We didn’t make the trip to Dana Point, California, primarily because the folks at the St. Regis Hotel won’t allow a ’68 VW bus on the grounds, unless it’s loaded with the illegal immigrants who’ll be trimming the hedges into the shapes of the various team logos.
But we know that plenty of our colleagues in the media will be hanging out at the swanky resort, which provides an ironic background for meetings held during the economic conditions that have forced many teams to lay off multiple employees.
And we want to throw a bone to our friends in the business.  (We ask that our enemies in the business and those who regard us with ambivalence close their eyes and scroll past the remainder of this entry.)
The so-called Hochuli Rule, if adopted, will not make reviewable by replay the question of whether an incomplete pass was a fumble.  The question of whether an incomplete pass was actually a fumble already is subject to replay review.  The problem is that, if the referee determines that an incomplete pass was a fumble, the ball is dead at the spot where the fumble struck the ground.
That’s exactly what happened in the Chargers-Broncos game from Week Two of the 2008 season.  The ruling of an incomplete pass was converted to a fumble, which was reflected in the official play-by-play as a sack for a nine-yard loss.
The proposed change would allow the referee to determine that the play continued after the whistle long enough for one of the teams to recover the ball.  And if the replay shows indisputable visual evidence that the ball was recovered by the defense, a change in possession will result via replay.


  1. @andyk . . .
    so it’s quasi-racist to crack a joke acknowledging the fact that some rich people use illegal immigrants to do their yard work? sheesh. loosen up your sports bra.

  2. Not racist. Maybe just a tad on the tasteless side. Hes just pointing out the irony that these people have billions and billions in wealth yet some are cheap enough to employ illegals to save $$$ on landscaping expenses.

  3. Its only racist if you have them picking up your dry-cleaning after trimming the hedges

  4. Great. Another insane and contrived rule by the NFL.
    The referee can make a decision based on what happened a AFTER the whistle blows!
    Then the whistle has no meaning. What is a player supposed to do when he hears the whistle? He is going to keep playing in case it turns out to be a “Hoculi” play.
    The whistle ends the play. Period. The referee needs to make a call based on what happened before the referee blew the whistle. You cannot have it any other way.
    The NFL just doesn’t get it. One play in 75+ of football and they want to write a damn ass rule to “fix” it. Hoculi made a mistake, he is human, get over it.

  5. “so it’s quasi-racist to crack a joke acknowledging the fact that some rich people use illegal immigrants to do their yard work? sheesh. loosen up your sports bra.”
    Yes, because its discriminatory against both the hotel and the non-immigrants that work there. Unless you have verifiable fact that illegal immigrants work there than as a public media outlet you don’t have a right to make that statement.
    What if I were to do the same thing and say they didn’t let me in because I am black and I didn’t see any black people up there? Yall would have a hissy fit and tell me to go call Al Sharpton.
    There was absolultely no reason for you to make a joke like that it was inappropriate and totally out of place.

  6. illegal immigrants are doing plenty of jobs that american citizens aren’t willing to do — it’s one of the reasons why Republicans can’t get on the same page about the issue. some of them want to seal the borders, others want to maintain the free flow of cheap labor.
    and, above all else, it was a joke. it’s no different than something you’d see on leno or the daily show or any other program that utilizes topical humor. no offensive language was used, and there’s nothing inappropriate about it.
    maybe eric holder was right — maybe we’ve allowed ourselves to become so paralyzed by potential accusations of racism that we opt to avoid any meaningful discourse regarding matters of race, even when the point is being made through an attempt at humor.
    maybe i should just focus on musing extemporaneously about my bowling skills.
    what could go wrong?

  7. People please. How is it racist when he doesn’t even mention a race? They could be Illegal Canadians for all you know. So to what race exactly did that portray hatred towards?

  8. First of all Napoleon Florio, you’re all of what, five foot? You don’t have the
    heighth to be making borderline racist jokes.
    Second, what nimrod came up with the basics of the NFL review rules? If you
    start out with a bad premise, it never gets better. The only thing any NFL fan
    wants, the only thing that any fan of any team wants IS THE RIGHT CALL. I’ll
    settle for THE RIGHT CALL — EVERYTIME — everytime. Even if it goes against
    my team. I don’t want make-up calls (hello NBA?), I don’t want apologies or excuses.
    What really ticks me off is that any three schlubs in a bar, drunk or sober, seem
    to see the replays clearer than whoever is in the booth making the wrong calls.
    If a whistle shouldn’t have been blown, why can’t they call the play right? I just
    thought that Commissioner Gordon, errrrrrrrr, Goddell, would right this ship. He’s
    just Tags without the Juris Doctorate, he’s Tan-Man without the tan. He’s nothing.
    He’s a custodian with a schmijd of compassion for the former players but he’s not
    helping with this replay situation.

  9. Wow, a really good point made about the Hochuli rule proposed change…very, very good…We don’t want the ‘game’ in the hands of the officials, even thru replay…you should make your point well heard, Mike…

  10. You’re not Leno or the Daily Show.
    If you want people to take you seriously as a major news outlet then there is no place for racist comments.
    What about the people that work there that are legal?! You just threw them all under the bus!
    You draw the line when you try and mock a company by insinuating that they hire illegal immigrants when you don’t have any proof or basis on any of these accusations. You’re using you media outlet to prevent people from going to this hotel and its wrong!
    I’m sure the hotel would love you for the publicity.

  11. In regards to the quasi-racist joke and political correctness:
    Subject: Political Correctness
    The following is the winning entry in an annual contest at Texas A&M
    University calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary
    term: This year’s term was Political Correctness.
    The winner, R.J. Wiedemann, LtCol. USMC Ret. wrote:
    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical
    minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which
    holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a
    turd by the clean end.”

  12. You would think a lawyer would know that the CONTRACT for this meeting was most likely signed a couple of years ago. You would think a lawyer would know there were cancellation penalties, close to 100% to cancel at this late date. But we’re glad you feel our pain.

  13. I wonder if the rule change you were referring to was the same as the HocHuli rule they have been tossing back and forth …

  14. … mike has read his own article and still hasnt caught his foul up on Ed HocHuli , well , i guess thats just a product of gvernment funded public school education .

  15. As a mexican american its hard to call rasict when this particular sterotype has some truth to it.

  16. defending a racist remark with a sexist remarks. you must be a huge fan of that dude who played kramer.

  17. Not racist. It is more of a shot at those who go on the cheap and hire illegal immigrants. This is particularly prevelant in California. Ironically a place where money flows freely, is the place where the wealthy are trying to go cheap.
    If people shout racism everytime a task is related to a particularly ethic groups then all of us are guilty from time to time. Think about how many times each of you have talked about dry cleaners and asians; just one of many examples.

  18. Dude…a quasi-racist joke in the 1st sentence? Whats up with that?
    So, being against illegal immigration now is labeled as racism? Lighten up, Francis. Grow some and stop being so sensitive.
    Florio, get on a plane dude. Don’t be afraid!

  19. @ Assassin24
    That still doesn’t make it right.
    Just because the jails are a majority full of blacks doesn’t mean I get mad when people ask if I’m sure I haven’t been to jail when it clearly states that I haven’t on a job application.

  20. Are the illegals- cuban or puera ricans. The joke isn’t racism period. Dumb , YES. Racist, NO. Marxist, YES. I love the assumption that Republicans want to exploit them for cheap labor or not have them at all because they are xenophobes. The perceived xenophobes aren’t afraid of them they want them sent back for breaking U.S. immigration laws. There is orderly process to immigrate to the U.S.
    Also, your logic on the NFL going to a ritzy hotel during an economic crisis is obtuse. If everyone did not do anything because of the economic crisis then the financial structure of the world would collapse. Someone teach Florio, Economics 101. The NFL is helping California and the economy by having the meetings their. Do you think it is all free. Learn a thing or two about business and stop your poppy cocking and your demagoguery.

  21. Mike Florio says:
    March 23rd, 2009 at 11:11 am
    “maybe i should just focus on musing extemporaneously about my bowling skills.”
    Perfect comeback.
    I’m sure the same people who are accusing you of a racist comment find nothing wrong with what the “leader of the formerly most powerful nation in the world (since January 2009)” said. I can only imagine the backlash if the former President had the same bowling skills and described them similarly.

  22. This is interesting.. I am thinking a valid Coaching Technique would be to instruct players to immediately stand up right and stop “playing” no matter what after the whistle on any incomplete pass whistle.

  23. As a black person, its hard to agree with WorldChampionBears2008 when black peole cry racism for looking at them the wrong way. It wasn’t a racist joke. I laughed my butt off. Growing up in Arizona it’s probably all too true.
    My suggestion for those that find offense to it is to move on (or move out). Quit getting your panties in a bunch over trivial items and find more important things to get angry over. Like why your wife was at my house last night.

  24. Some people live, and some people live to be offended. It is really pretty sad.
    There is nothing wrong with what Mike said, though I do wish he would stop talking about politics. That reason is very simple. One little paragraph that can be construed as political, immediately sends the responses to the article in a political direction.
    I want to read peoples opinions on the Hoculi rule, not about politics.

  25. Perfect comeback.
    I’m sure the same people who are accusing you of a racist comment find nothing wrong with what the “leader of the formerly most powerful nation in the world (since January 2009)” said. I can only imagine the backlash if the former President had the same bowling skills and described them similarly.

    Those on the Left suffer from selective hearing, I guess.

  26. @ cincyeaglefan
    There is a difference when you’re messing with people’s money.
    Whether its true or not I still paints a negative picture for that hotel.
    The hotel can see this as offensive. Cuz people could walk in there and think they aren’t wanted because there are illegal immigrants working there.

  27. Oh, God. Here comes the Right-wing outrage again.
    Batten down the hatches! The moral police are on the scene, if you’re not “Right”, you’re wrong! Left-leaners = marxists! They’re all PC police!
    …Please. The vitriol of the right is disgusting. This just in: Obama’s not a great president, and the Democrats are a shitty political party, but they’re going to kick your ass in 2012 because the Republicans are even f—ing worse!
    So go back to trolling. It’s going to be a long time before your crappy political views hold any power. Thank your dear leader GWB for that.

  28. To smooth things over with the folks who disliked your comment about immigrants Florio you should incorporate Italian flavored quips in an article tomorrow. Throw in anything regarding pasta, the mafia, lotsa body hair, Vinny, Guido, your Ma’s sauce, walking along the beach wearing socks, plastic covering left on new sofas, loud & boisterous “talking”, penis envy, Catholicism, the old country, 80’s Pontiac Trans-Am’s, gawdy jewelry, New “Yoke” City, etc.. Extend the olive branch, you wop.

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