After the Browns abruptly traded tight end Kellen Winslow to the Buccaneers on the first day of the 2009 league year, rumors began to swirl that receiver Braylon Edwards could be next.
Though the initial thinking was that Edwards won’t be dealt, rumors have persisted that the Browns have tried to trade him.
The latest comes from The Giant Insider, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.
Per the report, the Giants offered the second-round and fifth-round picks obtained in the Jeremy Shockey trade.  The Browns wanted both picks plus receiver Steve Smith. The Giants suggested Domenik Hixon or Mario Manningham instead.  At that point, the talks petered out.
The real question for anyone who might be interested in Edwards is whether moving forward he’ll play like he did in 2007 (when he was very good) or 2008 (when he was very mediocre).
Further complicating matters is that Edwards’ contract expires after the 2009 season.  Without a new CBA, however, he’ll be a restricted free agent only, which will give him less leverage for a big-money deal in 2010.
Though trade talks could resume at any point, the fact that the deal wasn’t done before the start of the offseason program suggests that the Browns have perhaps decided to move forward with Edwards.  If, after all, he suffers a season-ending injury while working out or, eventually, practicing in T-shirt and shorts, the Browns will be on the hook for his $4.55 million base salary this season.


  1. A second a fifth and a WR for a guy who dropped a few? Sounds good. We can forgive, right?
    Bill Buckner

  2. If your going to surgically remove all of the cancer on the Browns, why stop with Winslow? Send Braylon packing.
    And Shaun Rogers can carry his bags…

  3. This year is the year we will see if Braylon Edwards really wants to play football – or if he will join the Chad Johnson, Reggie Bush, and way too many others to mention on the “I really don’t want to play football – but I DO want to be on ESPN, hang out in Vegas , go to stupid movie debuts…basically I want to be a media whore – not play football’ list.
    Oddly enough – T.O. is NOT on the list because he actually does “bring it” on game day.

  4. The only one I’d be
    Remotely interested in would be steve smith.
    That idiot that suggested yank basket can piss off.

  5. He’s not worth the two and the five, let alone another player on top of that. Certainly not Smith (whose numbers aren’t all that different from Edwards) and certainly not Hixon who is outstanding on special teams. If the Giants have given up on Manningham (then why the *%#@ is Sinorice Moss still around?), that might be tolerable. Glad the Browns are delusional, asked for waaaaaaaay more than dropped-another-one Edwards is worth and saved the Giants from making a mistake. This stone handed jackass has all the signs of turning into a mini-T.O. – with the same ego and contract demands but less talent.

  6. Let me fix the last line for you, to reflect the truth.
    “Though trade talks could resume at any point, the fact that the deal wasn’t done before the start of the offseason program suggests that things will heat up again on draft day, and whichever team has a greater desire to make the deal happen will eventually cave.”

  7. Y’all are wrong. The guy has got boat loads of talent. He was stuck on a directionless team in a bad city with bad QBs. Randy friggin’ Moss ddin’t look so great when he was playing for the Raiders. Put Braylon Edwards in a better situation on a team with a plan and and a very good QB and you’ll see a different player.

  8. @ inmymind,
    I didn’t see the Browns (even them) wanting Reggie Brown. I know I sure don’t.

  9. I would definitely do this deal how the Giants wanted to, for Hixon or Manningham. Not Steve Smith. He’s a legit slot option for YEARS to come, a lot like Welker, and a classy guy. I wouldn’t even swap Smith for Edwards straight.

  10. really it should be the Eagles 2nd 5th and R Brown. That is better then steve smith. Tell me Ralphy pal, dont the Giants already have a loud mouth punk WR in house? How is he any different. That is as long as he remains out of jail.

  11. Andy, You obviously have not followed the “career” of Braying Edwards. He couldn’t catch at Michigan ,and he can’t catch in Cleveland. Even the 2007 season was loaded with drops(btw, he was not even in the top 5 for recievers that year).

  12. Would Eagle fans shut up already? Nobody wants to play for Philly, get over it. Everyone see’s the way your management treats its players.

  13. 2, 5 and Smith? They must be on crack. Maybe they would’ve gotten something like that the year before. Not this year. I realize they need to replace their resident murderer, but they’re gonna have to find another way.

  14. Andy_Reid says:
    Y’all are wrong. Put Braylon Edwards in a better situation on a team with a plan and and a very good QB and you’ll see a different player.”
    Don’t let 2007 fool you. The Browns won a bunch of games because they had a ridiculously soft schedule. Every time they played a legit team, they lost. Edwards, and the Browns, sucked in 2008 because they played a tough schedule. If you’re playing soft teams all year long, yeah, he’s serviceable. The NFC East is way too competitive and the schedule way too difficult to rely on this guy being your number one WR. Besides, didn’t Andy Reid just annouce that he would put Philly’s WRs up against any other team’s? You guys are set. Just ask your coach.

  15. As a Giant fan I would rather take my chances with the draft or see if Plax is not going to be playing with Michael Vick for the Mean Machine then trade for this guy.

  16. Braylon Edwards and a second or third round pick for Shawne Merriman. Then the Browns can draft a running back and pound the run with the rookie and Jamal Lewis and dink-and-dunk to no-name receivers like the Jaguars, Titans, etc.

  17. The Browns lost in 2008 because their schedule was more difficult than the year prior that’s true. They beat the Giants on that Monday night showing they were capable of beating a good team. They had a coach that seldom if ever took Edwards to task for his lack of focus. As a matter of fact, the entire team had a lack of focus and work ethic. Edwards has a lot of talent, but without hard work that and one dollar will buy him a cup of coffee. Edwards personally cost Anderson his starting job. You could just see Anderson hang his head after awhile, and it seemed as though he lost his focus as well. Hey, the fact is that Edwards left many big plays on the field in 2008.

  18. the giants have a low first round pick.I think that’s about right. Roy Williams went for more than that so that’s the market value. Ask yourself do the browns need to unload Edwards or do the Giants need a replacement for Plexiglass cheddar bob? The Browns have all the leverage and are not going to give him away.

  19. @ Andy Reid –
    “Edwards, and the Browns, sucked in 2008 because they played a tough schedule.”
    I’m not totally disagreeing with this statement, but don’t forget to throw in the fluke injuries like Stallworth stepping on Braylon’s heel, staph infections, “f-you” emails from the GM, Romeo’s refusal to replace Anderson with Quinn until it was too late, Quinn’s abrupt finger injury vs Denver, Derek Anderson’s abrupt season-ending injury after replacing Quinn, Ken Dorsey and Bruce Gradkowski combining for ZERO touchdowns over the last 4 games of the season.
    I don’t care how tough the schedule was last year, they weren’t going to beat ANYBODY for pretty much the whole second half of the season. Don’t forget the impressive win against the Giants earlier in the season, which sort of goes against your theory.

  20. Are the G-Men crazy? Edwards is a true number one receiver. Plax is 32 years old and we need a replacement this year or very soon. We have Plax and a bunch of number 3 receivers. Give the Browns our second and Fifth round picks and any receiver on our roster for Edwards. Give them both second round picks. We need a number one and if we draft a receiver it will take a couple of years to mature into a one. Pull the trigger G-Men!

  21. I agree with Big Dog…
    I would not give up Smith or Hixon, the both proved they could be BIG time players in this league when called upon.

  22. You Brownie fans are hysterical. You talk about beating the Giants in the regular season like you won the Super Bowl. The Giants had a miserable game, came in way too confident, and got a good ass kicking. From that point, the Giants went 8-3 (essentially forfeiting the last game by resting the starters) to finish 12-4. The Browns went 2-9 to finish 4-12. But, please, keep patting yourselves on the back for beating the Giants. It was, truly, a season changing win. Oh, wait, no it wasn’t. All it did was let Seattle pick one spot ahead of you in the draft.

  23. Plax and edwards, it would be pretty tough to double either of them. I think coughlin can get his head on straight. Lets stop talking about how he will be doing 3 yrs and this and that, look up nyc cases involving a first time offender w a gun, they rarely do time. lets call it as it is, as big of a moron plaxico is, he will be playing with the giants this yr, if they work out that edwards deal, plax, edwards and a 6’7 TE in boss is going to be tough to handle.

  24. Eagles, please if anyone in this organization is reading this stuff all the time. Go out and do what you have to get a WR. Your team will be so much better for it. Brown, 2nd and a 4th and maybe one of our compenstory picks we have. The browns are obviously rebuilding, so what do they want? Draft picks. I mean come on.. Maybe just maybe we will get one this year, then again i am not going to hold my breathe.

  25. we need to trade anderson hes bruttle. Over his playing time hes showin nothing but inconsistency. Quinn got one week of reps with the starting o, and played great against denver. We could trade anderson to either the jets or bucs for a 2nd round pick.

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