The NFL is expected to take a look at a rule proposal that would ban blind-side blocks to the head, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.
The example Reedy uses is Hines Ward’s block on Keith Rivers, which gave the Bengals linebacker a broken jaw in Week 7 and ended his season.
“They’re allowed to block a defender anywhere, and we’re trying to protect that defender and say you cannot block that defender in the head,” said Competition Committee co-chair Rich McKay.  “Just for safety purposes we think that’s a situation we just don’t want to occur.  We’d rather have the blocker attempt the block in the chest area, anywhere but in the head.”
Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, who is a member of the Competition Committee, said it’s important to take measures that reduce the risk of concussions.
“Player safety is big.  We’re trying to eliminate the helmet to helmet fouls that can cause a lot of concussions and lingering effects,” Lewis said.  “We want to keep them on the field playing.  At the end of the day, we come to a clearer resolution and err on the side of caution.  As far as our committee, everyone might not see it the same way, but if it saves three players from injury, they are going to go along with it.”


  1. Yeah, let’s leave more rules as judgement calls for our overly accurate NFL officials to call. (rolls eyes)

  2. A reciever makes a helluva hit and people want to banish it a linebacker crush’s a running back its a good job. NFL=No Fun League

  3. I’d like to see less hitting from the Steelers alltogether. I’m concerned about player safetey and i’ve seen too many opponents unfairly targeted by those dirty thugs.

  4. “Player safety is big. We’re trying to eliminate contact on the football field, since any type of contact can cause an injury.”
    Can’t wait what football is gonna look like 5 in years. And the amount of money players will make at that point. 500 million dollar deals with no risk of getting hurt. Heck, i might become a pro football player.

  5. If they’re changing the rule to make it illegal then that means it was legal when Ward did it to Rivers and all those complaining bengals fans can shut up.

  6. I understand wanting to be careful about helmet to helmet hits. Nobody wants to see a player from their team laying on the field after H2H contact.
    But I don’t think most people realize how many times H2H contact actually occurs during a game, most of the time without incident. I didn’t realize it until I started DVRing games and watching them multiple times. Before that, I basically just focused on what replays were ran during a game (or during highlights) and given that any type of skull-rattling H2H hit is going to get replayed far more than anything else, I always just assumed that most H2H hits caused concussions.
    That’s where it gets sticky in making rules. Is all H2H contact a penalty? How do you classify incidental H2H contact versus the personal foul variety? If you’re going to leave it up to the ref’s discretion, you can guarantee people will be unhappy and it will be a lightning rod for complaints (which is why they just changed the facemask rule to all be 15 yard penalties). But you can’t always come up with cut-and-dry rules that make sense for players and refs to think about with a game that moves so fast.
    I don’t envy the people who have to deal with this. They’re being asked to protect players with rules in a game where people are intentionally hurling themselves at each other and hit each other as hard as they possibly can. It’s always seemed like a dichotomy to me.

  7. It’s about time the league does something about that dirty piece of shit Ward. His “game” will never be the same if he is unable to throw those unnecessary hits on people.

  8. It’s just a matter of time until the game won’t even resemble the game of football as we remember it…hard tackles will be illegal, hurting someones feelings will be taboo and as mediocre players become richer and richer…the average fan will lose interest…

  9. How is Hines Ward going to block then?
    Maybe the few WRs who make clean blocks will get recognized now. As opposed to one guy who gets all the WR blocking glory for a few dirty hits a season.

  10. seriously, they need to go ahead and put flags in their waistbands and be done with all forms of tackling. just like troy said, “pansy football”.

  11. Hey look a “Hines Ward” rule……Where are all of the Stiller fans???? What happened to the “that is the way Hines plays”, blah…blah..blah.
    Finally, exposing the cheapshot artist for what he is!!! I love it….”The Hines Ward Rule”!!

  12. Shouldn’t Marvin Lewis be sitting in a corner curled up in a ball? Seriously, why does he still have a job? Even the idiot Cardinals paid dennis green to go away. I think(just figured out what IMO means after months of wonder, but still feel like a loser typing it) that Bungles have the worst organization in sports since Millen left Detroit.
    Get mad Bungle homers and maybe we can get you the change you believe in. You have my sympathy.

  13. As a former Rugby player, I’d say get rid of helmets.
    It still wouldn’t eliminate head hits, but it would make the Hitter as liable to injury as the Hittee!

  14. If Ward played his entire career with the Ravens, and he’d leveled several Steelers during his career, would this comment section look the same way it currently does?
    Imagine Ward in a Ravens jersey knocking Ryan Clark out of a game. My guess is that you Ravens fans would be here completely supporting him and calling Steelers fans crybabies.
    It would be your wet dream to have Ward on your team and you know it. But because he isn’t, you guys allow yourselves to look like the kind of fans your own hard-nosed team would be ashamed of.

  15. If the league wanted to stop unnecessary injuries they should make the players wear the equipment the right way. Most of the time when head injuries occur it is because the helmet is to loose or they only have one strap buckled. Improper use of equipment causes way more injuries than obviously legal blocks or tackles. Stop trying to sissyfy the league!!! This would also stop the little league and high school kids from doing the same, and promote safety on all levels of the game!!!

  16. So what you Bungles and Ratbirds fans are saying is that any block by Ward is cheap. Well what is he supposed to do down field? That is his job when someone else has the ball. I have seen plenty of his hits and or blocks that are clean shoulder blocks that just happen to be on some one that just isn’t looking. I guess he should just stop tap him on the shoulder and let the guy know he is coming. Maybe give him a hug or something. Sorry it is part of the game if you like it or not. I love the double standard that you clowns have. It is ok for one of your D guys to take a guys head off no matter who it is. When the favor is returned you get pissed off. And the real pieces of shit are the players who put bounties on other players and try to put them out permently. I guess the next thing you are going to say is Sweed is a cheap shot artist also for the block in the AFC Championship game. Quit you bawling!

  17. Ive always wondered what if anything happened about the bounty hunt the Packers put on Adrian Peterson during his rookie season. Al Harris won the pot with a direct hit to the knee almost ruining his career.
    Now they come up with this?
    How about they come up with the idea of “Intentional hit to cause severe or direct injury” and make it a 15 yard penalty along with a mandatory $50,000.00 “team fine” and eject the player from the field with a 4 game league suspension without pay. 2nd Offense is same as the first except for an 8 game suspension and the 3rd offense is a year long vacation minus pay and, it still go’s against the teams cap. Surely that would clean up the cheapshot specialists while the teams would be held accountable. All that, whether or not its seen by the Referees any team who has taken the injury to a player while playing should also have the right to take it to a court for further review without prejudice outside the league if there is possible favoritism.

  18. All this talk is hilarious. Go ahead and make a rule banning helmet to helmet hits if you want to. It is much better than guys going after other players legs. Legs are where people go if they really want to injure someone.
    @ Viking – good idea. Lets have everyone sue everyone when there is an injury. That will make the league better. Last time I checked, when you do something illegal, they can and do fine and suspend you. Making otherwise legal hits illegal because you perceive that they are trying to injure is ridiculous. If you have a rule like what you want, every time there is a hard hit and someone gets injured there will be a dispute. The point is to hit as hard as you can for a variety of reasons. People WILL get hurt and that is a shame, but it is part of the game and turning it into a pansy league doesn’t help anyone.

  19. “I’d like to see less hitting from the Steelers alltogether”
    Haha you sound like a Ravens fan… ‘Were scared lets request that we play them at 1 pm when no one can watch and half of the West coast is still asleep’

  20. I can’t believe no one has seen the obvious in this rule. If the defense isn’t allowed to hit defenseless offensive players, then the offesne shouldn’t be allowed either. Personally, I’d like to see most of the contact rules taken away or at least enforced with common sense.

  21. Keep talking Steeleroid fans…it is obvious the league is in agreement with everyone on what a cheapshot artist Hines Ward is. Keep saying he is hard hitter, we should put flags on everyone, lets put a dress on players…..blah…blah…blah….
    Bottom line, the guy is a dirty player.
    Remember this, Hines does not always get up smiling…I seem to remember he was not smiling when he got his leg caught up under him in the AFC Championship game….maybe not as tough as you steeler fans want to think he is…..and the crying after the SB….that was touching….

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