While Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler is the subject of trade rumors, Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler is definitely on the trading block, according to Pro Football Weekly.
Per the report, the Broncos are fielding offers for Scheffler because new coach Josh McDaniels is more inclined toward blocking tight ends as he installs his offense.  Scheffler, 26, is regarded as a good receiver.
The team reportedly isn’t necessarily committed to definitely moving Scheffler.  However, the team is looking to explore the situation.
According to, Scheffler caught 40 passes last season for 645 yards and three touchdowns in seven starts last season.
In three NFL seasons, the 6-foot-5, 250-pound former Western Michigan standout has registered 107 receptions for 1,480 yards and a dozen touchdowns.


  1. Ship that clown out. With Cutler (almost) gone he serves us NO purpose and even if the delicate genius stays, Sheff is made of glass. He catches a ball and is out for a quarter. He has a solid game and misses three.
    Good day, Sheff. You helped us win NADA.

  2. Scheffler has had some trouble staying healthy the past few seasons, but when he’s been healthy he’s been a fantastic receiving tight end. Anything less than a third rounder for him would be a good trade for teams in need of this type of a player.

  3. Tony Scheffler to the Atlanta Falcons for the rights to Michael Vick and a 6th round pick in the 2009 draft.

  4. Wow!. I can already see the AFC West
    1.Chargers 10-6
    2.Raiders 8-8
    3.Chiefs 5-11
    4.Broncos 4-12

  5. So basically Denver is trying to trade their 2 best players on offense…Riiiiight..I think Mcdaniels should be beaten with a mop handle as well

  6. It’s hard to tell where this team is going. It’s like the school just got a new head
    janitor and he’s gonna clean up every corner, dirty or not.
    Good luck, Mr. Bowlen. You’ll end up looking either like a really, really smart
    Canadian pimp or just a Canadian pimp. With or without that stupid fur coat.
    Have you ever, and I mean ever read an interview or description of this man
    without his triatholon experience being mentioned? Answer: NEVER. IT’S
    ALWAYS MENTIONED. Jock-sniffer. Wanna-be.
    And, under what circumstances does a man wear a fur coat? Answer: NEVER.

  7. This isnt anything new. Anyone who follows the Bronco’s know that he has been on the block. Its also a contributing factor into Cutler’s trade demand since they are best friends on the team and roommates on road trips.

  8. Id love to add this guy to the Eagles, with the addition of a blocking TE also. All those picks Eagles FO, make it happin baby…

  9. Patriots might trade Ben Watson for him straight up. OTOH, this insight into McDaniels’ offensive strategy maybe helps to explain why Watson’s (and Thomas’) receiving production was way down in ’07 and ’08.

  10. Wait… we’re not reading deeper into this? Scheffler is one of Jay Cutler’s closest friends on the team. As a member of the same draft class, they were roommates when first in Denver. You’re telling me that we can read into Jay Cutler selling houses and believe ominous “league sources” about how many teams are vying for Jay, but we’re not going to read into the fact that Denver might want to trade Tony as a small way to give Jay an emotional spanking? Now I just don’t know what to do.

  11. Wow… I happen to think this guy is pretty good and can makes some big plays in the right system. McDaniels is letting it rip in Denver man, because you can bet Cutler isn’t happy at all with this either, Scheffler bailed him out more than a few plays this year. Have fun throwing to a blocking tight end, after you don’t get traded Jay.

  12. McDaniels better win some games. If he trades away the franchise because he doesn’t suit his plan, then his plan doesn’t work, he might be killed.

  13. Sounds like to me Josh McDuck is going to distant himself from the team very soon. Could we all say the Coach is a bust????

  14. why is he not an Eagle yet? this is a guy i’ve wanted in midnight green for a long time. i know andy doesn’t do trades too often, but if he could pull off a move for scheffler since it’s looking less and less likely that we’re gonna go get a WR, i’d be very happy. when donovan had chad lewis playing TE, he was deadly in the red zone. with LJ Smith, he wasn’t. give him a guy like Scheffler and you’re gonna start seeing some big plays in the red zone again. he’d be great in a west coast offense.

  15. Scheffler is a first rate receiver and mediocre blocker. Leonard Pope and Ben Patrick are mediocre blockers and mediocre receivers. Whisenhut should call Denver STAT.

  16. this has been rumoured for 2-3 weeks
    if healthy he has a lot of upside…
    not sure why McDaniels is making some of these moves…
    the offense didnt need fixing..Scheffler & Graham are a pretty
    good TE combo & Sheffler can open up the field for the wide receivers..
    we got Lamont Jordan…whats next?
    getting rid of Hillis cos he isnt a breakaway threat?
    seems to me that if you have talent you adjust your
    system to take advantage of it…

  17. I don’t buy the rationale, but I definitely buy them shopping Scheffler. McDaniels schemes in New England utilized his TE’s as passing weapons. Certainly, with Moss/Welker, they didn’t get as many touches as they might’ve, but look at the personnel the Pats had – none of their TE’s of recent years were considered top blockers. Furthermore, the running style McDaniels employed doesn’t need that big, physical run-blocking TE.
    Belichick and Parcells emphasize the TE as passing weapons.
    Now, I buy them shopping him. It gets rid of a “bad apple”, gets rid of a Bus Cook guy, potentially gets them more draft picks to make the massive defensive overhaul they are attempting. With Marshall and Eddie Royal, they can find a decent pass catching TE later in the draft that will be able to do enough if they want to wait.

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