With two back surgeries in two years behind him, Steelers free-agent tackle Marvel Smith expected to hit free agency with a bang.
Instead, he landed with a thud.
As we expected, no one showed serious interest in Smith.  The Ravens and the Raiders initially were linked to Smith, but nothing materialized.
Three weeks into the process, Smith finally has something concrete.  According to Matthew Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the 49ers have made an offer to Smith.
Smith’s agent told Barrows that he’ll take the weekend to ponder the proposal.
Our guess is that Smith isn’t all that excited with the numbers, but that he’s realizing that no team wants to fork over big money to a guy with a recent history of back issues.
Look for a one-year deal or a multi-year “prove it” package, with a large payment due in 2010.
In our view, he’d be better off with a one-year deal and a chance to hit the market after proving that he’s healthy and effective.


  1. I think Jonas Jennings, I mean Marvel Smith will be a fine addition for the 49ers.

  2. He’s a good player if he’s healthy,but backs are a bitch. If the doctors were saying positive things about him I’d think he’d be signed by now.

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  4. Marvel was a good tackle before his back injuries. I wish him well but would be surprised to see him be anything but a shadow of himself.

  5. I reread the entire article twice looking for Florio’s improper use of “there”, only to find it right they’re under my nose in the first comment. I should have known to reread the comments two.

  6. So, umm Florio… Was it wise for the Steelers to rag Max Starks last year knowing that Marvel Smith’s back was blown out? I seem to recall some dummy criticizing them for it repeatedly because he thought they should have tagged a disgruntled 30+ guard instead of a 26 year old LT entering his prime.

  7. all the doctors assured the steelers smith’s back was good to go before last season, after his first surgery was done. i would not trust a doctor telling me he’s fine now at all. nonetheless, good luck to him, he was a really good player.

  8. Not sure I’d want to take a chance of signing him then not drafting a Tackle w/ pick 10. RT needs someone good there ALL year.

  9. Yep, players are always better off with shorter, lower paying contracts. Especially when they’re at the end of their careers.

  10. Smith will leave Steeler Nation with our goodwill. He’s a great player when he’s healthy, but too much of a risk to keep around when his backup would be Starks.

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