce off and the runner keeps his balance; Chip needs to wrap up a bit more. Decent looking prospect, though.
    I didn’t notice him beating any Hokies in the clip. Just saying.

  10. Only watched the first 1.34 of the video and got bored, seriously, anyone was wowed by that? He got a pick that was because he happened to be standing 10 yards away from any receiver, made big hits on guys that were thrown bad passes…ummmm….so?
    I don’t know anything about the kid, not trying to be rude, but if the best highlights of his career were put in the initial 1/3 of the high light vid, (which any editor should have done), who cares?
    Final thought, looking fast on a college football field is way overrated.

  11. Started out kind of eh…got much more impressive toward the end. Agreed with the good open field tackel comment. He will at least be good in kick coverage.

  12. not an all star or a high draft pick. solid tackler. but anyone else who played db for 3-4 years would have had that many good tackles easy.
    doesnt intercept passes. caused some incompletions but no fumbles. or else fumbles amd pix would have been in the video. right?
    this guy played 3-4 years of college ball and that is all?
    give me a break. the ONLY possible highlight reel play was catching up to one guy in the open field. someone else (maybe him?) does his job, and wouldnt have been necessary.

  13. Mr. Florio when did you become Vaughn’s agent? BTW your marketing of your client is way better than of Drew Rosenhaus’s and Bus Cook’s.

  14. I had a chance to attend all of Wake’s home games this year and last year and I can assure you this much about Vaughn…
    He has NFL Size for Safety…His game is comparable to Chris Harris of the Panthers…
    He is a ball hawk and loves to force turnovers…He is not afraid to smash the runner in the mouth every time…
    He will work hard wherever he ends up and is definitely worth a flier from mid 3rd round on as he could develop nicely…
    He isn’t the next Ed Reed by any means but he should be able to improve in coverage and become a legit starter and dynamic ST performer…

  15. Great, a few cheap shots over the middle and he can tackle (8-10 yards down field). Take away the gladiator music and it looks like Roy Williams minus the glaring mistakes.

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