Amid comments from Lions president Tom Lewand indicating that the team will talk to multiple possible candidates for the No. 1 overall pick in the draft before making a final decision, the folks at KFFL are reporting, with Salisbury-esque certainty, that Baylor tackle Jason Smith will be the pick.
There’s no ambiguity in the one-sentence report:  “KFFL has learned the Detroit Lions will take Baylor OT Jason Smith with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.”
If the Lions already have made that decision, and if Smith is the only person with whom they plan to negotiate, then the Lions deserve to go 0-16 for sixteen more years.
Frankly, we don’t think that even the Lions are quite that stupid.  Our guess is that someone at KFFL has at best caught wind of the fact that the Lions are negotiating with Smith’s agent.
But this hardly means that Smith is the pick.
Said Lewand:  “We have to have robust dialogue with the agents of the players we’re interested in.  We’ve started that process and we’ve made it very clear to all of them that we have to have that as this month draws to a close.”
That said, maybe Smith ultimately will be the guy.  Based on Lewand’s comments, we’d be shocked if that decision already has been made.


  1. KFFL is a fantasy website. There is no way in hell they can afford a Jay Glazer-type over there.
    In other news, my buddy’s blog says that the Lions are thinking about B.J. Raji…

  2. “If the Lions already have made that decision, and if Smith is the only person with whom they plan to negotiate, then the Lions deserve to go 0-16 for sixteen more years.”
    A little drastic don’t ya think? This draft isn’t full of Matt Ryan’s you know and you’d have better luck shoring up that o-line before you throw a rookie into the fray and expect him to be a all-star qb (see Joey Harrington!)

  3. they are negoatiating w the tackle because Culter will end up in Detriot via trade with Denver…. Quinn to Denver…. and Detriots 20th pick to cleveland…. The Browns will select a QB with the 5th pick and Derek Anderson will remain as starter for 1 more season…. Clay Matthews Jr or Ray M… will be selected at number 20, then second record a center and wr…. Shaun Rogers might be moved if the team cant get him to work out the differences….. Could Braylon be on his way to Philly for their 1st rounder?
    deals deals deals as Mangini and Kokinus flip roster over.

  4. I don’t think its a smoke screen. It is the media we are talking about. Well, it is the Detroit Lions we are talking about… Wait, do they even need a media to make themselves look worse? I’m confused…

  5. My guess: KFFL is bluffing.
    Either Smith gets drafted by Detroit, in which case they can say they “called” it.
    Or, Smith doesn’t, in which case KFFL says their source was wrong or Detroit changed their mind.

  6. Does the name Gosder Cherilus mean anything to you guys?
    He was the first round offensive tackle for the Lions last season. Are the Lions going to use their first rounders on tackles every year now instead of receivers?

  7. Smith is probably the safest pick available. Why roll the dice on a skill position that might be a bust for top 5 money when you can get your Jake Long or Joe Thomas?
    I think letting it leak that they’re picking him would be the mistake more than having settled on it at this point. Why draft a guy who will have to sit on the bench a year or two before he can play competently and might be the next Rex Grossman just because you can get a slightly better deal? An 0-16 team needs right now impact players… their fans, god help them, deserve it.

  8. Boy. No tackle is worht the #1 when you need so much. I would trade down. (But knowing Detroit, they will trade with the team that has the 20th pick. Then they will recognize on draft day they are in a similar position. Being out of sorts they will do what is familiar and draft WR’s with both first round picks) That would be a throw back to Millens day. Millen will say that was the organization’s way of tipping their cap to him for a job well done.

  9. I think I’d rather be known as “Big Baby” than “Whiny B*tch”.
    In either case, Detroit deserves better.
    They should be talking to the agents of Curry, Monroe and Smith. First guy who takes a dollar more than Jake Long got, gets signed.
    Sign 1 O-line and 2 defense players in the first three picks.
    They need playmakers in the trenches and LB positions, and with 3 of the first 33 picks, they could fill 3 bigger needs than QB.
    In my opinion, QB is one of the last pieces, not first.

  10. Don’t understand why everybody is ripping the pick if it’s Jason Smith. He looks like a quality tackle for years. You don’t draft a franchise QB without having an o-line in place. Not every QB is Peyton Manning and can recover from being hammered all year long. That’s just the wrong way to build a team.
    If they can swing a deal for Culter while drafting a tackle then that would be a very productive draft. One of the first Detroit would have in the longest time.
    Yeah, they drafted Gosder Cherilus, but really when he was drafted, I’m sure everybody was like, “Who?” Who says Gosder can’t play right tackle? That was a horrible pick and Jason Smith/Monroe would make up for that pick. Gosder was half decent last year though.

  11. As much as I love to talk about football, I could really care less who the Lions pick, it wont matter this year or the next five.
    I was just at an AFL 2 game last night, and the Florida Firecats could beat the Lions.
    I say let them pick up Smith and let Stafford go to a more deserving team.

  12. usually there is a lot more talk about trading down, not so much this year. Is it because drafting #1 sucks, there is no clear cut GREAT player, or does no one have the ammo to trade up?
    If I was Detroit, I would try with some PR moves to make a market for a guy and entice someone to trade, even if its not a great trade. Maybe thats what they are doing with this Jason Smith talk.
    and How about this thought, does Jim Schwartz strike anybody as being a QB guy? He doesn’t to me and I just do not see them taking a QB first no matter what.

  13. I think dave61 hit it right on good shit man, and patscantcheat… The lions already have the 20th pick so theyre not trading the 1 for the 20…your name should be Millen jr.

  14. wow new regime and new coach same old lions… sad, i mean i would’ve traded out of the first overall to get multiple picks in the second you have a QB in place, RB and WR are solidfied, use multiple picks on lineman Off. and DEF. make the lions a power running team.

  15. Uhhhhhhhhhhh………everyone needs to calm down. The Lions are talking to several agents to see who they can get and at what price. They have not made a final decision and the player they make their final decision on would be signed prior to the draft so there would be no holdouts. Most following the team think they are talking to the agents of Matthew Stafford, Jason Smith, Aaron Curry, Eugene Monroe, and possibly B.J. Raji. Most fans locally do not want Stafford, and would rather have Curry, Smith or Monroe, in that order.

  16. oneGIANTloss
    maybe, just maybe, I already new that Detroit has the same pic. Boy you might need a paternity test to make sure you’re not Millen Jr. It does say they find themselves in a similar position. 1st and 20th to 20th and 1st. DA

  17. No one wants to trade up for the #1 overall pick. That pick is pretty much guaranteed to get $30M his first year, and there’s no one in this year’s draft that anyone thinks is worth that kind of money — especially with 2010 being an uncapped year.
    Other than that … what handd said.
    NFL Network seems to like Sanchez better than Stafford. I think it doesn’t matter — neither can be first year starters and when they both finally play, they will be only be as good as their team.

  18. Nobody’s been able to trade out of the #1 spot since 2004, prior to that, it’s only happened once(Elway). I’m sure the Lions would love to throw the #1 to Cleveland to let them get Curry, but it costs to dang much to move up for 1 player. The Lions are the absolute worst team ever, but their line seems like it has everything but a solid LT and LG. Might as well start there and then move to defense. I think it’s more likely they trade the 20th pick or the 33rd… not the first though.

  19. “Most fans locally do not want Stafford, and would rather have Curry, Smith or Monroe, in that order. ”
    You must be talking to the wrong local’s then Handd. It’s more 50% Stafford and 50% everybody else.

  20. I love how everyone says trade out of it… hahha you are idiots, no one wants that #1 pick

  21. All of the speculation about the #1 pick is sexy and fun, but KFFL has jumped the gun on this report. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Lions’ front office is behaving responsibly with the #1 pick and doing some smart things. Aaron Curry, Matt Stafford, BJ Raji and Jason Smith have all been to town, and I fully expect Detroit to talk with all of their agents (and I still hope they get Orakpo in the discussion too). Even the player shouldn’t know if he will be the pick before draft day, and I think the Leos are getting it right for once.
    Don’t be surprised if this is an intentional leak/mislead either. Speculation has been for weeks that the Rams have their heart set on J. Smith, and threatening to snap him up in front of the Rams might induce them to offer a trade for the #1 overall.
    The #1 overall pick is kind of like Chlamydia; if you have it, then you’ve probably made some poor decisions in the past, no one else wants it and it is a bitch to get rid of. Bottom line is that it is too much guaranteed cheddar for a guy who has never played an NFL snap, so it is advantageous to lie, manipulate, massage or whatever needs to be done to trade that pick down, and even with all of your effort going to unload the #1 overall you are unlikely to convince anyone that they want it.

  22. jason smith played at baylor. how often did he actually have to be in a 3 point stance on that line- they used the same spread shit texas tech did (one reason crabtree is overrated IMO). h

  23. I get WAYYYY more info on the story from reading all you guys’ post than the writer of this flaming piece of …. YOU CAN’T say whatever you want in your header if you put a question mark behind it.
    Obama a closet homosexual?

  24. This is the safest pick the Lions can make. Right now they cant afford to gamble on a quarterback the last time they did that he was a bust. They have a veteran QB with Culpepper and hold the 20th overall selection. If you cant get the best LT in the draft go fo it. Essentially they are following the Dolphins model which isnt a bad model to follow. Throwing a QB on team with a poor o line is Garunteeing he will fail. Focus on the oline With the selection of Smith that should give them two 1rd OT with Smith at LT and Cherilus at RT. This is smart the lions want to run the football! Do some research

  25. My guess is KFFL wants more traffic and they are using PFT to drive it up. Anyone can throw out stories like this to drive readership upwards. No one ever gets called on the carpet for these ridiculous statements anymore. Remember when newspaper…oh sorry I got old on you for a second.

  26. trading out of the first spot is a pipe dream this year. even if there was a qb worthy of the first pick, he would get killed behind the o-line we have. backus is an average lt at best, and thats why the lions want to move him to lg so they can get a real lt. in my opinion, draft a tackle first, then draft defense the rest of the way. most likely the lions will have a high pick next year and then they can get a better qb as opposed to stafford.

  27. I’m not saying that Smith won’t be the number 1 pick, but the idea that the Lions have already made a decision and made it public 30 days before the draft is idiotic. This report isn’t worth the bandwidth it takes up. This is either:
    1. A blogger trying to get page hits and making up random shit
    2. A smokescreen by the Lions to get Curry or Stafford’s agents to consider lowering their starting point for negotiations
    3. A futile attempt to get Seattle or another team in the market for a LT to trade up. But as has been pointed out, nobody trades out of #1 very successfully.

  28. The smartest move for the Leos may be to do nothing. Let their alotted time for the #1 pick pass and let the next team pick. Maybe let the #3 team pick too and then jump in and pick. They still get one of the top three guys, for less than the #1 pick. All the while they can field offers to trade the pick. They need so much it doesn’t matter if it’s a QB, LT or LB.

  29. If anything, taking the top-rated OT (or one of the top rated OTs), is a smart move. A team with a #1 overall cant afford to miss, particularly with a QB and theres clearly no cant-miss types in this draft. More often than not, a guy that appears to be a top OT ends up being a very respectable player for a lot of years AND they dont come with near the cap hit as a QB.
    Look, I love to bash the Lions (more often than not they deserve it), but this would be anything but a stupid move.

  30. “Frankly, we don’t think that even the Lions are quite that stupid.”
    Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never bet against the Lions when stupidity is on the line!

  31. I think you have to look at as who is less likely to bust in a draft with no clear cut number 1. An LT O-lineman can be moved around, he would always a start somewhere. Robert Gallery was moved around and at least now the Raiders have a decent G.

  32. Please take a QB (or two). Otherwise Sanchez falls to Jacksonville and they make another “Bryon Leftwich” type of mistake.

  33. Patscantcheat…
    You should spell check your shit before you talk shit.
    Pic (pick)
    New (knew)

  34. Detroit had THE WORST DEFENSE.
    An offense can manage off 15-20 points a game. When your defense goes down 0-21 in several consecutive games, there’s a serious problem.
    Get some young talent in the defense. Who said the face of the franchise had to be a QB? I’d go as far as to say Calvin Johnson is the face of the franchise and should keep that title until Detroit ruins his career. Their linebackers are, on average, 225lbs. Last time I checked, dominant linebackers like Urlacher, Lewis and DeMeco Ryans are 250lbs+.
    Getting Aaron Curry or Maualuga should be priority #1. Then they can worry about the OL.
    To go with this, they need to get rid of Jeff Sackus and Dominic Raiola. They are overpaid and good for nothing. If they get rid of those two then I guess I wouldn’t mind them going OL early in this draft, but until then the defense should be first.

  35. mitchrapp (or is this really Matt Millen)
    MLive is a very good site to see what Lions fans believe. If you dont agree just read the post here and see how many want a QB…..think before you type. Anyone that thinks Detroit will take a rookie QB with the #1 choice is wrong. They have a poor O-line and a bad defense. Just stop posting!

  36. handd wrote: “MLive is a very good site to see what Lions fans believe. If you dont agree just read the post here and see how many want a QB…..think before you type. Anyone that thinks Detroit will take a rookie QB with the #1 choice is wrong. They have a poor O-line and a bad defense. Just stop posting!”
    Don’t underestimate the mismanagement skills of the Lions’ front office. They had a poor o-line and a bad defense when they picked Joey “Blue Skies” Harrington with the 3rd overall pick. Why wouldn’t they try again if the rationale made sense last time. You cannot count on old man Ford to learn from mistakes, because he hasn’t learned a damn thing in the last 50 years worth of mistakes.

  37. Hey mitchrapp are you even from michigan?
    if you are, you actually want the lions to take stafford with the No. 1 pick?
    I agree with Handd.
    Most people from here want Cutler but since this is the lions we’re talking about that’s not going to happen. We all want a turn around and stafford is not the piece that will spark that.
    If you want to see what im talking about go look at blogs anywhere from local newspapers or sports talk OR listen to the ticket every now and then and you’ll see, most people dont want stafford.

  38. GOblue54 – Well said! I agree with you 100% about Cutler and Stafford. We will see if the Lions are on the right track when they use their first pick. We can only hope burley29 is wrong, but looking at their track record, it wouldn’t surprise me. I personally hope for Curry, but wouldn’t be upset with Smith or Monroe.

  39. Easy handd.
    I was a seven year season ticket holder for the Lions, but it was too painful to sit through ten games a year. I probably hope more than anyone on this site that I am wrong and the Lions finally right the ship.
    By the way, Curry doesn’t make sense (now that they picked up Peterson) unless Schwartz pulls a total transformation and runs a 3-4 here in Detroit after running a 4-3 in the past. If they do go 3-4 I love how it looks, because you have Sims, Peterson and Avril already in place and Curry would be a stud in the 3-4 (beyond that now you have Grady Jackson to play run stopper at NT). If the Lions have learned their lesson, then this pick is probably OT or DT (Jason Smith or BJ Raji).
    If you want a 4-3 middle linebacker, then this draft actually has great value at the position in the third round. Jason Phillips, Darry Beckwith and Darnell Ellerbee would all start over Paris Lennon in a game played tomorrow.

  40. burley29
    I didn’t mean any disrespect and I agree with what you are saying. As a seven year season ticket holder you have my respect.
    I’m still not convinced that they don’t need Curry. As someone said on another site, they have 3 QBs and 0 MLBs. Schwartz said (I read it today on MLive), that they will be in 4-3 and 3-4 defenses this year to make the other team work harder to prepare for them.
    Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t be upset with Smith or Monroe (I’ll add Raji to that too).

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