Like spotting the first robin, evidence of the first bit of prohibited offseason contact means that spring is officially here.
This year, it has come particularly early, during the first offseason minicamp of the Chicago Bears.
As a reader points out, receiver Devin Hester catches a pass and takes a flattening at roughly the 1:12 mark of this video.
More telling, in our view, was the nonchalance of the surrounding players, whose demeanor suggests that guys getting wiped out is a common occurrence.
Cue the folks who think that pro football players should be willing to engage in full-speed, full-contact practice without pads for several weeks in the offseason.


  1. Looked like the dude was just going for the ball and Hester got in the way. Wasn’t a hard tackle or anything.

  2. looks more like he was going over his back.. talk about trying to make something out of nothing..

  3. That wasn’t even a good hit at 1:12. I was expecting to see him have to get peeled off of the ground.

  4. This site comes off so bad with a post like this. #1 you sound like a complete pu$$y and seem to be looking to make big headlines by pointing out “Mr commisioner, mr commissioner. the bears are hitting each other”…my 4 year old sounds more mature

  5. Come on Floria, you’re better than that.
    This is not “evidence… of… contact” and playing up the “nonchalance” (thanks Tiki via Florio) is just going further than you should have.
    The clip is a non-event.

  6. “he takes a flattening”, huh?
    Florio, you’re such a joke that you almost make me laugh.
    Do you even know anything about the game of football? Do you even really LIKE football?
    “He takes a flattening”….Wow.
    No wonder you and pussies like you thought that the Ryan Clark hit on McGahee in the playoffs was a dirty hit.

  7. Blind is all I can say the above commentors must be. These are the types of “plays” that lead to broken wrists, collar bones, rolled up ankles, rib injuries, etc. Anytime anybody is being fallen on the risk of injury is there.
    The NFL is a big money business and when things like this are going on outside of the season, especially when it is clearly mandated by contract to NOT be allowed to happen, its only a matter of time before serious injury does occur.
    I understand all of you macho tough guys who aren’t able to see past your own ego and realize the big picture of what is at stake. But think for a moment. Say it out loud if you have to.
    This is bad form by my Bears.

  8. Come on he was trying to defend the pass. It’s not like Hester was doing the Elway helicoptor spin. Florio, it seems like you are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
    I agree non-event.

  9. If this is taking a flattening, I guess you would call flag football in Brazil the WILDEST SPORT ON EARTH…
    Seriously, not even close to a violent play…

  10. Usually i enjoy your stirring the pot reporting, but this is definitely reaching. Notice even after the defender went for the ball, albeit enthusiastically, he’s pulling up on the way down. However, if your intention is to state that contact means contact. Then yeah, he touched him.

  11. Wow must be a slow day for stories Florio. This is FOOTBALL take that non contact crap back to the pitch.

  12. I’m confused. How exactly is that not evidence of contact? Do you need it to happen in your living room?

  13. The clip WOULD be a non-event if people who are not under the protection of a guaranteed contract were not expected to participate in this type of off-season work outs.
    But since there are plenty of people on the practice squad, willing to do anything to make the team that have to participate as well, it is a MAJOR issue.
    How would you feel if you had a career-ending injury while you were on the practice squad because of a full contact practice and received absolutely no compensation for it?

  14. Thats a bit of touchy feeley. Try playing gaelic you can do that off the ball for 70mins with only a half time break and no substitution(Dhani try that sport lol). I love the NFL and this sites commentary but this is a bit ropey!! The most violent and specialised sport in the world as far as I can see this is not

  15. Holy crap. Have any of you ever seen a rugby game? Fully grown men crashing into each other wearing no pads whatsoever. Not only does nobody die, but there are actually far less serious injuries than in football. If anyone would apply an ounce of common sense to the situation, they would realize that hard plastic pads and helmets crashing into the joints and bones of other players cause far more injuries than they prevent.

  16. As a longtime rugby player, it astounds me that more people have not come to the realization that rock solid plastic helmets and pads crashing into joint and bones typically not covered in hard plastic (knees, wrists, hands) cause far more injuries than they prevent. I can tell that I have been playing for 25 years and have witnessed less serious injuries in my career than you could see in one weekend of NFL football. These players are probably safer hitting each other without pads than with them.

  17. I’ll join the chorus and say that i’ve been hit and have hit harder than that in our flag football games.
    That said, if you’re a bears fan and hester gets a broken wrist, rib or other injury on a play like that, i can understand the argument for the illegal offseason contact.

  18. Contact….ok technically there was contact.
    The 12 year old kids playing in the street hit harder than that though..
    I think I needed another Cutler update more than this story.

  19. The bond that brings us all to this site is our love of football. One of the things we all love about football is the violence inherent to the sport. Those that claim to love the sport but not the pain are hypocrites. Anyone that has ever played on any level knows that even practice causes pain. And anyone who calls Devin Hester a receiver instead of a kick returner thinks Devin Hester’s agent is a genius.

  20. That wasn’t much of a hit. Posts like this cost you credibility. It’s professional football, there has to be contact.

  21. Man, you have to love the rugby argument.
    Heard it a million times.
    Bah, football is for wussies. Wearin’ pads an all. Nobody gets injured in rugby.
    It’s a completely different game. That’s all.

  22. Jesus mike… people on this web site hate you.
    I wonder how they’d feel if you stopped posting/running the site?
    That’d be a fun little experiment. All of these schmucks would have to go to espn and deal with the mel kiper’s and john clayton’s of the world…

  23. Give me a break, Florio.
    Stick with the credible stuff. Looks like you are desperate to ‘break’ a story.
    Why would the Bears post something ON THEIR WEBSITE that violates league rules??

  24. What an amazing number of you are missing is the contract says NO CONTACT. It doesn’t say, well if it’s not too rough, it’s ok. It says NO CONTACT. Since these men won’t be paid a DIME if their career is ended due to ANY kind of contact, that is the reason the contract states no contact is allowed in the off season.

  25. Yes, I’ll agree, it does look like contact. However, then you realize that it’s Craig-freaking-slowass-whiteboy-Steltz, and suddenly it doesn’t seem like nearly as big of a deal (and/or hit).

  26. In my opinion, pro football players should be willing to engage in full speed, full contact practice without pads for several weeks during the offseason. ROBBLE ROBBLE

  27. “I’ll kill a snitch.I’m not saying I have, I’m not saying I haven’t…”

  28. WOW, a slow day i guess. Id rather see another Travis Henry baby update. Who cares, theyre grown men playing a contact sport, if they dont bitch about it, why are you always?
    Next you’ll be backing the banishment of blindside shots (ie Hines Ward) and more penalties for DEF players the make little contact with the QB’s.
    Way too much micro managing, just enjoy it, and stop being so political!

  29. It wasn’t a tackle, it was Craig Steltz tripping over his own feet (or what he calls…..tackling…..) (((sigh)))

  30. Honestly, I cannot believe we are talking about this being contact. This is not a hit. This is a case of two players going for a ball and coming down simultaneously. If you try to practice a game that is chock-full of contact without having any contact, how the hell is the practice helping you? They are doing a simple passing drill, where the defender has to practice his end of this play as well, if they run into one another this slightly and you are going to call it CONTACT they might as well not practice at all.
    Florio, we all know that you have your haters out there. Those that take every opportunity they get to badmouth or discredit you, but I am not one of them. I have to tell you though, this is by far the most frustrating article you have written.

  31. The Bears will probably take this down in a few hours, but I don’t see anything wrong. Just a couple of grown men who accidently got tangled up. It’s not like it was a de-cleater or anything. Non-Issue. Next.

    Jay Cutler farted & Bus Cook sniffed it while you were wasting
    time with this post.

  33. “Man, you have to love the rugby argument. Heard it a million times. Bah, football is for wussies. Wearin’ pads an all. Nobody gets injured in rugby. It’s a completely different game. That’s all.”
    I never claimed football was for wussies, dumb***. I simply said all the hand wringing over contact without pads was misguided because hard plastic pads cause as many injuries as they prevent.

  34. That video is merely representative of the quality of the Bears’ defensive tackling last season.

  35. Florio, I think Kramer meant this for you as well:
    “I’ll tell you what I’ll pick you up a sundress and a parasol and you can just sache your pretty little self around the town square!”
    Man up already, Sally!

  36. Okay that was not “flattening” as the article says. Lets hope the other sports news is reported a little closer to the truth than this article.

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