Baltimore Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth said that the election of DeMaurice Smith as the new NFL Players Association Executive Director was triggered by a need for legal expertise atop the union leadership, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.
Athough Smith is an NFL outsider, he has political connections to President Barack Obama, has worked in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and is a partner in a high-profile Washington, D.C. law firm.  He impressed the player representatives and the executive board during his presentation to beat out former players Troy Vincent and Trace Armstrong.
“You plop that man in front of people and he’s on display,” said Foxworth, the youngest member of the executive board.  “The other candidates were outmatched, honestly.  Not that a former player couldn’t do it, but it better be a former player with a whole lot of experience in the field of law.  There are some big people we’re negotiating against.
“It’s a big job.  When Gene first got the job, he was able to grow into it.  It’s too late to grow with the job.  It’s got to the point where our relationship with the owners and league, you can’t walk out of the locker room and expect to match up against all their legal experience.”
It’s worth noting that Foxworth’s girlfriend is a Harvard Law student.  Perhaps she can give Smith some pointers.


  1. being taught by a bunch of Harvard/Yale guys, I can honestly say the only difference between them and any other lawyer is how they dress

  2. Isn’t legal experience what a chief counsel is for? Goodell isn’t a lawyer. Seems smith’s biggest asset was Obama which is why he seems so gung ho to turn the NFL into class warfare. Can’t wait till they try to pass off NFL players as poor and exploited “and look at this third string player. He only makes $400,000 a year after working under deplorable conditions for 2 years. A man who cant afford a Ferrari Enzo for his teenage daughter…”

  3. girlfriend is a Harvard Law student? this means she must be ugly and with all that money he just made in free agency he should be able to pull himself a nice trophy wife

  4. Foxworth is as dumb as a stump! If the lawyer has LABOR experience, that is one thing, but this guy is a Trial lawyer. By his idiotic logic, they could have just gone out and hired the smartest Tax lawyer, if being a really smart lawyer in any legal field was the only requirement. Also, I always thought the NFLPA had it right by not having a lawyer at the top. Look at the other sports unions and all the trouble (lock outs, drug testing, missed seasons, etc.) they have had with lawyers running the show. Finally, many of the players talked about the idea that the NFLPA had grown into such a big business, that business experience was needed. As many know, very few lawyers morph into running businesses. Let’s face it, the trial lawyer went to Hawaii and used his considerable skill in communicating and brains to convince 20 meatheads to vote for him. If the 20 reps. who voted for him were wrong, they will find out in about 12 to 18 months when they are locked out, or a CBA is agreed to that is not where they are now. No wonder Fox-less was run out of Denver and Atlanta in 4 short years, he thinks he is smarter than he is!! Stay tuned…

  5. It is a bargain with a devil.
    The Union perhaps could have hired the lawyer to to negotiate the new CBA, but why turn the whole Union over to a lying cheating immoral heathenous evil Obamite lawyer?
    It is one thing to lie, cheat, and scam the other side and their scumbag lawyers but you never want to make one of them your leader.

  6. er, why would a partner in a high-profile Washington, D.C. law firm need to take pointers from a Harvard law student?

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