Defensive end Aaron Maybin, regarded by many as a sure-fire first-round draft pick, churned out impressive times in the 40-yard dash during his Pro Day workout.
The Penn State product covered the territory in 4.59 and 4.63 seconds, down from his Scouting Combine effort that landed in the 4.7s.
A before/after photo of Maybin on the web site also shows considerable increases in muscle mass during the past two months.  He has gained a total of 25 pounds, increasing from 227 to 252.
Also on Wednesday, Penn State cornerback Tony Davis ran the 40 in 4.4 seconds.

38 responses to “MAYBIN TRIMS 40 TIME, BULKS UP

  1. Thanks! That was just what I was looking for.
    I wanna see the receiver workouts, but I guess I’ll check that link tomorrow.

  2. Come on. 25 pounds of muscle and a o.2 improvement in his 40 time in two months?
    That’s not possible without a little help. At least try to not make it so obvious.

  3. Didn’t Shawn Merriman have the same type of physical transformation prior to the draft? I’m no personal trainer but that type of rapid muscle gain is ridiculous.

  4. @akhhorus
    Do we all have to be skeptics? The kid is 20 years old, and when I last checked 20 year old males were still growing.
    Isn’t it possible that some of these kids are working their tails off to get into shape and be the best they can be (as opposed to Andre Smith).
    I guess in ‘steroids’ era with Barry Bonds, A-Rod and the like we are conditioned to think our heroes cheat…

  5. Aron is an athlete if you watch him play its obvious and 25 pounds on a frame like that is not much when your only job is training all day every day for 3 months preparing for your pro day. Take a look at the films and study up on your fitness before you start hinting at someone not being natural

  6. 25 pounds heavier, and that makes him faster? I understand putting on 25 pounds in two months – an old geezer like me could do it easily. 25 pounds while working out hard? C’mon. I saw someone show a five pound bag of fat cells on TV once – it was a pretty big handful. Five of those bags would be a huge amount of muscle to add in eight weeks. Check for needle marks.

  7. There’s no way that’s possible without enhancement… and damn is that even possible with enhancement?
    I’m wondering if it’s a bit of an exaggeration.

  8. Yea that’s what it was……Muscle Milk……if it is they just found them selves a grade A spokesman…….

  9. I beleieve it. It’s not like they got anything else to do. All they have been doin sice the combine and before it is lift, run, and take protein and other substances to build muscle and master correct form for their 40 times.

  10. It’s physically impossible to put on that much muscle in two months. Ask Barry Bonds.

  11. Theres has to be some enhancment used. but he does get to use some of the best facilities in the u.s as far as weight rooms. he has all the tools to put that muscle on and trim his 40. COME TO THE BILLS BABY!!!

  12. Cmon folks.. 25 pounds in a matter of months? A healthy individual who works out 5 days a week can put on 5 lbs of muslce in a year. I’m not saying its impossible to put on 25lbs without any kind of help, I’m sure he could take his usual diet for a young 20 year old male who is nearly a pro athlete of nearly 8000-11000 calories a day to sustain his playing weight.. and double that? Add 5000 calories a day to a diet.. but honestly then youre eating as much as working out and isn’t sustainable, especailly not when the season would start. Not that kind of switch to your diet.. if he’s back to 235 by the season I might be able to believe it. Then you take the increase in sprinting speed and the cynics are justified. I ran the hundred for a long time, and .2s over 40m is incredibly noticable, unless his start out of the blocks was horrible at the combine what this guy did should be studied and placed in textbook.. if done legit.

  13. As a former steroid abuser and MD I can tell you that 25lbs in two months is impossible without juice. Even then, it’s damned near impossible. World class athlete and all that does not add up to that much weight gain.
    It took me three years and innumerable, excessive cycles of such heavies as Anadrol50 stacked with Test Cyp and something else such as Equipoise to go from 160# to 254# – in my late teens to early twenties and during my collegiate football career (if you could call it a career). Never a top athlete as in this case but still a good one. So, no, I am not buying the “he’s a high level athlete” garbage. I know better – both academically and experientially.

  14. NFL Network actually has him at 260 pounds at his pro day. Up from 249 at combine. I have personally gained 15 pounds of muscle in a few months but that was accompanied by 5 pounds of fat. I worked out pretty hard. Mostly heavy weights and no cardio. I forced food down my throat and ate protein bars and drank the shakes as well. Everyone thought I was juicing but it really was just hard workouts and increased protein. Now with better nutrition and trainers and with his build it is definitely possible to do what he did naturally. If he remained cut though, than yeah, he would have to be on something because you can’t add muscle without fat and stay cut unless you do it slowly over the years.

  15. Believe it or not thats not that hard, my friend who is in the marines went from 145 to 180 in a 6 months he was stationed in africa, he was already 180 probably 4 and a half months in, he drank tons of high protien shakes like muscle milk and hit the gym. He of course worked too, I imagine if a guy just worked out and had the perfect training course and diet it wouldnt be that hard in 2 months, Hell i’ve gained 10 pounds of muscle before in 1 month just going to the gym casually about and hour and a half 4 days a week and taking protein and amino acid supplements.
    Muscle mass gain is all about how close you are to your limit. Once you get really close then it because really hard to put muscle on the closer you get to it the more effort it takes to maintain it. My friend has lost about 10 pounds of muscle in the 6 months hes been home since he doesnt hit up the gym and we just play video games in a spare time.
    Guys who looked stacked as possible on their frame and continue to gain muscle are the guys who juice. Some guys juice when they don’t need to, it just makes it easier.

  16. LOL just went to the site to see the pictures. No way that is natural. First sign of juicer is when the traps get big and the thickness in the back. That is way too dramatic a change to be natural. No doubt in my mind. Not surprised though.

  17. MmmmmHmmmm its only impossible if you are nearly maxed out. If he wasnt a workout warrior and was on the casual side of his workouts in college and his frame still had plenty of potential then its far from impossible. Also some people just gain muscle faster then others, there are even conditions where people grow it much faster.
    Look at jason taylor, hes 244 pounds and look at his frame, its lanky but my guess is he could put on at least another 40 pounds if he really pushed himself, he doesnt want to though. Hes 6’6 and I promise you he could gain that much in 2 months on his body without juicing if he was younger.

  18. Just looked over website of the program Maybin used, alot of players use it, check out the steelers, half their team works with them. Look at the pics of James harrison. If maybin was juicing then its safe to say the whole steelers team was and no wonder they won the superbowl.
    All I’m saying is when you have programs like these built for achieving results like this then I doubt he or other guys are juicing, I’m sure there is tons of R&D done with these things to find the best way of doing everything they can.

  19. hopefully nfl scouts and execs arent starting to whisper about this kid. if a bunch of average joes on a site can come to a conclusion dont you think a team on the verge of giving this kid millions is going to look into this?
    this could ruin him.

  20. Maybin weighed 249 at the combine. This 25 pound weight gain dates back to the end of the football season.
    He gained a miraculous 3 pounds since the combine. He must be on the juice!

  21. its possibly to put 25lbs in 2 months. the article didnt say it was 100% muscle growth you idiots. it probably was a 3:5 ratio of fat to muscle in weight gain. heavy reps and a surplus in calorie intake can increase significant amounts of muscle in the body. his decrease in the 40 can result from the force generated from his “new”muscles or just bad technique at the combine. people who say he “roided up” are just lazy and oblivious to working out. and just to make it clear a “real workout” isnt 15 mins on the treadmill and 10 pushups.

  22. 25 pounds in 55 days for someone who is just starting to work out… Maybe. Scratch that, IMPOSSIBLE.
    For an elite athlete, IMPOSSIBLE.
    Hell, even on gas 25 pounds is tough to do. These guys have world class trainers. If you think they don’t have world class “supplement advisors” your crazy.
    There are drugs like test suspension and test prop that are in and out of your system in days. My guess is he had his last shot of test 3 days before his pro day. I’d bet a year salary on it.
    And don’t say he’d be bloated cuz water retention don’t come with test propinate.

  23. I’ll have what he’s having! I’m guessing Maybin’s “not here to talk about the past” either. I wonder if these guys wait until after the combine to juice b/c they are done w/ all the testing.

  24. As about pretty much everyone on here has said, the gains that Maybin put in in two months are completely ridiculous. Being an avid bodybuilder, I personally know that those gains are not possible without a little help. An average person working out can hope to put on .5-1 lbs of muscle per month, or 1-2lbs if you are taking every supplement known to man. 25lbs in two months tells me that guy is juicing and the NFL needs to stand up and pay attention to guys making such leaps in bounds in two months, especially considering these are guys that have been working out and training just has hard for the last at least 8 yrs. If it were that easy, why didn’t he do it during college? Oh yeah thats right, they test then… Florio let me ask you because I don’t know… can they test guys that have entered the draft while they are in limbo between college and the NFL? Because if not they should be able to instead of giving these kids a window to juice it up before hitting the league and giving teams an inflated opinion of what they are actually getting. That’s a lot of money to be putting down on puffed up numbers…

  25. I can’t believe that the skeptics are forgetting that there is a STERIOD TEST at the NFL combine! If there was any illegal substances used, it would have been present and made public. The banned substances in the NFL are for anything from steriods to masking chemicals. With a 24/7 program in place, including nutrition,for 3 months it is possible to get the results. You have to remember that he may have had quite a different program at Penn State with little nutritional help. Today’s top trainers know how to get the potential out of each athlete. Aaron looks like he had a lot of room to grow and may have some left over the next few months.
    Hat’s off to his trainer!

  26. A great YEAR in gaining muscle from an already established athlete is 12 pounds. This is according to EVERY reliable source on working out and muscle building… if 20 lbs. in 3 months is true then there is no doubt what Maybin is doing.

  27. DanSnyder:
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to gain 20 lbs of muscle in 2-3 months without the use of major performance enhancing drugs… IMPOSSIBLE! Gaining 20 lbs in a single year is even extremely unlikely. Of course if you or I or anybody that is rationale was told that if we did a little illegal drugs for a couple of months that we would get $5 million for it…most of us would do it without hesitation… that being said, Maybin is cheating and it was stupid of him to even pose for that picture because now the cat is out of the bag.

  28. During the season, Maybin played between 235 – 240. He lost weight after the season was over due to not lifting / recovering from the season. I would be more concerned with him keeping the weight on during a long NFL season, since he seems to have to work very hard bulk up.
    Someone should see if his hat size changed, that would prove he was using HGH, can we tell by the pictues?

  29. It’s not possible to gain 25 pounds of muscle in that short of time let alone gain 25 pounds of fat in 2 months.
    Most steroids start to work in the 3-5th week depending what type of
    compound it is. By the 8th week gains are usually at their peak for the cycle.
    HGH takes 3 mo to notice a difference, and it’s not a big difference. HGH is something that taken over time will make a big difference, add insulin and now you see how the big BB’ers gain the mass.
    This guy is on the sauce no doubt. He made gains in 2 mo that moth atheletes or Gym rats would make in 1-2 years of serious training and outting down some serious calories.

  30. Please…. HGH and steroid use is much more common in football than in baseball. It’s unfair of us to rip a kid trying to win the lottery when Shawne Merriman is named to the Pro Bowl the same year he serves a suspension for performance enhancing drugs.
    Maybin’s defenders make it sound like he went from years of playing playstation to suddenly working out hard. His college team likely had a rigorous lifting program (and possibly nutrition consultants, etc)…. I played D1 lacrosse and we were in the weight room 4-5 times a week. I can’t even imagine how much they require of big time football players on these BCS-type teams. My point is that he was probably lifting 20 hours a week with solid instruction for the duration of his college career.
    He may have had room to improve, but 25 pounds of ripped muscle? That’s a bit of a leap…. And I’m fairly certain that he had encountered legal supplements (like creatine and NO) long ago, most high school football players are familiar with them…..
    I’m less concerned with the sanctity of the game, or any cheating as I am with the long term effects of all this personal chemistry. There have been enough disturbing incidents involving retired NFLers without the addition of the PEDs we now have….. and nobody knows how all this crap will affect people 20 years down the road.

  31. Thank you DanSnyder! He knew what needed to happen for him to get where he wanted to be and that’s what he did! He worked his hardest everyday and stuck to a diet that would build the most muscle possible. Not to mention the fact that he was working with powertrain. The staff there is amazing. What he did is not impossible. Congrats Aaron on your hard work and I know it will pay off.

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