It’s no surprise that agent James “Bus” Cook has become an unpopular figure in Denver as he has been widely labeled as the instigator in the raging dispute between his client, quarterback Jay Cutler, and Denver Broncos management.
In the opinion and strong language of Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla, Cutler should fire Cook.
Kiszla called Cook a “two-fisted, money-grubbing agent who has Cutler wrapped around his finger like a puppet and seems to enjoy yanking the chain of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.  While earning free publicity at the expense of Cutler’s good name, Cook has wrecked the working relationship between Jay-C and Denver to the point of no repair, if you’re asking me.”
The columnist goes on to say that Cutler has been “brainwashed” by Cook to believe he’s a superior player than he actually is, referencing his 17-20 record as a starter, adding that Cutler “has a large ego an agent could lead around the NFL, forever in search of greener pastures and paychecks, at the expense of success defined by the scoreboard.”
Cook also drew caustic remarks during Brett Favre’s divorce from the Green Bay Packers.


  1. Remember the good old days when agents didn’t think they were bigger stars than their clients? Sometimes the old fashioned way is much much better Bus Cook, Drew Rosenhaus and (for baseball) Scott Boras.

  2. You would think Jay Cutler/Bus Cook would have leared something from the Favre fiasco last year…bitching and moaning may get you outta town but it won’t get you where you wanna be.

  3. “two-fisted, money-grubbing agent who has Cutler wrapped around his finger like a puppet and seems to enjoy yanking the chain of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen. While earning free publicity at the expense of Cutler’s good name, Cook has wrecked the working relationship between Jay-C and Denver to the point of no repair”
    Somebody should check whether Kiszla just copied the wikipedia entry for “professional football agent” and just replaced “player” with “Cutler” and “team” with “Broncos” and “guy who writes the cheque” with “Pat Bowlen”.
    See Rosenhaus, Drew.

  4. Denver isn’t paying Cutler much and there are three (?) years left on his contract. If Cutler stays out of meetings and practices and gets fairly far behind Simms in learning the new, significantly different offense, it’s entirely possible and justifiable for the Broncos to bench Cutler and play Simms.
    Denver doesn’t absolutely have to trade Cutler. Sure, it seems like now is the time to get optimum trade value for him. But it’s not gonna break the team not to trade him. They have through Week 6 of the regular season.
    So, Cook is taking a big gamble here and Cutler is making the same bet, willingly, knowingly, or not. If Cutler ends up on the bench for the entire season, yes, his trade value goes down, but so does the money for any new contract for him – and both Cutler and Cook lose.
    There’s still time for Cutler to man-up and say, “what’s done is done and now it’s time to work through the changes and get this team playoff bound.” But that window of opportunity is shrinking.

  5. I dont understand how we can just dismiss Cutler as controlled, the kid went to Vanderbilt, dont we have to assume he at least understands his situation, no matter how we may disagree with his approach?
    The 17-20 record is blown way out of proportion in terms of Cutler’s qb play, how many of those games were wins if the Broncos had any defense or running game?

  6. Maybe the Jets should trade the rights to Brett Farve to Denver for Cutler and their 1st Round Pick. Then Bowlen can back a dump truck of cash into Brett Farve’s driveway, and Farve can play a year or 2 in Denver. Then Cook would really make out!

  7. “Cutler’s good name”????
    What good name? He’s a whiny bitch who has never won anything and goes around saying he’s got a better arm than John Elway. He and Bus Cook are in this together, they both want more money. It’s hilarious that Cook gets the blame, he’s just half of the Favre/Cook and Cutler/Cook equation. This is one more example of why nobody needs newspapers.

  8. Preach brother preach!!
    A mainstream journalist actually saying something that might jeapordize access? This guy is now one of my journalistic heroes.
    Maybe he can come work at PFT(not the fruity juice) when his paper goes under next month.

  9. Like the Denver columnist isn’t biased. The arguments are weak, Jay Cutler has every right to be pissed after being lied to by both the owner and the new HC.
    As for blaming him for their record, this columnist might want to look at the defense first. Cutler led the team to the 2nd best offense last year…yeah, totally his fault, the voters just sent him to the pro bowl because they felt bad for him. The Broncos management is totally to blame, and somewhere, Shanahan is laughing his ass off right now.

  10. Honestly people are always bitching how big a baby cutler is. If anyone was in his shoes and you have played as hard as you can for years with the team like him go through the rough medical time have a decent year with the broncos lose your head coach and you get a new head coach and then you hear he wanted to trade you away? Id be pissed too. That is Cutlers team and now he wants out due to a new pos head coach. Cassel hasnt proved very much. Number wise yes but look who he played for. You could put Tim Couch under center with the patriots and he would be a star. Cutler to the Browns for Anderson is the way to go.

  11. Apparently there’s talk between the Packers and the Broncos about a trade sending Aaron Rodgers to Denver.

  12. Cutler is 17-20 because he’s on a team who’s had an absolute horrible defense. The same defense that the new coach was supposedly going to focus on. Instead, he’s dismantling one of the best offenses in the league. If Denver had only an average defense, they would’ve walked into the playoffs next year. For the people who blame their lack of playoffs on Cutler either don’t follow the Broncos or know very little about football. Oh yeah….he’s only been starting two seasons. The guy can play…

  13. lol Nobody asked for your opinion, besides, you Cheese heads need to move on and get over Bret leaving!
    M-o-v-e-on with your lives!!!
    Now onto the other obsession you have over Cook now, he just takes orders from his boss and,…that would be Cutler, OK? What he says go’s and, when he says jump, Cook will say how high? In other words, Cutler is forcing their hand to trade him to any team and at any cost and what better way to show your disinterested in such a dysfunctional Head Coach, Coaching staff, Ownership and team by asking for a promise with a raise???

  14. This is a propaganda article pure and simple. Its purpose is to demonize the player and agent. If Cutler wasn’t as good as he thinks he is this breakup would be a non-story, the Broncos wouldn’t have any trouble dropping him, and there wouldn’t be at least 10 teams interested in picking him up.

  15. I heard he hurt himself shoveling snow of his steps, guess hes not to familiar with a shovel and didn’t read the directions correctly.

  16. If you’ve ever read any of Kiszla’s “work”, you’ll quickly discover that it’s all essentially trash.

  17. Cutler’s been brainwashed by Cook. Right. It was Cook’s idea for Cutler to force his way out of Denver. Bullcrap. Cutler knows what he wants and Cook is doing his damndest to make it happen. The last thing Cutler should do is fire a guy willing to go the extra douchebag mile to get him the trade he desires.

  18. Well stated, it is greed such as this that will be the downfall of the sport. Cutler is positioning himself for a great big fall, he is not the finished product and if his head gets in the way, never will be.

  19. McD learned on the Deion Branch holdout…..that if he waits until a team gets desperate, you get a bundle.
    Cutler will be traded, but on terms which will benefit the Broncos long term…In the meantime, I hope Cutlers prepared to rot in his own misery, because McD will not give in to him or Cook.
    Cutler has really become one of NFL’s biggest azzholes.

  20. Apparently Cutler still hasn’t figured out that the NFL is a cut-throat business and that he’s just a pawn. He needs to get over his feelings being hurt. What he thinks he’s done “for the team” and “for the organization” is immaterial. It’s a common occurance for incoming head coaches to want their own guys, and not inherit somebody else’s. Cutler needsto understand that and earn his new head coach’s respect. He has to, because he’s holding the weakest of hands and bluffing the Broncos like he’s holding more than he is. He has zero leverage. Get over it and grow up Cutler. You’ve not done nearly enough on the field to justify behaving this way.

  21. I agree with all of what he said except that his ability is shown by his win-loss record. All things being equal, a qb is ultimately judged by his wins- especially championships, but Cutler’s story is yet to be written, in my opinion. He is 14-7 when his D holds the opponent under 30 points. Why is that significant?
    Quarterback records when their defense allows 30 or more points:
    Peyton Manning- 6-22
    John Elway- 6-31
    Phillip Rivers- 1-7
    Tom Brady- 5-7
    Jay Cutler- 3-13 (16 of 37 games- already more 30+ point games than Brady)
    I’m waiting to see how good Cutler becomes, because I don’t think anyone knows yet.

  22. Dear Tavaris
    You are much more important than the Vikings think you are and in the least should do their drafting
    Bus Cook

  23. all of these comments say the same thing so…
    GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. ViKing says:
    March 22nd, 2009 at 4:17 pm
    Apparently there’s talk between the Packers and the Broncos about a trade sending Aaron Rodgers to Denver.
    Hahaha. Maybe you ought to worry about your own team’s QB before spreading BS like this.

  25. Anyone who sides with the Broncos on this is either a Bronco fan, or an idiot. That is the truth, accept it and move on.
    I fugured it out, this is the Broncos plan:
    “With the 1st overall pick of the 2010 draft, the Denver Broncos select Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma.”
    If the Broncos let Cutler go, they’ll finish dead last in the division and the league. They won’t have an offense or a defense. No Cutler = worse than Lions…that’s bad.

  26. Denver’s coach made a huge mistake by lying to Cutler.Obviously Bowlen made a huge mistake hiring him.Now Denver’s trying to spin the story as the agent’s fault.LOL

  27. I gotta spread all the BS I can here, its the normal thing to do. After all, us Viking fans owe the Cheese puffs a great deal of it. Revenge is best served as a cold dish my friend!

  28. NinerNation wrote: “No Cutler = worse than Lions…that’s bad.”
    Technically, it isn’t possible to be worse than my Lions. They redefined the standard for “Worst Team of All Time” to its most perfect form (0-16).
    That aside, a mediocre QB could score some points with the talent in the Denver offense, but unless the D gets fixed up they are going no where even with Cutler.

  29. I love how all of these Cutler/Cook bashers only use the win/loss record as evidence of Cutlers “lack” of ability.
    Either these people are really, REALLY stupid and cannot comprehend that football is the ultimate team sport, not to mention that Denvers defense has been horrible in the short 3 years Cutler has been QB. They always seem to convieniently leave out Cutler’s stats and the fact that he was a Pro Bowler in only his 3rd season.
    Or they have some other agenda.
    How are these hacks employed? Seriously!

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