We’re putting this one squarely in the “rumor” file for now.  But since this is a “rumor mill,” we’re not going to ignore it pending official confirmation or a second source.
There’s a rumor making the rounds in league circles that the Lions are focused not on Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, but on USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.
As previously mentioned, the Lions apparently plan to talk to multiple players about a possible rookie contract.  It could be that the Lions will float multiple names, and ultimately talk to multiple players, in order to soften up the expectations of the guy whom they really want.


  1. Total Smoke screen. Unless this is trade bait for someone else. No way the lions take Sanchez.

  2. Methinks you’re just throwing poo on the wall and seeing what sticks.
    The #1 overall pick isn’t going to be a QB who only has 16 starts in his career.
    Don’t think he’ll be there at #20 either, Lion fans. No way he’d make it past Tampa Bay at the worst.

  3. Its stupid to draft a QB when you dont have a line to protect them. It ruins them. See David Carr and Joey Harrington as examples

  4. I rather take Sanchez than Matthew Stafford but they need a left tackle and then they should wait till next year when they win one game because Romo fumbles the snap on a cowboys field goal and then with the first pick the can draft Sam Bradford if hes there or the top QB available

  5. At one time it was rumored that Aaron Rodgers would be picked by the 49ers rather than Alex Smith – half posturing, half lucky for the one who doesn’t get picked.

  6. I certainly hope that’s not the case. The Lions need to take Stafford, he’s got the tools to be the next Joey Harrington.

  7. i dont want the Lions taking any Sanchez….considering us Lions fans have been given nothing but Dirty Sanchez’s from this organization since Ford bought the team….

  8. “We’re putting this one squarely in the “rumor” file for now”
    When writing fiction stick to time-travelling QBs.

  9. I could give a rats as who they pick… shit, it could even be the ghost of Bobby Layne… the Lions could jack-knife a one car funeral procession….

  10. Picking Sanchez #1 is the ONLY thing Mayhew could do to look worse than Millen ever did.

  11. Yeah . . . at 1.20. Guys, if the Lions don’t take Stafford, he falls a long, long way. Sanchez could easily fall into the 1.20 neighborhood, close enough for the Lions to make a move. Or, better yet, this is all a smokescreen to generate leverage/interest. The more GMs that think the Lions are a threat to take “their guy”, the better.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  12. it would retarded for them to do this. even if a qb will go #1, and even if sanchez turns out to be the better qb. if he doesn’t the risk is too big. the texans played this game and won, williams is way better than bush they looked like geniuses. but if reggie turned into the next barry sanders, the guys that pull the trigger would all be on the hot seat. if he was a bust, you cant blame them, he was the hyped preordained #1 guy.
    if the lions fron office guys care about their jobs, they’ll take the popular choices in a rebuilding era, not the gambles… even if the popular choices ultimately aren’t the best pro athletes. if they care about transforming the franchise into a winning one, they may take someone who isn’t the obvious guy on paper, but not at number one. thats like trading in a 2 year old porsche at the hyundai dealership straight-up.
    if i were a texans fan, i’d still be asking why they didn’t get an extra 5th round pick to drop down a slot or two even tho ultimately they wound up with the deserving #1 guy.

  13. I like Sanchez more than Stafford too. I wish he had more starts at USC, but what can you do? If they think he can be a franchise QB, they have to take him.

  14. Got to give PFT credit. Way to take a lull in information and puff up a make believe story.
    I am going to put this in the “rumor” pile…genius.
    You guys are right on a lot of times. The fluff pieces though are funny as hell.
    I put this in the “fluff” pile.

  15. If the Lions take Curry #1 Stafford falls way down in the draft perhaps 5 or 7 spots to Jacksonville or maybe even the 49ers. Then magically Sanchez is available at 20 for the Lions
    I know the whole thought process is a reach but I’ve seen stranger things happen

  16. I think it’s safe to say florio that this is the lions and who ever they do pick you can count on them being bust. But for the guy who gets picked even if you are a bust you just hit the lottery so be very excited

  17. KFFL’s saying the Lions will take Jason Smith. In unrelated news, NBC News is predicting that Al Gore has won Florida.

  18. I hope for the Lion’s sake that this is just a ploy to 1) pit player vs player for the #1 slot/money 2) to somehow throw a wrench in anyone else’s plans, esp since many people have Sanchez falling (Denver? Jets? are you listening?!)
    Since few FAs and even fewer players want to go to the Lions, they need to make the most of the drafts the next several years. I think they need to be ultra-aggressive in obtaining additional draft picks while selecting quality immediate-impact type players. Right now, Calvin Johnson is useless as he doesn’t have enough of a team around him for Calvin to Really show his talent. Just think, he is so good that he ranked #5 among WRs in the Entire league on the worst team ever. If Roy Williams could net 3 draft picks, Calvin could do quite a bit more (at least in value). This team won’t be in contention for at least 3 more seasons. How many more times will Calvin be injured during that period? He has already had one back problem. Deal him to get more good players! Lions already went down the Great Player with no team path with Barry Sanders. They should try for a good team with good players. Maybe they would actually get to the playoffs…
    Calvin to Seattle for Seattle’s 2009 #1 (4th overall), #2 (#37 overall) and their 2010 #1. Deal a conditional 2010 4th/5th round pick to San Diego to obtain QB Charlie Whitehurst. The biggest knock on him in the 2006 draft was that he needed to be taught by a good QB coach. He has for 3 seasons by Norv Turner. The same things said about Stafford were said about Charlie Whitehurst. The difference is that Whitehurst’s development has been completed. Stafford, or Sanchez for that matter, would be just starting.
    Build the team, another WR will come along… happens every draft day!

  19. in my opinion, they’re blowing it if they don’t take a tackle. stafford and sanchez are ok, but not #1 overall material by any stretch of the imagination. there’s no matt ryan in this draft, but there are potential orlando paces. draft your cornerstone tackle and build from there. you have culpepper under contract still, this doesn’t have to be the year you draft your quarterback. don’t draft for need when the best player available isn’t that need. you’ll blow the pick just about every time, especially if you’re the lions. right now, offensive line is more of a need than quarterback anyway, monroe and smith are there. take one of them and build around him.

  20. They’re stupid if they blow their first pick on a QB. If they wanted a former USC QB, they could get Matt Leinart for a lot less. At least he has some game experience to build on.
    And how incredibly bad must Drew Stanton be?

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