The Detroit Lions hold the first overall pick in the draft.  And they have the ability, if they so choose, to sign the player to a contract in advance of the draft.
According to Tom Kowalski of, the Lions have commenced the process of negotiating a contract with “their first-round draft pick.”
The player has yet to be identified.
Though the early portions of the report from Kowalski imply that the Lions are talking to only one player, quotes in the story suggest that the Lions plan to expand the process.
“We have to have robust dialogue with the agents of the players we’re interested in,” Lions president Tom Lewand said.  “We’ve started that process and we’ve made it very clear to all of them that we have to have that as this month draws to a close.”
Consequently, we must break from our recent habit of bashing the Lions and applaud them.
The Lions should be talking to multiple players, if for no reason other than to leverage their actual favorite into taking a lower deal.  If, along the way, their second choice is willing to take a much lower contract, then the Lions might decide to take that guy, instead.
“We won’t put a timetable on it,” Lewand said.  “From our standpoint, it’s whenever everything that needs to come together, comes together.  There’s no timetable one way or the other.  If we make the decision and [G.M.] Martin [Mayhew] and [coach] Jim [Schwartz] and everybody else is comfortable with it and we can come to a contract with the guy, there’s no reason we can’t do that tomorrow.  If we can’t — and any one of those pieces isn’t in place — and it doesn’t get done until the night before the draft, that’s fine, too.
“Whenever the muffin rises above the tin, it’s time to eat.”
OK, that last part was stupid.  But we otherwise agree completely with everything Lewand is saying.


  1. Why should anyone of those possible number one choices accept less money than the next guy? That’s just not smart.
    Brady Quinn

  2. Schwartz just doesn’t have it. He’s the best coach hire by the Lions in years (meaning nothing), but you can just tell he’s a wannabe. He does not have what it takes. In the coming three years he’ll get five wins, four wins, six wins, then be fired.

  3. Florio, you’re losing it. You completely blew a chance at a Seinfeld reference (“top of the muffin”)!

  4. “Now listen, Andre, we know you’ve had some image problems as of late, and we’d like to give you a chance to prove to the world that you’re better than the guy who walked out of the Combine. You’re better than that Jabba the Hutt lookalike who was dragging himself across the track at your Pro Day. And that’s why we want to make you the first overall pick, to prove it. But you’ll have to take a slightly below-market deal if you want the chance to be number one, ok? So let’s get the ball rolling at seven years, $100 million, $45 million guaranteed in a signing bonus. Your counter?”

  5. Here’s your offer Eugene and Jason, who ever signs it first gets the right to be called first pick overall, whoever doesn’t get’s to go the Rams and make less then the #1, the choice is yours tick-toc tick-toc.

  6. That muffin quote is scary. Sounds too much like Rod “believe in the invisible pounding of the rock and put it on tape” Marinelli.

  7. Every team with the #1 pick tries to work out a deal before draft day, it’s just smart business.

  8. now if that alst line sai d”whenever the muffin rises above the tin….you pop the top and throw away the stump” you would be handing out a prize for their quote!

  9. The Dolphins did it last year and selected Jake Long because he wanted less money than Matt Ryan, Chris Long, Glenn Dorsey, etc.. It turned out pretty good for Miami.

  10. The King, neither Matt Ryan nor Glenn Dorsey were realistic choices and they obviously wanted Jake Long the whole time.

  11. “Consequently, we must break from our recent habit of bashing the Lions and applaud them.”
    I can only imagine how hard it was for you to day this. Pretty painful, huh, Florio?

  12. The blind leading the blind……NO MORE! Maybe the Lions are on there way in a few years from now?

  13. From the player’s standpoint, why not say you’ll sign for nothing less than 10 years, $200 million, $50 million guaranteed?
    If the Lions accept, you win, and if the Lions tell you to piss off and get drafted by someone else, you win.
    Unless Cincinnati picks you, of course.

  14. This is the only way to approach the #1 pick these days. Getting on the clock and selecting your guy–especially a QB–is a recipe for a holdout, which will grenade both the player’s career, and the franchise’s chances of success over the next few years (see: Russell, Jamarcus). Having the ability to negotiate ahead of time, play athletes (and agents) off of one another, and find out who’s about the money and who’s ready to go to work is the only advantage a team drafting #1 overall gets anymore. The Lions must exploit that advantage to the fullest.
    Who’s more likely to be the guy that banks it and goes to work? Aaron Curry, who’s said multiple times that (after he buys his mom a house and car), that’s exactly what he’ll do? Or Matt Stafford, who’s represented by Tom “My Guys Bite The Hand That Feeds Them In Order To Feed My Bank Account” Condon?
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  15. Matthew Stafford hahahahah can you say Joey Harrington why does every team with the first pick think that they need to draft a qb? Take the best player available (regardless wether you need to that position or not) wich at this point you have your choice and no Stafford is not the best player available.Nevermind just keep doing what you have been doing it’s worked right? Have fun in the cellar in your very winnable pathetic division

  16. If you are one of the players they are looking at, why take LESS money to play for the Lions?

  17. “you ain’t seen nothin’ till you’re down on a muffin
    then you’re sure to be a-changin’ your ways” – Aerosmith “Walk this way”

  18. Florio, if the #1 team gets to sign ahead of the draft, would the #2 get to do the same also?

  19. Please show Stafford mercy by leaving him on the board for another team. He’d be better off going to Toronto for a year than signing with the Lions.

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