Browns Announce Acquisition of Patten

On the same day that G.M. George Kokinis indicated that the Browns would be signing receiver David Patten, the Browns did just that.
The team announced the move earlier this evening.
Patten returns to the Browns nine years after a one-season stint with the club, during which he started eleven games.
The next year, Patten jumped to the Patriots, and participated in the team’s three Super Bowl championship seasons.
Patten’s 12-year NFL career was actually preceded by a one-season stint with the Albany Firebirds of the AFL.
He spent the past two seasons with the Saints, and two seasons prior to that with the Redskins.

22 responses to “Browns Announce Acquisition of Patten

  1. goodbye baylon????? what you think patten, steptoe, and whos left cribbs maybe are gonna be a good group??? LOSER, People wanna bitch about braylon leading the league in drops this year, lets go back to his 07 pro bowl year, guess what he was 2nd in the league in dorps that year. Yea he drops passes but the browns need him, we get rid of braylon we are in the same freaking boat we were in in 1999 a group of nobodys with no chance of winning, hell why we are at it lets get rid of quinn joe thomas and eric steinbach too

  2. I was born in 1931, 6′ 2 1/2″ tall, 305#, and can still hold my own against 2 young stud ponies: I want PFT to know I’ll be signing with the Browns in the next few days to compete for a starting position on the offensive line.

  3. a solid number 4 receiver…wait i think we already have a few of those…im wondering who we are targeting for the first pick in the draft next yr

  4. 5-11? That’d be a success at this point.
    If this team made the playoffs, they better start carving Mangini’s bust in Canton. All I keep seeing is downgrading the roster, with no additional draft picks being added other than from the Winslow trade.

  5. Why is everyone down on Patten? He started on the Saints 2 years in row before going down with an injury. He had our first TD of the season last season and still has it in him. BTW, he started over players like Lance Moore, Devery Henderson, and Robert Meachem, who are all better than the Browns WRs (besides Braylon). Patten could push for the Browns #2 WR spot IMO

  6. I didn’t think it was possible for the Browns to get worse. Then again he will probably be an upgrade from Stallworthless

  7. So far the moves made by the new Browns regime have been extremely underwhelming. Are these guys building a professional football team, or hirering the new custodial staff?They already have mediocre recievers. Why sign Patten, who needs to step up just to get to mediocre? I was excited by the Mangini hireing, but am becoming increasingly chilled toward him. What is he, the nfl’s trash collector?

  8. That shudder you hear is the rest of the AFC North quaking in their boots. Be afraid….. Be very afraid….

  9. Mike….please stop with these ‘follow-up’ stories that reaffirm the first one you’ve posted. You posted that Patton signed with the Browns, and detailed his career….same for Ralph Brown and the Cardinals.
    These repeat postings make my knowledge of current events resemble something from the movie ‘Groundhog Day’.

  10. look for Braylon Edwars to moved for a 1st rounder this week as I stated before….. Philly detroit, the giants, or Cardinals swap bold

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