Remember this name:  Maurice Covington.
The Giants already know that that’s the name of a former Virginia receiver who was snubbed by the folks who run the Scouting Combine.
They’re bringing him to town for a visit.
On Thursday, Covington turned in a 40-inch vertical leap at the Virginia Pro Day workout, better than the best vertical leaps posted by the big-name receiver prospects at the  Combine.
Covington, who stands 6’4″ and weighs more than 220 pounds, didn’t generate big numbers at Virginia.  But there’s a growing sense that his best days could be in front of him.
Especially if he can lift his 76-inch frame 40 inches off the ground on a consistent basis.



  1. Doesn’t this guy still have to… Run… Catch… Put on cleats… I sure hope that’s part of the Giants Checklist!
    Oh and hopefully he doesn’t shoot himself sometime prior to the draft!

  2. Sounds like……….Hank Baskett, w/out the slutty fiancee*.
    *that I know of.

  3. Yeah, those tall WR’s who run 4.7 40’s and have 3 TD’s and 60 catches in their college careers are definitely worth looking out for.
    I mean there are only about 60 better WR’s in this draft class, but I’ll keep an eye on him since the Giants talked to him and he can jump high… Wonder what round Dikembe Mutombo will get drafted in?

  4. Ok. So he can jump. How about 40 time, shuttle time, etc? We’re foaming at the mouth for a WR, but I’m not 100% sure about a no-name who didn’t do anything in college, but can jump.

  5. I nominate him for the (potential) Mike Mamula award! You should have that at the end of the season with the other awards.
    Last years winner: Vernon Gholston.
    …someone had to do it >.>

  6. Thanks for doing this Mike… Getting snubbed by the people who run the Scouting Combine sucks and I use this site to laugh and get info. Thanks man
    -Maurice Covington

  7. Something tells me that you critics are going to look like fools when Florio nails this one on the head! He’s H.O.F. bound for sure!
    (Mike email me for the address, can’t wait to read the book!)

  8. jerry reese knows what he’s doing,two drafts behind him,and i don’t recall him making an major error in the draft.

  9. I could be wrong but I am sure the giants have more knowledge about footbal then anyone blogging here. So you might not think this kid has an upside but none of you are paid NFL scouts are you? I didnt think so.

  10. a wide receiver and the word catching in one sentence…..the jaguars have to draft him since he can do one thing none of them can. associate the word catching with w.r.

  11. FOLKS, the whole draft proccess is a HUGE CRAPSHOOT! This guy could be the next Jerry Rice or not even make it on a team. My opinion is I don’t care about Draft Day, I care about where this years draftees are 2 or 3 years from now….

  12. His skills are very transferable to stadium work. He can just jump up and throw the peanuts over the heads of the people in front of him instead of having to walk up the extra steps. Cool.

  13. No one said the Giants were going to draft this kid just because he did a workout – they can bring in like 30 of them before the draft. They’re just doing due diligence – he might be a late round guy or possible free agent (and I’m no Giant fan).

  14. Nice report on this Mike. He’s intriguing at the very least. Eli likes to put the ball up high so it makes sense to look at guys with good vertical range!

  15. “No one said the Giants were going to draft this kid just because he did a workout – they can bring in like 30 of them before the draft. They’re just doing due diligence – he might be a late round guy or possible free agent (and I’m no Giant fan). ”
    Yeah, every team in the NFL is currently interviewing and meeting with random players nobody has ever heard of. Only this guy gets a mention on PFT as somebody to “watch out for”.. He won’t be drafted and most likely wont play a down in the NFL next season.

  16. what is funny is that the Giants won the Super Bowl with a bunch of young guys like him that a lot of people passed up on…Kevin Boss, Ahmad Bradshaw, Domenik Hixon, Madicons Hedgecock, all guys either teams passed on the draft or cut….Jerry Reese has proved he knows how to find talent that other teams are to dumb to see.

  17. Jerry Reese is 2 for 2 on draft classes. If Reese takes him – then he was worth the pick. If Reese passes on him – then he wasn’t worth the pick.
    JR’s solid drafting skills allowed the team to turn around into a SuperBowl champion. Now his expertise has moved into free agency with the signings of Boley, Canty, CC Brown and Bernard. The team is built to be an annual playoff team.
    Covington: If Reese deems you worth of being in his locker room, then welcome to the team.

  18. You dumb dumbs don’t even realize that the NFL is littered full of WRs that barely produced in college due to one reason or another. UVa sent Terrence Wilkins to the NFL a few years back he had far worse numbers than Covington.
    Covington has pretty good hands, very good size and decent athletic ability. Like most WRs his size he struggles to separate downfield but his lack of production can’t be blamed solely on him, UVa has not had good QBing in a little while and hasn’t had much production from many WRs because of that. That being said, UVa athletes generally come to the NFL better prepared for the NFL than many of the football factories.

  19. feeling alright florio. i figured you woulda pounched on the line “covington coveted by giants” for you’re header.

  20. Uva has 3 players in this draft who are going be solid at the next level, and “MoCo” is not one of them. I’ve watched every game this kid has played for 4 years, and if you like slow, stone-handed recievers who can’t run routes, than he is certainly your man. The G-Men will probably take another UVa guy with their 1st round pick in Clint Sintim, nasty pass-rushing OLB who can combine with Boley, Pierce and there all-world D-line to create a dominant front 7 that will promptly and efficiently end the respective careers of Romo, D-Mc and Jason Candle [sic].

  21. Well the fins had Orande Gadsden and all he could do was Jump and Catch. Turned out to be a really powerful weapon in the corner of the endzone. He couldn’t run the 40 real well, and he wasnt great at running inside routes (or routes period)! But he gave us TDs when it mattered!

  22. So you’re saying they’re looking for someone Eli can hit in the hands instead of the head?

  23. I am a paid NFL Scout and Florio I told you to keep quiet about this guy. You even posted the picture of his jump.
    No scoops for you.

  24. GiantsFanInBirdsCountry says:
    Covington: If Reese deems you worth of being in his locker room, then welcome to the team.
    He isnt reading this.
    I agree though, reese has been excellent even when he was an advanced scout and not the gm yet, osi for one. I love all these people talking trash and probably have never even seen him play yet. Look at a lot of the better wr’s playing today and in the past, they came out of bum schools without a name, this kid obviously has potential whether the giants draft him or not. A dude that big and can jump out of the stadium is worth watching. A lot of guys were alright in college and panned out better in the NFL and a lot more have been great in college and awful in the pros.

    Tall, slow receiver from Virginia who can jump but who’s best days are ahead of him? Worked out great for Jacksonville and Miami with Wilford, he turned into a superstar… wait…

  26. If the kid can catch, that jump, plus his height, works out to over 9 and half feet. You throw a 9 foot pass to the corner of the endzone and name one DB in NFC East that could stop that. I would say that’s worth a look. Giants have their running backs for the rest of the field, so it doesn’t matter whether the kid is fast or not. Giants only need him for the red-zone. Unless you’re a Steeler fan, your team hasn’t won a Super Bowl more recently than the Giants, so Reese can look at whoever he damn well pleases. He’s got his ring, where’s yours?

  27. Might be worth looking at if you can afford to carry a 5th wideout just for use in the red zone. No one gets much separation there; it’s just getting the ball with quickness or height or hops – or of course a little push.

  28. *Legion* says:
    March 20th, 2009 at 1:44 pm
    I was going to say something pretty clever, but I can’t risk winning that book.
    Florio – This has to win. It’s pure gold.
    Legion, I just laughed so hard I scared the shit out of my 4 year old son! Well done!

  29. After “Jimmy” was down for the count it’s to bad George Constanza didn’t have this guy with him trying to sell his Strength Shoes to that sporting goods store. He jumped about 38 inches then George did on his presentation.

  30. The Giants already had a big no-name receiver who could grab the ball out of the air: Anthony Mix. He couldn’t climb the depth chart and he got shuffled off to the Skins and proceeded to do nothing there, even with the benefit of his Auburn teammate, Jason Campbell, throwing him the ball.
    Of course, maybe I’m just holding the sins of Anthony Mix against…ummm…shit, who are we talking about again?

  31. I know we know nothing about this guy but Jerry believes if you bring put talent with good coaching you make a good player and mike sullivan our wr coach is good and tom coughlin is also a wr coach so they know if they see something in a player.

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